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Section 5:

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PO-1. Concord, NH, 1897 (Mar 4), F Amer/B14(1); McKinley 1st INAUGURATION date on cvr. E $50
PO-2. Buffalo/Pan-American Station, NY, 1901 (Sep 6), G+ B01-07D (fully o/s by rec'd canx, but date shows clearly) date that Wm.McKINLEY was SHOT on Expo grounds; 1c Pan-Am commem on Expo priv.mailing card. This item also listed in "Expositions" section of this catalog. E $80 MIN.40
PO-3. Washington, DC, 1909 (Mar 4), VG+ Int'l; Taft INAUGURATION date on PPC. E $75 MIN.38
PO-4. Washington, DC, 1909 (Mar 4), G+ Int'l; Taft Inauguration date on PPC. E $80 MIN.40
PO-5. Washington, DC, 1909 (Mar 4), VF Int'l; Taft Inauguration date on PPC. E $80 MIN.40
PO-6. Washington, DC, 1909 (Mar 4), VG Int'l; Taft Inauguration date; 1c BLUISH PAPER Sc.357 (tiny wear spot; bit lite tone) on PPC. E $80 MIN.40
PO-7. Washington/Sta.G, DC, 1909 (Mar 4), F Int'l (slight smear) Taft INAUGURATION DATE; on PPC. E $75 MIN.38
PO-8. Washington/Sta.G, DC, 1909 (Mar 5), VG Int'l (toned) message dated Mar 4, Taft Inauguration date; on PPC. E $40 MIN.20
PO-9. Washington, DC, 1917 (Mar 5), VF Int'l (stamp bit faulty) Wilson 2nd Inauguration date on PPC. E $120 MIN.60
PO-10. Washington, DC, 1933 (Mar 4), VF Int'l; FDR 1st Inauguration date; FDR portrait cachet ("Stamp Collector for President") on cvr. E $30 MIN.15
PO-11. Washington, DC, 1933 (Mar 4), VF Int'l; FDR 1st Inauguration date; FDR & Garner portraits cachet on cvr to Elmhurst, PA, w/ms "No such Street" & "Unclaimed"; "Not Returnable" h/s, due to no return address. E $40 MIN.20
PO-12. USS Brooks, 1933 (Mar 4), VF blue ty.3(A-BTT) w/"USS Cyclops/Lost 1918" in bars & related cachet; FDR's 1st Inauguration Date on cvr. E $20
PO-13. Washington, DC, 1937 (Jan 20), VF Int'l (dial on message, but date clearly struck) FDR 2nd Inauguration date on PPC. E $75 MIN.38
PO-14. USS Albemarle, 1941 (Jan 20), VG+ ty.3(A-BBT) w/"Philadephia/Penn" in bars; FDR 3rd Inauguration Date; Lincoln cachet on cvr. E $20
PO-15. USS Herbert C.Jones, 1945 (Jan 20), G+ blue ty.2z* (taped tear upper R; lite crs) FDR's 4th Inauguration Date; ship's h/s cc on #10 penalty cvr. E $20
PO-16. Pittsburgh, PA, 1945 (Apr 12), VG+ Int'l; FDR date of death & Truman 1st Inauguration Date on cvr w/typed cachet. E $20
PO-17. U.S.Navy (USS Lacerta), 1945 (Apr 12), G+ ty.2z; FDR date of death; Truman's inauguration date on air cvr. E $40
PO-18. Safford, AZ, 1940, VF Univ.; "C.C.C., Camp SCS-25-A" typed cc on War Dept.#10 penalty cvr. E $15
PO-19. Toronto, Canada, 1958, VG machine; Dominican Vice Consul h/s cc; "Visit the Dominican Republic/The Land Columbus Loved Most" h/s ad on cvr to U.S. E $15
PO-20. Washington/Free, DC, 1850s, G CDS; James Brooks, MC, signature frank (Rep-NY) on cvr. E $15
PO-21. Washington, DC, ca.1873, G CDS/cork (trim R; lite tone) "House of Representatives U.S." printed cc w/"McFadden, MC" ms below (Obadiah McFadden, Washington Territory Delegate); bit faulty pair 3c banknotes on #10 cvr to Olympia, Wash.Ty. E $30
PO-22. Washington, DC, 1876, G+ DCDS; "McPherson's Hand-Book of Politics for 1876" text ad on back on GPC. E $14
PO-23. Washington, DC, 1922, F Int'l; White House/Official Business engraved cc on penalty cvr w/matching letterhead enc. E $15 MIN.8
PO-24. Washington, DC, 1925, G+ Int'l (ruff R; lite tone) Jas.A.Reed/U.S.S.printed free frank; Committee on the Judiciary cc on #10 cvr; letterhead enc.w/his signature. E $14
PO-25. Washington, DC, 1933 (Mar 20), F Int'l (upper R tip slit) "The White House/Official Business" engraved cc on penalty cvr. EARLY FDR administration mailing. E $15 MIN.8
PO-26. Washington, DC, 1947, F Int'l (bit trim T) Nat'l Woman's Party cc on #10 cvr to "Misses Pollitzer". E $15 MIN.8
PO-27. Washington, DC, 1953, VG Int'l tying tiny 5c Colombia; American Embassy, Bogota, typed return add. on cvr to U.S. E $20
PO-28. Washington, DC, 1960, F machine tying Indonesia stamps; State Dept.typed cc on cvr (cr; bit trim T). E $15
PO-29. Washington, DC, 1982, G+ purple machine; "The White House" cc; 20c flag on cvr w/enc.card: "Thank you for your support as we start our program for national renewal" & Ronald Reagan facsimile signature. E $12 MIN.6
PO-30. (Washington), DC, ca.2018, (no origin canx) "Melania Trump" cc; "Do Not Bend! Presidential Photo Enclosed" warning at B; Non-Prof.Org.coil on 9x12" cvr w/enc.8x10" photo of the Trumps kissing in front of Air Force 1, as secret service agt's & photogs look on; personalized "Thank you for your friendship & dedication..." message; two facsimile signatures at B. E $12 MIN.6
PO-31. Washington/Sta.B, DC, 1906, VF Amer/B38 (lite tone) "Committee on Appropriations/House of Reps" engraved cc; "Free/L.F.Livingston/M.C." ms frank on cvr. E $15
PO-32. Washington/Sta.G, DC, 1908 (Oct 28), VF Int'l on PPC w/optimistic message: "From our next President Wm.J.Bryan". E $12 MIN.6
PO-33. Morrison, IL, 1925, G+ Amer/A14 (bit ruff slit T) on cvr w/enc.: mentions Scopes trial; Bryan's "wonderful" speech against evolution. E $30
PO-34. Winnetka, IL, 1934, G+ Int'l; "Buy American"; "USA First"; "Less Hours & Living Pay"; & many other patriotic slogans in blue & red pencil on UX27 GPC w/message to Indiana Rep.W.T.Schulte. E $20 MIN.10
PO-35. Douglass KS, 1908 (Oct 14), G duplex (dial hi: town mostly off) tying "For President/W.H.Taft" campaign label w/illus.portrait (couple nib perfs) on PPC. E $80
PO-36. Lot 2) Douglass, KS, 1908, G+ duplex (crs; ink streak in message area) tying "For President/W.H.Taft" campaign label w/illus.portrait, mailed AFTER election (Nov 30); on PPC. 2nd item is from same correspondence: PPC w/LONG 27-line message dated Oct 6 (pre-election) w/killer-only strike of canx tying same campaign label. E $60
PO-37. Topeka, KS, 1923 (Aug 10), G+ Univ.; U.S.Senate cc; Arthur Capper printed signature frank on cvr w/letterhead enc.; typed message, signed by secretary: "In the absence fo Sen.Capper, whi is in Marion, OH, for Pres.Harding's funeral, I acknowledge... your letter..." mailed ON DATE of FUNERAL. E $24 MIN.12
PO-38. New Orleans, LA, 1943, F duplex on air/special del.cvr to Cordell Hull, Sec'y of State, from "Miss J.Hull". E $8
PO-39. Boston, MA, 1895, F+ Amer/D13(G); Suffrage Referendum State Committee cc on cvr. E $15
PO-40. Boston, MA, 1908, F Int'l; Room 903, Paddock Bldg cc; "Prohibition/Let's Settle It in 1908/Victory" at B on cvr. E $15
PO-41. Boston/So.Postal Sta., MA, 1921, G+ Int'l (lite tone) on cvr w/Anti-Saloon League encs.: donation appeal; pledge card; return env.; Soc'y for Prevention of Cruelty to Children letter re.effect of prohibition. E $20
PO-42. Magnolia, MN, 1909 (Oct 9), G+ duplex (lite tone; lite cr; edge wear) on PPC: black-border Memorial to Gov.John Albert Johnson (portrait & capitol bldg) who died in office at age 48, 18 days before card mailed. E $40 MIN.20
PO-43. Saint Louis, MO, 1932, VG Int'l; Michael Kinney for State Senator/31st Dist.illus.campaign ad (portrait) on GPC. E $15
PO-44. s'Gravenhage, Netherlands, 1954, VG slogan (nick T; lite crs) Amer.Embassy typed cc; "Embassy of the U.S.of A./The Hague" dated boxed h/s as origin b/s on air cvr to U.S. E $14
PO-45. Newark, NJ, 1913, VF Int'l; Women's Political Union SUFFRAGE PARADE & Mass Meeting notice: "Come & March For Your Principles" on GPC; w/instructions, inc."Bearing: Head up, Eyes front. NO LAUGHING OR TALKING. Obey the Marshals. Carry yourself with dignity due a great cause". E $30
PO-46. Penns Grove, NJ, 1968 (Nov 5), F machine tying "Nixon/Now" campaign stamp w/his laughing portrait on campaign PPC w/ELECTION DAY canx, to RFD address; probably delivered on same day as last-minute reminder. E $30
PO-47. Trenton, NJ, 1911, VF Int'l; State of New Jersey/Commission on Tuberculosis in Animals engraved cc on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
PO-48. Carlsbad, NM, 1940, F Int'l; "Co.320, Camp BR-82-N" h/s cc on War Dept.#10 penalty cvr. E $15
PO-49. Brooklyn, NY, 1880 (Oct 30), VG duplex (bit edge wear) 2c banknote on cvr w/enc.campaign letter for Republican party: "If you are a married man, consult with your wife before you make up your mind which way you will vote, as she is equally interested..."; separate small sheet w/list of Republican electors. E $90 MIN.46
PO-50. Long Island City, NY, 1966, VG Int'l; "Diplomatic Mail/Free Postage/Pan American Postal Convention" h/s frank (lite); "Permanent Mission of Honduras to the United Nations" engraved cc; "Permanent Delegation..." pictorial h/s at B on cvr. E $15
PO-51. New York, NY, 1965, G+ meter; Permanent Mission of the Jamaica to the U.N.cc on #10 air cvr to Canada. E $14
PO-52. New York, NY, 1965, G+ meter; Permanent Mission of the State of Kuwait to the U.N.cc on #10 air cvr to Canada. E $14
PO-53. New York (Hamilton Grange Sta.), NY, 1939, F DCDS as origin b/s; Henry Heppt, Bakery & Lunch Room cc on reg'd cvr to FDR. E $12 MIN.6
PO-54. New York/Ansonia Sta., NY, 1947, G Int'l (lite tone) Sudan Interior Mission cc; 13c special del.+2x 1.5c Prexies on spec.del.cvr to Canada. E $15
PO-55. New York/Sta.L, NY, 1911, F Int'l (tiny sealed spindle) on cvr to P.C.Know, Sec'y of State, w/Dept.of State Mail Room/Rec'd G+ clock dial CDS as recd. E $15 MIN.8
PO-56. Anna Eleanor Roosevelt/FREE: FDR widow h/s "signature" frank; canxed Poughkeepsie, NY, 1950, VG+ Univ.; Val-Kill Cottage, Hyde Park, return add.on flap on cvr to YMCA, Albright College, Reading, PA. E $50
PO-57. Manheim, PA, 1899, G+ CDS/cork (dial bit hi; trim R) "Join the L.A.W./And Ride on Good Roads." League of American Wheelmen VF blue h/s on back (bit o/s) on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
PO-58. Philadelphia, PA, [1875], VG CDS/cork (lite tone) "Philadelphia Soc'y for Alleviating the Miseries of Public Prisons" meeting notice on back of UX3 GPC. E $15 MIN.8
PO-59. Rawalpino, Pakistan, 1952, G DCDS (bit trim T) U.N.Military Observer Group in India & Pakistan cc on #10 reg'd air cvr to Adminsitrative Officer, UN Commission, Eritrea. E $24
PO-60. Galveston, TX, 1918, F Amer/A14; "On His Britannic Majesty's Service" h/s at T; "British Consulate, Galveston" h/s at L on cvr. E $15
PO-61. Seattle, WA, 1914, VG PPIE slogan (edge tear L) King County Republican Central Committee illus.ad cc (flag) on cvr. E $14
PO-62. Spiro T.Agnew: printed signature frank; Office of the Vice President cc, ca.1970, (no canx, but apparently mailed) on cvr; enc.card w/generic thank you card for supporting "the position I have taken..." E $14
PO-63. Geo.H.W.Bush: 4x7.25" portrait photo w/printed signature at B; accompanying typed letter w/U.S.Embassy letterhead (in German) & cvr w/Bonn, Germany, "Foreign Service" meter, 1989. E $20
PO-64. Geo.H.W.Bush: 8.5x9.5" 28-pg.illus.booklet, in GERMAN, re.41st President; accompanying typed letter w/U.S.Embassy letterhead & 9.5x12" cvr (folded) w/Bonn, Germany, "Foreign Service" meter. E $20
PO-65. Correspondencia Diplomatica/Franquicia Postal/Panamericana, ca.1940s?, G+ undated boxed h/s frank at lower L; "Embajada de El Salvador/Mexico" pictorial h/s at upper R on cvr to El Salvador. E $14
PO-66. Diplomatic Mail/Franco-Free/Convencion Postal/Panamericana, 1940s, VG dateless boxed h/s frank (bit edge cr) censor h/s at L; "American Embassy, Tegucigalpa, Honduras" boxed h/s as b/s, straddling flap on cvr to U.S. E $16
PO-67. Hubert H.Humphrey, USS, printed signature frank, 1977, (no origin canx, but small routing h/s on back) on #10 cvr w/letterhead enc.(2 staple holes T); typewritten letter w/autograph signature. E $24
PO-68. "Member's Pass/House of Representatives": 2.5x4.5" card w/illus.capitol; signed by Bellamy Storer, Ohio Rep., 1892. E $14
PO-69. "U.S.Senate Chamber/...reserved gallery": 2.75x4" pass w/illus.capitol & eagle, signed by Homer T.Bone, Wash.Senator, 1934. E $14
PO-70. USS Albemarle, 1948 (Nov 2), VF ty.2tnu; "Who Will Be Our Next President?/Truman?/Dewey?/Wallace?" cachet; ELECTION DAY canx on cvr. E $15
PO-71. USS Antares, 1936 (Jun 27), VF ty.3(AC-BBB) w/"Accpt.Spch./Phila,Pa." ("Acceptance Speech") in bars; "Pres.F.D.R/V.Pres.Garner Visit Philadelphia/Democratic Nominees for 2nd Term" cachet (Liberty Bell) on cvr to USS Aylwin. E $30
PO-72. Free/J.C.Allen, Clerk Ho R US (Clerk of House of Reps): ms frank; Washington/Free, DC, 1850s, partial CDS (canx mostly not struck; signature & addrees slight smear) on stampless cvr to Col.John B.Lamar, Macon, GA. E $24 MIN.12
PO-73. P.Clayton, 2nd Auditor: signature frank; Washington Cy/Free, DC, 1857 (Feb 27), G+ CDS (dial HI: "NGTON" off T; toned) on cvr to Hon.Howell Cobb, Athens, GA. E $24
PO-74. P.Clayton, Asst Sec Treas: signature frank; Washington Cy/Free, DC, 1857 (Apr 28), G+ CDS (lite tone) on cvr to Hon.Howell Cobb, Athens, GA. E $40
PO-75. Wm.Cullom, Clk H.R.U.S. (Clerk of House of Reps): ms frank; Washington Cy/Free, DC, ca.1857, G CDS on stampless cvr to Mrs.Howell Cobb, Athens, GA. E $55
PO-76. C.Cushing, Atty Genl: signature frank; Washington, DC, 1850s, G+ CDS w/"Free" h/s (dial hi: "NG" partly off; pen notes inverted at L; cr) on stampless cvr to Hon.Howell Cobb, Athens, GA. E $50
PO-77. J.L.Edwards, Commr of Pensions: signature frank; City of Washington, DC, [1835], G+ CDS w/"Free" h/s on SFL (crs) w/signed letter. E $20 MIN.10
PO-78. J.B.Floyd (Pres.Buchanan's Sec'y of War): signature at upper R, on hand-carried envelope (nick T) add.to "Mrs Mary Ann Cobb, Present". E $20
PO-79. Free/Jno W.Forney, Clk Ho Reps US (Clerk of House of Reps): ms frank; Free/Washington, DC, 1850s, G+ CDS (bit lite tone) on stampless cvr to His Excellency Howell Cobb, Milledgeville, GA. E $24 MIN.12
PO-80. Jno W.Forney, Clk HR US (Clerk of House of Reps): ms frank; Washington/Free, DC, 1850s, G+ CDS (near VG+; no flap) on stampless cvr to Hon.Howell Cobb, Astor House, N.Y.City. E $24 MIN.12
PO-81. Cordell Hull: autograph; FDR Sec'y of State, on 2.25x4" paper. E $325
PO-82. Andrew Johnson, Washington City, Oct 30 1867: 17th President of U.S.; AUTOGRAPH, town & date, on lite tone 1.5x5.25" paper. E $500 MIN.250
PO-83. H.King: ms frank, while Ass't PM Gen'l (later PM Gen'l); Washington/Free, DC, 1855, G+ CDS (lite tone) "Post Office Dep't/Official Business" printed at upper R on stampless cvr. E $65
PO-84. William McKinley: AUTOGRAPH on typed letter w/Canton, OH, letterhead, 1896 (Feb 19). E $500 MIN.250
PO-85. John McLean: signature frank (Postmaster Gen'l) w/ms "Post Office Dept" at T; Washington, DC, [1828], G+ red CDS w/"Free" h/s on SFL (lite tone; edge faults repaired in side; interior tears at folds) w/long printed Waterford, VT, Postmaster's appointment. E $80 MIN.40
PO-86. E.McPherson: signature frank; "Office House of Reps U.S./Free" printed above; "Clerk Ho.Reps.U.S." below; Washington/Free, DC, 1865, G+ DCDS (ruff L; pat toned) on stampless cvr. E $20
PO-87. Frances F.Cleveland Preston: (Pres.Grover Cleveland's widow) autograph free frank; Dunedin, FL, 1937, G+ Colum. on cvr (trim T; edge tears T, 1 thru name; tone spot in name); typed note enc.w/"Yacht Club Inn" engraved letterhead & FULL SIGNATURE. E $100 MIN.50
PO-88. William H. Seward: scrawled ms free frank (as U.S.Senator; later Lincoln's Sec'y of State), [1853], (no canx) on stampless FRONT ONLY. E $80 MIN.40
PO-89. Helen H.Taft/Free: (Pres.Robt.Taft's widow) ms frank; Charleston, SC, 1935, F Univ.; canx on "Free," but not signature; on 2.75x3.75" cvr (part ruff T; nicks T; flap partly off). E $75 MIN.38
PO-90. Helen H.Taft/Free: (Pres.Robt.Taft's widow) ms frank; Washington, DC, 1931, G+ Int'l; canx on signature; on 4x5" cvr (slight trim T). E $500 MIN.250
PO-91. J.Thompson, Sec.of Interior: signature frank (Buchanan cabinet); Washington City/Free, DC, 1859, partial CDS (lite tone; edge tears upper L) on stampless cvr to Mrs.Mary Ann Cobb, Athens, GA. E $65
PO-92. Martin Van Buren: 8th President's AUTOGRAPH on irreg.20x98mm cut piece (T edge just in tips of "M"; lite cr). E $250 MIN.130
PO-93. Thos.Williams, M.C.: ms frank; Pittsburgh, PA, 1863, VG DCDS/cork (trim L; edge tears B) on cvr w/enc. E $15
PO-94. Free/R.M.Young, Clerk Ho Reps US (Clerk of House of Reps): ms frank; Free/Washington, DC, ca.1851, partial CDS on stampless 3.5x8.75" cvr to Hon.Howell Cobb, Governor of Georgia, Milledgeville, GA. E $20 MIN.10
PO-95. Free/R.M.Young, Clk Ho Reps US (Clerk of House of Reps): ms frank; Free/Washington, DC, ca.1851, partial CDS on stampless cvr to Hon.Howell Cobb, Milledgeville, GA. E $24 MIN.12

RAILWAY POST OFFICES & RELATED (Towle #'s) Need the RPO Catalog? We have it!
