Jim Mehrer's
Mail Bid Sale #136

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This sale closes at 10 P.M. Central Time, on Tuesday, June 4, 2024.

Submit bids by mail, phone, fax or email.
NOTE: We have TWO fax lines and TWO voice mail lines.
2405-30 th Street
Rock Island, IL 61201
Phone: (309) 786-6539
Fax #1: (309) 786-4840
Fax #2: (309) 786-6551
Voice Mail #1: (309) 786-4840
Voice Mail #2: (309) 786-6551

With two fax lines, one of them should be in operation at all times. Fax has proven to be a somewhat unreliable delivery system, so be sure to confirm connection and delivery of your message on your machine.

Email: mehrer@postal-history.com

Links to the 7 on-line catalog pages are at the bottom of this page. For a DOWNLOADABLE, PRINTABLE PDF version of this Sale, CLICK HERE.

If your browser supports forms, you can submit your bids by using our Easy Email Bid Sheet. Click here. If you are unable to use the Easy Email Bid Sheet for any reason, please send your name, address and bids via regular email: mehrer@postal-history.com We always acknowledge email bids. If you do not receive a return email within a few hours, call us!


* Please see the Conditions of Sale below. *
If you have read the Conditions of Sale, go to the end of this page for LINKS to the Catalog pages.

For information about our Cover Scan
service, click here.


There are Eight ways to bid in our Sales:
Phone, E-mail, 3 Fax Lines, 2 Voice Mail Lines, Regular Mail.



1. Lots are sold to the highest bidder at a slight advance over the second highest bid. (Winning bids of $10.00 and under are not reduced.) All bids will be held confidential. "Buy" bids cannot be accepted. In case of a tie, the bid with the earliest postmark prevails. ALL BIDS MUST BE ENTERED BEFORE CLOSING TIME. When mailing bids, allow ample time for the post office to deliver. Bids received after closing time cannot be entered.

2. The MINIMUM BID for each lot, unless otherwise specified, is:

$3.00 for lots with estimates up to $10.00
One-third the lot estimate for lots with estimates above $10.00.

Bids must meet or exceed the minimum amount. Bids below the minimum amount are ignored.

3. Bidding increments are as follows:
Up to $10: $ .50
$10 to $20: 1.00
$20 to $50: 2.00
$50 to $100 : 5.00
$100 to $300 : 10.00
Over $300 : 25.00
Bids that do not conform to these increments will be reduced to the next lowest increment (for example, $11.50 will be reduced to $11.00.)

4. Successful bidders are expected to make payment in full before the lots are delivered. Bidders will be notified (by mail) of the amount of their purchases after the closing of the sale. In some cases, at our discretion, we may choose to forgo the sending of a notice and send the lots with our invoice. In any case, all bidders must make payment in full within five days after receipt of our mailing.

5. PHOTOCOPIES: Because condition is such an important factor for most postal history material, bidders are encouraged to request photocopies of lots of interest. For photocopies, follow these instructions exactly:
Send a self-addressed stamped envelope, plus:
- 10 cents per each black & white copy requested (standard-sized cover or postcard item.)
- 60 cents per each COLOR copy requested (standard-sized cover or postcard item.)
- $1.50 per each COLOR PHOTOGRAPH requested (three-dimensional items.)
- Include proportionate payment for oversized items, letter contents, multiple-piece lots, etc.
Be sure that your return envelope is franked with adequate postage. You MUST include postage and payment with your photocopy request, as we are unable to invoice you for our photocopy service.
NOTE: All requests for PHOTOCOPIES must be made by MAIL ONLY.
DO NOT request photocopies via email, fax or telephone.
We ask you to limit your copy requests to those items on which you are seriously considering placing bids.
Include your payment and self-addressed stamped envelope. Send requests to: 2405-30 th Street, Rock Island, IL 61201 U.S.A.
For details about our "Cover Scan" Service, click here.

