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Section 5:

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EXPOSITIONS (NOTE: Bomar #'s are from the 3rd EDITION catalog) / Do you need "Postmarks of U.S.Expositions"? We have it!
EX-1. Centennial/Phila'da, PA, [1876], G+ P76-02 on GPC. E $160
EX-2. Cincinnati, OH, [1881], G undated CDS w/large "5" in center, socked on nose (part lite soiled; lite crs) "Ninth Cincinnati Industrial Exposition/Opens Sept.7th, Closes Oct.8th" illus.ad; 1c banknote on unsealed #10 cvr. E $60
EX-3. Cincinnati, OH, [1888], partial undated double oval (lite crs; uneven toned) "From Centennial Exposition of the Ohio Valley & Central States" large cc; 1c Frank. on unsealed #10 cvr. E $100
EX-4. Richmond, VA, 1888, G duplex (bit ruff L; lite crs) "Virginia Agricultural, Mechanical & Tobacco Exposition/Opens Oct.3rd 1888. Closes Nov.21st..." illus.ad (Expo bldg) on #10 cvr. E $90
EX-5. Chicago, IL, 1892, G duplex (upper L crnr slit) M.N.Baird/Furnisher of World's Columbian Exposition Charts, Books, Maps h/s ad on PSE. E $20
EX-6. Philadelphia, PA, 1899, G+ P99-05 Nat'l Export Expo slogan on GPC. E $14
EX-7. Philadelphia, PA, 1899, G+ P99-05 Nat'l Export Expo slogan (crnr cr; part o/s) on GPC. E $14
EX-8. Philadelphia, PA, [1899], G+ P99-08 Nat'l Export Expo slogan w/dateless 3rd class dial; Comly & Flanigen/Commission Merchants cc; 1c Franklin on cvr. E $14
EX-9. Philadelphia, PA, 1899 (Dec 1), VF P99-09-03 Nat'l Export Expo slogan flag #3 (LKU; ruff R; lite tone) Windsor Hotel illus.ad on cvr. E $30
EX-10. Philadelphia/Sta.D, PA, 1899, VF P99-10-D Nat'l Export Expo slogan flag (toned; upper R tip slit; tear B) War Dept.cc w/Schuylkill Arsenal h/s on penalty cvr. E $30
EX-11. Paris Exposition/Alma, France, 1900, G+ DCDS (lite tone) on Expo PPC. E $15
EX-12. Paris/Exposition Universelle, France, 1900, G+ flag (o/s) on Expo PPC to Austria. E $14
EX-13. Paris/Exposition Universelle, France, 1900, G+ flag (toned; tip thin) "Village Suisse/Paris" G+ magenta DCDS at L on transparency HOLD-TO-LIGHT PPC (Ferris Wheel). E $15
EX-14. Paris, France, 1900, G flag tying "Exposition Univ./Belgique" ad label on Expo PPC to Switzerland. E $15
EX-15. Buffalo/Pan-American Sta., NY, 1901, G+ B01-07A; 2c Pan-Am on Expo priv.mailing card to ITALY. E $30
EX-16. Buffalo/Pan-American Sta., NY, 1901, F B01-07A; 1c Pan-Am on Expo PPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-17. Buffalo/Pan-American Sta., NY, 1901, VG B01-07A (bit o/s by angled 2nd strike) bit faulty 1c Pan Am commem. on priv.mailing card. E $15
EX-18. Buffalo/Pan-American Sta., NY, 1901, G+ B01-07C (near F+) w/"R" die space, as ORIGIN on cvr. E $50
EX-19. Buffalo, NY, 1899, F B01-13C Pan Am Expo slogan w/dateless dial; Wolf Billiard & Canvas Co.text at cc (poker table cloths; playing cards) 1c green on unsealed cvr. E $100
EX-20. Buffalo, NY, 1901 (May 29), G+ B01-15B Pan-Am slogan w/BLANK DIE space; DATED 1st class dial (near VF) on PSE. E $150
EX-21. Buffalo, NY, 1901, G+ B01-15B Pan Am Expo slogan w/triangle-in-triangle slogan; 3rd class use w/day & die # omitted (bit trim T) 1c Pan Am commem on cvr. E $75 MIN.38
EX-22. Buffalo, NY, 1901, G+ B01-15C Pan-Am slogan ("BUFF" not struck) 2c Pan-Am on Expo priv.mailing card to Germany. E $20
EX-23. Milton, NY, [1901], partial CDS/cork (lite tone) Niagara Env.Co.overall full-color Pan-Am Expo ad (U.S.Gov't Bldg) on cvr w/Grange House hotel letterhead enc.: "Have rented a house (in) Buffalo for a year..." to rent to Patrons of Husbandry; enc.ad card w/map of location. E $40
EX-24. Buffalo, NY, 1901, VG duplex (bit cr) 1c Pan-Am +2x 2c red on Expo priv.mailing card to Germany. E $14
EX-25. Toledo, OH, 1899, G+ T02-01; C.A.King Market Report cc on 1c PSE. E $14