RR-1. A. & .C.R.Ry.Co./Blind Slough, Ore (Astoria & Columbia River Rwy), 1910, G+ blue double oval w/separate 8-bar killer (UNLISTED station agt.type; bit o/s; lite tone) (P.O. open 10-24) on PPC. This item also listed in "Oregon" section of this catalog. E $100
RR-2. A. & R. Air Line (Atlanta & Richmond), 1870s, G+ 320-A-1 (near VG) on cvr. E $40
RR-3. A.Lea & Estherville, 1910, G+ 803-A-1 (R arc spotty) T438 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-4. A.Lea & Waterloo, 1914, G+ 760-C-1 Tr30 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-5. Aberdeen & Durant, [1895], G+ 426-A-1 (lite tone) Tr202 on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-6. Aberdeen & Durant, 1927, G+ 426-A-6 T224 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-7. Aberdeen & Linton, 1907, F 871-H-1 T106 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-8. Aberdeen & Linton, 1908, G+ 871-H-1 (dial hi: "N & " partly off; lite tone) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-9. Aberdeen & Miles City, 1916, G+ 871-K-1 Tr16 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-10. Aberdeen & Miles City, 1909, F 871-K-4 (bit of rim off L; lite tone) Tr3; as transit w/"Missent" h/s on PPC w/St.Paul & Aberdeen VG 871-AB-5 Tr8 origin. E $15
RR-11. Aberdeen & S.City, 1909, G+ 885-F-2 (near VG+; dial bit hi; tip crs) Tr6 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-12. Adr & Fayette, 1911, G+ 642-B-1 (lite tone) T323 on PPC. E $20
RR-13. Akron & Delphos, 1911, G+ 597-A-1 Tr1 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-14. Ala & Chatt/R.R., [1872], G+ blue 400-B-1 (B arc mostly not struck) on cvr. E $40
RR-15. Alb, Kingston & N.Y., 1907, F 119-D-1 (o/s; edge tear R) on PPC datelined "On baord Cedric". E $12 MIN.6
RR-16. Albany & Bing/HPO, 1958, F duplex (killer partly off R) Trip 1; as recd on reg.disp.rect.card w/Utica & Bing/HPO G+ duplex (Trip 1) origin on reverse. E $20
RR-17. Albq & Williams, 1907, G+ 964-K-2 (dial bit hi) Tr8 on PPC w/prohibited "Postal Card" wording in header. E $20
RR-18. Albuq & Ashfork, 1930, G+ 964-C-9 (bit stutter) Tr7 on PPC. E $6
RR-19. Albuquerque & Ashfork, 1922, F+ 964-D-5 T10 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-20. Albuquerque, N.M.Term, 1915, F 965.9-B-1 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-21. Albuquerque, N.Mex/Trans Clk, 1908, VG+ 965.9-A-1 on PPC. E $15
RR-22. Albuquerque, N.Mex/Trans Clk, 1910, F+ 965.9-A-2 on PPC. E $15
RR-23. Albuquerque, N.Mex/Trans Clk, 1911, G+ 965.9-A-2 (near VG+) on PPC. E $15
RR-24. Alburg & Boston, 1911, G+ 41-O-1 (near F; upper L tip nib) T505 on PPC. E $8
RR-25. Alex & Stras/Agt, [1881], G+ 302-E-1 (trim L) on PSE w/enc. E $24
RR-26. Algona & Chamberlain, 1921, G+ 761-J-1 (near VG; lite tone) Tr4; Lincoln Hotel, Hull, IA, cc on cvr w/enc. E $12 MIN.6
RR-27. Algona & Chamberlain, 1927, VG NEW TYPE (bit lite tone) Tr22 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-28. All & Casper, 1924, G+ 946-AA-1 "EAST"; Burlington Route/C.B. & Q.R.R.Co.logo cc; "CBQ" perfin on pair 1c Wash. on cvr. E $20
RR-29. Alton Bay & Merry, 1934, VG C-13-b (lite tone) STEAMBOAT RPO on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-30. Alton Bay & Merry, 1935, G+ C-13-b Tr"1" on cvr. E $14
RR-31. Alton Bay & Merry, 1939, G+ C-13-b Tr"1"; STEAMBOAT RPO on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-32. Amarillo & Albuq, 1917, VG 928-B-1 Tr22 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-33. Amarillo & Lubbock, 1911, G+ 489-C-1 ("RPO" mostly not struck) Tr28 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-34. Amarillo & Pecos, 1906, G+ 966-B-1 (cr) T202 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-35. Amarillo & Pecos, 1910, G+ 966-B-1 (dial hi: tips of "LO" off) T114 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-36. Amarillo & Pecos, 1910, VG+ 966-B-3 (dial bit hi) T114 on PPC. E $14
RR-37. Amarillo & Pecos, 1912, G+ 966-B-3 (dial bit hi; lite tone) T114 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-38. Amarillo & Plainview, 1909, F 489-D-1 Tr"27" on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-39. And & Ladoga, 1913, G+ 681-B-1 (o/s; lite tone) Tr3 on PPC. E $20
RR-40. Antler & Rugby, 1951, VG 876.1-A-2 Tr214 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-41. Arc & Cherryvale, 1906, F 926-B-1 (address mostly faded) T135 on LEATHER PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-42. Arc & Cherryvale, 1911, G+ 926-B-1 (toned) T178 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-43. Arcadia & C.Vale, 1911, G+ 926-A-3 (lite tone) "WEST" on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-44. The Argentine Central/Waldorf, Colorado, 1909, G+ purple CDS w/wording in center of dial ("Local Agent's" & other text) mostly excised; struck at L as "origin" (tip cr)stamp canxed w/partial Silver Plume duplex on PPC: "This is the highest P.O.in the world". E $40 MIN.20
RR-45. Ark City & Anthony, 1911, G+ 918.2-A-1 (" & AN" weak; lite tone) on PPC. E $15
RR-46. Ark City & Lindsay, 1909, VG 930.2-A-2 T407 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-47. Ash & Louis, 1900, G+ NEW TYPE; Kentucky Distilleries, Frankfort, KY, cc on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-48. Ash, Abb & Milw, 1909, G+ 849-G-2 (part on stamp) Tr11 on PPC. E $14
RR-49. Ashe & Charleston, 1916, G+ 339-K-6 (toned) Tr42 on PPC. E $6
RR-50. Ashfork & Los Ang/W.D., 1920, G+ 964-P-4 Tr9 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-51. Ashfork & Phoenix, 1905, G+ 967-A-1 (R arc obscured on stamp; lite tone) "NORTH" on PPC. E $20
RR-52. Ashfork & Phoenix, 1909, G+ 967-A-1 ("P" not struck; dial bit hi) "SOUTH" on PPC. E $20
RR-53. Ashland & Gerber, 1917, G+ 894-H-1 (month/year spotty; lite tone) Tr15 on PPC datelined "On the train". E $14
RR-54. Ashland & Gerber, 1922, VG 894-H-2 Tr13 on PPC datelined Sisson, CA, w/long, neatly written "Wayside Notes" re.area. E $15 MIN.8
RR-55. Ashland & Milw, 1907, F 851-I-2 (uneven toned) Tr2 on PPC. E $8
RR-56. Ashland & Milw, 1916, VF 851-I-3 on PPC. E $8
RR-57. Ashland & Mnpls, 1909, G+ 853-B-1 (lite tone)Tr63 on PPC. E $8
RR-58. Ashland & San Fran, 1916, VG 894-I-1 Tr13 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-59. Ashland & San Fran, 1917, VG 894-I-1 (toned) Tr18 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-60. Ashv & Columbia, 1923, VG NEW TYPE (o/s) Tr10 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-61. Asquam Lake, 1905, G+ C-18-c; STEAMBOAT RPO on PPC. E $20
RR-62. Atch & Lenora, 1912, VG 908-E-2 T504 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-63. Atch & Lenoro ("Lenora" MISSPELLED), 1901, G+ 908-E-4 (ruff R, just in stamp) Tr4; CATALOG COPY on cvr. E $20
RR-64. Atchison & Lenora, 1913, VG 908-G-1 T601 on PPC. E $14
RR-65. Atl & Aug, 1870s, G+ 355-C-2 (month partial; tone specks) on PSE. E $14
RR-66. Atla & New Orleans, 1910, G+ 354-U-2 Tr35 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-67. Atlanta & Birm, [1893], G+ 366-A-1 Tr51 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-68. Atlanta & Chatta, [1875], VG 357-F-1 on GPC UX3. E $15
RR-69. Atlanta & Jack, 1910, G+ NEW TYPE; Tr14 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-70. Auburn & Harris, 1906, G+ 172-A-1 (LATE use; dial hi: "N & " partly off; R arc weak) on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-71. Augusta & Port Royal, 1912, G+ 335-F-2 (part spotty; lite tone) Tr45 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-72. Aurora & Kearney, 1914, VG 927.2-A-1 Tr35 on PPC. E $20
RR-73. Austin & Albia, 1901, G+ 770-A-1 (trim R) Tr1 w/"MISSENT" h/s; as fwd on PSE. E $14
RR-74. Wadesville/B. & .O.R.R.W. & P.Div, 1877, G+ blue 273-S-2 (2 long tears T; bit lite tone; flap faults) on PSE. E $50
RR-75. B. & N.Y. (Boston & N.Y.), 1881, G+ 80-D-2/var w/neg."D" in cork (for "Day"?); Novelty Belt Hook Co., Hartford, CT, illus.ad on cvr. E $20
RR-76. Cowan's/Har's'nb'g Div.B. & O.R.R., 1885, G+ blue 273-S-7 (ruff R; toned) on cvr. E $30 MIN.15
RR-77. B.Harbor & Lou, 1910, G+ 669-N-2 (tip cr) Tr33 on PPC. E $6
RR-78. B.L., Glenwood & St.P., 1909, G+ 880.1-C-1 T110 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-79. B.Plaine & Sanborn, 1911, G+ 790.1-A-1 (bit cr) Tr15 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-80. Bad Axe & Pt.Huron, 1935, G+ 639-D-2 (lite tone) T63 on commer.cvr. E $16
RR-81. Bad Axe & Pt.Huron, 1938, G+ 639-D-2 (dial bit hi; lower R on stamp; toned) Tr62 on card. E $12 MIN.6
RR-82. Bad Axe & Pt.Huron, 1938, VG+ 639-D-2 Tr62 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-83. Bad Axe & Sag, 1939, VG 639-N-1 Tr61 on card. E $12 MIN.6
RR-84. Bad Axe & Saginaw, 1916, G+ 639-E-1 (near F) Tr42 on PPC. E $15
RR-85. Bad Axe & Saginaw, 1915, VG 639-E-3 (lite tone) on PPC. E $14
RR-86. Bad Axe & Saginaw, 1935, G+ 693-E-2 (trim T, well in stamp; tiny tear T) Tr60 on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-87. Balt & Highfield, 1912, G+ 236-C-5 (part on stamp) Tr45 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-88. Balt & Norfolk, 1909, F G-20-h (dial bit hi) "NORTH"; STEAMBOAT RPO on PPC ("City of Portsmouth" boat). E $24 MIN.12
RR-89. Trans Clk.Camden Sta./Balt.Md, 1912, VF 277-B-2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-90. Balto & Norfolk, 1934, partial G-20-j "NORTH"; STEAMBOAT RPO as canx on stamp; "Str.State of Maryland/Old Bay Line" F+ RED boxed h/s at L; on cvr. E $30
RR-91. Bangor, Me/Trans Clk, 1909, G+ 19-C-1 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-92. Bangor, Me/Trans Clk, 1914, VG 19-C-1 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-93. Bay City & Durand, 1910, G+ 649.2-C-2 ("RP" mostly not struck; B edge part toned; trim R) Tr34 on cvr w/enc. E $14
RR-94. Bay City & Jack, 1895, G+ 617-I-2 ("RPO" not struck; lite tone) Tr74 on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-95. Bay City, Plym & Det, 1896, G+ 618-G-1 Tr8; D.A.Ross, Lumber Broke, Bay City, MI, cc on cvr. E $15
RR-96. Bay City, Plym & Det, 1908, VG 618-G-2 Tr5 on PPC. E $14
RR-97. Beards & Shaw, 1910, VG 718-G-3 (bit cr; lite tone) T122 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-98. Beards & Shaw, 1911, VG 718-G-3 (dial hi: "DS" partly off; lite tone) Tr125 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-99. Beards & Shaw, 1911, VG+ NEW TYPE: 718-G-3 dial, w/BOLD "HACKNEY" killer of ty.718-K-1 (tip cr) Tr126 on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-100. Bellevue & Cascade, 1912, G+ 771-A-2 Tr104 on PPC. E $30
RR-101. Bellingham & Seat, 1909, VG 901.1-b-2 (toned) Tr8 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-102. Bellingham & Seat, 1915, F+ 901.1-b-2 T444 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-103. Benson & Huron, 1907, G+ 878.2-A-2 (part on stamp; lite tone) "WEST" on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-104. Benton, H. & Ind (ERROR w/extra comma), 1899, VF 669-C-1 (ruff R) Tr25; Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St.Louis Rwy.Co.cc on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
RR-105. Big Rap & Grand Ledge, 1934, G+ 622-J-1 Tr23 on reg.disp.rect.card. E $12 MIN.6
RR-106. Big Rap & Hol'nd/Agt, [1881], G+ 627-A-1 (R arc lite & part obscured on stamp) on GPC. E $20
RR-107. Big Raps & Detroit, 1897, G+ NEW TYPE (dial hi: "S & DE" partly off) Tr24 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-108. Big Raps & Musk, 1908 (Dec 25) (, G+ NEW TYPE (near VF; toned) Tr101 on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-109. Big Raps, H.Cy & Det, 1909, G+ 622-L-1 (toned) Tr4 on PPC. E $14
RR-110. Big Spring & El Paso, 1910, G+ 483-H-1 (dial bit hi; upper L crnr tape stain) Tr4 on PPC. E $16
RR-111. Billings & Denver/N.D., 1919, G+ 951-F-1 (tiny tear T; bit cr; edge wear B) Tr30 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-112. Billings & Red Lodge, 1911, G+ 891.4-A-1 (lite tone) T166 on PPC datelined Red Lodge. E $24
RR-113. Billings & Thermop, 1911, F 951-H-2 (lite tone) Tr"312-11" on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-114. Billings & Thermop, 1913, G+ 951-H-2 (dial bit hi) Tr"312-11" on PPC. E $20
RR-115. Billings & Thermop, 1910, VG NEW TYPE on PPC. E $24
RR-116. Bingham Lake & Currie, 1908, VG 870-F-1 on PPC. E $30
RR-117. Blaine & Seat, 1910, G+ 903-B-1 (tip cr) T277 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-118. Blaine & Seat, 1936, G+ 903-B-2 T355 on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-119. Blaine & Seattle, 1915, G+ 903-A-1 T355 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-120. Blaine & Seattle, 1909, G+ 903-A-6 (lite tone) T273 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-121. Bloom & Wayne, 1914, G+ 937-C-1 Tr52; 1c Balboa on PPC datelined Wausa, NE. E $20
RR-122. Blythev & Jonesboro, 1910, G+ NEW TYPE ("RPO" mostly not struck) on GPC. EARLY use, BETWEEN listed operation dates. E $30
RR-123. Bos & Essex Junc/R.R., 1870s, G+ 41-E-1 (slight trim L) on cvr w/enc.datelined Fitchburg. E $14
RR-124. Bos & Hope Junc S.R., 1886, G+ NEW TYPE (part ruff trim R; bit lite tone) on cvr. E $24
RR-125. Bos & Newport, 1909, G+ 55-K-4 (bit cr) Tr"5009" on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-126. Bos & Pascoag, 1914, G+ 66-A-1 (part on stamp; lite tone; tip cr) Tr"7109" on PPC. E $20
RR-127. Bos & Poughkeepsie, 1919, VF 54-O-1 (bit o/s) Tr121 w/"Missent" h/s, as transit on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-128. Bos, Spring & N.Y./S.R., 1910, G+ 80-Y-4 (bit lite tone; tip cr) T288 on GPC. E $8
RR-129. Bos, Troy & Albany, 1906, G+ 51-T-6 Tr8 on PPC. E $8
RR-130. Bos, Troy & Albany, 1909, G+ 51-T-6 (tip crs; lite tone) Tr10 on PPC. E $8
RR-131. Boston & Albany R.R., [1847], VG red 53-B-2 w/"Paid" & "5" h/s (crs) on SFL. E $65
RR-132. Boston & Fichburg/R.R. ("Fitchburg" MISSPELLED), [1853], G+ blue 41-A-1 w/"5" h/s rate (R arc spotty but ID sure; cr) on SFL datelined Healdville. E $80
RR-133. Boston & Maine R.R., ca.1840s, G+ 50-A-3 w/lite "5" h/s rate (small tone spot B edge) on stampless cvr. E $60
RR-134. Boston & So.Shore, 1904, G+ 63-B-1 (part lite water tone) on PPC. E $15
RR-135. Boston & So.Shore, 1909, VG 63-B-1 (dial bit hi) on PPC. E $20
RR-136. Boston, Prov & N.Y., 1909, G+ 70-Z-3 (toned) on PPC. E $8
RR-137. Bound Line & St.Paul, 1920, G+ 880.1-B-1 T110 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-138. Brattleboro & Palmer, 1889, G+ 37-C-2 (trim R) on cvr. E $14
RR-139. Bremond & Rotan, 1909, G+ 465-E-1 (crnr cr) Tr2 on PPC. E $30
RR-140. Bremond & Waco, 1910, F 465-C-1 (bit lite tone) Tr63 on PPC. E $15
RR-141. Bris & Sioux Falls, 1908, F 886-I-1 Tr101 on PPC. E $20
RR-142. Bris & Sioux Falls, 1910, G+ 886-I-1 ("FALLS" obscured on stamp; lite tone) T106 on PPC. E $14
RR-143. Bristol & Mad, 1890, G+ 886-B-1 ("IST" mostly not struck; ruff R, in stamp to oval; part toned) on PSE w/3-pg.Chicago, Milw. & St.Paul letterhead enc. E $15
RR-144. Brookings & Gettys, 1907, G+ 887.2-A-3 ("RPO" not struck; lite tone) Tr8 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-145. Brookings & Gettys, 1909 (Sep 9), G+ 887.2-A-3 (dial bit hi; part on stamp; ink spot in message; crnr crs) on PPC. "4-of-a-kind" canx: 9/9/09 date w/Tr9 slug. E $20
RR-146. Brownsv & Oliver, 1907, G+ 212-B-1 ("RPO" mostly not struck; lite tone; tip crs) blank Tr slug on PPC. E $20
RR-147. Brownsv & Oliver, 1914, G+ 212-B-1 (year partial but message dated; scuff in message, before mailed) Tr34 on PPC. E $20
RR-148. Buff & Pitts, 1910, VF NEW TYPE; Tr5 on PPC. E $6
RR-149. Buffalo & Pitts, 1898, VG magenta NEW TYPE (lite tone) Tr1 on cvr w/enc. E $15
RR-150. Burl & Bos, 1911, VF 41-U-1 Tr54 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-151. Burl & Carrollton, 1909, F 750-E-2 Tr7 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-152. Burl & St.Louis, 1906, F+ 752-B-11 (uneven toned) Tr5 on PPC. E $6
RR-153. C. & Ohio/R.R. (Chesapeake & Ohio), 1870s, G+ 303-F-1 (trim L, barely in ad) Ford's Hotel, Richmond, VA, illus.ad on cvr. E $20
RR-154. C.G.W.Ry./Oelwein, Iowa, 1962, VG agt's boxed h/s at L (bit stutter) Hayfield & K.C. G+ 799-D-1 Tr5 as canx on cacheted cvr. E $14
RR-155. C.Rap & C.Bluffs/Day, 1887, G+ 691-P-6 on GPC. E $8
RR-156. C.V.R.R. (Cumberland Valley R.R.), [1877], VG 209-C-1 (upper R tip ruff, in stamp tip) J.C.McIntire, Tailor, Atglen, PA, boxed ad cc on cvr. E $40 MIN.20
RR-157. Cairo & N.O./M.Div, 1886, G+ 421-I-1 (nick R; bit lite tone) on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-158. Cairo, Ill/Trans Cl'k, 1907, F NEW TYPE; as 745-C-1, w/apostrophe (dial bit hi; T edge bit scuff; tip crs) on PPC. E $14
RR-159. Cal & Cedar Rapids, 1908, G+ 756-M-1 (tip cr) Tr22 on PPC. E $8
RR-160. Cald & Ingersoll, 1910, G+ 931.1-B-1 T723 on PPC. E $30 MIN.15
RR-161. Calexico & Colton, 1920, G+ 994.1-B-1 ("RPO" partial; lite cr) Tr37 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-162. Calis & Vallejo Jc, 1907, G+ 983-F-2 (o/s; crs) Tr61 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-163. Calistoga & S.F., 1937, G+ 983-D-1 ("RPO" not struck; ruff R) Tr11 on commer.PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-164. Calistoga & Vallejo, 1911, G+ 983-E-1 (part on stamp; trim R) Tr63; Evans Shoe Co., Napa, CA, illus.ad (boot) on PSE. E $15
RR-165. Calistoga & Vellejo, 1910, VG+ 983-E-1 (pinholes) Tr68 on PPC. E $14
RR-166. Cameron & Atchison, 1896, G+ 810-I-1 on GPC. E $24
RR-167. Can N.Y. & Ceres N.Y., 1914 (Dec 25), G+ 156-A-1 (toned) on PPC. E $20 MIN.10
RR-168. Cape Chas & Norf, 1888, G+ G-42-a (part ruff trim R) STEAMBOAT RPO on cvr. E $30
RR-169. Carr & Turtle Lake, 1938, G+ 888.3-B-1 (scribble below address) "EAST" on commer.PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-170. Carroll & Sx.City, 1907, G+ 788-E-3 Tr10 on PPC. E $8
RR-171. Ced Rap & Clarion/Agt, [1882], G+ 748-B-1 (2 file holes, not in canx) on GPC. E $15
RR-172. Ced Rap & Sioux Falls, 1911, G+ 748-W-1 (lite tone) T420 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-173. Ced Rap & Sioux Falls/E.D., 1908, VG 748-K-1 T419 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-174. Ced Rap & Sioux Falls/E.D., 1909, VG 748-K-1 (toned) T413 on PPC. E $8
RR-175. Ced Raps & Sioux Falls, 1910, F 748-Z-1 (lite tone) T432 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-176. Center Barnstead & Suncook, 1924, G+ 27-G-1 (lite tone) Tr4 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-177. Centralia & Hoquiam, 1933, VG 901.4-A-1 (bit ruff slit upper R) T968; Goldberg Furniture, Aberdeen, WA, cc on window cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-178. Centralia & South Bend, 1909, VG 901.3-A-2 (lite tone) "EAST" on PPC. E $8
RR-179. Centralia & South Bend, 1910, G+ 901.3-A-2 (dial bit hi) T334 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-180. Chadron & Lander, 1907, VG 936-F-1 (bit o/s) Tr"2" on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-181. Champ & Milw, 1907, VG 648-K-1 Tr16 on PPC. E $8
RR-182. Chanute & Tulsa, 1907, VG 909-M-1 (crnr crs) T222 on PPC. E $20
RR-183. Chanute & Tulsa, 1909, VG+ 909-M-1 (uneven toned) T221 on PPC. E $20
