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If your club, organization or business is sponsoring an upcoming stamp show or postcard show, be sure that it is listed on our "Show Calendar for Collectors of Stamps, Postal History and Postcards." Unlike printed ads and flyers, our "Show Calendar" is accessible to internet users around the world, 24 hours a day.

Better yet, we think you'll find our rates to be very reasonable. You can place your listing on the "Show Calendar" for the flat rate of $ 8.00 (U.S.). That's all: EIGHT DOLLARS. And if you sponsor more than three shows per year, you'll get an even lower rate. Read on!

We'll post your ad within 48 hours of our receipt of your order, and it will remain on the "Show Calendar" until after the date of your show has passed. It doesn't matter whether your show is next month or a year from now, you pay one flat rate for the listing.

Your listing will be displayed in chronological order (by show date) with the other listings, in a standard format. You needn't worry about someone else's ad being bigger or receiving better placement.

If your club, organization or business sponsors four or more shows a year, you'll qualify for a special rate. The first three listings will be $8 each, the fourth listing will be FREE, and all additional listings will be $6 each. If you have planned two or more upcoming shows, you may submit the information and payment for all such shows at one time. We'll list them all within 48 hours of the receipt of your order, so that you can get the maximum benefit from the listings.

To have your show listed on the "Show Calendar," please provide the following information. If a category is "OPTIONAL," it will be marked as such. All other information is REQUIRED for the listing. When we say "REQUIRED," we mean it, so be sure that all such information is submitted with your order:

Date(s) of Show.

Show Name (if any.) OPTIONAL.

Location of Show:
--Name of Site (hotel, hall, convention center, etc.)
--Address of Site (street number and name; or major
--Directions to Site, IF about ten words or less. This is OPTIONAL, and we may or may not list this information, at our own discretion.
--State, Province or Country.

Times of Opening and Closing of Show for EACH DATE LISTED.

Number of Dealers. OPTIONAL.

Admission Fee (if no fee, state FREE.) OPTIONAL, but recommended.

Sponsor (Name of Club, Organization, Business, etc.) OPTIONAL.

Contact Person:
--Phone Number. (THIS IS ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED. If you do not want us to show your phone number in the listing, we won't. If that's the case, be sure to specify on your order that you do not want your phone number listed. But if we need to contact you quickly about your order, we'll need a phone number to do it. Orders not containing a phone number will be returned.)
--Email Address. OPTIONAL. (Email address does NOT fulfill the phone number requirement.)

Other information you feel like sending. This is OPTIONAL, and we may or may not list this additional information, at our own discretion.

We will make every effort to ensure that your listing is displayed accurately, according to the information that we are supplied. If any part of our listing is inaccurate due to our error, contact us with the correction, and we will make the change within 48 hours of the receipt of the correction. If any corrections are required due to errors in the information supplied to us, or due to changes in the scheduling or location of the show, we will make the necessary changes for a fee of $5.00 per change. Corrections of information will be made within 48 hours of the receipt of the correction and payment.

If it becomes necessary to cancel a show that has been posted on the calendar, you may either have us (1) remove the listing or (2) keep the listing on the calendar with the note: THIS SHOW HAS BEEN CANCELLED. There will be no charge for either option. If a cancelled show is subsequently rescheduled, it will be considered to be a new listing. A new order should be submitted with the appropriate payment.

ALL ORDERS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY REGULAR MAIL. Payment should be made in U.S. funds, by check or money order. Make all payments and send orders to:

Jim Mehrer
2405-30th Street
Rock Island, IL 61201 USA

Send the requested information, plus your payment as follows:

1 to 3 shows: $8.00 EACH.

4 shows: $24.00 (3 at $8.00 + 1 FREE)

5 or more shows: $24.00 for the first four, plus $6.00 each thereafter. EASY WAY TO FIGURE 5 OR MORE: total number of shows times $6.00 each.

IF YOU HAVE ALREADY LISTED 3 OR MORE SHOWS IN THE PREVIOUS YEAR, REMEMBER: the 4th show is free. After that, $6.00 each.

We will post your listing within 48 hours of the receipt of your payment, and will maintain your listing until after the dates of the show have passed, when we will remove the listing automatically. We will acknowledge the receipt of your order by sending a printout of your listing, with the wording as it will be posted on the calendar, to the show contact person. Also, we will send an order reference number which MUST BE USED IF YOU REQUEST ANY ALTERATIONS TO THE LISTING. We will be unable to make any changes to the listing without this number. (This is for your security, not ours.)

Phone: (309) 786-6539
Fax: (309) 786-4840
Comments? Questions? Email us at

NOTICE: We reserve the right to refuse any listing that is submitted. If we refuse a listing, we will return the payment.
Any listing posted to the "Show Calendar" which is determined to be fraudulent or not in good faith will be removed from the Calendar without notice or notification. In such cases, payment will not be refunded.

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