EX-26. Toledo, OH, 1899, F T02-01; J.F.Zahm cc on 1c PSE. E $14
EX-27. Toledo, OH, 1899, VF T02-01; J.J.Coon cc on PSE. E $14
EX-28. Toledo, OH, 1900, G+ T02-03 (lite crs) Paddock Hodge Co.ad cc; text ad on back on 1c PSE. E $14
EX-29. St.Louis/Exposition Sta., MO, 1904, VG StL04-06; 2c Sc.319 on Expo PPC to ENGLAND. E $24 MIN.12
EX-30. St.Louis, MO, 1902, F StL04-19A/7 World's Fair slogan on GPC. E $5
EX-31. St.Louis, MO, 1903, VF StL04-19B/01 Expo slogan (lite tone) St.Louis Union Trust Co.illus.ad (bldg) on #10 PSE. E $12 MIN.6
EX-32. St.Louis, MO, 1904, F StL04-19B/05 Expo slogan (lite tone) St.Louis Union Trust Co.illus.ad (bldg) on #10 PSE. E $12 MIN.6
EX-33. Portland, OR, 1904 (Oct 1), G+ P05-08 Portland Expo slogan on GPC. E $14
EX-34. Portland, OR, 1905, VF P05-09 World's Fair slogan (part o/s) 2c Sc.319 on Expo glitter PPC to Norway & fwd to Chicago. E $14
EX-35. Norfolk/Exposition Station, VA, 1907, G+ N07-05 (o/s) 1c Expo on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-36. Norfolk/Exposition Station, VA, 1907, G+ N07-05 (toned; crs) 1c Jamestown on PPC to CANADA. E $15 MIN.8
EX-37. Norfolk/Exposition Station, VA, 1907 (Sep 7), VG+ N07-05 (trim R to stamp; lite tone) on PSE. E $14
EX-38. Norfolk, VA, 1907 (Feb 7), VG N07-09 Jamestown Expo slogan machine (bit trim T; edge tears T; no flap, partly affecting back ad) illus.Expo logo cc & overall illus.back ad on cvr. E $14
EX-39. Norfolk, VA, 1907 (Nov 16), VG+ N07-09 Jamestown Expo slogan machine (edge tear T; bit lite tone) 2c Expo commem. on cvr. E $14
EX-40. Newport News, VA, 1907 (Jun 6), G+ N07-10 Jamestown Expo slogan machine; 1c Expo commem. on PPC. E $14
EX-41. Newport News, VA, 1907 (Aug 7), G+ N07-10 Jamestown Expo slogan machine (part lite tone) 1c Expo commem. on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-42. Newport News, VA, 1908 (Jan 10), G+ N07-10 Jamestown Expo slogan machine (lite tone) on PPC. E $14
EX-43. Portsmouth, VA, 1907 (Jun 18), G+ N07-11 Jamestown Expo slogan machine (year not struck) 1c Expo commem. on PPC. E $14
EX-44. Pine Beach, VA, 1907, G+ 4-bar (part on stamp; tip cr) 1c Jamestown Expo commem. on Expo PPC: Pine Beach Hotel. E $14
EX-45. Spokane, WA, 1908, G+ Int'l (o/s; edge tears B) "Oct 5 10-Inc./Spokane Interstate Fair" RED 55x44mm ad label on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
EX-46. St.Paul/State Fair Grounds Sta., MN, 1908, G+ brown boxed h/s (upper R on stamp) on PPC. E $15
EX-47. Ballymaclinton/Shepherds Bush Exhibition (London, England), 1909, G+ CDS (bit of rim off R; lite tone) on PPC. E $20
EX-48. Seattle/Exposition Sta., WA, 1909, F S09-02B (toned; bit cr) on Expo PPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-49. USS Maryland, 1909, G+ ty.1 (part on stamp; toned) SHIP at AYP EXPO on PPC. E $350
EX-50. Marysville, CA, 1910, G+ Amer B14 (lite tone) on PPC: comic ad on front for July 4 celebration. E $14
EX-51. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915, VF SF15-02 (lite tone; 2 ink spots B) on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-52. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915, G+ SF15-02 (tip cr) 1c perf.12 Balboa on Expo PPC. E $15 MIN.8
EX-53. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915, F+ SF15-02; 1c Balboa pf.10 (Sc.401) on Expo PPC. E $40 MIN.20
EX-54. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915, VG SF15-02; 1c perf.10 Balboa (corner copy w/2 SE's) on Expo PPC. E $40 MIN.20
EX-55. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915 (Mar 29), G+ SF15-03 Universal machine (lite crs) 1c perf.10 Balboa on Expo PPC. E $20