RR-184. Charlotte & Augusta, 1918, G+ NEW TYPE (dial hi: "TE & " partly off) Tr11 on PPC. E $8
RR-185. Charlotte & Sav'h, 1911, VG 336-T-1 Tr27 on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-186. Charlotte, N.C./Trn Clk, 1918, VG 332-C-5 (edge wear L & B) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-187. Chatt & Griffin, 1911, G+ 358-D-1 (bit obscured; lite tone) Tr1 on PPC. E $8
RR-188. Received Chelsea Term RPO/From A.E.F., 1919, G+ magenta 150-X-9 (B arc not struck, affects "From A.E.F."; o/w VF) as transit on PPC from ENGLAND, to MD in 806th Pioneer Inf., AEF, France. RARE use. E $24
RR-189. Cheneyville & LaFay, 1894, G+ 436-C-1 (near F+; toned; crs; trim L to cc; AS IS for faults, but SCARCE) Tr50; Gibbens & Nicholson Lumber, Washington, LA, on PSE. E $50
RR-190. Chi & C.Bluffs/E.D., 1907, G+ 694-Y-1 Tr6; 1c Smith on PPC. E $6
RR-191. Chi & Carbondale, 1908, F 708-P-1 (toned; tip cr) Tr2 on PPC. E $6
RR-192. Chi & Marion, 1906, VG 724-M-2 Tr6 on PPC. E $8
RR-193. Chi & Mpls, 1907, F 837-W-6 (bit o/s) Tr1 on LEATHER PPC. E $8
RR-194. Chi & Sioux City, 1915, VG 723-C-2 (dial hi: tips of "UX" off; tip crs) Tr16 on PPC. E $6
RR-195. Chi & Williams Bay, 1914, G+ 692-G-1 T764 on PPC. E $8
RR-196. Chi, Abbts & M'pls, 1914, VG+ NEW TYPE (toned) Tr3 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-197. Chi, Dubu & M'pls, 1910, VG+ 731-C-1 (lite tone) Tr4 on REAL PHOTO PPC: people in car. E $12 MIN.6
RR-198. Chi, Elroy & Dul, 1906, F 860-D-1 Tr93 on PPC. E $8
RR-199. Chi, Free & Dub, 1906, G+ 690-K-2 (month not struck) Tr203 on PPC. E $8
RR-200. Chi, Free & Dub S.R., 1909, G+ 690-L-1 (lite tone) Tr203 on PPC. E $8
RR-201. Chi, Irene & Dub, 1911, VG+ 723-H-2 (toned) Tr31 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-202. Chi, Irene & Dub/N.L., 1908, G+ 723-M-1 "EAST" on PPC. E $8
RR-203. Chi, Mil & St.P.R'y/Dub Div/Spect's Ferry, Iowa, 1908, F blue DCDS w/ms killer (UNLISTED; lite tone0 on PPC. E $50
RR-204. Chi, Oregon & Mpls, 1906, VG 730-R-1 (lite tone) Tr51 on PPC. E $8
RR-205. Chi, W.Lib & Co.Bluffs/E.D., 1908, VG 702-U-1 Tr16 on PPC. E $8
RR-206. Chi, W.Lib & Co.Bluffs/W.D., 1909, VG NEW TYPE; Tr64 on PPC. E $8
RR-207. Chicago Railroad Fair, 1949, F 745-D-3 on Northern Pacific PPC. E $6
RR-208. Chicago & Omaha, 1921, VF 691-W-1 (dial bit hi) Tr26 on PPC. E $6
RR-209. Chicago, Free & Dub, 1907, F 690-P-1 (bit o/s) Tr203 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-210. Cin & Knox, 1907, G+ 522-F-6 (toned) Tr32 on PPC. E $6
RR-211. Cin & Knox/C.W.Shrock, 1927, G+ magenta clerk's straight-line h/s misused as canx (name heavy inked; add.bit smear) on PPC. E $20
RR-212. Cin, Ham & Ind/Agt, [1882], G+ 658-B-1 ("HAM" mostly not struck; trim R; T edge lite water tone) on PSE w/enc. E $30
RR-213. Claremont & Lowell, 1900, G+ 26-F-2 Tr24 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-214. Claremont & Lowell, 1906, G+ 26-F-4 (part on stamp) T404 on PPC. E $8
RR-215. Clarinda & Bigelow, 1908, G+ 798-B-3 (near VF) "NORTH" on PPC. E $15
RR-216. Clarks & Richwood, 1933, G+ 279-F-1 (part on stamp) Tr65 on commer.#10 cvr. E $14
RR-217. Clarksdale & Jackson, 1934, G+ 431-T-1 (R arc lite) T312; Tchula (MS) Commercial Co.cc on commer.PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-218. Clinton & Ced Rap, 1910, G+ 786.1-B-1 (toned; tip crs) T403 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-219. Clov & San Fran/Agt, 1887, G 985-O-1 (spotty; lite; month not struck; AS IS for strike; trim R) on cvr. E $20
RR-220. Clovis & Albuq, 1917, G+ 928-D-1 (upper R on stamp) Tr22 on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-221. Cobre & Ely, 1933, VG 977.1-A-1 Tr3 on reg.disp.rect.card. E $20
RR-222. Cobre & Ely, 1941, G+ 977.1-A-1 Tr3 on GPC datelined McGill, NV. E $24
RR-223. Col & Norfolk W.D., 1912, VG 574-F-3 Tr15 on PPC. E $6
RR-224. Colo Spgs & Gr.Jct, 1914, G+ 956-D-2 (tiny tear T; tip cr; lite tone) Tr5 on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-225. Columbus & Spald, 1912, G+ 938-L-1 "EAST" on PPC. E $20
RR-226. Commerce & Sherman, 1907, G+ NEW TYPE (R arc mostly obscured on stamp; HEAVY vert.cr; AS IS for that; part lite tone) Tr204 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-227. Craftonv & Los Ang, 1911, VG 994.4-A-1 Tr19 on PPC. E $20
RR-228. Cumb & Piedmont, 1906, G+ 276-B-2 (lower R arc mostly not struck; edge tears T; tip cr) T125 on PPC. E $24
RR-229. Cumb & Piedmont, 1911, G+ 276-B-3 (near F+; lite tone) Tr125 on PPC. E $20 MIN.10
RR-230. Cumb & Piedmont, 1898, G+ 276-B-5 (crs; sealed spindle) on GPC. E $30
RR-231. Dagupan & Manila, 1902, VF duplex (trim R) "SOUTH"; bit faulty 2c overprint on cvr. E $15
RR-232. Dallas & Beaumont, 1923, VG+ NEW TYPE; T155 on PPC. E $14
RR-233. Dallas & Houston, 1922, G+ 470-F-3; Tr"15" on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-234. Danville & Thebes, 1909, G+ NEW TYPE (lite tone) T"101" on PPC. E $14
RR-235. Davenport & K.C., 1917, VG 801-L-1 Tr8 on PPC. E $8
RR-236. Day & Ironton, 1910, G+ 583-C-1 T208 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-237. Dayton & Ironton, 1899, G+ NEW TYPE (spotty; AS IS for that; part ruff trim R) on PSE. E $15
RR-238. Dayton & Pasco, 1908, G+ 901.5-A-1 "WEST" on PPC. E $14
RR-239. Deadwood & Edge, 1910, F 947.4-B-1 (bit cr; lite tone) T142 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-240. Decorah & C.Rapids, 1908, G+ 747-C-1 (toned) T441 on PPC. E $6
RR-241. Decorah & C.Rapids, 1907, G+ NEW TYPE (uneven toned) T447 on PPC. E $6
RR-242. Dem & Los Ang, [1888], VG 963-E-2 (part ruff T; most of flap of; tears T, 1 in dial) Superint't Territorial Prison, Yuma, A.T., cc on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
RR-243. Den & Houston, 1889, G+ 470-N-2 (R arc lite) Texas Mill & Elevator Co., Corsicana, TX, illus.ad: mill & trains (co.name lined thru) on cvr. E $15
RR-244. Den & Steamboat Spgs, 1914, G+ 962.2-D-1 (tip cr) "EAST" on PPC. E $20
RR-245. Den & Steamboat Spgs, 1912, G+ 962.2-D-2 (crs) "EAST" on PPC. E $20
RR-246. Den & Wich Falls, 1913, VG 490-B-1 (bit stutter) Tr12 on reg.pack.rect.card. E $12 MIN.6
RR-247. Denison & Hillsb, 1905, F 471-U-1 Tr204 on LEATHER PPC. E $14
RR-248. Denison & Taylor, 1908, F+ 471-I-1 Tr4 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-249. Denison & Taylor, 1893, G+ 471-I-4 (toned; tip crs) Tr2 on GPC. E $14
RR-250. Denison & Taylor, 1898, G+ NEW TYPE (dial hi: "ON & T" partly off; trim R) Tr1; 10c Sc.5 on special del.2c PSE w/2nd strike on back. E $15
RR-251. Round Table Denver, 1910, G+ 959-A-6 (near F) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-252. Denver & Grand Junc, 1917, G+ 953-K-2 Tr5 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-253. Denver & Grand Junct, 1911, VG+ 953-L-1 Tr6 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-254. Denver & Grand Junct, 1911, G+ 953-L-3 (dial hi: " & GR" partly off) Tr6 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-255. Denver & Grd Junct, 1913, VG 953-AN-1 Tr2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-256. Denver & LaJunta, 1928, G+ 911-R-2 Tr5 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-257. Denver, Colo/Terminal, 1911, G+ 959-A-1 (part on stamp) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-258. Round Table Denver,/Colo, 1910, G+ 959-A-6 (dial bit hi) on PPC. E $14
RR-259. Des M & Sioux City, 1908, G+ 788-H-2 (near F) "EAST" on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-260. Des M. & Moberly, 1910, G+ 782-B-4 (lite tone) Tr14 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-261. Des M. & Sioux City, 1889, G+ NEW TYPE (ruff R to stamp) on PSE. E $14
RR-262. Des M.Valley/R.R., [1877], G+ 757-B-1 w/lite "N" killer (L arc lite; trim L; tiny tear L) on cvr w/enc.datelined Independence, IA. E $40
RR-263. Det & Algonac, 1923, G+ Q-3-b "SOUTH"; STEAMBOAT RPO on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
RR-264. Detroit and Algonac/Rural/Free Delivery/Service/S/Steamboat, [1909], G+ Q-3-d (upper arc on stamp) STEAMBOAT RPO on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-265. Dub & Chamberlain, 1912, VG 761-R-1 (toned; crs) Tr4 on PPC. E $8
RR-266. Dub & Ft.Dodge, ca.1883, G+ blue 759-F-2 ("RP" not struck, but ID SURE) on PSE. E $40
RR-267. Dub & Ft.Dodge/Agt, 1881, G+ 759-I-1 (lower R tip nick) on GPC. E $24
RR-268. Dub & Ft.Dodge/Agt, 1880, G+ 759-I-2 (bit lite tone) on GPC. E $20
RR-269. Dub & Sioux City, 1907, G+ 759-AA-1 (toned) Tr2 on PPC. E $6
RR-270. Dubuque & Chamb/E.D., 1909, VG+ 761-U-3 (lite tone) Tr8 on PPC. E $8
RR-271. Dubuque & Chamb/W.D., 1907, VF 761-T-1 Tr8 on PPC. E $8
RR-272. Dubuque & Dav, 1909, G+ 872-J-1 (lite tone) "SOUTH" on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-273. Dwight & Peoria, 1909, G+ 707-B-1 Tr63 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-274. E.Tawas & Rose City, 1909, G+ 643-H-1 (T arc & part of date on stamp; toned) Tr21 on PPC. E $16
RR-275. Eastern R.R., [1852], G+ 4-A-2 (T edge cr, thru stamp; flap partly off) 3c imperf on cvr. E $40
RR-276. Eastern R.R./Ms, [1850], G+ blue 4-B-1 w/"10" h/s rate (dial bit hi; crs; edge tears T & B) on 8.5x3.75" SFL. E $65
RR-277. Eastern R.R./Ms, ca.1860, G+ 4-B-1 (part spotty; "N R" partly off R edge) on 2.5x4.25" cvr. E $40
RR-278. Egan & Manilla, 1910, VG+ 886-E-3 Tr6 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-279. Egan & Manilla, 1918, VG 886-E-4 (bit cr; tiny tear T) Tr11 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-280. El Paso & Tucson, 1903, G+ 963-R-1 (trim R, just in stamp margin; tiny tear T) on cvr. E $20
RR-281. El Reno, Okla/Term, 1945, G+ 927-C-1 (part on stamp) on commer.PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-282. El Reno, Okla/Trans Clk, 1913, G+ 927-C-2 (R arc on stamp; lite tone) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-283. Ells & Burrton, [1893], G+ 807-F-1 (bit lite tone; tiny tear T) Tr2; Lyons (KS) Exchange Bank cc on 2c Colum.PSE. E $30
RR-284. Elrod & Conway, 1922, G+ 345-B-2 (dial hi: "D & CO" mostly off) Tr25 on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
RR-285. Elroy & Pierre/W.D., 1923, G+ 866-AH-1 (near VG) T517 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-286. Elroy & Tracy, 1909, VG+ 866-P-2 Tr504 on PPC. E $8
RR-287. Elroy & Tracy, 1908, VG 866-P-3 T514 on PPC. E $8
RR-288. Emer & Nor Jct, 1910, G+ 937-U-1 Tr10 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-289. Emporia & Moline, 1933, G+ 917-C-2 T265 on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-290. Enid & Vernon, 1908, G+ 921.2-A-6 (lite tone) T610 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-291. Enid & Waurika, 1917, VF 931.1-C-1 (crs) T704 on PPC datelined Ft.Sill, OK. E $15
RR-292. Enid & Waurika, 1907, F 931.1-C-4 (uneven toned) T754 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-293. Essex Jc. & Bos, ca.1887, VG 41-L-1 w/"S" killer on cvr. E $14
RR-294. Eug & Coos Bay, 1953, G+ 900.2-A-1 Tr333; Last Trip cachet on cvr. E $14
RR-295. Eug & Coos Bay, 1953, VG+ 900.2-A-1 Tr2 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-296. Eugene & Powers, 1935, G+ 900.2-B-1 (near VG+; bit stutter; tiny tear T; upper R tip nick) Tr333; "The Chandler" hotel, Marshfield, OR, cc on commer.air cvr w/illus.letterhead enc. E $16
RR-297. Eugene & Powers, 1937, VF 900.2-B-1 Tr333 on commer.GPC. E $14
RR-298. Eugene & Powers, 1940, VF 900.2-B-1 Tr334 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-299. Eugene & Powers, 1920, G+ 900.2-B-3 (lite tone) T501 on PSE. E $15
RR-300. Eugene & Powers, 1925, G+ 900.2-B-3 (dial hi: "E & PO"; toned) T502 on PPC. E $14
RR-301. Eugene & Powers, 1932, G+ 900.2-B-3 (near VG; not flap) T503 on cvr. E $20
RR-302. Eureka & San Fran, 1915, G+ 985-K-1 Tr1; 2c pf.10 Pan-Pac on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-303. Eureka & San Fran, 1920, G+ 985-K-2 (dial bit hi) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-304. Eureka & San Fran, 1928, VG 985-K-3 Tr3 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-305. Eureka & San Fran, 1936, VG 985-K-4 (lite tone) Tr3 on air cvr to Harley-Davidson Co. E $14
RR-306. Evans & Aberdeen, 1907, G+ 876.4-A-1 ("ABER" obscured on stamp; lite tone) T192 on PPC. E $24
RR-307. Eveleth & Duluth, 1911, F 879.2-A-1 Tr4 on PPC. E $14
RR-308. F.Hav & Sayre/Agt, 1870s, G+ 134-A-2 (lower R tip nib; lite tone) on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
RR-309. Fairchild & Mondovi, 1908, G+ 834.1-A-1 ("HILD & MON" weak; AS IS for that) T270 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-310. Fairmont & Chester, 1910, VG 947.6-B-1 (lite tone) Tr105 on PPC. E $20
RR-311. Fairmont & Rich, 1910, G+ 286-D-2 (R arc on stamp) Tr7 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-312. Fargo & Streeter, 1912, VF 888.4-B-2 (lite tone) T112 on PPC. E $20
RR-313. Farley & Ced Rap, [1895], F+ 758-D-1 "EAST" on GPC. E $20
RR-314. Farley & Ced Rapids, 1910, VG 758-E-1 Tr24 on PPC. E $20
RR-315. Farm & Bruns, 1910, G+ 7-K-1 (dial bit hi) T80 on PPC. E $14
RR-316. Fernan & Tampa, 1908, G+ 390-H-2 (lite) Tr65 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-317. Find & Ft.Wayne, 1909, VG 600.1-A-1 (toned) Tr4 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-318. Flor & Ellinwood, 1936, G+ 918.1-C-1 (dial hi: "EL" partly off; ink blot by address) T336; L.B.Markley, Gen'l Mdse, Windom, KS, on cvr. E $20
RR-319. Fort Scott & Joplin, 1915, G+ 910-W-2 T321 on PPC. E $15
RR-320. Frank & Tol, 1913, G+ 641-E-2 Tr51 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-321. Frank & Toledo, 1907, F+ 641-F-1 Tr2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-322. Frank & Toledo, 1910, G+ 641-F-4 (lite tone) Tr2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-323. Freept & Cent, [1880], F 709-R-1 (pinholes) on GPC. E $14
RR-324. Freept & Ft.Dodge, 1907, G+ 723-K-1 (near VG) Tr3 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-325. Freept & Ft.Dodge, 1911, G+ 723-K-1 (lite tone) Tr4 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-326. Fresno & Coalinga, 1915, G+ 992.4-A-1 (dial bit hi; lite tone) Tr94 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-327. Fresno & Coalinga, 1918, G+ 992.4-A-1 (pinholes) Tr68 on cvr. E $14
RR-328. Fresno & Coalinga, 1911, G+ NEW TYPE; Tr62 on PPC. E $16
RR-329. Fresno & Portersville, 1892, G+ 992.3-B-1 on GPC. E $24
RR-330. Ft.Dodge & Omaha, 1908, G+ 759-AB-2 (R arc on stamp; lite tone) Tr4 on PPC. E $8
RR-331. Ft.Scott & Deni, 1870s, G+ 809-F-1 ("RPO" mostly not struck; trim R; bit lite tone) on 4.5x2.75" cvr. E $14
RR-332. Ft.Scott & Kanop, 1889, G 920-AK-1 (lite strike; lower L arc partial; AS IS for strike; lite tone) on GPC. E $20
RR-333. Ft.Smith & Ark City, 1910, F 923.1-A-1 Tr1 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-334. Ft.Worth & Brady, 1908, VF 498-A-2 Tr12 on PPC. E $14
RR-335. Ft.Worth & Houston, 1908, F NEW TYPE (EARLY; dial bit hi) Tr12 on PPC. E $14
RR-336. Fulton & Grenada, 1922, F 421-Q-5 Tr5 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-337. Fulton & Jackson, 1912, VG 421-R-1 (part ruff trim R, in 1 stamp; toned) Tr23; Colonial Hotel, Oxford, MS, cc on cvr. E $14
RR-338. Garretson & Yank, 1912, G+ 878.8-A-1 (lite tone) Tr52 on PPC. E $14
RR-339. Gd.Forks & St.Paul, 1910, G+ 869-W-1 (near F) Tr9 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-340. Gd.Forks & St.Paul, 1908, VG+ 869-W-2 Tr9 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-341. Gd.Raps & Elkhart, 1910, G+ 625-G-2 (part on stamp) T532 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-342. Gerber & San Fran, 1925, G+ 982-H-1 (pinhole; crnr cr) Tr15 on GPC. E $14
RR-343. Gerber & San Fran, 1922, VG NEW TYPE; Tr18 on 3x6.5" cvr. E $16
RR-344. Globe & Bowie, 1947, G+ 969.1-D-2 (tear B; small piece out B; crnr crs) Tr381 on commer.GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-345. Golds & Beaufort, 1911, G+ 323-G-1 (lite tone) Tr9 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-346. Golds & Moreh'd City/Agt, 1885, VG 323-E-2 (trim R in stamp to oval) on PSE. E $14
RR-347. Goshen & Alcalde, 1902, G+ 992.4-C-1 (lite tone) "EAST" on PSE w/Hanford, CA, return add. E $20
RR-348. Goshen & Alcalde, 1903, G+ 992.4-C-1 (ruff L, in cc; part toned) "EAST" on cvr. E $15
RR-349. Goshen & Alcalde, 1904, G+ 992.4-C-1 ("RPO" not struck; trim R, in stamp) Tr64 on cvr. E $16
RR-350. Goshen & Coalinga, 1908, VG 992.4-D-1 (bit uneven trim T & R; tiny tear L; tip cr) Tr82 on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-351. Goshen & Newark/HPO, 1949, VF duplex at L (partial 2nd strike on stamp) Trip 1 on cvr. E $14
RR-352. Graf & Cin, 1990, VG+ NEW TYPE (lite tone; tip cr) Tr1 on PPC. E $8
RR-353. Grafton & Cinti, 1920, G+ NEW TYPE (tear T) Tr3 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-354. Grand Cent Term, 1919, F 150-I-3 on PPC. E $6
RR-355. Grangeville & Lewis, 1910, G+ 904.3-D-2 (R arc on stamp) "NORTH" on PPC. E $20
RR-356. Great Western R.R./Ill, ca.1860, G+ blue 577-A-1 on cvr. E $250
RR-357. Greeley & Denver, 1908, G+ 951-L-5 (R arc on stamp; crs) Tr24 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-358. Greensboro, NC/Tr.Clk, 1905, G+ 332-E-3 (toned) Benbow Hotel illus.logo cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-359. Grove & Boston, 1908, VG 25-U-1 Tr1 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-360. H.F. & Stras Junc, 1907, VG+ 273-J-1 (o/s; bit lite tone) Tr18; 1c Smith on PPC. E $8
RR-361. Haileyville & Ard, 1910, VG+ 931.4-A-1 (stamp part peeled; tip cr) T651 on PPC datelined Olney, OK. E $15 MIN.8
RR-362. Han & Nap/R.R., 1870s, G+ 713-A-1 w/dateless dial ("HA" not struck; bit trim T, just in stamp) on cvr. E $20
RR-363. Han & New Franklin, 1900, VF 809-K-1 (ruff R; lite tone; edge tear T) Tr21; Ratzer's Union Market, Moberly, MO, illus.ad cc (bull's head) on cvr. E $20
RR-364. Hank & Bismarck, 1906, G+ 880.2-C-2 (bit o/s; lite tone) "WEST" on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-365. Hank & Bismarck, 1909, G+ 880.2-C-2 (toned) "EAST" on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-366. Hanna & Gr.Forks ("Hannah" MISSPELLED), 1951, VG 876.5-B-1 (lite crs) T206 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-367. Hannibal, Mo./U.D. (Union Depot), 1911, G+ CDS/cork (UNLISTED; near F; lite tone) on PPC. E $30 MIN.15
RR-368. Harbor Beach & Palms, 1906, G+ 639-G-1 (near F; bit o/s; tip crs) Tr302 on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-369. Harris & Gettys, 1893, G+ 210-B-1 (ruff R) 2c Colum. on cvr w/enc. E $12 MIN.6
RR-370. Harris & Lexington, 1913, VF 273-K-1 Tr13 on PPC. E $15
RR-371. Hastings & Cologne, 1910, VG 871-P-1 (toned; tip cr) "EAST" on PPC. E $20
RR-372. Havana & Jack, 1907, G+ 720-G-1 (dial hi: "NA & " partly off) Tr36 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-373. Havre & Butte, 1909, F 891.6-B-11 (lite tone) T236 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-374. Havre & Spokane, 1914, G+ 869-BF-4 (R arc on stamp) T232 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-375. Hayfield & Omaha, 1915, VG 775-A-2 (lite tone) Tr15 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-376. Haywards & Oak, 1910, G+ 992.6-A-1 (R arc obscured on stamp; lite tone) Tr1 on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-377. Helena & Port/W.D., 1880s, G+ 892-H-1/var w/time slug in place of year (flap tip off; tear; lite crs) as transit b/s on cvr. E $20