6. Any lot which has been improperly described may be returned for credit or a refund provided such returns are made WITHIN FIVE DAYS of receipt of material. NOTE: imperfect flaps, hinge marks, surface scuffs, etc., on the backs of covers are NOT acceptable reasons to return material; nor are faults on common definitive stamps. Bidders requiring perfect backs or fault-free common definitive stamps are urged to request photocopies of the material before bidding (SEE #5 above.) Material offered "AS IS" is NOT returnable for ANY reason.

7. Telephone bids are welcome throughout the sale and until the time of closing. During the last week of the sale, callers may be provided "opening" bids. An "opening" bid is the amount that is one bidding increment above the second highest current bid. The limit of the current highest bid will not be disclosed. EMAIL BIDS are always welcome, BUT we have found through experience that email is a very inefficient method of conveying opening bids or descriptive information about the lots. We understand the money-saving value of email, particularly to our customers outside the U.S.; but we ask that U.S. bidders requesting opening bids or other descriptive information please phone us.
We acknowledge all EMAIL bids. If you do not receive acknowledgement, resubmit your email bids. DURING THE FINAL HOUR OF THE SALE, phone bidders are asked to limit their calls to FIVE MINUTES OR LESS, as a courtesy to other bidders.

NOTE: Many bidders wait until the last two days of the sale to phone in their bids. We WELCOME this participation, but some bidders may get frustrated or discouraged by our phone lines being busy much of the time during the closing days - and particularly the final hours - of the sale. Some people have asked whether we intentionally leave the phone off the hook. (We don't.) If you get a busy signal, keep trying. The only reason the line is busy is because someone else had the persistence to get through. If you want to be sure that your bids get entered: mail early, call early, fax early or email anytime. Calling on the last two days has its advantages, but it has it's dangers, too. Please don't get "shut out" by the busy signals.

8. The placing of a bid shall constitute acceptance of the foregoing conditions.

VF : Very Fine (all letters perfectly struck)
F : Fine (letters very well struck)
VG+ : Very Good plus
VG : Very Good (letters well struck,request information regarding but perhaps one or more light)
G+ : Good Plus
G : Good (some letters light or not struck)
Readable: Identifiable; NOT a good example


b/s - backstamp
ms - manuscript
canx- cancel
cc - corner card
CDS - circular date stamp
cr - crease
crnr- corner
cvr - cover
DCDS- double circle date stamp
E -or- Est - estimated value
EKU - earliest known use
GPC - government post card
h/s - handstamp
LKU - latest known use
MIN - minimum bid
msg - missing
o/s - overstruck
o/w - otherwise
PPC - picture post card
PSE - pre-stamped envelope
rec'd - received
reg.pack.rct. - registered package receipt
regd - registered
SFL - stampless folded letter
T, B, L, R - top, bottom, left, right
w/ - with
w/o - without

- Numbers in parentheses are years of opening and closing of post office.
- Commercial ("commer.") usage designates any regular use of mail, to distinguish it from philatelic (collector-created) covers. We frequently we use this term to describe post-1930 covers. Absence of this term in the description does not imply philatelic usage.
- "Catalog Copy" indicates that the item offered in this sale was used as the illustrated representative example in the standard reference catalog for that postmark type.

Our catalog is divided into seven web pages for your convenience. Make sure to visit all seven pages.

States are listed in alphabetical order, followed by:
Advertising (AD)
Airmail/Flights (AM)
Auxiliary (AX)
Expositions (EX)
First Day Covers (FC)
Foreign Destinations (FD)

Literature (LT)
Machines (MC)
Meters (MR)
Military (MY)
Picture Postcards (PC)
Political & Inaugurations (PO)
RPO & Related (inc. corner cards & street cars)(RR)
Seals (SL)
Ships (SS)
Stamps on Cover (ST)
Territories (TR)
World-Wide (WW)
Miscellaneous (MX)

Mail Bid Sale Catalog: Section 1
Mail Bid Sale Catalog: Section 2
Mail Bid Sale Catalog: Section 3
Mail Bid Sale Catalog: Section 4
Mail Bid Sale Catalog: Section 5
Mail Bid Sale Catalog: Section 6
Mail Bid Sale Catalog: Section 7

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