EX-56. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915 (Sep 2), G+ SF15-03; 2c perf.12 Expo commem. on 3.5x4.25" PIECE ONLY, from cvr to Earl L. Whiting/Cincinnati Garter Mfg.Co. Ex-Payne; Ex-Bomar. MIN.$24
EX-57. San Francisco, CA, 1912, VG+ SF15-09-01 PPIE slogan (bit o/s; edge tear T) on PPC to CHILE. E $14
EX-58. San Francisco, CA, 1913, G+ SF15-09-01C PPIE slogan; U.S.Steel cc on PSE. E $15
EX-59. San Francisco, CA, 1913, G+ SF15-09-02 PPIE slogan (trim R) 2c PPIE commem. on cvr. E $6
EX-60. San Francisco, CA, 1911 (Jun 23), VG SF15-09-07A PPIE slogan (toned) on PPC. E $24
EX-61. San Francisco, CA, 1911, F SF15-09-07C PPIE slogan (lite tone) Odeon Cafe/San Fran's Leading Vaudeville Restaurant ad header at L w/"World's Fair" illus.ad (sunset) on ad PPC. E $15
EX-62. San Francisco, CA, 1912, VG SF15-09-09B PPIE slogan (no flap) Selig Bros.Tailors cc; 2c Wash.imperf on cvr. E $8
EX-63. Alameda, CA, 1916 (Feb 12), VG SF15-10 PPIE slogan (LATE use) on PPC. E $15
EX-64. Los Angeles, CA, 1912 (Dec 21; 10 AM), VF SF15-13A PPIE slogan (crs; tiny tears R) w/G+ SF15-13D damaged dial type (5:30 AM) inverted at lower L on PPC. LKU of BOTH TYPES on SAME card. RARE, exhibit-worthy combo. E $100
EX-65. Los Angeles, CA, 1912 (Dec 11), VG SF15-13D PPIE slogan w/damaged dial (lite tone) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-66. Oakland, CA, 1914, VG+ SF15-15 PPIE slogan (tear T; crs) on 1c GPC to Germany w/ms "via German Steamer" instruction. E $15
EX-67. Seattle, WA, 1914, VF SF15-18B PPIE slogan, inverted at lower L (trim R) as recd; w/"Returned to Writer...Seattle..." pointing hand h/s on cvr from Seattle/Sta.W & returned. E $14
EX-68. Berkeley, CA, 1915, G+ SF15-23 PPIE slogan (trim L; bit lite tone) on PSE w/enc. E $8
EX-69. Berkeley/Sta.A, CA, 1915, G+ SF15-23C PPIE slogan FLAG (bit lite tone; nicks B) Pacific Spring Bed cc; pair 1c Balboa on cvr. E $20
EX-70. Los Angeles/Sta.R, CA, 1918, G+ SF15-25E PPIE flag w/slogan excised (slight ruff slit T) Security Trust & Savings Bank cc on cvr. E $24
EX-71. Altoona, PA, 1911, G+ Amer/B14 (lite tone) tying 27x32mm Pan-Pan Expo pictorial ad label (ship) on PPC. Scarce DISTANT use of label, PA to OH. E $24
EX-72. New Orleans, LA, 1910, G Int'l (trim R; upper R tip nib; no flap) "World's Panama Exposition Co./New Orleans 'Logical Point' 1915/Hub of the Western Hemisphere" illus.campaign ad (globe, flags & allegorical figure) on #10 PSE. E $80 MIN.40
EX-73. Santa Monica, CA, 1916, F SD16-06 Pan-Cal Expo slogan flag (message into dial) on PPC. E $15
EX-74. Longbeach, CA, 1916, VG+ SD16-07 Pan-Cal Expo slogan on cvr. E $20
EX-75. Santa Barbara, CA, 1916, G+ SD16-11 Pan-Cal slogan (lite tone) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-76. Los Angeles, CA, 1916, F SD16-14C Pan-Cal Expo slogan machine 3 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-77. San Francisco, CA, 1916, VG SD16-17B Pan-Cal slogan; "JOHN P. CLEESE Co., Woven Wire Springs, Mattresses & Pillows" cc (Monty Python ancestor?); 1c Wash. on cvr. E $15
EX-78. San Francisco, CA, 1916, VG SD16-17C Pan-Cal slogan; Cypress Lawn Cemetery engraved cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
EX-79. San Diego, CA, 1914, G+ SD16-23 Pan-Cal Expo slogan (EARLY; near VG+) on PPC. E $24
EX-80. San Diego, CA, 1915 (Dec 31), G+ SD16-23 Pan-Cal slogan (LKU) on PPC. E $15
EX-81. Gulfport, MS, 1917, G+ G17-01 Mississippi Cent'l Expo slogan (crs) on PPC. NICE strike for this. E $30
EX-82. Empire Exhibition (London, England), 1924, F "Wembley Park" slogan machine w/pictorial lion; 1p Exhibition commem on PPC. E $20
EX-83. Philadelphia/Model Post Office/Sesquicent'l Int'l Expo, PA, 1926, G+ P26-03 (dial hi: "DELP" mostly off; lite tone) w/G+ P26-10-03 machine & "First Flight" VG+ P26-11A; Lieut.Jos.Ferguson, Amer.Legion cc on #10 PSE to Geo.E.Kemp, Postmaster, Philadelphia, w/enc."proof strike" of P26-11A on blank sheet. Bomar shows this marking ONLY used on flight cvrs, but this is local use. E $50