RR-378. Hempstead & Llano, 1908, G+ 474-D-4 Tr46 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-379. Hempstead & Llano, 1908, VG+ 474-D-4 (near VF) Tr43 on PPC. E $15
RR-380. Heron Lake & Pipestone, 1909, VG 870-G-1 (lite tone) "EAST" on PPC. E $14
RR-381. Heron & Wallula, 1885, G+ 892-C-1 ("H" & "RPO" not struck; L arc lite; pinholes; AS IS for strike, but SCARCE) Northern Pac.RR form on GPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-382. Hibbing & Duluth, 1917, G+ 879.2-B-2 (toned; cr) Tr2 on PPC. E $8
RR-383. Hights & Phila, 1911, G+ 243-C-2 (toned) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-384. Hinton & Cin, 1906, G+ 303-AP-9 (toned; crs) Tr1 on PPC. E $6
RR-385. Hold & Sterling, 1909, VF 947.3-J-3 "EAST" on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-386. Hold & Sterling, 1918, VG NEW TYPE; "WEST" on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-387. Hope & Shreve, 1955, VF 445-E-1 (dial bit hi) Tr3 on UX40a GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-388. Houston & Beev, 1904, G+ 482-C-1 (near VG; trim L; tear T) T302 on PSE. E $14
RR-389. Houston, Tex/Trans Clk, 1907, VG 497-B-5 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-390. Humes & Shen, 1897, G+ 765-G-1 "WEST" on GPC. E $20
RR-391. Huron & Rapid City, 1916, VG 866-T-1 (uneven toned) T514 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-392. Huron & Rapid City, 1908, G+ 866-T-3 (R arc spotty) T501 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-393. Hutch & Blackwell, 1916, G+ 918.6-A-1 T508 on PPC. E $14
RR-394. Hutch & Ponca City, 1950, VG 918.6-C-1 (Towle # in ink at B) Tr92 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-395. Inlet & Old Forge, 1917, VG F-12-a; steamboat RPO on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-396. Iowa Falls & Des, 1906, F+ 783-L-1 Tr4 on PPC. E $20
RR-397. Irvona & Cresson, 1912, G+ 173-I-1 T751 on GPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-398. Ishpeming & Chi, 1907, G+ 630-G-5 (lite tone) Tr6 on PPC. E $8
RR-399. Jack & Centralia, 1900, G+ 732-P-1 (lite tone) "SOUTH" on cvr w/enc. E $15 MIN.8
RR-400. Jack & Key West Tr/(W?).L.Rodgers/Jacksonville Fla, 1912, G+ purple clerk's straight-line h/s (first initial or name spotty; o/w easy to read) misused as canx on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-401. Jack & Key West/S.D., 1913, G+ 392-H-1 Tr38 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-402. Jack & Miami, 1907, G+ 392-I-6 (near VG; lite tone) T98 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-403. Jack & Pt.Tampa, 1905, F+ 384-C-4 Tr82 on PPC. E $8
RR-404. Jacks & Ft.Wayne, [1906], VG 621-G-1 w/blank slug for year; T410 on PPC. E $15
RR-405. T.C.M.C.St./Jackson, Mich, 1910, F 645-C-1 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-406. Jacksonville, Fla/Trans Clk, 1904, G+ 389-D-15 on PPC w/prohibited "Postal Card" header. E $8
RR-407. Jamestown & Stock, 1899, G+ 989-B-1 (bit uneven slit T; lite tone) "WEST"; CATALOG COPY on cvr. E $40
RR-408. Jamison City & Blooms, 1909, VG 166.1-A-3 Tr6 on PPC. E $24
RR-409. Johnstown & Rock, 1914, G+ 234-C-1 (R arc on stamp) Tr17 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-410. Joliet & Pekin, 1909, F 722-H-1 (bit o/s) Tr13 on PPC. E $15
RR-411. Joseph & LaGrande, 1934, G+ 896.6-A-1 ("RPO" mostly not struck) "WEST"; Pondosa Pine Lumber Co., Elgin, OR, cc on PSE. E $20
RR-412. Junc C. & Parsons/Agt, 1884, G+ 912-B-1 (bit lite tone) on GPC. E $24
RR-413. Junc City & Parsons, 1893, G+ 912-N-1 (crs; pencil notes at L & R) on GPC. E $16
RR-414. K.C. & Coffeyville, 1911, VG 912-P-1 (lite tone) T106 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-415. K.C. & Colo Springs, 1907, VG 922-AF-1 (toned; crs) Tr27 on PPC. E $14
RR-416. K.C. & Denison, 1908, F 809-M-4 Tr2 on PPC. E $8
RR-417. K.C. & El Paso, 1908, VG 922-J-4 (dial bit hi; lite tone) Tr2 on PPC. E $8
RR-418. K.C. & LaJunta, 1907, G+ 911-AE-1 (crs) Tr8 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-419. K.C. & LaJunta, 1909, F 911-AE-5 (lite tone; lite crs) Tr2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-420. K.C. & Pueblo, 1918, G+ 920-R-1 (crnr cr) Tr11 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-421. K.C. & Siloam Springs, 1947, VG 827-G-1 (bit lite tone) Tr1; KCS Line cachet on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-422. K.C. & Wellington, 1908, F 909-E-3 (o/s; lite tone) T208 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-423. K.C. & Wellington, 1911, G+ 909-E-4 (lite tone) T202 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-424. K.C., Ashgrove & Spring, 1910, F NEW TYPE; T136 on PPC. E $14
RR-425. K.City & LaJunta, 1910, G+ 911-L-4 Tr5 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-426. Kans City & C.spgs/E.D., 1901, G+ 922-I-1 (ruff R, in stamp to oval; toned) Grier House, Norton, KS, cc on cvr w/enc. E $14
RR-427. Kans City & Caldwell, 1919, G+ 922-H-1 (lite tone) Tr24 on PPC. E $8
RR-428. Kans City & Mem, 1908 (Dec 25), G+ 819-A-5 T106 on PPC. E $8
RR-429. Kans City & Pueblo, 1915, G+ 920-AP-2 (toned) Tr4 on PPC. E $14
RR-430. Keokuk & Redoak, 1917, G+ 765-J-2 (near VG; lite tone; tears R; crs) Tr2; Order of Railroad Telegraphers cc on cvr. E $14
RR-431. Keokuk, Iowa/Trans Clk, 1912, G+ 802-J-1 on PPC. E $15
RR-432. Keokuk, Iowa/Trans Clk, 1913, G+ 802-J-1 ("TRA" mostly not struck; o/w VF) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-433. Kerris & Tacoma, 1916, G+ 901.2-D-1 (upper R arc obscured on stamp) T507 on PPC. E $14
RR-434. Kerriston & Tacoma, 1909, G+ 901.2-E-1 (near F+) "WEST" on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-435. King & Montg, 1928, G+ 118-E-1 (ruff L) Tr8 on PSE. E $15
RR-436. Klamath Falls & Weed, 1910, G+ 900.4-A-1 (dial hi: tips of "LS" off; tear B) Tr40 on PPC. E $20
RR-437. Klamath Falls & Weed, 1912, VG 900.4-A-1 (tears; trim T; toned) Tr41; Southern Pacific Co.cc; 2c Wash.w/"SP" perfin on cvr w/enc. E $20
RR-438. Knox, Cart & Atlan, 1913, VG+ 521.2-B-1 Tr32 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-439. Knox, Tenn/Trans Clerk, 1910, F 515-K-2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-440. Knoxville & Marietta, 1893, G+ 522-N-1 (EARLY; lower R arc partial; trim L; lower L crnr clip) Tate, Simmons & Co., Tate, GA, cc; 2c Colum. on cvr. E $14
RR-441. L.I.R.R./Extra Service, 1964, G+ purple agt's boxed h/s at L; Pt.Jeff & N.Y. VG 112-T-2 as canx on cacheted cvr. E $14
RR-442. LaCrosse & Dub, 1900, G+ 872-D-3 (lite tone) "NORTH"; H.P.Kidder Lumber, Waukon, IA, cc on cvr. E $14
RR-443. LaCrosse & Wess Spgs/E.D., 1912, G+ 868-O-2 (toned) Tr8 on PPC. E $8
RR-444. LaCrosse & Woons, 1907, G+ 868-R-2 Tr8 on RED LEATHER PPC. E $8
RR-445. LaFarge & Wauzeka, 1930, VG+ 848.2-A-2 "SOUTH" on GPC. E $15
RR-446. LaJunta & Albuq, 1905, VG+ 911-AI-14 Tr8 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-447. LaJunta & Albuq, 1902, G+ 911-AI-9 (lite tone) Tr18 on priv.mailing card. E $12 MIN.6
RR-448. Lake & Clewis, 1949, G+ 394-D-1 T170 on commer.PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-449. Lan & Boston/Agt, ca.1874, VF 25-H-1 w/no killer (lite cr) on UX3 GPC. E $15
RR-450. Lanc & Boston/Agt, ca.1883, G+ 25-G-2 w/neg."N" in cork; Moseley & Co.salesman's notice on GPC. E $14
RR-451. Lanc & Boston/Agt, [1885], G+ 25-G-2 w/neg."S" in cork killer (cr) on GPC. E $14
RR-452. Leav & Miltonvale, 1911, G+ 914-D-1 (part on stamp) Tr121 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-453. Leav & Miltonvale, 1894, G+ 914-D-3 CATALOG COPY on 2c Colum.PSE. E $20
RR-454. Lenox & Jackson, 1917, G+ NEW TYPE (1.25" tear; crs; lite tone) Tr46 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-455. Lewist'n & Lombard, 1908, G+ 891.7-D-1 (upper R arc spotty; bit o/s) Tr21 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-456. Lewistown & Harlowton, 1911, G+ NEW TYPE ("L" not struck) "SOUTH" on PPC. E $20 MIN.10
RR-457. Lex & McRoberts, 1913, VG 543-F-3 (EARLY) Tr1 on PPC. E $14
RR-458. Linc & Billings/E.D., 1915, G+ 946-J-4 (dial bit hi) Tr44 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-459. Linc & Concordia, 1908, VG 940-L-1 (tiny tears T; lite tone) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-460. Lincoln & Billings, 1913, G+ 946-I-1 Tr40 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-461. Lincoln & Manhattan, 1895, G+ 944-B-1 (trim R) "NORTH" on cvr. E $14
RR-462. Linwood & Superior, 1909, G+ 943.2-D-2 T206 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-463. Litch & Danbury, 1913, G+ 89-E-1 (lower R on stamp; lite tone) T501 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-464. Little Rock & Texarkana/HPO, 1968, G+ duplex (L edge cr; bit trim T) Fordyce (AR) Wholesale Co.cc on commer.#10 cvr. E $14
RR-465. Logans & Keo/E.D., 1890, G+ 656-O-1 "WEST" on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-466. Longview & Galv, 1906, G+ NEW TYPE (upper R tip nib) Tr4 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-467. Longview & Laredo/N.D., 1906, G+ 481-C-1 (near F) Tr6 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-468. Longview & Laredo/N.D., 1909, G+ 481-C-1 (lite tone) Tr6 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-469. Longview & Timpson, 1907, G+ 491-F-1 Tr1 on PSE. E $30
RR-470. Los Ang & E.San Pedro, 1909, G+ 996.1-A-1 (dial bit hi; part lite water tone) Tr24 on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-471. Los Ang & San Diego, 1915, F 987-E-4 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-472. Los Ang & Santa Barb, 1907, G+ 980-E-2 (part on stamp; lite tone) Tr58 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-473. Los Angeles, Calif.Pac.Elec.Term, 1942, G+ 999-B-3 (staple holes B) on commer.GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-474. Louis & Norton, 1905, VG 527-G-1 (nick T; lite tone) Tr80; Cumberland Hotel, Middlesborough, KY, cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-475. Lynchburg & Durham, 1950, VG+ 300.1-B-1 (bit stutter) Tr35 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-476. M.St.P. & S.Ste.M.Ry./Noyes, Minn, 1965, G+ agt's DCDS at L; B.Line & St.P G+ 880.1-A-1 as canx on cacheted cvr. E $14
RR-477. Mack Cy & Det/HPO, 1960, G+ duplex; Tr1 on commer.PPC. E $14
RR-478. Mack Cy & Det/HPO, 1960, G+ duplex (slight uneven trim T) Tr1 on commer.cvr. E $16
RR-479. Mack Cy & Det/HPO, 1966, F+ duplex (slight trim T) WIDE Tr5 slug on commer.3.25x7.75" cvr. E $14
RR-480. Mack Cy & Det/HPO, 1967, G+ duplex; WIDE Tr5 slug; DuBois Lumber, Grayling, MI, cc on commer.cvr. E $16
RR-481. Mack Cy & Det/HPO, 1967, G+ duplex; NARROW Tr5 slug; DuBois Lumber, Grayling, MI, cc on commer.cvr. E $20
RR-482. Mackinaw & Richmond, 1913, G+ 620-U-1 Tr4 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-483. Macon & B'gham, 1945, VG 360-AA-1 Tr4; ms "Free" frank, w/o required name/rank return add. on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-484. Mad & Pr Du Chien/HPO, 1957, VF duplex; Trip 2 on commer.PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-485. Madelia & Fairmont, 1910, VF 870-H-1 (crs) Tr50 on PPC. E $20
RR-486. Madison & Clinton, 1910, G+ 739.3-C-1 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-487. Madison & Clinton, 1910, G+ 739.3-C-1 (cr; uneven lite tone) T132 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-488. Madison & Clinton, 1911, VF 739.3-C-1 (lite tone) T132 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-489. Madison & Marquette, 1923, G+ 843-N-1 ("RPO" not struck) Tr14 on PPC. E $20
RR-490. Man & Cedar Rapids, 1911, G+ 733.3-B-1 (o/s by partial 2nd strike; lite tone) T312 on PPC. E $8
RR-491. Man & Toledo, 1910, F 618-N-1 Tr4 on PPC. E $14
RR-492. Manchester & Bar, 1908, F+ 918.4-C-1 T346 on PPC. E $20
RR-493. Manchester & Bar, 1910, G+ 918.4-C-1 (crs) Tr25 on GPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-494. Manchester & Birm, 1911, VF 379-D-1 (EARLY; dial bit hi; tip crs) Tr25 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-495. Manchester, NH/Tr.Clk, [1907], VG 30-B-1 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-496. Manistee & Toledo, 1904, G+ 618-M-1 (month partial; T edge part water tone) Tr3 on cvr. E $16
RR-497. Manistee & Toledo, 1912, G+ 618-M-1 (lite tone) Tr4 on PPC. E $14
RR-498. Mankato & New Ulm, 1910, G+ 866-U-2 (lite tone) Tr27 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-499. Mar & Running Water, 1910, G+ 761-AF-1 T401 on PPC. E $14
RR-500. Mar & Running Water, 1913, G+ 761-AF-1 (lite tone) T408 on PPC. E $16
RR-501. Marmarth & Butte, 1919, G+ 871-Q-1 (upper R lite) Tr18 on PPC. E $15
RR-502. Marysv & Ida Falls, 1909, F+ 890-AB-1 (crs) "SOUTH" on PPC. E $30 MIN.15
RR-503. Mas Spr'gs & Utica, 1908, G+ 102-X-1 (dial hi: "PR'G" partly off) Tr8 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-504. Massena & Syracuse, 1950, VF 102-G-1 Tr10 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-505. Maysville & Stanford, ca.1909, G+ 534-D-1 (year & "RPO" mostly not struck; lite tone) Tr9 on PPC. E $20
RR-506. McCall & Nampa, 1921, G+ 896.9-A-1 (pinholes) "SOUTH" on GPC. E $20
RR-507. McCook & Imperial, [1912], G+ 947.9-A-1 (year partial; bit o/s) T176 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-508. McHenry & Sanborn, 1908, F 888.8-A-2 (toned) "SOUTH" on PPC. E $20
RR-509. McPher & Eldorado, 1905, VG 920-AA-3 (bit o/s by weak 2nd strike; lower L tip ruff; lite tone) "NORTH" on PSE. E $20
RR-510. The Memphis & Bald Knob, RPO/Tr34/Robt.Scott, R.P.C./Bald Knob, Ark, 1903, VF blue clerk's straight-line h/s (trim R) as transit on 5x10" Reg.Pack.Record of Transit env. E $15 MIN.8
RR-511. Mex & Jeff City/Agt, 1870s, G+ 818-A-1 (lower L arc partial; bit ruff trim L) on cvr. E $15
RR-512. Mich City & Lafay, 1909, F+ 655-N-1 Tr9 on PPC. E $20
RR-513. Michigamme & Duluth, 1914, G+ 638-K-1 Tr5 on PPC. E $20
RR-514. Middleton & Mobile, 1913, G+ 427-G-4 (R arc on stamp; cr) Tr5 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-515. Mil & Minl Pt., 1909, VG+ 841-D-1 Tr7 on PPC. E $8
RR-516. Mil & Minl Pt., 1911, VF 841-D-2 Tr6 on PPC. E $8
RR-517. Mil & No.McGregor, 1908, F 843-R-1 (lite tone; bit cr) Tr5 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-518. Mil & Pra Du C./R.R., [1870], G 843-E-1 (R arc, "R.R." & date on stamp; AS IS for strike; lite tone; upper R ruff slit) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-519. Miles City & Spok/E.D., 1912, F 874-AB-2 "EAST" on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-520. Millville & Watson, 1913, F+ 199-D-1 (lite tone) on PPC. E $30
RR-521. Milw & Galena, 1915, G+ 858-D-1 (R arc LITE) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-522. Milw & Rock Island, 1910, G+ 835-N-1 (part on stamp) Tr36 on PPC. E $8
RR-523. Milw, Lanc & Galena, 1911, VG+ 857-G-1 (toned) T623 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-524. Milw, Lanc & Galena, 1912, G+ 857-G-1 T622 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-525. Milw, Lanc & Galena, 1914, G+ 857-G-1 (toned) T620 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-526. Milw, Lanc & Galena, 1921, VG 857-G-1 T620 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-527. Minidoka & Twin Falls, 1909, G+ 896.10-E-1 (dial hi: " & TW" partly off; lite tone) Tr154 on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-528. Missoula & Ellens/W.D., 1911, G+ 871-Y-1 (dial HI: "A & ELLE" mostly off T; AS IS for that; bit cr) Tr8 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-529. Missoula & Wallace, 1912, G+ 891.11-A-1 (R arc on stamp) T199 on PPC. E $16
RR-530. Mo.Valley & Lincoln, 1910, F 943.3-A-1 (toned) Tr22 on PPC. E $20
RR-531. Moberly, Mo/Tr.Clk, 1909, G+ 831-H-2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-532. Monett & Burrton, 1903, VG 807-I-1 (slight o/s) T306 on PPC. E $16
RR-533. Mont & Davenport, 1907, VG 756-K-2 (edge tear L) "NORTH" on PPC. E $8
RR-534. Mont & Davenport, 1910, VG 756-K-2 (lite tone) "SOUTH" on PPC. E $8
RR-535. Mont & N.O./Night, 1881, G+ 404-D-3 (near VG+; edge tear L) 5c Taylor on cvr to England w/Paid Liverpool U S Packet CDS at L. E $20
RR-536. Montecristo & Everett, 1909, G 905.2-A-1 (lower L arc not struck) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-537. Montgomery & Artesia, 1923, F 419-B-1 T106 on PPC. E $15
RR-538. Montrose & Grand Jct, 1908, VF 957-F-1 "WEST" on PPC datelined Montrose. E $24 MIN.12
RR-539. Morgan & Rowlesburg, 1909, VF NEW TYPE (lite tone; tip crs) Tr16 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-540. Morris & Brown Val, 1915, G+ 878.11-A-1 (part on stamp; lite tone) T190 on PPC. E $24
RR-541. Moscow & Haas, 1939, VF 896.5-B-1 Tr52 on mailed 3x5" card. E $12 MIN.6
RR-542. Mount Airy & Wil, [1893], G+ 324-H-1 (dial hi: "AIR" partly off; edge tear T, in dial; lite tone) on 2c Colum.PSE. E $15 MIN.8
RR-543. Mount Airy & Wil, [1894], G+ 324-H-1 (lite tone; upper R part water tone) Lucius Tilley, Leaf Tobacco Broker, Mt.Airy, NC, cc; faulty 2c Colum. on cvr. E $15
RR-544. Mt.Morris & Buff, 1908, F 143-I-2 T127 on PPC. E $14
RR-545. Mt.Morris & Buff, 1910, VG 143-I-2 T127 on PPC. E $14
RR-546. Munising & Gwinn, 1924, G+ 649.5-A-1 Tr1; Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Co., Munising, MI, cc on cvr. E $20
RR-547. Muscatine & Mont, 1912, VF 793-G-1 T401 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-548. Muscatine & Montezuma, 1930, G+ 793-H-1 T402 on commer.PC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-549. Musk & Allegan, 1893, G+ NEW TYPE (dial hi: "K & AL" partly off; uneven toned) Tr83 on PSE. E $15
RR-550. "N" (NY & Philadelphia), [1846], F blue 240-SP-a w/double-circled "5" rate (edge tear T; tiny nick T) on SFL. E $75
RR-551. "N Y" (NY & Philadelphia), [1846], G+ blue 240-SP-d/var w/NO rate h/s (crs) on 3.5x8" SFL to U.S.Congressman, so no postage required. E $75
RR-552. "N Y" (NY & Philadelphia), [1847], VG blue 240-SP-d/var w/NO rate h/s (2 crs, tone line on 1) on SFL (no contents) to Philadelphia. E $75
RR-553. "N Y" (NY & Philadelphia), [1847], F blue 240-SP-d/var w/circled "10" rate (crs) ms "Mail" instruction at B on SFL to Columbus, OH. E $75
RR-554. N.McGregor & Elk, 1908, VG 753-V-1 Tr104 on PPC. E $24
RR-555. N.McGregor & Elk, 1908, G+ 753-V-1 (lite tone) T106 on PPC. E $24
RR-556. N.O. & Alexandria/Agt, 1884, G+ 436-A-2 (L arc part obscured; 2 sealed spindles; tip cr) on GPC. E $15
RR-557. N.O. & Hum, 1870s, G+ 421-F-1 w/blank slug for day; Rogers & Gary Groceries, Wesson, MS, boxed ad cc on PSE. E $30
RR-558. N.Y. to Wash/Rail-Way, 1860s, G+ 238-A-1 (B arc not struck; bit lite tone) on cvr. E $15
RR-559. N.Y. & Boston Stmb & R.R.R., [1858], G 73-C-3 (dial hi: "TON S" mostly off; month not struck; cr) on folded letter. E $50