EX-84. Philadelphia/Model Post Office/Sesquicent'l Int'l Expo/Rec'd, PA, 1926, G+ P26-04 as recd b/s; "Special Flight Via Airmail" on cvr from New York. E $100
EX-85. Philadelphia, PA, 1929, G+ P26-12-02 Sesqui-Cent'l slogan; 2c Expo commem on Expo PPC. E $8
EX-86. U.S.Ry.Postal Car Exhibit/Chicago, IL, 1933 (May 27), G+ MAGENTA C33-07 (near F) 3c + 1c Expo commems on cvr. E $24
EX-87. Chicago/Stock Yards Sta., IL, 1933, F C33-13-S Cent.of Progress slogan; Crown Sanitary Wiping Cloth Co.cc on cvr. E $8
EX-88. Chicago/Stock Yards Sta., IL, 1933, VF C33-13-S Cent.of Progress slogan; John Wood Mfg.Co.cc on window cvr. E $8
EX-89. Chicago, IL, 1933, VF Univ. (trim L; lite tone) Board of Health logo cc; Century of Progress illus.ad on commer.#10 cvr. E $15
EX-90. U.S.Ry.Postal Car Exhibit/Chicago, IL, 1934, VF C33-08; "RPO/Worlds Columbian Expo" shield/star cachet on cvr. E $24
EX-91. Manzanola, CO, 1934, F Colum.; Libby, McNeill & Libby Food Products cc; "Visit Libby's Exhibit in the Foods Bldg" ad w/small Century of Progress logo at L; illus.corned beef can on back on cvr. E $15
EX-92. San Diego/Cal.Pac.Int'l Expo Sta., CA, 1936 (Sep 7), VG SD35-05 (LATE use) on GPC. E $20
EX-93. Cleveland, OH, 1936, F Int'l (cr) "Mailed at the Great Lakes Exposition" purple h/s ty.C36-E01; "WPA Employee's... Swedish Days" text h/s at L on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
EX-94. Dallas, TX, [1936], G+ violet D36-05 "Texas in 1936/An Empire/On Parade" slogan; Texas Centennial fancy cc on #10 cvr. E $14
EX-95. New York, NY, ca.1936, printed precanx; "Texas Centennial Hats" red h/s at upper L on 1c PSE. E $15
EX-96. Specimen, 1936, VF meter #85325 "Texas Largest City/Houston Cent'l" illus.slogan (state map outline) "Postage Meter Co., Stamford, CT" cc on unadd.#10 cvr. E $14
EX-97. San Diego/Calif.Pac.Int'l Expo, CA, 1936, F SD35-05 on Expo PPC. E $15 MIN.8
EX-98. Cleveland, OH, 1937, G+ meter #55157 "1937/Great Lakes/Exposition..." slogan (lite tone) Headquarters, Terminal Tower, Cleveland/Great Lakes Expo full-color ad on cvr. E $24
EX-99. World's Fair Sta./New York, 1939, VG NY39-01 (bit lite gum tone) "Pony Express/S.F.to N.Y.1939" pictorial h/s w/separate "May 6" h/s within; photo cachet (riders on horseback); 3c GGIE +3c NYWF commems on unadd.#10 air cvr w/5 autographs on back. E $20
EX-100. World's Fair Sta./New York, 1939, G+ NY39-01 (toned) "Pony Express/S.F.to N.Y.1939" pictorial h/s w/separate "May 6" h/s within; photo cachet (riders on horseback); 3c GGIE +3c NYWF commems on #10 air cvr w/3 autographs on back. E $16
EX-101. World's Fair Sta./New York, 1939, G NY39-01; Stage Coach Express VG+ ty.NY39-LP4 tying "Mineral Wells, TX... to Worlds Fair, NY City" 39x51mm label w/illus.stagecoach & pictorial h/s ty.NY39-LP3; 3c Expo on cvr w/Little Miracle Town VF CDS ty.NY39-LP1 at lower L. E $24 MIN.12
EX-102. World's Fair Sta./New York, 1940, VG+ NY39-01 on 19c NPM meter #6170 ty.NY39-22B (toned; tears; crs; ruff upper L, in cc) "News from the World's Fair of 1940 in N.Y." cc on #12 special delivery cvr. AS IS for faults, but SCARCE combo use. E $14
EX-103. World's Fair Sta., NY, 1939 (Oct 31), VF NY39-03; Stage Coach Express F ty.NY39-LP4 tying "Mineral Wells, TX... to Worlds Fair, NY City" 39x51mm label w/illus.stagecoach; Mineral Wells/South's Greatest Health Resort illus.ad (leggy woman in swimsuit) on #10 cvr w/enc.illus.ad pamphlet for town. E $30
EX-104. Narrowsburg, NY, 1939, F duplex; "Administration Bldg, N.Y.World's Fair 1939" illus.ad at L on air cvr. E $8
EX-105. San Francisco, CA, 1936, F Int'l; 2c Arbor Day on cacheted cvr: "Ground Breaking/Golden Gate International Expo..." E $14
EX-106. San Francisco/Golden Gate Sta., CA, 1939 (Feb 18), VG SF39-11 (lite gum tone) GGIE cc; Leland W.Cutler (Expo Pres.), Wm.McCarthy (PM); Oliver Williams (cachet maker) autographs; 3c Expo on #10 1st day cvr w/42mm pictorial gold foil Expo ad label on back. E $16
EX-107. San Francisco, CA, 1938, G+ SF39-15-10 GGIE slogan #10 (lite tone) Jenison Machinery cc on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
EX-108. San Francisco, CA, 1938, F SF39-15-10 GGIE slogan #10 (lite tone) Fibreboard Products cc on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
EX-109. Stamford, CT, 1938, F red PB specimen meter #00000 w/"Visit Our Exhibit/1939 Golden Gate/International/Exposition 1939/On San Francisco Bay" slogan; Pitney-Bowes cc on unadd.#10 cvr (lite tone). E $20
EX-110. Oakland, CA, 1940 (Jan 20), G Univ. (dial obscured; trim R) GGIE illus.ad at L (Tower) on cvr. E $8
EX-111. Saigon/Foire-Exposition, Indochina, 1942, G+ CDS w/"Visitez La Foire Exposition..." boxed slogan tying 6c Expo commem on cvr to Kompong-Cham. E $20
EX-112. Space Needle, WA, 1962, F S62-01 (bit cr) tying pair 10c Indep.Hall; "Executive Committee, Christian Science Century 21 Exhibit, P.O.Box 2134, Seattle 11, Wash." h/s cc on unadd.cvr. E $15 MIN.8
EX-113. Space Needle, WA, 1962, F S62-04; 4c Lincoln +3c Liberty on commer.air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
EX-114. World's Fair, NY, 1965 (Oct 4), F NY64-11; on unaddressed 5c Expo PSE w/Pope Paul VI Visit cachet. E $14
EX-115. Montreal Expo 1967: unused "Maine Pavilion" 3x5" PPC, w/bilingual "Visit the United States" dated h/s & "Czechoslovakia/Expo 67" h/s. E $14

EXPOSITIONS: Souvenirs & Other Related Items
EX-116. "49-A Street Manufacturers Building, World's Fair Grounds, St.Louis, Mo." h/s at upper R; American Metal Edge Box Co., Philadelphia, PA, printed letterhead, 1904, on 8x10.5" letter only. E $14
EX-117. "Official Miniature View Book/Panama Pacific Int'l Exposition": 64-pg.4x6" booket w/over 100 photo illus. (few lite crs on back cvr; contents VF), 1915. E $15 MIN.8
EX-118. Lot 10) diff."400 Outstanding Women of the World, Century of Progress": blank-back PPC-size cards, ea.showing dozens of dolls from many countries (some w/crnr crs), 1933. E $75
EX-119. Century of Progress 3x6" folded 6-panel illus.flyer (opens to 6x18"; lite tone), 1933. E $15
EX-120. Hammer Blow Tool Co.Self-Built Masonite Trailer House: 5x2.5" 2-panel die-cut ad, handed out at Century of Progress Expo; illus.green & shiny silver trailer, 1933. E $24 MIN.12
EX-121. Sky-Ride/See the Fair from the Air: 3.75x5.75" 2-panel flyer, handed out at Century of Progress Expo; illus.Sky-Ride silhouette, 1933. E $15
EX-122. General Motors Research Labs/Century of Progress: 3x5" folded 6-panel illus.flyer (opens to 5x17.25") many photo illus.of woman in tiara operating equipment, 1934. E $15

FC-1. 367, F, Hoquiam, WA, 1909 (Feb 13), G+ Amer/A14; 2c Lincoln 2nd DAY of USE on PPC. E $80 MIN.40
FC-2. 370, F (1 SE), Bloomsburg, PA, 1909 (Jun 3), VG Int'l; 3rd day of use on cvr. E $150
FC-3. 397, F-A (tiny scuff on frame), Pasadena, CA, 1913 (Jan 8), G+ PPIE slogan; 8th day of use on PPC (TONED; tip cr). E $30
FC-4. 1062, F, Rochester, NY, 1954, F CDS socked-on-nose on pix side of portrait PPC. Early "maximum card". E $24
FC-5. 1396: Lot 12) diff.Kansas towns, 1971 (Jul 1), VF-G+ machines/4-bars; USPS cachet on unadd.cvrs. MIN.$24
FC-6. O133, F, Washington, DC, 1983, G+ machine; Fleetwood cachet on unadd.1st day cvr. E $12 MIN.6

FOREIGN DESTINATIONS / Need the "US International Postal Rates 1872-1996" book? We have it!