RR-560. The Fast Mail/N.Y. & Chic, [1880], F+ 114-J-11 1 Div/WEST on GPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-561. N.Y. & San Juan, 1906, G+ E-13-e (dial hi: "AN" partly off) "NORTH"; STEAMBOAT RPO on San Juan PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-562. + N.Y. & Wash +, [1877], VG 238-G-4 on GPC. E $15
RR-563. N/N.Y. & Wash/L, [1880], VG 238-B-1 (bit ruff trim R) Nat'l Hotel, Washington, DC, cc on cvr. E $14
RR-564. D/N.Y. & Wash/L, [1883], VG 238-I-1 (lite crs) on GPC. E $14
RR-565. S/N.Y. & Wash/L, ca.1880, G+ 238-U-1 (lite strike; addressee's pencil note partly in dial; trim R) on cvr. E $20
RR-566. N.Y. & Wash/N.L., 1884, G+ 238-B-3 "NORTH"; 2c banknote on cvr. E $14
RR-567. N.Y. & Wash/N.L., 1887, G+ 238-B-3 "NORTH" on cvr. E $14
RR-568. N.Y. & Wash/N.Line, [1880], G+ NEW TYPE ("PO" not struck; lower R lite; trim R; tiny tear B) "The Carrollton" hotel, Baltimore, ad cc on cvr. E $15
RR-569. N.Y. & Wash/Night Line, [1880], VG+ 238-M-1 (year omitted; trim R) Nat'l Hotel, Washington, DC, cc on cvr. E $14
RR-570. N.York & Phil R.R., 1850s, G+ 240-C-1 (uneven lite tone) on cvr. E $100
RR-571. N.York & Phila R.R., 1850s, G+ 240-B-1 ("N.YO" mostly not struck) 3c imperf on cvr. E $50
RR-572. Nash & Chatt/Agt, ca.1880, G+ 510-L-1 on GPC. E $14
RR-573. Nash & Hickman/Agt, 1870s, G+ 516-B-1 (part ruff trim R; lite tone) on cvr. E $40
RR-574. Nashville & Hope, 1909, G+ 464.4-A-1 Tr1 on GPC. E $24
RR-575. Neb City & Holdrege, 1914, VG 947.3-E-2 (bit lite tone) T98 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-576. Neb City & Holdrege, 1907, VF 947.3-E-3 (crs) Tr97 on PPC. E $8
RR-577. Nevada & Wich, 1909, VG 824-I-1 (near F) Tr10 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-578. New Bed & Nantuc, ca.1908, G+ B-3-a w/blank slug for year (lite tone) Tr8; STEAMBOAT RPO on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-579. New Bed & Nantuc, 1911, VG B-3-a (lite tone) Tr4; STEAMBOAT RPO on PPC. E $14
RR-580. New Gal & Lis, 1900, G+ 595.2-A-1 (dial bit hi; trim R, just in stamp margin; tear R) A.Arter, Saddles, Lisbon, OH, illus.ad (bldg & street traffic), w/his name lined thru below by sender on cvr. E $15
RR-581. New London & New Haven, 1909, VG 70-AB-1 (lite tone) T669 on PPC. E $14
RR-582. New London & New Haven, 1910, F 70-AB-1 T669 on PPC. E $14
RR-583. New London, Conn/Trans Clk, 1909, G+ 92-D-1 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-584. New York & Phil R.R., [1857], G+ 240-C-1 (cr) 3c imperf on folded letter (no contents). E $100
RR-585. New York & Phila R.R., [1857], VG 240-A-4 (crs, 1 thru 1 stamp) pair 3c imperfs on folded letter. E $80
RR-586. New York & Phila R.R., [1854], G+ 240-A-5 (upper R tip nib) faulty 3c imperf on cvr. E $100
RR-587. New York & Phila R.R., ca.1850s, G+ red 240-A-6 (lite strike; L arc spotty) Judson's Hotel, 61 Broadway, New York, header on stampless cvr w/Boyd's City/Express Post G+ oval (part fuzzy strike) at upper R. E $100
RR-588. New York & Phila R.R., [1850], G+ red 240-A-6 w/"10" h/s rate (cr) on SFL. E $120
RR-589. New York & Phila. R.R., [1850], G+ red 240-B-1 w/"5" h/s rate on stampless cvr w/WEAK Boyd's City/Express Post oval at upper R. E $70
RR-590. New York & Pitts, 1890, G+ 203-T-2 RIMLESS CDS (bit hi; part stutter) Tr10/WEST on GPC. E $15
RR-591. New York & Wash/Wash.D.C.City, 1898, G+ magenta 238-RA-1 w/"Rec'd" vertically in dial; as recd b/s on 2c Colum.PSE. E $20
RR-592. Newport & Spring/S.Run, 1890, G+ 35-T-1 (dial hi: tips of " & S" off T) 5c blue Garfield on cvr to TURKEY. E $24 MIN.12
RR-593. Newton & Mobile/HPO, 1959, G+ duplex (R arc on stamp) on commer.PPC. E $15
RR-594. Newton & Oklahoma, 1914, G+ 924-H-1 T411 on PPC. E $8
RR-595. No.Woods & Plymouth, 1915, G+ 31.1-B-1 (partial "T404") on PPC. E $14
RR-596. Nor.Pac.Ry./Marion, N.D., 1960, G+ agt's boxed h/s at L; Fargo & Marion G+ 888.5-A-1 Tr138 as canx on cacheted cvr. E $14
RR-597. Norf & Hicks Wharf, 1932, G+ G-40-a "SOUTH"; STEAMBOAT RPO on cvr. E $30
RR-598. Norfolk & Belfield, 1890, G+ 317-F-1 (date spotty; ruff L; tears; nicks; lite tone) on cvr w/enc. E $24
RR-599. Norfolk & Col, 1908, G+ 938-G-1 "NORTH"; "The Commercial, Humphrey, NE" hotel boxed cc on cvr. E $15
RR-600. Norfolk & Dixondale, 1914, G+ G-40-c ("NOR" spotty; "RPO" not struck; bit o/s) "SOUTH"; STEAMBOAT RPO on cvr. E $60
RR-601. North Bend & Seat, 1917, G+ 901.7-A-1 ("RPO" not struck) T446 on PPC. E $20
RR-602. Northv & Fonda, 1889, G+ 105-C-1 (trim R; toned) on cvr. E $15
RR-603. Northville & Fonda, 1908, G+ 105-D-1 (dial bit hi; R arc on stamp) Tr14 on PPC. E $15
RR-604. Norwich & Wor/R.R., 1870s, G+ 81-B-1 ("N" not struck; dial bit hi; trim R) on cvr. E $30
RR-605. Norwich & Worcester R.R., [1849], G+ red 81-A-1 (part struck on add.; crs) on SFL. E $65
RR-606. NY & Phil RR, ca.1840s, VG 244-A-2 pencil ms, w/red ms "10" rate (tears; crs; edge wear) CATALOG COPY on stampless cvr w/enc. E $150
RR-607. O.C. & Pitts, [1885], G+ 216-F-1 (sealed spindle) on GPC. E $20
RR-608. Oakdale & Merced, 1907, G+ 989-D-1 (o/s; lite tone) T151 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-609. Oakes & Hawarden, 1907, F 887.1-D-1 (dial bit hi; o/s) Tr16 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-610. Oakes & Huron, 1921, G+ 887.1-E-1 Tr24 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-611. Oakes & Sioux City, 1910, G+ magenta 887.1-F-2 (part on stamp) Tr24 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-612. Oakland, Calif/T.O.S.P.Depot, 1942, F 999-F-5; ms "USN" frank on PPC datelined "Enroute Calif". E $12 MIN.6
RR-613. Oelwein & Clarion, 1923, G+ NEW TYPE (toned) Tr5 on PPC. E $15
RR-614. Oelwein & K.City, 1908, G+ 799-G-3 (toned; bit cr) Tr3 on PPC. E $6
RR-615. Ogden, Utah/Tr.Clk, 1914, F 971-B-2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-616. Ohio & Pa/R.R., 1850s, G+ 560-C-2 (dial hi: "O" partly off) CATALOG COPY; 3c imperf on cvr. E $200
RR-617. Oil City & Ash, 1909, G+ 228-C-2 (o/s) blank slug for Tr#; on PPC. E $14
RR-618. Oil City & Pitts, 1899, G+ 216-E-1 (trim L, just in add.) Tr6 on PSE. E $14
RR-619. Okla & Mangum, 1910, G+ 931.3-C-1 (dial bit hi) T733 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-620. Old Beach & Calexico, 1910, VG+ 994.1-C-1 "NORTH" on PPC datelined El Centro, CA. E $30
RR-621. Olean & Falls Creek, 1909 (Jan1), G+ 166.5-A-1 ("RP" spotty; lite tone) "SOUTH" on PPC. E $30
RR-622. Omaha & Colo Spgs, 1919, G+ 941-F-1 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-623. Omaha & Colo Spgs, 1914, VG+ 941-F-3 Tr6 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-624. Omaha & Colo Spgs, 1919, G+ 941-F-3 (crs; toned; tip nick) Tr37 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-625. Omaha & Denver, 1913, VG 933-N-2 Tr12 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-626. Omaha & Denver, 1911, F 933-N-6 (toned) Tr5 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-627. Omaha & Denver, 1912 (Nov 10), VF 933-N-8 Tr10 as origin (edge tear L) 2nd G+ strike at B ("RPO" not struck) dated Nov 11, w/"MISSENT" h/s, on PPC to Harvard, NE. RARE combo: canxed on late run one day, then caught as missent on early run on next day. E $40
RR-628. Omaha & Oakdale, 1908, G+ 943.4-A-1 (year partial; bit trim T) T309; Commerical Hotel, Newman Grove, NE, cc on cvr. E $14
RR-629. Omaha & Schuyler, 1906, G+ 947.1-B-1 (bit heavy inked) T134 on PPC. E $16
RR-630. Omaha & Wymore, 1914, G+ 940-G-2 T89 on PPC. E $14
RR-631. Omaha & Wymore, 1917, VG 940-G-2 Tr"7-91" on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-632. Orangeburg & Pregnall, 1916, G+ 348.8-C-1 Tr29 on GPC. E $40
RR-633. Orin & Cheyenne, 1911, F 951-O-1 (bit lite tone; edge tear L) on PPC. E $15
RR-634. Pac Jct & Denv/T.Run, 1907, G+ 933-P-1 (part lite; lite tone; tip cr) Tr3 on PPC; 2c Sc.319, required for address at L, message at R. E $15
RR-635. Palestine & Galv, [1891], VG 485-H-2 (bit lite tone) Tr6 on cvr. E $14
RR-636. Palestine & Houston, 1921, G+ 485-J-1 (dial hi: "INE & " mostly off; toned) Tr5 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-637. Pasco, Wash/Trans Clk, 1913, G+ 906.5-B-1 (part on stamp) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-638. Pensa & Ga/R.R., 1871, G+ blue 381-A-1 on cvr w/enc.datelined Vicksburg, MS. E $40
RR-639. Peo & St.Marys, 1920, G+ 600.5-B-1 Tr18 on PPC. E $40
RR-640. Peo & Terre H./Agt, [1881], G+ 716-A-1 on GPC. E $24
RR-641. Peoria & Osk, 1885, G+ 751-J-3 (trim L; lite tone) on PSE. E $14
RR-642. Peoria & R.I./R.R., 1870s, G+ 704-A-1 (upper R on stamp) on cvr. E $40
RR-643. Peterboro & Worcester, 1907, G+ 58-F-1 T613 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-644. Peterboro & Worcester, 1930, G+ 58-F-2 (near F; upper R tip slit) Tr"8118" on cvr w/Peterboro & Worc/C.L.Carlson VG 58-J-1 at R (bit of oval off R). E $20
RR-645. Pha Sta & Piney Fork, 1910, G+ 587-E-1 Tr4 on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-646. Pha & Baltimore/R.R., [1853], G+ 239-I-1 (header of contents removed; cr) 3c imperf on folded letter. E $100
RR-647. Pha & Baltimore/R.R., [1853], G+ 239-I-1 (edge tear L) "National Hotel/M.A.Dexter/Was(hingt)on, DC" albino embossed ad on flap (hole in town name) 3c imperf on cvr w/enc.datelined Nat'l Hotel, Washington. E $100 MIN.50
RR-648. Phalanx Sta & Bergholz, 1895, G+ 587-C-1 (toned) on GPC. E $20 MIN.10
RR-649. Phila & Atl City, 1893, G+ 256-B-2 w/"PM NO." slug on GPC. E $15
RR-650. Phila & Atlantic City, 1911, VG 256-C-2 (lite tone; bit cr) T260 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-651. Phila & Atlantic city, 1907, VG 256-C-2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-652. Phila & Balte/R.R., 1850s, G+ 239-K-1 (no flap) 2 strikes; 1 on stamp, 1 at L w/hi dial; 3c imperf on cvr. E $160
RR-653. Phila & Erie R.R./Wetmore, 1871, G+ blue 198-S-2 (bit lite strike, but ID sure; part lite tone) on cvr. E $50
RR-654. Phila & Harris, 1906, F 203-AI-4 (trim L) Tr31 on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-655. Phila & Pottsville/R.R., 1850s, G 190-C-1 (R arc mostly not struck, but ID sure; crs) 3c imperf on folded letter (no contents). E $30
RR-656. Phila & Pt.Deposit, 1900, VG+ 205-G-1; bit faulty 5c blue Grant on cvr to England; 2.5p w/"I.H.S./& Co" perfin applied when fwd to France; then fwd back to England. E $20
RR-657. Philada Rail Road, [1844], G+ 240-D-1 (part spotty; o/s; crs) ms "Steamboat Mail" at T; New York, NY, F red CDS origin on SFL to Boston, w/"Sketch of Sales by Stone, Slade, & Farnham" header & account statement. E $30
RR-658. Philada Rail Road, [1850], G+ 240-D-1 w/circled "10" rate (cr; tiny tear T) on SFL (no contents) w/Blood's/One Cent/Despatch Sc.15L13 acid-tied at upper L. E $75
RR-659. Philada Rail Road, [1850], F 240-D-1 as transit (cr) New York, NY/5 cts, VG+ CDS origin on SFL. E $24
RR-660. Philada Rail Road, [1851], VF 240-D-1 as transit; New York, NY, F CDS origin tying bit faulty 3c imperf on folded letter w/Camden & Amboy RR & Transportation Co.illus.letterhead (train & steamboat). E $60
RR-661. Phoenix & Los Ang, 1914, G+ 967.2-A-2 Tr17 on PPC. E $30
RR-662. Pierre & Rapid City, 1917, G+ 866-V-1 (lite tone) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-663. Pierre & Rapid City, 1910, G+ 866-V-2 T516 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-664. Pike & Chatt, 1910, G+ 521.4-D-1 (toned) Tr81 on PPC. E $14
RR-665. Pitts Cin RPO, [1906] (Dec 25), VG+ 561-AG-1 w/o " & " (lite tone) T127 on PPC. E $14
RR-666. Pitts Pa/T.C.R.M.S.Union Sta., 1908, F 237-F-20 (crs) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-667. Pitts & Bridgeport, 1886, VG 88-F-1 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-668. Pitts & Bridgp't/Agt, [1882], G+ 88-C-1 (near VG+) on GPC. E $14
RR-669. Pitts & Chanute, 1908, G+ 909-AJ-2 (dial bit hi; crs; iite tone) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-670. Pitts & Chi, 1942, VG 560-W-20 (bit stutter; crs) Tr"15" on 3.25x4.5" facing slip w/"Military Mail" header; "All For-" Camp San Luis Obispo, Calif. SCARCE wartime usage. E $20
RR-671. Pitts & Fairchance, 1915, VG 213-D-3 Tr105 on PPC. E $8
RR-672. Pitts & Fairchance, 1897, G+ 213-D-4 (ruff R, just in stamp) T109 on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-673. Pitts & Fairchance, 1908, VG+ 213-D-5 (dial bit hi) Tr101 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-674. Pitts & St.L.E.D./Night, [1880], VF 561-M-2 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-675. Pitts & St.Lou W.D./C M Kelly, [1908], G+ purple clerk's straight-line h/s on reg.pack.rect.card. E $15
RR-676. Pitts & W.Browns, 1887, G 212-J-2 (R arc partial; tiny tear T; lite crs) as transit (or missent?); CATALOG COPY on cvr w/Dwight & Wash/Agt partial 707-A-1 origin. E $24
RR-677. Rec'd Pittsburgh, Pa/Via N.Y. & Pitts, 1897, F 203-RA-6 as recd b/s on PSE. E $15
RR-678. Pocotello & Port (MISSPELLING), 1905, G+ 898-P-1 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-679. Port & Astoria/Agt, 1870s, G+ V-7-a (dial hi: "AST" partly off; bit ruff trim R; 1" tear R) STEAMBOAT RPO on cvr. E $40
RR-680. Port & Boston, 1903, F 50-C-10 Tr70 on PPC. E $6
RR-681. Port & Boston, 1915, F 50-C-7 Tr24 on PPC. E $8
RR-682. Port & Corvallis, 1909, G+ 893-B-1 (lite tone) Tr2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-683. Port & Dallas, 1913, G+ 900.5-C-2 (part on stamp; lite tone) Tr74; 1c Balboa on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-684. Port & Nazareth, 1915, G+ 167.3-B-2 ("RPO" not struck; lite tone; cr) on PPC. E $20
RR-685. Port & Seaside, 1909, G+ 899.2-B-1 (dial hi: tips of "SE" off; toned) Tr21 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-686. Port & Seaside, 1912, G+ 899.2-B-1 (upper R arc lite; year partial; tip cr) Tr34 on PPC datelined Prescott, OR. E $12 MIN.6
RR-687. Port & Seaside, 1916, G+ 899.2-B-1 Tr22 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-688. Port & Seaside, 1941, G+ 899.2-B-3 Tr22; 3c Prexie coil on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-689. Port & Swanton, 1910, G+ 11-K-2 (near VG) T184 on REAL PHOTO PPC: bird's-eye view West Danville, VT. E $15
RR-690. Port & Tillamook, 1922, G+ 900.3-B-1 (part on stamp; toned) T142 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-691. Portland & Bos, 1909, VF 50-G-2 Tr10 on GPC. E $8
RR-692. Portland & Seaside, 1910, VG+ 899.2-A-4 Tr2 on PPC. E $14
RR-693. Portland, Me/Trans Clk, 1910, G+ 19-B-3 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-694. Potts & Phil/Agt, [1880], VG+ 190-F-1 on GPC. E $14
RR-695. Praise & Spartanburg, 1929, G+ 519-H-1 (bit trim L; edge tears T) Tr37 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-696. Prescott & Crownking, 1910, VG+ 967.3-B-1 (lite tone) "NORTH" on PPC. E $50
RR-697. Prescott & Crownking, 1911, G+ 967.3-B-1 "SOUTH" on PPC. E $40
RR-698. Prov & Wor/R.R., [1875], F+ blue 72-D-1 on UX3 GPC. E $24
RR-699. Pt.Royal & Blairs Mills, 1906, G+ 167.4-A-1 w/"PM-S" slug on PPC. Narrow gauge RR. E $20
RR-700. Pueblo & Alamosa, 1929, VG 955-I-1 T116 on commer.PPC. E $15
RR-701. Pueblo & Alamosa, 1935, G+ 955-I-2 (near F) Tr116 on PPC. E $20
RR-702. Pueblo & Creede, 1912, VG+ 960-C-3 Tr116 on PPC. E $14
RR-703. Pueblo & Durango, 1900, VG+ 955-J-1 w/tiny year slug (upper R tip ruff) "EAST"; Grand Hotel, Silverton cc on cvr. E $20
RR-704. Pueblo, Colo.Term, 1945, G+ 959-C-2 (lite tone) on commer.PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-705. Pueblo, Colo/Trans Clk, 1906, G+ 959-C-4 (bit toned) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-706. "R R" (Philadelphia & Baltimore), [1845], VF 238-T-1 ms w/scrawled "12 1/2"(?) rate (crs) on SFL datelined Baltimore, to Providence, RI. E $80
RR-707. R., Lynch & C.F. (Richmond, Lynchburg & Clifton Forge), [1886], G+ NEW TYPE ("Y" not struck; upper R tip nib) Lucado & Sons/Grocers, Richmond cc on PSE. E $24
RR-708. R.R.I. & St.L./R.R. (Rockford, Rock Island & St.Louis), 1870s, G 793-A-1 ("T.L." & date mostly not struck; trim L; bit lite tone; lower R tip nick) on cvr w/cupid & ribbon in add.area. E $30
RR-709. Ralston & Guthrie, 1910, G+ 930.6-A-1 T410 on PPC datelined Guthrie, OK. E $40
RR-710. Read Term/Tour 2, 1936, G+ magenta 237-P-3 as recd b/s on air/special del.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-711. Red Bluff & Sacra, 1910, G+ 982-M-2 (edge tears T) Tr28; Byrns Hotel, Woodland, CA, boxed cc on cvr. E $14
RR-712. Red Oak & Nebr City, 1913, G+ 764-F-1 (part on stamp) Tr12 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-713. Red & Sac'to/Agt, 1870s, G+ 982-A-1 w/BOLD "N" killer (near VF) on GPC. E $50
RR-714. Red & Sac'to/Agt, 1870s, G+ 982-A-1 (trim R to stamp) on PSE. E $50
RR-715. Reform & Mobile, 1930, VF 418.1-C-2 (bit lite tone; staple holes) Tr2 on #10 cvr TRIM to #6 size. E $12 MIN.6
RR-716. Rich, Lynch & C.Forge, 1884 (Jan 1), G+ 304-D-1 (ruff R to stamp) Lucado & Urquhart, Grocers/Tobacco, Lynchburg, VA, ad cc on PSE w/Grace Garland Chewing Tobacco ad on flap. E $24 MIN.12
RR-717. Rich, Lynch & C.Forge, [1884], VG 304-D-1 (upper R tip nib) on PSE. E $20 MIN.10
RR-718. Rich, Lynch & C.Forge, 1884, G+ 304-D-1 (upper R tip ruff) Old Virginia Tobacco Co., Lynchburg, VA, cc on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
RR-719. Ridg & Erie, 1894, G+ 198-K-1 (ruff R; lite tone) Tr"6"; Knights of Pythias, Erie (PA) Lodge #317 cc w/insignia on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
RR-720. Ridgeway & Durango ("Ridgway" MISSPELLED), 1911, G+ 962.6-B-1 Tr6 on PPC w/fancy die-cut edges (couple edge nibs). E $30
RR-721. Ridgway & Durango, 1909, F NEW TYPE; Tr5 on PPC. E $20 MIN.10
RR-722. Rincon & Silver City, 1935, G+ NEW TYPE (near VG+) Tr18 on GPC. E $15
RR-723. Riverside & Doe Run, 1908, G+ 738-A-1 (stamp fault) Tr31 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-724. Rock Isl & Peoria, 1894, F 704-C-3 (trim R; crs; edge tear R) "NORTH" on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-725. Rock Isl & St.Louis, 1912, VF 693-O-4 (dial bit hi; lite tone) Tr52 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-726. Rock & Anacortes, 1910, G+ 902.4-D-2 (R arc spotty) "EAST" on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-727. Rock & Anacortes, 1910, G+ 902.4-D-2 (L arc weak; "RPO" partial) "EAST" on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-728. Rock & High Bridge, 1906, G+ 254-O-1 (lite tone; crnr cr) T902 on PPC. E $20
RR-729. Rogers & Grove, 1908, G+ 463.4-A-1 (part on stamp; lite tone) Tr84; 1c Jamestown on PPC. E $24
RR-730. Rumford & Lewiston, 1935, VG 10-F-2 Tr242 (tip crs) on GPC. E $14
RR-731. Rut, Salem & Troy/Agt, 1884, F 44-E-1(e) w/BOLD "N" killer on GPC. E $65
RR-732. S. & W.R.Junc/R.R. (Springfield & White River Jct), 1870s, G+ 35-J-1 (trim L) on cvr. E $14
RR-733. S.City & Mo.Val/Agt, [1880], G+ 763-A-1 (ruff L, in cc; part lite water tone) (Chen)ey's Depot Hotel, Sioux City, IA, cc on cvr; partial enc.w/letterhead. E $20
RR-734. S.City & Yankton, 1886, VG+ 885-C-1 (near F+; trim R; lite tone) on cvr. E $100
RR-735. S.F. & Los Ang/Day Run, 1893, G+ 963-AH-1 (bit stutter) on PSE. E $20
RR-736. S.F., Mayf & S.Cruz, 1926, G+ 980-N-1 (trim L) Tr82 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-737. S.Falls & Onawa N.D., 1910, G+ 759-Y-2 (R arc on stamp) "SOUTH" on PPC. E $20
RR-738. S.J.V./RPO (San Joaquin Valley), 1870s, G+ 963-AG-1 (dial hi: "S.J" partly off) on cvr. E $40
RR-739. S.L.City & Los Ang, 1907, G+ 972-J-2 (dial bit hi; toned) Tr2 on PPC. E $14
RR-740. S.L.Obispo & Los Ang, 1917, G+ 980-U-1 (lite tone) Tr78 on PPC. E $16
RR-741. Sacramento, Calif/T.O.S.P.Depot, 1945, G+ 999-G-4 (upper R on stamp) on PPC. E $6
RR-742. Sacto & Fresno, 1941, F 979-K-1 (crnr crs) Tr232; Threlkeld Commissary Co., San Fran, cc on commer.PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-743. Saginaw & Grd Rap, 1911, G+ 633-E-2 Tr95 on PPC. E $15
RR-744. Saginaw & Lud, 1918, G+ 618-P-1 Tr1 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-745. Sala & Chi E.D., 1918, VG 550-N-1 (tip cr) Tr7 on REAL PHOTO PPC: tall Ice Fountain, Detroit. E $8
RR-746. Salem & Chester, 1911, G+ 738-C-1 Tr4 on PPC. E $14
RR-747. Salida & Alamosa, 1915, VG 955-Q-2 (crnr cr; tiny tears R) "NORTH" on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-748. Salida & Grand Junc, 1910, F 957-K-2 T316 on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-749. Salina & Oakley, 1933, G+ 925-C-3 (lite tone) T546 on commer.PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-750. Salina & Oakley, 1912, G+ 925-C-7 (bit lite tone; lite cr) T136 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-751. Salisbury & Norwood, 1913, G+ NEW TYPE (uneven toned) Tr22 on cvr w/enc. E $20
RR-752. Salt Lake & Juab, 1895, G+ 972-Q-1 (bit o/s; tiny tear T; lite tone) on reg.pack.rect.card. E $20
RR-753. San Ant & Corp Christi, 1953, VG NEW TYPE; T205 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-754. San Ant & Kerrville, 1909, G+ 466-F-1 (part on stamp; toned) Tr46 on PPC. E $14
RR-755. San Antonio, Tex/Trans Clk, 1910, G+ 497-C-2 (bit lite tone) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-756. San F. & Ogden, 1870s, G+ blue 976-K-1 w/BOLD "S" killer (lower R tip nib) Corinne, UT, cc on PSE FRONT ONLY. E $14
RR-757. San Fran Cal Term, 1914, G+ 999-E-3 (uneven toned) on GPC. E $14
RR-758. San Fran to Ogden, [1876], G+ 976-E-1 (R arc mostly not struck) on GPC Sc.UX3, datelined "Near Ogden, UT". E $15
RR-759. San Fran & Fresno, 1925, G+ 963-W-3 (part ruff slit T; uneven lite tone) Tr36 on special del.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-760. San Fran & Los Ang, 1928, G+ 963-Y-7 (lite tone) Tr50; Hotel Hughson, Modesto, CA, illus.ad on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
RR-761. San Fran & Los Ang/Fred Schlitzkus, 1936, F clerk's DCDS; Tr521; as transit b/s on special del.PSE. E $15
RR-762. San Fran & Los Ang/S.R., 1899, G+ 963-AB-1 (part spotty; lite tone) "NORTH" on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-763. San Fran & Pac Grove, 1917, G+ 980-I-2 Tr27 on Argonauts' Hotel, San Fran, ad PPC. E $14
RR-764. San Fran & S.L.Obispo, 1921, VG+ 980-K-3 (upper L tip ruff; lite tone) Tr77 on 2.75x4" cvr. E $15
RR-765. San Fran & S.L.Obispo, 1921, G+ 980-K-3 (part on stamp; edge tear R; bit cr) Tr50 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-766. San Fran & Visalia, 1914, G+ 963-AD-2 Tr35 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-767. San Fran & Visalia, 1914, VG+ 963-AD-3 Tr35 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-768. San Fran, Newark & S.Cruz, 1917, G+ 991-B-1 (part o/s) T501 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-769. San Fran, S.Jose & Los Ang, 1906, G+ 980-P-1 (near VG+; part ruff R; lite tone) Tr19; Hotel Mascarel, Santa Barbara, CA, illus.ad on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
RR-770. San Fran, S.Jose & Los Ang, 1910, VG 980-P-1 (lite tone) Tr20 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-771. San Fran, S.Jose & Los Ang, 1911, G+ 980-P-1 Tr19 on PPC. E $8
RR-772. San Fran, S.Jose & Los Ang, 1902, G+ 980-P-3 (trim L; lite tone) Tr10 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-773. San Fran, S.Jose & Los Ang, 1908, G+ 980-P-4 (dial bit hi; lite tone) Tp18 on PPC. E $8
RR-774. San Juan, PR/RMS, 1913, G+ 339-C-1 on PPC. This item also listed in "Territories" section of this catalog. E $40
RR-775. San Ramon & San Fran, 1906, G+ 992.10-A-2 (dial hi: " & S" partly off; bit o/s) Tr41 on PPC. E $20
RR-776. Sand & Peo, 1908, VF 566-J-1 (lite tone) Tr1 on PPC. E $10
RR-777. Santa Rosa & Val Jct, 1908, G+ 984.1-A-1 (dial hi: "ROSA" mostly off; toned; crs; tear L) Tr69 on PPC. E $15
RR-778. Santa Rosa & Val Jct, 1908, G+ 984.1-A-1 Tr67 on PPC. E $20
RR-779. Santa Rosa & Val Jct, 1910, G+ 984.1-A-1 (lite tone) Tr67 on PPC. E $20
RR-780. Sapulpa & Ft.Worth, 1918, VG 921.1-B-4 (lite tone) T507 on PPC. E $14
RR-781. Sarles & Lakota, 1909, G+ 876.9-A-2 (tip crs) on PPC. E $20
RR-782. Sarles & Lakota, 1911, VG+ 876.9-A-2 "SOUTH" on PPC. E $20
RR-783. Seattle & Hoquiam, 1908, VG 901.4-E-3 (bit lite tone) Tr28 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-784. Seattle & Hoquiam, 1931, G+ 901.4-E-5 (near F) T423 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-785. Seattle & Port, 1920, VG+ 895-E-5 T469 on PPC. E $8
RR-786. Seattle & Seward, 1935, G+ X-14-i (dial bit hi) w/direction omitted on REAL PHOTO PPC (Wrangell Narrows) datelined Ketchikan, AK. E $15 MIN.8
RR-787. Seattle & Seward, 1932, G+ X-14-j (near VG+) w/direction omitted; STEAMBOAT RPO on cvr. E $15
RR-788. Seattle & Seward, 1941, G+ X-14-l ("LE & " not struck; "RPO" partial; bit lite tone) "SOUTH"; STEAMBOAT RPO on commer.PPC datelined Womans Bay, AK. E $20
RR-789. Seattle & Seward, [1941], G+ X-14-o (year & "RPO" not struck) Seward return add.; "Via S.S.Columbia" ms instructino at T; STEAMBOAT RPO on commer.PPC. E $15
RR-790. Seattle & Seward, 1940, VG X-14-p (uneven toned) "SO." direction; STEAMBOAT RPO on commer.cvr w/Seward return add. E $20
RR-791. Seattle & Seward/S.S.Alaska, 1926, G+ X-14-tb (near VF; lite tone) on REAL PHOTO PPC: Mt.Drum. E $24 MIN.12
RR-792. Seattle & Seward/W.W.McVey, 1937, G+ X-14-n (part heavy inked) STEAMBOAT RPO on PPC (Mendenhall Glacier). E $20
RR-793. Seattle & Skagway, 1923, G+ X-19-d ("AY" mostly not struck) "EAST"; STEAMBOAT RPO on PPC (Sawtooth Mts, White Pass & Yukon Rte). E $15 MIN.8
RR-794. Seattle & Skagway, 1929, G+ X-19-d (" & SK" mostly not struck) "EAST"; Thwaites Photo Shop, Ketchikan, AK, cc; STEAMBOAT RPO on commer.cvr. E $20
RR-795. Seattle & Skagway, 1930, G+ X-19-d (dial bit hi: tip of "E & " off; lite tone; crnr cr) "SOUTH"; STEAMBOAT RPO on commer.PPC datelined Wrangell, AK. E $20
RR-796. Seattle & Skagway, 1937, G+ X-19-d (upper R tip clip; lower R tip nick; toned) "NORTH" on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-797. Seattle & Skagway, 1940, G+ X-19-d (upper R arc partial; ruff R) "SOUTH"; "Alaska Steamship Co./The Alaska Co." illus.ad cc (ship) STEAMBOAT RPO on commer.cvr w/matching illus.letterhead enc.datelined S.S.Alaskan. E $20
RR-798. Seattle & Skagway, 1938, G+ X-19-e ("RPO" not struck) "SOUTH" on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-799. Seattle & Skagway, 1939, G+ X-19-e (upper R arc spotty) "SOUTH"; STEAMBOAT RPO on commer.PPC (Valdez, AK). E $15
RR-800. Seattle & Skagway, 1923, G+ X-19-k (lite strike; "RPO" not struck; tip crs; tiny tear B) STEAMBOAT RPO on PPC. Same date as catalog illus. E $14
RR-801. Seattle & Skagway, 1923, G+ X-19-k (ruff L, just in cc; edge tear T) "EAST"; (A)laska Juneau Gold Mining Co., Juneau, AK cc; STEAMBOAT RPO on PSE. E $20
RR-802. Seattle & Skagway, 1927, F X-19-k "WEST"; STEAMBOAT RPO on PPC. E $20
RR-803. Sed & Denison, 1896, G+ 809-T-1 Tr2; Turner Hardware Co., Muscogee, Ind.T., cc on PSE. E $15
RR-804. Sedalia & Warsaw, 1913, G+ 817.3-A-2 (part on stamp; lite tone) "NORTH" on PPC datelined Cole Camp, MO. E $30 MIN.15
RR-805. Selma & Flomaton, 1950, F 407-B-1 Tr60 on GPC. E $14
RR-806. Seward & Unalaska, 1909, G+ X-49-a struck below add. ("RPO" off B edge; stamp gone) "WEST"; w/2nd partial strike at upper R; STEAMBOAT RPO on REAL PHOTO PPC ("Bogoslov" island). E $15 MIN.8
RR-807. Seward & Unalaska/S.S.Starr, 1937, G+ X-49-b (piece of stamp gone, affects "S.S." in killer; o/w VF) "EAST"; STEAMBOAT RPO on commer.REAL PHOTO PPC (Pacific American Fisheries) datelined Squaw Harbor. E $24
RR-808. Sheffield & Parrish, 1938, G+ 414.2-B-1 Tr2 on mailed 3x5" card. E $12 MIN.6
RR-809. Shelb Falls & N.Haven, 1911, G+ 85-E-2 (toned) T1104 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-810. Shelb Falls & N.Haven, 1912, VF 85-E-2 (dial bit hi; lite tone) Tr"1113" on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-811. Sher & Gran, 1950, F 876.10-D-1 Tr310 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-812. Shingle Sp'gs & Sac, 1890s, G+ 981-E-1 (month partial; trim R) Latrobe, CA, cc on PSE. E $30
RR-813. Shreve & McKinney, 1907, G+ 479-C-1 (lower L arc bit spotty) Tr1 on priv.mailing card w/illegal "Postal Card" header. E $20
RR-814. Sioux City & Omaha, 1909, F+ 937-O-2 (lite tone) Tr1 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-815. Skid & Falfurrias, 1919, G+ 482-P-1 (pen note B) Tr20 on PPC. E $15
RR-816. Soo & Mn'pls/W.D., 1911, VF 856.2-G-2 Tr8 on PPC. E $8
RR-817. Sparks & San Fran, 1917, G+ 976-W-1 (R arc partial; toned) Tr1 on PPC datelined Reno. E $12 MIN.6
RR-818. Spart & Augusta, 1908, G+ purple 343-F-1 (dial bit hit; lite tone; pen note B) Tr3 on PPC. E $14
RR-819. Sparta & Tulla, 1910, VG 511-C-1 (lite tone) T182 on PPC. E $20 MIN.10
RR-820. Sparta & Viroqua, 1901, G+ 861-B-1 (trim L) "NORTH"; lumber dealer cc on cvr. E $15
RR-821. Spirit L. & Des M., 1910, G+ 784-F-1 (toned; 2 pinholes) Tr34 on PPC. E $8
RR-822. Spirit L. & Des M., 1908, VG 784-F-2 (edge tear T; lite tone) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-823. Spok & Lewiston, 1920, G+ 906.4-C-4 (lite tone) T314 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-824. Spok, Pasco & Port, 1947, G+ 899.1-C-4 Tr103 on commer.PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-825. Spok, Pasco & Seat, 1908, G+ 892-O-2 (dial bit hi; lite tone) Tr4 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-826. Spok, Pasco & Seat, 1908, F 892-O-2 (lite tone; tip cr) Tr2, as transit, w/ms notes apparently written by clerk: "by 'Cuz Cal'" & "Hello!"; on PPC. E $20
RR-827. Spok, Pasco & Seattle, 1916, F+ 892-P-1 Tp41, as transit on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-828. Spokane & Lewiston, 1910, G+ 906.4-D-2 (crnr crs) T283 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-829. Spokane & Seattle, 1917, G+ 902.5-A-1 Tr2 on PPC. E $14
RR-830. Spring & Ind, 1910, G+ 569-B-1 (part lite tone; 2 small holes in message area) T47 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-831. St.Albans & Boston, 1907, G+ 24-X-4 (lite tone) T171 on PPC. E $8
RR-832. St.Joe & Oxford, 1905, VF 935-R-1 (bit lite tone) Tr14 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-833. St.L & Okla Cy, 1943, G+ 807-T-1 (part on stamp) Tr4 on commer.PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-834. St.L & Parsons, 1921, VG+ 809-R-2 Tr4 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-835. St.L. & C.Bluffs, 1907, G+ 808-G-2 (near VG) Tr3 on PPC. E $6
RR-836. St.L. & Paducah, 1910, G+ 717-I-2 (near VG+; tip cr) T223 on PPC. E $8
RR-837. St.Louis & Parsons, 1917, G+ 809-Q-6 Tr6 on PPC. E $8
RR-838. St.Louis, Eldon & K.C., ca.1905?, G+ 822-C-1 (lite tone) Tr25 on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-839. St.P. & Aberdeen, 1909, G+ 871-AA-6 Tr6 on PPC. E $6
RR-840. St.P. & Aberdeen/HPO, 1958, G+ duplex (part on stamp; lite gum tone) Tr6 on commer.cvr. E $15 MIN.8
RR-841. St.P. & Devils Lake, 1912, G+ 869-Z-2 (tip cr) T198 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-842. St.P. & Havre/2nd Div, 1908, F 869-AF-2 Tr4 on PPC. E $8
RR-843. St.P. & Portal/S.D., 1940, VF 880.1-G-5 (dial bit hi) Tr4 on commer.PPC. E $6
RR-844. St.P. & Spok 1st Div, 1907, G+ 874-AN-1 Tr8 on PPC. E $6
RR-845. St.P. & Spok 2nd Div, 1909, VG+ 874-AP-1 (lite tone) Tr4 on PPC. E $8
RR-846. St.P. & Spok/1st.Div, 1908, VG+ 874-AM-4 Tr14 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-847. St.P. & Spok/3d Div, 1905, VF 874-AR-1 (crnr cr) Tr3 on PPC. E $8
RR-848. St.Paul & Cedar Rap, 1917, VF 746-H-1 Tr3 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-849. St.Paul & Cedar Rap, 1921, G+ 746-H-2 (near VF) Tr3 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-850. St.Paul & Marion, 1918, F+ 753-Y-1 Tr1 on PPC. E $20
RR-851. St.Paul & Marion, 1918, VF 753-Y-1 Tr2 on PPC. E $20
RR-852. St.Paul & Marmarth, 1923, G+ 871-AD-3 (part on stamp; crs) Tr15 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-853. St.Paul & S.City/Agt, 1870s, G+ 870-B-1/var w/BOLD "E" killer (tiny tear T) on 1.25x3.25" PIECE ONLY. E $12 MIN.6
RR-854. St.Paul, Wat & Aber, 1908, G+ 883-I-1 (part on stamp; cr) Tr15 on PPC. E $8
RR-855. St.Vincent & Fargo, 1911, G+ 869-AU-2 (R arc lite) T132 on PPC. E $20 MIN.10
RR-856. St.Vincent & Fargo, 1911, F 869-AU-2 (dial hi: " & F" partly off; toned) T132 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-857. Stamford & Spur, 1932, VG 494-C-1 T113 on reg.disp.rect.card. E $14
RR-858. Stanley & Grenora, 1950, G+ 876.11-A-1 "EAST" on GPC. E $15
RR-859. Staples & Oakes, 1950, VF 881.5-A-3 Tr111 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-860. Starlake & New Lis, 1910, VG 838.1-F-1 Tr2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-861. Starlake & New Lis, 1909, G+ 848.1-F-1 (lite tone) Tr6 on PPC. E $8
RR-862. Sterling & Peoria, 1908, G+ 740.1-A-1 (R arc on stamp; dial bit hi; edge tear T) T800 on PPC. E $20
RR-863. Sterling & Peoria, 1909, F+ 740.1-A-1 (crnr crs) T800 on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-864. Stites & Lewiston, 1935, VG 906.4-B-2 Tr324 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-865. Stites & Lewiston, 1905, G+ 906.4-B-3 (R arc obscured on stamp; toned) "WEST" on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-866. Stockton & Merced, 1897, G+ 989-H-1 ("RPO" partial; tone speck) "NORTH"; Chas.Offer Gen'l Store, Oakdale, CA, ad cc; overall text ad on back on cvr. E $24
RR-867. Streator & Pekin, 1942, G+ 722-I-3 ("RPO" mostly not struck) Tr13; Libby Foods, Eureka, IL, cc; illus.ad on back on commer.cvr. E $14
RR-868. Stromsburg & Alma, 1909, F 947.11-B-1 (lite tone) Tr161 on 2-panel PPC (Morrill Homestead, Stromsburg). E $16
RR-869. Sturg Bay & Gr.Bay, 1930, G+ 854.1-B-1 Tr11 on commer.cvr. E $15
RR-870. Sturgeon,Bay & G.Bay (w/extra comma error), 1906, VF 854.1-A-1 "SOUTH" on PPC. E $15
RR-871. Sullivan & Passumpsic/R.R., 1850s, G+ 35-F-1 (R arc lite; "SIC" mostly not struck; lite tone) on PSE. E $80
RR-872. Sumas City & Seattle, 1893, G+ 901.1-D-1 (lite tone) on 2c Colum.PSE w/enc. E $40
RR-873. Sumas & Seattle, 1911, G+ 901.1-C-1 T342 on PPC. E $20
RR-874. Sun Val/R.R., 1870s, G+ 27-A-1 (tiny tear T, in rim; trim L; upper R tip ruff; lite tone) on cvr. E $30
RR-875. Superior & Strong, 1911, G+ 918.4-D-2 T306 on PPC. E $14
RR-876. Sw'tgrass & Grt Falls, 1915, G+ 891.5-G-1 (dial hi: "GRT" partly off; part spotty; lite crs) T239 on PPC. E $14
RR-877. Syracuse & Det, 1901, VF magenta 115-AO-6 (toned; crs) Tr31; as transit on PPC from Germany. E $15
RR-878. Taylor & Houston, 1901, G+ 471-AB-1 (lite tone) on GPC. E $16
RR-879. Taylor & Houston, 1902, G+ 471-AB-1 (upper R tip ruff; lite tone; tears T) Tr4 on cvr w/enc. E $16
RR-880. Tehama & Sac, 1887, G+ 982-C-1 (month not struck; trim R to stamp; lower R edge stain; nick B; AS IS for faults) on PSE. E $15
RR-881. Temple & Clovis W.D., 1944, VF 484-F-1 Tr91-76 on free-franked PPC w/Fort Sam Houston, TX, P.O.W.Camp Guard Det.return address. E $20
RR-882. Thief R.Falls & Ken, 1910, G+ 880.1-O-1 "EAST" on PPC. E $15
RR-883. Tol & St.Louis, 1916, G+ 577-U-6 ("TOL" spotty; o/w F) Tr6 on PPC. E $8
RR-884. Toledo & Jackson, 1920, VG+ 614-E-1 (part lite water tone) Tr31 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-885. Toluca & Kirby, 1909, F 951-R-1 T312 on PPC. E $30
RR-886. Tonopah & Stagg/H.Clifford Robinson, 1910, G+ magenta clerk's CDS (toned) Tr10 on reg.pack.rect.card. E $24 MIN.12
RR-887. Tracy & Pierre, 1907, G+ 866-Y-2 (bit o/s; lite tone) T502 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-888. Tracy & Pierre, 1910, F 866-Y-2 (toned) T516 on PPC. E $8
RR-889. Tracy & Pierre/Agt, 1889 (May 2), G+ 866-E-1 (dial bit hi; ruff R) on cvr. E $15
RR-890. Tracy & Redfield, 1886, G+ 866-G-2 on reg.pack.rect.card. E $15
RR-891. Tracy & Redfield, 1889 (Jun 22), G+ 866-G-2 w/DATELESS strike on reverse; on reg.pack.rect.card. E $15
RR-892. Tracy & Watertown, 1899, VG 866-Z-1 (lite tone) Tr2 on reg.pack.rect.card. E $12 MIN.6
RR-893. Tracy & Watertown, 1899, VG 866-Z-1 (lite tone) blank slug for Tr# on reg.pack.rect.card w/2 add'l strikes on back. E $15 MIN.8
RR-894. Tracy & Watertown, 1899, VG 866-Z-1 (lite tone) T10 on reg.pack.rect.card. E $12 MIN.6
RR-895. Tracy & Watertown, 1905, F+ 866-Z-2 (toned) T503 on reg.pack.rect.card. E $14
RR-896. Tracy & Watertown, 1905, VF 866-Z-2 (toned) T502 on reg.pack.rect.card. E $14
RR-897. Tracy, Watertn & Pierre, 1911, VG 866-AA-2 T516 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-898. Trinidad & Albuq, 1925, G+ 911-BC-4 Tr8 on PPC. E $8
RR-899. Truckee & Lake Tahoe, 1932, G+ 997.4-B-1 (part lite) T153 on commer.cvr. E $14
RR-900. Truckee & Lk.Tahoe, 1936, G+ 997.4-B-2 "NORTH" on commer.PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-901. Tucson & Los Ang, 1906, G+ 963-T-1 (o/s; toned) Tr44 on PPC. E $14
RR-902. Tucson & Los Ang, 1905, G+ 963-T-2 (dial bit hi: tip of " & " off; part on stamp) Tr44 on cvr. E $14
RR-903. Tucson & Los Angeles, 1906, G+ 963-U-1 (bit cr; lite tone) Tr10 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-904. Tucson & Nogales, 1931, VF 965.2-A-3 (bit lite tone) T122 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-905. Tucson & Nogales, 1933, VG 965.2-A-3 T379 on commer.PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-906. Tucson & Nogales, 1950, VG 965.2-A-5 T378 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-907. Tucson & Nogales, 1909, G+ 965.2-C-2 (lite tone) Tr11 on PPC (Southern Pacific Depot). E $24
RR-908. Tucumcari & El Paso, 1913, G+ 969.3-F-3 ("SO" mostly not struck; part lite tone) Tr1 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-909. Tuolumne & Modesto, 1937, G+ 989-E-1 (part on stamp) Tr3; J.C.Penney Co., Sonora, CA, cc on cvr. E $20
RR-910. Tuolumne & Oakdale, 1937, VF 989-F-1 (lite tone) Tr3; Sonora (CA) Inn illus.cc on cvr. E $20
RR-911. Turkey River & W.Union, 1909, VG 797-E-1 (lite tone) T232 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-912. Turkey River & W.Union, 1909, G+ 797-E-1 (dial hi: "RIVER" mostly off; lite tone) T232 on PPC w/clerk's straight-line h/s (name mostly not struck) as return add.at L. E $12 MIN.6
RR-913. U.C. & S.V./R.R. (Utica, Clinton & Susquehanna Valley), 1870s, G+ 126-A-1 (no flap) on cvr. E $50
RR-914. U.S.Express Mail/N.York/N.Y., 1850s, G+ 73-B-3 (lower L arc spotty) on PSE. E $50
RR-915. Ukiah & San Fran, 1894, G+ 985-R-1 (part toned; upper L edge slit) on cvr. E $30
RR-916. Ukiah & San Fran, 1899, G+ 985-R-3 (2 file holes, not in canx) Tr9 on GPC. E $14