FD-1. Monmouth, ME, 1983, F machine; to ARGENTINA; on cvr to "Islas Malvinas" & returned to sender, w/73x37mm boxed h/s w/9 lines of French text re."illegitimate occupation" of Falkland Islands. E $75
FD-2. Asbury Park, NJ, 1906, F Int'l; to ARGENTINA; 2c Sc.319 on PPC. E $14
FD-3. St.Paul (Uptown Sta.), MN, 1937, G+ DCDS as origin b/s (lite crs;lite tone) to ARUBA, Neth.West Indies; 11 Army/Navy commems on #10 reg'd cvr. E $15
FD-4. Syracuse, NY, 1924, G+ Univ.; to AUSTRIA; 1c Wash.offset +2x 2c Sc.554 on cvr. E $6
FD-5. Warren, MA, 1926, G+ duplex; to AUSTRIA; 3c +2c on cvr. E $6
FD-6. San Francisco, CA, 1910, G+ Int'l (ruff slit upper R tip; R edge crs) to AUSTRIA; 5c Wash. on cvr. E $8
FD-7. Defiance, OH, 1898, G+ duplex; to AUSTRIA; Defiance Machine Works illus.ad (factory); 3c Jackson on 2c PSE. E $16
FD-8. West Palm Beach, FL, 1913, VG DCDS as origin b/s (toned; bit ruff slit T) to BAHAMAS; 15c Wash. on cvr. E $100
FD-9. Boston/Sta.A, MA, 1903, VG+ Amer/B38(1) (bit trim T) to BERMUDA; 5c blue Grant on cvr. E $20
FD-10. New York/Williams Bridge Sta., NY, 1930, VG Int'l (lite tone) to BRAZIL; 2c Vonsteuben on 4.75x6.75" cvr. E $15
FD-11. Pasadena, CA, 1931, F Univ. (bit uneven trim T) to BRAZIL; pair 2c Pulaski on 4.5x6.25" cvr. E $15
FD-12. Kearney, NE, 1910, G+ Amer/A14; to CHINA; 2c Wash. on PPC. E $14
FD-13. Union City, NY, 1904, G Doremus (bit cr) to Denmark on PPC w/Ronne VF DCDS as recd. E $12 MIN.6
FD-14. New York, NY, ca.1880, F duplex; to DENMARK; 2x 1c banknote on 3c PSE. E $16
FD-15. Fineview, NY, 1911, G+ 4-bar; to England & fwd to Ireland on PPC w/Rice Lane/Liverpool CDS as fwd. E $14
FD-16. New York/Sta.J, NY, 1908, VG Int'l (o/s) to ENGLAND & fwd to ITALY on 5c Lincoln PSE. E $16
FD-17. Boston/N.Postal Sta., MA, 1905, VG+ Amer/B38; to ENGLAND & fwd to SWITZERLAND; 2c Sc.319 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
FD-18. Tarrytown, NY, 1908, G Colum. (o/s) to FINLAND; w/Tampere DCDS as recd; 2x 1c Sc.300 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
FD-19. Philadelphia, PA, 1900, VF Amer; to FRANCE & fwd to SWITZERLAND; 2c red on priv.mailing card. E $24
FD-20. New York/Sta.D, NY, 1908, VG Int'l; to FRANCE; machine canx on address side; 2c Sc.319 tied to pix side by numeral "179" in oval; on PPC. E $14
FD-21. Brooklyn/Flatbush Sta., NY, 1907, partial duplex (lite tone) to Germany, fwd to Switzerland, fwd to France; 2c Sc.319 on PPC. E $14
FD-22. New York/Sta.R, NY, 1900, G+ Amer/B38 (crs) to Germany; 5c blue Grant on priv.mailing card. E $15 MIN.