RR-917. Ukiah & San Fran, 1903, G+ 985-R-4 (trim R; lite tone) Tr9; Occidental Hotel, Santa Rosa, CA, fancy ad cc on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
RR-918. Ulysses & Pt.Alleg, 1913, G+ 166.6-B-1 Tr2 on PPC. E $16
RR-919. Utica Terminal, 1916, G+ 150-R-2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-920. Bristol/V & T.R.R., ca.1864, partial 311-S-1 (dial hi; fuzzy letters; ID sure, but AS IS ONLY for strike) tying faulty 10c Confederate States Sc.11 on 2.75x4.75" cvr. E $80
RR-921. Valley Sp'gs & Lodi ("RRO" ERROR), 1909, G+ 984.2-A-1 (dial bit hi; lite tone) T172 on PPC. E $24
RR-922. Valley Sp'gs & Lodi ("RRO" ERROR), 1912, G+ 984.2-A-1 (dial hi: "Y SP'GS" mostly off, but error shows clearly) T311 on PPC. E $20
RR-923. Valley Sp'gs & Lodi, 1910, G+ 984.2-A-2 (R arc spotty) T171 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-924. From Valley Springs & Lodi/W.N.Westlake, 1909, VG+ blue clerk's straight-line h/s (crs) "Train 1" corrected to "2" w/separate h/s on 2x3.25" PIECE ONLY cut from facing slip. E $14
RR-925. Van Buren & Bang, 1905, G+ 16-M-1 (tip crs) Tr18 on GPC w/Bangor & Aroostook R.R.form on back. E $12 MIN.6
RR-926. Van Buren & Bang, 1909, G+ 16-M-1 (Tr# partial; o/w VF; dial bit hi) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-927. Vanceboro & Bangor, 1913, VG 1-F-1 Tr102; 1c Balboa on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-928. Vancouver-Skagway RPO/Str.Priness Alice, 1940, G+ magenta double oval ty.S26 (o/s) 1c Prexie on PPC to U.S. E $30
RR-929. Vand & Pitts, 1950, VG+ 219-G-1 Tr923 on cvr. E $14
RR-930. Vaughn & Albuq, 1931, G+ 928-I-1 Tr22 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-931. Vaughn & Albuq, 1933, G+ 928-I-1 (trim R; ms "Air Mail" thru dial) Tr22 on air cvr w/enc. E $14
RR-932. Vaughn & Albuquerque, 1923, G+ 928-H-1 Tr22 on PPC. E $20
RR-933. Versailles & Browne, 1911, G+ 543-G-1 (R arc on stamp; "RPO" mostly not struck) Tr3 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-934. Victor & Idaho Falls, 1929, G+ 890-V-1 Tr34 on PPC. E $20
RR-935. W'ms & Mahaffey, 1911, F 136-I-1 (bit o/s) "EAST" on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-936. W.Falls & Abilene, 1927, G+ 494-D-3 (killer mostly off R) Tr2 on reg.disp.rect.card. E $12 MIN.6
RR-937. W.W. & Bridg'pt/Agt (West Winsted), [1890], G+ 87-C-2 (trim R) on PSE. E $14
RR-938. Waco & Rotan, 1915, G+ 465-H-1 (sealed spindle) Tr24 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-939. Waco & Rotan, 1929, G+ 465-H-2 (lite tone) Tr36 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-940. Waco & Stamford, 1950, VF 465-I-2 Tr36 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-941. Waco & Yoakum, 1911, VG 468-A-1 Tr52 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-942. Wading Riv & L.I.City, 1909, VG 112-AA-2 T623 on PPC. E $14
RR-943. Wallace & Spokane, 1907, G+ 896.7-A-1 (part on stamp; toned; crs) "WEST" on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-944. Wallace & Spokane, 1908, VF 896.7-A-1 "WEST" on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-945. Wallace & Spokane, 1935, VF 896.7-A-3 Tr586 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-946. Ware & Fall River, 1911, G+ 69.4-A-1 ("RPO" mostly not struck) Tr3 on PPC. E $24
RR-947. Wareham & Fall River, 1916, G+ 69.4-B-2 Tr1 on PPC. ELECTRIC route. E $40
RR-948. Warroad & Crooks, 1912, VG 878.7-B-1 T133 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-949. Warrroad & Crooks, 1909, VF 878.7-B-1 T133 on PPC. E $14
RR-950. Wash & N.Y.P.R.W.Car X, 1860s, G+ 238-E-1 (R tips bit slit; ink spots below add.) on cvr. E $20
RR-951. Wash & N.Y.P.R.W.Car X, [1866], G+ 238-E-1 (trim R; nicks B) as transit, at lower L; Chipman, Hosmer, Gilmore & Brown Attys cc on cvr w/enc.; Washington, DC, G+ CDS/cork origin. E $24
RR-952. Wash & N.Y.R.R./N, 1860s, G+ 238-F-2 ("N" in B arc partial; trim L) on cvr. E $20
RR-953. Collect'n, & Dist'n/Wash'n.D.C./Wagon No 1, 1899, VG WA-4-b (part heavy inked) Trip 3 on PSE. E $20
RR-954. Collection & Distribution/Washington, DC/Wagon No.1, 1897, VG WA-4-a (upper L crnr ruff, in cc; part ruff slit T; lite tone) Trip 3; "(House of) Representatives U.S." cc; Jesse OVerstreet, M.C., facsimile signature frank on cvr. E $20
RR-955. Water & Syracuse, 1908, G+ 102-U-1 (year mostly not struck; lite tone) Tr12 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-956. Wellington & Tonka, 1908, F 918.3-B-1 T501 on PPC. E $24
RR-957. Wellington & Tonka, 1913, F+ 918.3-B-1 (dial bit hi) "SOUTH" on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-958. Wichita & Altus, 1912, G+ 929-F-2 (dial bit hi) Tr1 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-959. Wichita & Altus, 1913, G+ 929-F-3 (near VG; dial bit hi) Tr1 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-960. Willets & San Fran ("Willits" MISSPELLED), 1911, G+ 985-T-1 (tip cr) Tr1 on PPC. E $20
RR-961. Williams & Los Ang, 1907, VF 964-Q-1 (bit cr) Tr7 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-962. Williams & Los Ang, 1907, VG 964-Q-1 Tr2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-963. Williams & Los Ang, 1907, G+ 964-Q-1 (lite tone) Tr2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-964. Williamsport & Wash, 1917, G+ 193-N-3 T527 on PPC. E $8
RR-965. Willits & San Fran, 1905, VG+ 985-U-2 (part lite tone) Tr16 on cvr. E $16
RR-966. Willits & San Fran, 1904, VG 985-U-3 (dial bit hi; trim R) Tr9 on cvr. E $16
RR-967. Willits & San Fran, 1912, G+ 985-U-3 (near F; lite tone) Tr3 on PPC. E $15
RR-968. Willits & San Fran, 1914, G+ NEW TYPE; Tr3(?) on PPC. E $16
RR-969. Willits & SF, 1957, F duplex (part toned; edge tears) Tr3 on 3x4" facing slip. E $15
RR-970. Win & Sac, 1945, G+ 995-J-1 (dial bit hi) Tr12 on commer.PSE. E $14
RR-971. Wink & Phoenix, 1930, G+ 968.1-B-1 ("RPO" not struck) Tr35; American Smelting & Refining Co., Hayden, AZ, cc on commer.cvr. E $20
RR-972. Winn & Sacto, 1936, F 995-I-1 Tr1 on commer.PSE. E $15
RR-973. Winn & Sacto, 1937, F 995-I-1 (dial hi: " & S" partly off; lite tone) Tr2; Western Hotel, Marysville, CA, illus.ad on cvr. E $20
RR-974. Winn & Sacto, 1937, F 995-I-1 Tr2 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-975. Winnemucca & SF, 1941, G+ 995-K-1 (part on stamp) Tr11 on commer.cvr. E $15
RR-976. Winnemucca & SF, 1944, G+ 995-K-1 (part on stamp) Tr11 on commer.cvr. E $20
RR-977. Winona & Huron, 1913, G+ 866-AB-1 (lite tone) T516 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-978. Winona & Huron, 1913, G+ 866-AB-1 T516 on PPC. E $8
RR-979. Winona & Huron, 1914, VF 866-AB-1 T514 on PPC. E $8
RR-980. Winona & Huron, 1912, G+ 866-AB-6 T516; full-color illus.Japanese women on porch at L on cvr. E $24
RR-981. Winona & Watertown, 1897, G+ 866-AD-1 (near VG) Tr2 on reg.pack.rect.card. E $12 MIN.6
RR-982. Winslow & Cape May, 1914, G+ 249-D-1 (lite crs) T406 on PPC. E $20
RR-983. Wishram & Lakev, 1933, G+ 899.1-F-1 (near VG; lite tone; bit ruff slit upper R; edge tear T) Tr103; Company 1469, CCC SCS-5, Camp Simnasho, OR, cc on #10 War Dept.penalty cvr. E $24
RR-984. Wms & Mahaffey, 1911, F 136-M-1 "EAST" on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-985. Wmspt & Alt/HPO, 1950, F duplex; Trip 2; 1c due stamp used as postage on PPC. E $20
RR-986. Woodburn & Spring, 1907, VG 900.6-B-2 Tr45 on PPC w/CODED message. E $20
RR-987. Woodbury & Kal, 1915, G+ 637.2-A-1 (part on stamp; lite tone) Tr2 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-988. Worc & Norwich/Agt, 1870s, VG 81-D-1 (trim R; edge tear R) on cvr. E $40
RR-989. Worc & Norwich/Agt, [1880], VG+ 81-D-1 (dial hi: " & N" partly off) on GPC. E $30
RR-990. Worth & Mitchell, 1910, VG 875-B-1 (slight stutter) Tr82 on PPC. E $14
RR-991. "X" (NY & Philadelphia), [1846], G+ blue 240-SP-e w/double-circled "5" rate (crs) CATALOG COPY on SFL. E $300
RR-992. Yankton & PLatte, 1939, G+ 885-M-2 (bit ruff trim R; lite tone) Tr508 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-993. York Beach & Ports, 1907, VG 15-C-1 (R arc on stamp) on PPC. E $20
RR-994. Yosemite N.P. & Merced, 1938, VG 997.1-B-1 (dial bit hi; lite cr) Tr3 on GPC. E $50
RR-995. Yosemite N.P. & Merced, 1943, VG 997.1-B-1 Tr3 on cvr. E $75
RR-996. Ypsil & Hillsdale, 1913, VG 626-G-1 (dial hi: "HIL" partly off; toned) T454 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6

RR-997. San Francisco, CA, 1901, G+ Int'l; Piedmont Air Line ad header & cc on 1c PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-998. Boston, MA, 1901, VG duplex (nick T) Office of the New England Freight Agt.cc w/Northern Pacific logo on PSE. E $14
RR-999. Boston, MA, 1903, G+ Int'l (trim L) Treasurer Boston & Maine RR cc on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1000. Boston/N.Postal Sta., MA, 1911, G+ Amer/B38(3); Boston & Maine RR/Accounting Dept.cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1001. Grand Rapids, MI, 1917, VG+ Univ. (lite tone) Grand Rapids & Indiana Rwy Co.cc on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1002. Saint Paul, MN, 1897, G+ Barry (toned) Chicago Great Western Rwy cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1003. Omaha, NE, 1890s, G+ duplex; Union Pacific/Overland logo ad cc on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1004. Omaha, NE, 1906, partial duplex (ruff slit upper L, barely in cc) "The Los Angeles Limited/Chicago & North Western/Union Pacific/Salt Lake Route" engraved en route cc on cvr. E $30
RR-1005. Fabyan House, NH, 1903, partial duplex (toned) "Scenic Gems Along the Line of the Maine Central R.R.": 5 photo illus. on add.side of priv.mailing card. E $15 MIN.8
RR-1006. Brooklyn, NY, 1900, VG Int'l (lite soiled; ruff R) Brooklyn Heights Railroad Co.cc on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1007. New York, NY, 1899, G+ Barry; Illinois Central RR cc on 1c PSE to England. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1008. New York, NY, 1907, VG Int'l; Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe R'y cc; 3c Jackson on 2c PSE to England. E $14
RR-1009. Portland, OR, 1936, VF Univ.; "Southern Pacific" en route style cc w/full-color illus.mission on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
RR-1010. Tyrone, PA, [1871], G+ CDS/cork (lower R tip nib) Lloyd, Caldwell & Co.boxed cc; overall illus.back ad: regional map w/railway lines; on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $20
RR-1011. Ogden & S.F.W.D., 1939, G+ 976-U-3 Tr21; brown "Southern Pacific" en route style cc w/illus.mission on cvr. E $20
RR-1012. Pocatello & Port, 1911, G+ 898-P-2 (R arc on stamp) Tr9; "Canadian Pacific Railway/En Route" engraved cc on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
RR-1013. "Special Train & Boat for the Society of the Cincinnati/Richmond to Yorktown & Return/Train Leaves Southern Rwy Sta.at 8:45 AM": 4.75x2.25" w/"West Point to Yorktown" stub att'd at L, 1905 (May 11). E $15 MIN.8
RR-1014. Spok, Pasco & Port, [1910], partial 899.1-C-1 (crs) "Northern Pacific Ry.Co./Western District/Land Dept./Office of Western Land Agt" double oval h/s as recd on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1015. Tucumcari & El Paso, 1934, G+ 969.3-F-6 (dial bit hi) Tr12; "Golden State" en route style cc w/illus.oranges on cvr. E $20

STREET CARS (Towle #'s)
RR-1016. Arlington & So.Balto, 1901, F BA-1-f-2/1 (dial bit hi; killer partly off) on UX15 GPC w/A.Lohmeyer oval h/s on back. E $15
RR-1017. Arl & So.Balto/Balto, Md, 1903, F BA-1-g-1/1 (tiny tears T) 2c Sc.301 on cvr. E $14
RR-1018. Arl & So.Balto/Balto.Md., 1904, G+ BA-1-g-1/1 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1019. Arl & So.Balto/Balto.Md., 1905, VG+ BA-1-g-1/2 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-1020. Arl & So.Balto/Balto.Md., 1909, F BA-1-g-1/4 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1021. Arl & So.Balto/Balto.Md., 1905, F+ BA-1-g-2/2 (toned) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1022. Arl & So.Balto/Balto.Md., 1910, F BA-1-g-2/4 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1023. Arl & So.Balto/Balto.Md., 1906, F BA-1-h-1 (crs; bit lite tone; address part faded) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1024. Arl & So.Balto/Balto.Md., 1906, VF BA-1-h-1 as fwd on PPC from England. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1025. Arl & So.Balto/Balto.Md., 1909, VG BA-1-k-1 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1026. Balto & Arlington/Balto,Md., 1914, G+ BA-2-m-1 (EARLY; part on stamp) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-1027. Balto and Arlington, 1923, VF BA-2-p on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1028. Balto and Arlington, 1927, F BA-2-p (lite tone) on cvr w/enc. E $15 MIN.8
RR-1029. Rol Pk & St.Hel/Balto.Md, 1906, F BA-3-g-1/1 (slight o/s; uneven toned) on PPC. E $6
RR-1030. Rol.Pk & St.Hel/Balto,Md., 1906 (Oct 11), VG+ BA-3-g-1/1 (LATE; lite tone) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-1031. Rol.Pk & St.Hel/Balto,Md., 1907, VG BA-3-g-1/3 (lite tone; cr) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1032. Rol.Pk & St.Hel/Balto,Md., 1907, VG BA-3-g-1/3 (toned) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1033. Rol Pk & St.Hel/Balto.Md, 1910, G+ BA-3-g-1/4 (tip crs) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1034. Rol Pk & St.Hel/Balto.Md, 1905, VF BA-3-g-2/2 on PPC. E $8
RR-1035. Rol Pk & St.Hel/Balto, Md, 1904, F BA-3-h-1 (bit o/s) on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1036. Rol Pk & St.Hel/Balto.Md, 1908, VG BA-3-k-1 on cvr. E $14
RR-1037. Roland Park & Highlandtown, 1912, G+ BA-4-f-1 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1038. Roland Park & Highlandtown, 1912, F+ BA-4-f-2 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-1039. Rol P'k & Highland/Balto, Md, 1910, VG BA-4-k-1 (lite tone; crs; edge tears B) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1040. Rol.Park & Highlandtown, 1920, VG BA-4-o-1 FLAG machine w/dateless dial on 1c PSE. E $30
RR-1041. Rol.Park & Highlandtown, 1920, VG BA-4-o-1 FLAG machine (bit trim T) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1042. Rol.Park & Highlandtown, 1916, VG BA-4-o-2 FLAG machine (crs; lite tone) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1043. Rol.Park & Highlandtown, 1917 (Apr 6), VG+ BA-4-o-2 FLAG machine on cvr. DATE U.S. entered WORLD WAR I. E $15 MIN.8
RR-1044. Rol.Park & Highlandtown, 1917, G+ BA-4-o-2 FLAG machine (toned0 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1045. Rol.Park and Highlandtown, 1921 (Dec 20), VF BA-4-p-1 (tip cr) on PPC. E $15
RR-1046. Towson & Catonsville, 1912, VF BA-5-f-1 on PPC. E $14
RR-1047. Towson & Catonsville, 1913, F BA-5-f-2 (edge tear T; part lite tone; crs; faulty finish on pix side) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1048. Towson & Catonsville, 1902, G+ BA-5-f-2/2 (toned; crs) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1049. Tow & Catons/Balto.Md., 1903, VG BA-5-g-1/1 (bit o/s; scuff spot in address, before mailed) on priv.mailing card. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1050. Tow & Catons/Balto.Md., 1910, VG BA-5-g-1/4 (edge tear L) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1051. Tow & Catons/Balto.Md., 1911, VF BA-5-g-1/4 (bit lite tone) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-1052. Tow & Catons/Balto.Md., 1903, F+ BA-5-g-2/1 on PSE. E $15 MIN.8
RR-1053. Tow & Catons/Balto.Md., 1905, VF BA-5-g-2/2 (lite tone) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1054. Tow & Catons/Balto, Md, 1906, VF BA-5-g-2/3 (uneven trim edges when removed from large sheet; lite tone; tip crs) 1c Sc.300 on PPC to Canada. E $14
RR-1055. Tow & Catons/Balto.Md., 1906, F BA-5-g-2/3 (lite tone) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1056. Tow & Catons/Balto.Md., 1907, VF BA-5-g-2/3; 1c J.Smith on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-1057. Tow & Catons/Balto.Md., 1908, VG BA-5-g-2/3 (LKU; crs) on PPC. E $20 MIN.10
RR-1058. Tow & Catons/Balto.Md., 1908, VF BA-5-g-2/4 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-1059. Tow & Catons/Balto.Md., 1909, F BA-5-g-2/5 (part on stamp; tip crs) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1060. Tow & Catons/Balto, Md, 1910, VG+ BA-5-g-2/5 (no flap) on 2.5x3.5" cvr. E $14
RR-1061. Towson & Catons/Balto.Sta, 1907, VG BA-5-j-1 (o/s; tip crs) on PPC. E $14
RR-1062. Towson & Catons/Balto.Sta, 1907, VG BA-5-j-1 (o/s; tip crs) on PPC. E $14
RR-1063. Towson & Catonsv/Balto,Md., 1916, G+ BA-5-m-1/1 (bit lite tone) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1064. Towson & Catonsv/Balto,Md., 1920, G+ BA-5-m-1/2 on cvr. E $14
RR-1065. Towson & Catonsv/Balto,Md., 1921, G+ BA-5-m-1/2 on cvr. E $14
RR-1066. Towson & Catonsv/Balto,Md., 1922, VG BA-5-m-1/2 on cvr. E $15
RR-1067. Towson & Catonsv/Balto,Md., 1924, G+ BA-5-m-2/2 (R edge wear) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1068. Towson & Catonsville, 1916, VG BA-5-o-1 FLAG machine (lite tone) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1069. Baltimore, MD/Towson & Catonsville, 1916, G+ BA-5-o-1 flag machine on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1070. Towson & Catonsville, 1915, G+ BA-5-o-2 FLAG machine (near F; bit lite tone; tip cr) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1071. Baltimore, MD/Towson & Catonsville, 1915, VG BA-5-o-2 flag machine on PPC. E $8
RR-1072. Towson & Catonsville, 1917, F BA-5-o-2 FLAG machine (bit ruff R) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
RR-1073. Towson/Catonsville/RPO 1, 1922, VG BA-5-q-1 (EARLY; lite tone) on cvr. E $15
RR-1074. Towson/Catonsville/RPO 1, 1926, VG BA-5-q-1 (lite tone) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1075. Towson/Catonsville/RPO 2, 1923, VG BA-5-q-2 (crs) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1076. Boston & Brighton, 1902, VG BO-1-b flag machine (lite tone) Trip 6; 2c red on Egypt PPC to England; Messrs.Sebasti & Reali forwarding label applied (tied by London VF duplex) & fwd to Italy. E $24
RR-1077. Boston & Brighton, 1905, VG BO-1-b FLAG machine; Trip 6 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-1078. Boston & Brighton, 1906, VG BO-1-b FLAG machine; Trip 6 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-1079. Boston & Brighton, 1906, G+ BO-1-b FLAG machine; Trip 10 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-1080. Boston & Brighton, 1903, G+ BO-1-d w/blank slug for trip (ruff L; part lite tone) on PSE. E $90
RR-1081. Boston Circuit, 1898, VF BO-10-c FLAG machine (upper R tip nib) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
RR-1082. Boston Circuit, 1905, VF BO-10-c FLAG machine on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1083. Boston Circuit, 1906, G+ BO-10-d flag machine w/"Trip 6" in dial (lite tone) on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-1084. Boston Circuit, 1906 (Aug 30), G+ BO-10-d TRIP 6 on PPC. E $20
RR-1085. Boston Circuit, 1903, G+ BO-10-e w/"5-AM" time (trim R) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
RR-1086. Boston Circuit, 1906, F BO-10-e flag machine; as fwd on PPC from England. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1087. Boston Circuit, 1907, F BO-10-e (lite tone; lower R tip ruff) "Martin J. Roche, Justice of the Peace" illus.portrait & text ad w/list of 10 shipping lines for which he was agt.; 1c Frank. on cvr w/enc.ad card w/larger portrait. E $20 MIN.10
RR-1088. Boston Circuit, 1911, G+ BO-10-e; Fitzedrick Bungalow engraved return add.on flap on cvr to Medford, MA, w/"Received Unsealed" h/s. E $15 MIN.8
RR-1089. Boston Circuit, 1913 (Jun 16), VG BO-10-e (LATE) "-AM" time slug w/hour omitted; on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-1090. Boston Circuit, 1915, VG BO-10-f (trim R; tear R; lite tone) on 3.25x4.25" cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1091. Boston Circuit, 1915 (Jun 6), G+ BO-10-f (LATE; lite tone) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-1092. Boston Circuit, 1915 (Mar 1), G+ BO-10-g struck at L; VG+ BO-10f FLAG machine (Mar 2) tying 2c DOCUMENTARY stamp, illegally applied as postage (w/2nd inverted strike at B) on cvr w/"Boston/Circ./Mass." G+ mute oval ty.BO-10-Spec as b/s; prepared by & ADDRESSED TO famous RPO clerk C.W.TUTTLE at 1060 Tremont St., Boston. E $100 MIN.50
RR-1093. Boston Circuit, 1915 (Mar 8), G+ BO-10-g as b/s (2nd partial strike on address side, partly off L edge); VG BO-10f FLAG machine tying 1c CHINA stamp illegally applied as postage; circled "152" & "157" h/s at L; on cvr prepared by famous RPO clerk C.W.TUTTLE; add.to "C.W.FULLER, 14 Northfield St., Boston" (spurious name?) in Tuttle's hand. E $80 MIN.40
RR-1094. Brooklyn N.Y., Circuit, 1905, F+ BR-5-d-3 Tr13; as recd on PPC from England. E $14
RR-1095. Chi & N.Clark St. Chi.Ill./2, 1905, G+ CH-1-b (bit o/s; Tr# unclear) on PPC. E $5
RR-1096. Chi & N.Clark St Chi Ill/2, 1907, F CH-1-b (killer mostly not struck) Tr10; 1c Smith on PPC. E $8
RR-1097. Chi & N.Clark St. Chi.Ill./2, 1907, VG+ CH-1-b (part on stamp; o/s) Tp14 on PPC. E $8
RR-1098. Chi & N.Clark St. Chi.Ill./2, 1908, VG CH-1-b Tp14 on LEATHER PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1099. Chi & N.Clark St. Chi.Ill./2, 1909, G+ CH-1-b (near VF; lite tone) Tr6 on PPC. E $8
RR-1100. Chi & N.Clark St. Chi.Ill./3, 1906, F CH-1-c (o/s; lite tone) Tr16 on PPC. E $8
RR-1101. Chi & N.Clark St. Chi.Ill./3, 1906, G+ CH-1-c (part on stamp; o/s; uneven toned) Tp8 on PPC. E $6
RR-1102. Chi & N.Clark St. Chi.Ill./3, 1907, G+ CH-1-c (part on stamp) Tr6 on PPC. E $6
RR-1103. Chi & N.Clark St. Chi.Ill./3, 1909, G+ CH-1-c (lower L arc partial) Tr12 on PPC. E $6
RR-1104. Chi Ill Cott Gro Av, 1907, G+ CH-3-e Tr16 on PPC. E $8
RR-1105. Chi Ill Cott Gro Av, 1907, G+ CH-3-e (part on stamp) Tr14 on PPC. E $6
RR-1106. Chi Ill Cott Gro Av, 1908, G+ CH-3-e Tr2 on PPC. E $8
RR-1107. Chi Ill Cott Gro Av, 1910, G+ CH-3-e (part on stamp; toned) Tr12 on PPC. E $6
RR-1108. Chicago, Ill, Cottage Grove Avenue, RPO 2, 1911 (Feb 28), G+ CH-3-g Doremus machine (# mostly not struck, but just enough shows for ID) on PPC. E $200
RR-1109. Chicago, Ill/Mad St., 1907, G+ CH-4-d Tr6 on PPC. E $6
RR-1110. Chi & Millard Ave/1, 1909, VF CH-5-a Tp16 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1111. Chi & Millard Ave/1, 1909, G+ CH-5-a (dial bit hi) Tp12 on PPC. E $8
RR-1112. Chi & Millard Ave/Ill/2, 1905, G+ CH-5-b (# not struck but ID sure; part on stamp) Tp4 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1113. Chi & Millard Ave, 1906, G+ CH-5-b (killer # obscured but ID sure; lite tone) Tp17 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1114. Chi & Millard Ave/Ill/2, 1908, G+ CH-5-b (tears; upper R tip nib) Tp6 on cvr. E $14
RR-1115. Chi & Millard Ave/2, 1909, G+ CH-5-b (upper R on stamp; killer not struck but ID sure) Tp18 on PPC. E $8
RR-1116. Chi & Millard Ave/2, 1910, G+ CH-5-b Tp6 on PPC. E $8
RR-1117. Chi & Millard Ave/Ill/3, 1904, F CH-5-c (bit cr) Tp6; Ludwigs Hardware cc on cvr. E $14
RR-1118. Chi & Millard Ave/Ill/3, 1907, VG CH-5-c (dial hi: "ARD" partly off) Tp3 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1119. Chi & Millard Ave/3, 1908, G+ CH-5-c Tp6 on PPC. E $6
RR-1120. Chi & Millard Ave/Ill/4, 1906, G+ CH-5-d (killer partly off R; upper R tip ruff) Tp16 on cvr. E $14
RR-1121. Chi & Millard Ave/Ill, 1907, G+ CH-5-d (Tp # unclear) on glitter PPC. E $8
RR-1122. Chi & Millard Ave/Ill/4, 1907, G+ CH-5-d Tp8 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1123. Chi & Millard Ave, 1908, F+ CH-5-d Tp16 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1124. Chi.Ill., Mil.Ave., 1902, G+ CH-6-a Tp8 on cvr. E $60
RR-1125. Chi.Ill., Mil.Ave., 1903, G+ CH-6-a Tr4 on cvr. E $70
RR-1126. Chi & Mil Ave, 1905, F+ CH-6-b Tr18; 2c Sc.319 on PPC to NORWAY. E $20
RR-1127. Chi & Mil Ave, 1906, G+ CH-6-b (part on stamp; lite crs; lite tone) Tr2 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1128. Chi & Mil Ave, 1907, VG+ CH-6-b (bit cr) Tr6 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1129. Chi & Mil Ave, 1907, G+ CH-6-b (dial bit hi; tip crs) Tr15 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1130. Chi & Mil Ave, 1907, F CH-6-b Tr8 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1131. Chi & Mil Ave, 1907, G+ CH-6-b ("RPO" mostly not struck) Tr10 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1132. Chi & Mil Ave, 1907, G+ CH-6-b Tr6 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1133. Chi & Mil Ave, 1911, F CH-6-b (toned) Tr10 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1134. Chi, Ill.Milwaukee Ave, 1897, G+ CH-6-c (lite tone; no flap) Tr6 on cvr. E $20
RR-1135. Chi, Ill.Milwaukee Ave, 1898, G+ CH-6-c Tr12 on cvr. E $20
RR-1136. Chi.Ill., Mil.Ave., 1901, G+ CH-6-d (lite crs) Tp22 on cvr. E $30
RR-1137. Chicago, Mil.Ave./Ill/1, 1903, G+ CH-6-e1 (# not struck; ID by date) Tp18 on cvr. E $40
RR-1138. Chi, Ill.Milwaukee Ave, 1896, VG CH-6-f (bit ruff trim R, to stamp) Tr16 on PSE. E $20
RR-1139. Chicago, Ill/Wentworth Ave, 1904, F CH-7-a1 (cr; ruff R to stamp; tiny tear T) 2c Sc.301 on cvr. E $75
RR-1140. Chicago, Ill/Wentworth Ave, 1904, VG+ CH-7-a1 (bit heavy inked; lite tone; ruff R; edge tear T) 2c Sc.319 on cvr. E $70
RR-1141. Chicago, Ill/Wentworth Avenue, 1906, G+ CH-7-a2 Doremus machine ("AVE" not struck) on PPC. E $50
RR-1142. Chicago, Ill/Wentworth Avenue, 1906, F+ CH-7-a2 (part lite tone; bit cr) on PPC. E $50
RR-1143. Chicago, Ill/Wentworth Avenue, ca.1906?, G+ CH-7-a2 Doremus machine (dial partial; lite tone) on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-1144. Chi & Went Ave/1, [1902], G+ CH-7-b1 (year partial; part ruff trim R, just in stamp) Tp10 on cvr w/enc. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1145. Chi & Went Ave/3, 1900 (Jun 14), G+ CH-7-b3 (EARLY; bit ruff trim R) Tr14 on cvr. E $20
RR-1146. Chi & Went Ave/3, 1900, G+ CH-7-b3 (lower R tip nib; lower L crnr toned) Tp14 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1147. Chi & Went Ave, 1900, G+ CH-7-b3 (year partial; # obscured on stamp; crnr cr; 2 sealed spindles) Tp10 on GPC. E $8
RR-1148. Chi & Went Ave/3, 1901, G+ CH-7-b3 Tp14 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1149. Chi & Went Ave/3, 1901, G+ CH-7-b3 Tp8; 2c Pan Am on cvr. E $14
RR-1150. Chi & Went Ave/3, 1905, VG CH-7-b3 (bit stutter) Tp8 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1151. Chi & Went Ave, 1906, VG CH-7-b3 Tp6 on PPC. E $8
RR-1152. Chi & Went Ave/3, 1909, G+ CH-7-b3 (# partial) Tp4 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1153. Chi & Went Ave/4, 1900, G+ CH-7-b4 Tp12 on GPC. E $14
RR-1154. Chi & Went Ave/4, 1901, G+ CH-7-b4 (slit 3 sides; nicks L; upper L edge tone) Tp4 on cvr w/enc. E $14
RR-1155. Chi & Went Ave, 1905, G+ CH-7-b5 w/inverted 3 (bit lite tone) Tp6 on PPC. E $6
RR-1156. Chi & Went Ave, 1906, VG+ CH-7-b5 w/inverted 3 (lite tone; bit cr) Tp4 on PPC. E $8
RR-1157. Chi & Went Ave, 1906, VF CH-7-b5 Tr12 on PPC. E $8
RR-1158. Chi & Went Ave/3, 1907, G+ CH-7-b5 w/inv."3" (toned) Tp6 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1159. Chi & Went Ave/3, 1907, G+ CH-7-b5 w/inv."3" (lite crs) Tr18 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1160. Chi & Went Ave, 1907, G+ CH-7-b5 w/inverted 3 (o/s; # partial; cr) Tr18 on PPC. E $6
RR-1161. Chi & Went Ave, 1910 (Jul 30), F CH-7-b5 w/inverted 3 (LATE use; killer partly off R) Tr14 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-1162. Chi & Went Ave/3, 1910, VG CH-7-b5 w/inv."3"; Tr12 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1163. Chi & Went Ave/3, 1910, F CH-7-b5 w/inv."3"; T10 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1164. Chi & Went Ave/3, 1911, VG+ CH-7-b5 w/inv."3" (near F) Tr8 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1165. Chi & Went Ave/Street, 1910, G+ CH-7-c (toned) Tr2 on PPC. E $8
RR-1166. Chi & Went Ave/Street, 1911, G+ CH-7-c Tr6 on PPC. E $8
RR-1167. Cleveland Circuit, 1909, VF CL-1-a Tr6 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1168. Cleveland Circuit, 1910, VF CL-1-b flag machine (lite tone) Trip 4 on PPC. E $6
RR-1169. 3rd Ave.N.Y.City, 1895 (Dec 14), G+ NY-1-b-var (EARLY; bit stutter) Tr12; as recd on GPC. Can't match to any transparency in catalog. E $20 MIN.10
RR-1170. Phila & Manayunk, 1898, VG PH-2-a Tr29; as recd b/s on cvr. E $20
RR-1171. Philadelphia & Manayunk, 1898 (Jun 28), G+ PH-2-c FLAG machine (LKU; bit lite tone) Trip 25; as recd b/s on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
RR-1172. Phila & Germantown, 1897, G+ PH-4-c FLAG machine; Trip 32; John G.Carruth & Co./Worsted, Woolen & Cotton Goods cc on PSE. E $15
RR-1173. Phila & Chest Hill, 1908, VG PH-5-e (o/s) Tr30 on PPC. E $24
RR-1174. Phila & Darby, 1907, G+ PH-7-d ("RPO" mostly not struck) Tr34 on PPC. E $20 MIN.10
RR-1175. Phila & Darby, 1907, G+ PH-7-d Tr16 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-1176. Phila & Darby, 1910, G+ PH-7-e (lite tone) Tr20 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-1177. Philadelphia, PA/Southwest Circuit, 1898, VG PH-9-c FLAG machine; Trip 3; as recd b/s on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
RR-1178. Pittsburg St./Pa., 1898, G+ PI-2-a (trim T, in stamp to oval) Trip 2 on cvr. E $14
RR-1179. Pittsburg St./Pa, 1899, VF PI-2-a Trip 8; Park Steel Co.cc on PSE. E $20 MIN.10
RR-1180. Pittsburg, Pa.St., 1907, G+ PI-2-c (bit heavy inked) Tr2 on PPC to ENGLAND. E $14
RR-1181. Pittsburgh, Pa/Street, 1914, G+ PI-2-f-b (dial bit hi; bit stutter; fingerprints below dial) Tr"8" on PPC. E $20 MIN.10
RR-1182. Lot 6) Pittsburg(h), PA/Street Car (4 diff.), 1908-15, VF-G+ PI-2-k/2-i-a/2-i-b/2-l; various Tr #'s on PPCs. E $24 MIN.12
RR-1183. Rochester, NY/East Side, 1898, VG+ RO-1-c flag machine (bit lite tone) Trip 15 on cvr. E $15
RR-1184. Rochester, N.Y.Car Coll Service/C, 1899 (Mar 22, G+ RO-3-b (lite; tear T; no flap) on cvr. E $14
RR-1185. Rochester, NY/Car.Coll.Service.C, 1908 (Jan 21), VG+ RO-3-c (LATE) on PPC. E $20
RR-1186. Rochester, N.Y.Car Coll Service/B, 1898 (Sep 9), VG RO-4-a2 (EKU) Eastman Kodak cc on PSE. E $24 MIN.12
RR-1187. Rochester,N.Y.Car Coll Service/B, 1899, G+ RO-4-a2 (part on stamp) on cvr. E $14
RR-1188. Seattle & Seattle, 1909, F+ SE-1-Ab (uneven toned; tip crs) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-1189. Seattle & Seattle, 1910, G+ SE-1-Ab (R arc lite; lite tone) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-1190. Seattle & Seattle, 1910, G+ SE-1-Ab (dial bit hi; lite tone) on PPC. E $15
RR-1191. Seattle & Seattle, 1911, VF SE-1-Ab w/inverted RMS killer (crs) on PPC. NICE example of this. E $20 MIN.10
RR-1192. Seattle & Seattle, 1912, G+ SE-1-Ab on PPC (SS Chippewa). E $15 MIN.8
RR-1193. San Fran Market St, 1904, G+ SF-1-b ("ARK" not struck; trim L) on PPC. E $75 MIN.38
RR-1194. San Fran Market St., 1905, G+ SF-1-b ("RPO" mostly not struck; trim L; tone speck) on cvr. E $75
RR-1195. Sacramento St.San Fran, 1905, G+ SF-3-a-2 ("S" & "RP" not struck; lite tone) on PPC. E $100 MIN.50
RR-1196. Centennial Parade/1809/1909/St.Louis, Mo., 1909, F+ magenta (SL) 831-E-4 (slight smear) on Cent'l Week PPC. E $150 MIN.75
RR-1197. St.Louis, Mo./Street No.1, 1896, G+ SL- 1-Aa (bit ruff T) "EAST" on cvr. E $50
RR-1198. St.Lou & Flor, 1897, G+ SL- 2-A (toned; nick T) Tr2 on cvr. E $20
RR-1199. St.Louis, Mo/Grand Ave Circuit, 1896, VG+ SL- 3-Aa (part ruff trim R; tears R; lite tone; stamp fault) Tr7 on cvr. E $16
RR-1200. St.Louis, Mo/Grand Ave Circuit, 1896, VG SL- 3-Aa (part heavy inked) Tr11 on 3.25x4" cvr. E $16
RR-1201. St.Louis, Mo/Grand Ave Circuit, 1897, G SL- 3-Aa (upper R arc partial) Tr6 on PSE. E $8
RR-1202. St.Louis, Mo/Grand Ave Circuit, 1897, G+ SL- 3-Aa Tr9 on GPC. E $16
RR-1203. St.Louis, Mo/Grand Ave Circuit, 1899, G+ SL- 3-Aa (stamp fault) Tr7 on cvr. E $15
RR-1204. St.Louis, Mo/Grand Ave Circuit, 1899, G+ SL- 3-Aa (dial bit hi; lite tone) Tr11 on cvr. E $16
RR-1205. St.L.Mo/Grand Ave Circuit, 1898 (Feb 7), G+ SL- 3-C (killer mostly not struck; likely #3) UNLISTED Tr11 on GPC. E $100
RR-1206. St.L.Gd.Ave Circuit, 1900, G+ SL- 3-E; UNLISTED Tr12 on 3.25x4.25" cvr. E $24
RR-1207. St.Louis, Mo/Grand Ave Circuit, 1897, VG+ SL- 3-Fa flag machine; Trip 11 on GPC. E $14
RR-1208. St.Louis, Mo/Grand Ave Circuit, 1897, F+ SL- 3-Fa flag machine (upper R tip ruff) Trip 9 on cvr. E $15
RR-1209. St.Louis, Mo/Grand Ave Circuit, 1898, VG+ SL- 3-Fa flag machine (toned; few small scuff specks in bars) Trip 11 on cvr. E $14
RR-1210. St.L. & Webster Groves, 1897, G+ SL- 4-A on (ruff R; lite tone) Tr16; Geo.D.Mekeel return add. E $24 MIN.12
RR-1211. St.L. & Webster Groves, 1897, G+ SL- 4-A (ruff slit T; tear R) Tr16 on cvr. E $24
RR-1212. Saint Louis, Mo, 1901 (Mar 4), VG SL- 6-Aa PROVISIONAL duplex (bit heavy inked; ruff L, in [Boec]kler Lumber cc; lite tone; lite cr) Tr15 on PSE. McKinley 2nd inauguration date. E $24
RR-1213. St.Louis, Mo/Cass Cir, 1906, F SL- 8-A (bit cr; back toned) Tr8 on GPC. E $20
RR-1214. St.Louis, Mo/Chouteau Cir, 1906, F SL- 9-A (multi-crs) Tr6 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1215. St.Louis, Mo/Chouteau Cir, 1914, F SL- 9-A (lite tone) Tr4 on PPC. E $20
RR-1216. St.Louis, Mo/Chouteau Cir, 1915, G+ SL- 9-A (lite tone) Tr4 on cvr w/enc. E $24
RR-1217. St.Louis, Mo/Olive, 1908, F SL-10-B (lite tone) Tr10 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1218. St.Louis, Mo, Olive, 1913, G+ SL-10-C (near F; bit cr) Tr4 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1219. St.Louis, Mo, Olive, 1913, F+ SL-10-C Tr2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1220. Saint Louis, Mo/Easton Circuit, 1913, F SL-11-B Tr2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1221. St.Louis, Mo/Easton Circuit, 1908, VF SL-11-C Tr4 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1222. St.Louis, Mo.Easton, 1910, G+ SL-11-C Tr3 on PPC. E $8
RR-1223. St.Louis, Mo.Easton, 1911, VF SL-11-C (lite tone) on Tr3. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1224. St.Louis, Mo.Easton, 1910, F SL-11-D Tr2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1225. St.Louis, Mo.Easton, 1910, VF SL-11-D (lite tone) Tr2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1226. St.Louis, Mo/Easton Cir No.1, 1915, VG SL-11-E (bit ruff trim L; tears) Tr2 on cvr. E $24
RR-1227. St.Louis, Mo/Northwest Circuit, 1907, F SL-12-A (heavy toned; tips nick; lite cr) Tr3 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1228. St.Louis, Mo/Northwest, 1910, G+ SL-12-B (near F; toned) Tr6 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1229. St.Louis, Mo/Northwest, 1910 (Dec 30), VF SL-12-B (lite tone) Tr6 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1230. St.Louis, Mo, Northwest, 1911, F SL-12-C (lite tone) Tr4 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1231. St.Louis, Mo, Northwest, 1911, VF SL-12-C (lite tone) Tr8 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1232. St.Louis, Mo/North B'way, 1909, VF SL-13-B (lower L tip nib; tear B; crs) Tr8 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1233. St.Louis, Mo/Southwest, 1908, G+ SL-14-Ba Tr6 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1234. St.Louis,Mo./Southwest, 1909, F SL-14-Ba (lite tone) Tr6 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1235. St.Louis, Mo/Southwest, 1910, G+ SL-14-Ba (near F; cr; lite tone) Tr4 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1236. St.Louis, Mo/Southwest, 1911, F+ SL-14-Bb (toned) Tr2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1237. St.Louis, Mo/South West, 1912, VG+ SL-14-Bb Tr4 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1238. St.Louis, Mo/B'way South Circuit, 1906, G+ SL-15-Aa (lite tone) Tr2 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1239. St.Louis, Mo/South B'way, 1909, G+ SL-15-B (lite tone) Tr4 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1240. St.Louis, Mo/South B'way, 1911, G+ SL-15-B Tr6 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-1241. Wash D.C.Pa.Ave, 1899, G+ WA-1-Aa (lite tone) on cvr w/enc. E $30
RR-1242. Wash D.C.Pa.Ave, 1897, F WA-1-Ab (no flap; edge tears T) Silver Knight Watchman cc on cvr. E $30
RR-1243. Wash D.C.Pa.Ave, 1897, F WA-1-Ab (toned) bit faulty 1c blue on cvr. E $30
RR-1244. Wash D.C.Pa.Ave, 1904, G+ WA-1-Ba (o/s; toned; lite crs) Tr12 on PPC. E $20
RR-1245. Wash D.C.Pa.Ave, 1905, G+ WA-1-Ba (bit lite tone) Tr22 on PPC. E $24
RR-1246. Wash D.C.Pa.Ave, 1904, G+ WA-1-Bb (horiz.cr) Tr12 on PPC. E $20
RR-1247. Wash D.C.Pa.Ave, 1907, VG WA-1-Ca (dial bit hi) Tr20 on PPC. E $20
RR-1248. Wash D.C.Pa.Ave, 1908, F+ WA-1-Ca (upper L tip taped; lite cr) Tr16 on PPC. E $20
RR-1249. Wash D.C.Pa.Ave, 1908, F WA-1-Ca (scuff spot; tip crs) Tr20 on PPC. E $20
RR-1250. Wash D.C.Pa.Ave, 1908, G+ WA-1-Ca (part on stamp; tiny tears) Tr22 on PPC. E $20
RR-1251. Wash D.C.Pa.Ave, 1909, G+ WA-1-Ca (R arc not struck; toned) Tr3 on PPC. E $20
RR-1252. Wash D.C.Pa.Ave, 1911, G+ WA-1-Ca Tr14; Navy Dep't, Ordnance Office, U.S.Navy Yd.cc on #10 penalty cvr. E $30
RR-1253. Wash D.C.Pa.Ave, 1911, G+ WA-1-Ca (near VG) Tr14; Gen'l Storekeeper's Office, U.S.Navy Yd.cc on #10 penalty cvr. E $30
RR-1254. Wash D.C.Pa.Ave, 1911, G+ WA-1-Ca (near VG+) Tr13 on PPC. E $24
RR-1255. Wash D.C.Pa.Ave, 1911, VG WA-1-Ca (dial bit hi; bit lite tone) Tr14 on PPC. E $20
RR-1256. Wash D.C.Pa.Ave, 1911, G+ WA-1-Ca (part on stamp; lite tone; lower L tip taped) Tr10 on PPC. E $20
RR-1257. Wash D.C.Pa.Ave, 1912, G+ WA-1-Ca (upper R arc partial) Tr3 on PPC. E $20
RR-1258. Wash D.C.Pa.Ave, 1912, VG+ WA-1-Ca Tr11 on PPC. E $24
RR-1259. Wash D.C.Pa.Ave, 1912, G+ WA-1-Ca Tr16 on PPC. E $20
RR-1260. Wash D.C.Pa.Ave, 1913, G+ WA-1-Cb (LKU) Tr8 on PPC. LATEST of any DC street car. E $50 MIN.26
RR-1261. Wash D.C.F.St., 1901, VF WA-3-a (lite tone) Tp6 on priv.mailing card. E $60
RR-1262. Wash D.C.F.St., 1899, G+ WA-3-b (dial bit hi; "R" not struck; bit uneven trim T; lite tone) w/blank slug for Tr# on cvr. E $50
RR-1263. "Washington, D.C.Dis (9)": 3.25x3" facing slip w/ms # (HEAVILY damaged: soiled; pieces out), found in floor boards of mail car #1 when dismantled in 1960 (per David Gentry's write-up). AS IS for faults, but RARE. E $50

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