FD-23. New York/Sta.K, NY, 1915, F Univ. (stain spot at upper L) to GERMANY; Auslandstelle Emmerich/Frei-Gegeben h/s at upper L; 2x 2c on 2c PSE. E $12 MIN.6
FD-24. New Haven, CT, 1933, F Univ.; to INDIA; 3c NRA on 2c Wash.Bicent'l PSE. E $12 MIN.6
FD-25. Portland, OR, 1944, VG Univ. (bit lite tone) to INDIA; censor tape at L; 4c Prexie +1c Freedom on cvr w/60x30mm pictorial Bible Crusaders label tied to back. E $15
FD-26. Philadelphia, PA, 1969, G+ machine (slight ruff slit T) to IRAN; on 13c JFK aerogramme. E $15
FD-27. Middleton, MA, 1908, VG duplex; to Italy on PPC w/Anacapri VG CDS as recd. E $12 MIN.6
FD-28. Frontenac, KS, 1909, G duplex (lite tone; bit ruff trim L) to ITALY; 5c Wash. on cvr to Italy. E $15
FD-29. USPS, TX, 1973, G+ machine; to Italy; 8c Ike on cvr w/"Return for (7) Cents Additional Postage" h/s. E $14
FD-30. Boston/Dorchester Center Sta., MA, 1915, G+ Amer/B38 (tears T; bit ruff slit L) to JAPAN; 1c + 2x 2c Wash. on cvr to "Glory Kindergarten". E $12 MIN.6
FD-31. Towson & Catonsville/RPO, [1914], partial duplex (R arc not struck; lower R crnr clip) to PALESTINE; "American Consulate/Jerusalem,-Syria." dated boxed h/s (LITE strike; o/s) as recd on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
FD-32. Washington/Sta.G, DC, 1914, VG Univ.; to PALESTINE; "American Consulate/Jerusalem,-Syria." dated boxed h/s (top line mostly not struck; part o/s) as recd on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
FD-33. Bordentown, NJ, 1931, G duplex/Int'l; to PALESTINE; 4x 1c (ms "Rec'd without stamp" note where 1 stamp obviously fell off) on cvr w/enc. Jerusalem repeater as b/s; "Unknown" & "Return To" h/s on back. E $20
FD-34. Claremont, CA, 1945, F Int'l (cr) to PANAMA; censor tape L; 15c transport air on cvr. E $14
FD-35. South Manchester, CT, [1887], G+ CDS/cork; to PRUSSIA (51-33) on 5c PSE Sc.U177. E $15
FD-36. White Plains, NY, 1912, G+ Univ.; to SCOTLAND; 2c Wash. on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
FD-37. Grand Cent.Sta., NY, ca.1922, G Int'l; to SWEDEN; 5c Wash.; Lotos Club cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
FD-38. New York/E, NY, 1893, G+ duplex (trim R; lite tone) to SWITZERLAND on 5c Grant PSE. E $8
FD-39. New York, NY, 1893, G+ Int'l (cr; flap partly off) to Switzerland; on 5c Colum.PSE. E $12 MIN.6
FD-40. Provo, UT, 1910, VG Amer/B14; to SWITZERLAND; 1c Frank. on PPC w/Switz.10c postage due tied by Winterthur VG DCDS. E $20
FD-41. Chicago, IL, 1908, F Int'l; to SWITZERLAND; 1c Sc.300 on 1c GPC Sc.UX20. E $6
FD-42. West Hoboken, NJ, 1910, F Univ.; to SWITZERLAND; 2c Seward paying proper rate on PPC. E $15
FD-43. Chicago, IL, 1894, VG Int'l; to Switzerland; bit faulty 3c Jackson on 2c PSE. E $12 MIN.6
FD-44. Wall Street Sta., NY, 1908, VG Int'l w/dateless dial; to Switzerland; Brown Bros.Bankers cc on 1c PSE. E $12 MIN.6
FD-45. Apple Creek, OH, 1901, G+ CDS/cork (lite tone) to SYRIA; 5c blue Grant on cvr. E $20

LT-1. "Illinois Post Offices": Mehrer; 192 pgs; softbound; P.O.opening/closing dates, name changes, etc., 1996, w/valuation guide (1 pg.w/crnr cr; o/w near mint). E $24 MIN.12
LT-2. "Pennsylvania Postal History: Post Offices and First Postmasters from 1775 to 1994": Kay & Smith; 645 pages; hardbound, 1996, Info on nearly 13,000 post offices, stations, branches: dates of operation, original postmasters, name changes, county changes, etc.; NEW, in wrapper. E $75 MIN.40
LT-3. "Postal Markings of U.S. Expositions": Bomar; 206-pg. 7x10" softbound; author's first work on expositions (cover wear & tone), 1986. E $40 MIN.24
LT-4. "The U.S. Postal Card Catalog, 1995, 50th Anniv.Edition": Beechboard, ed.; 365-pg. 6x9.25" hardbound; detailed catalog on production & identification w/specimens, locals & appendices of some expo cards, cancels & machine cancels, 1995, (speck on front; lite edge wear). E $50 MIN.26

MACHINES / Need the "Standard Flag Cancel Encyclopedia/4th Edition"? We have it!
MC-1. Lot 470) machine cancels, 19th-20th century, various types, inc.early Amer; Leavitt; Barry; flags; etc. (varied condition) balance of big consignment batch from a dealer's stock; many mid-range to better items on cvrs/cards. MIN.$975
MC-2. Wabbaseka, AR, 1912, G+ pseudo-machine non-standard handstamp FLAG (town part obscured by design; tiny tear T) on PPC. E $120
MC-3. Aurora, CO, 1928, G+ pseudo-machine non-standard h/s CDS w/4 long bars; 2c Valley Forge w/BOLD precanx on cvr. E $20
MC-4. Bartlett, IL, 1935, G+ pseudo-machine non-standard (part heavy ink; slogan mostly obscured on stamp; bit ruff trim R) "Address Your Mail..." slogan: letters varied in size on commer.PSE. E $14
MC-5. Bingen, IN, 1910, G+ pseudo-machine non-standard FLAG h/s (toned) on PPC. E $75
MC-6. Cedar Lake, IN, 1924, G+ pseudo-machine non-standard FLAG h/s (near VF; bit lite tone) on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
MC-7. Churubusco, IN, 1908, G+ pseudo-machine non-standard FLAG h/s (upper R tip ruff; cr) on 2.5x8.5" cvr. E $30 MIN.15
MC-8. Churubusco, IN, 1908, G+ pseudo-machine non-standard FLAG h/s (near VG+; toned) on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
MC-9. Hanna, IN, 1924, G+ pseudo-machine non-standard CDS/6-bar (toned) on PPC. E $15
MC-10. Angelica, NY, 1904, G+ pseudo-machine non-standard h/s CDS w/separate 8 long lines killer (cr; lite tone) on PPC. E $15
MC-11. Great Bend, NY, 1922, G+ pseudo-machine non-standard CDS w/"Address Your Mail" slogan h/s (tear T, in dial; trim R) bakery cc on window PSE. E $14
MC-12. Jefferson Valley, NY, 1908, VG pseudo-machine non-standard h/s CDS w/separate 5 long lines killer on PPC. E $14
MC-13. Valkenburg, NY, 1914, G+ pseudo-machine non-standard FLAG h/s (lite tone) (98-34) on PPC. E $50
MC-14. Will Rogers Field/Oklahoma City, OK, 1941, F pseudo-machine non-standard 5-bar h/s; "For National Defense/U.S.Army/Dedicates/Will Rogers Field" slogan (toned) 3c For Defense on cacheted cvr. E $14
MC-15. Dents Run, PA, 1912, G+ blue pseudo-machine non-standard FLAG h/s (toned; tip cr) (66-27) on PPC. E $90
MC-16. Milan, PA, 1922, G+ pseudo-machine non-standard FLAG h/s (high: town & top stripe partly off; toned) on PPC. E $20
MC-17. Roslyn, PA, 1925, G+ pseudo-machine non-standard CDS w/6 long lines killer h/s (stamp fault before mailed) on PSE. E $16
MC-18. Springdale, PA, 1909, G+ pseudo-machine non-standard CDS w/10 long bars (crs) on PPC. E $16
MC-19. Thompson, PA, 1899, G+ pseudo-machine non-standard CDS w/15 vert.lines killer on GPC. E $20
MC-20. Weedville, PA, 1918, G pseudo-machine non-standard FLAG h/s (part on stamp; flag mostly off R; lower 1/3 of stamp gone, faulty when mailed; soiled) on PPC. E $15
MC-21. Wellborn, TX, 1939, VG pseudo-machine non-standard DCDS/wavy lines h/s on GPC w/PM's signature on back. E $14
MC-22. Wellborn, TX, 1944, VF magenta pseudo-machine non-standard CDS/wavy lines h/s; comic partriotic illus.at L (soldier w/Axis leaders on bayonet) on cvr. E $15
MC-23. Grand Isle, VT, 1931, G+ pseudo-machine non-standard FLAG h/s on GPC w/VF strike & PM's signature on back. E $12 MIN.6
MC-24. Doering, WI, 1915, G+ pseudo-machine non-standard FLAG h/s (town spotty, but message datelined; lite tone) on PPC. E $24
MC-25. Anniston/McClellan Br., AL, 1917, G+ Amer A38 (trim R; lite tone) on cvr w/enc. E $8
MC-26. Fayetteville, Ark.University Sta., AR, 1929, G+ Amer C14 (part lite tone; tiny tears T) on 4.5x5.5" cvr w/enc. E $40
MC-27. Eagle Rock, CA, 1924, G+ Amer A14 (ruff R, just in stamp; lite tone) on cvr. E $24
MC-28. Eagle Rock, CA, 1925, VG Amer A14 (nicks L) Kiwanis Club logo cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-29. Exeter, CA, 1926, G+ Amer A14 (year partial) on PPC. E $50
MC-30. Los Angeles, CA, 1896, G+ Amer B14(1) (ink spots on add.) on GPC. E $40
MC-31. Los Angeles/University Sta., CA, 1912, G+ Amer A38 (year partial; crs; lite tone) message dated 1911 in error on PPC. E $24
MC-32. Los Gatos, CA, 1922, F Amer A14 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-33. Edgewater, CO, 1928, G+ Amer A14 on PPC. E $20
MC-34. Gunnison, CO, 1926, VF Amer A14 (no flap; tears) on cvr. E $20
MC-35. Las Animas, CO, 1925, F Amer A14 (toned; tip cr) on PPC. E $16
MC-36. Limon, CO, 1926 (Dec 27), G+ Amer A14dd (trim R) SCARCE flag on cvr. E $75
MC-37. Washington, DC, 1893, VG Amer D6(1) (tear T) on cvr. E $20
MC-38. Washington, DC, 1894 (Dec 11), G+ Amer D13(1) (lite tone) American Farmer ad cc; 1c Colum. on unsealed cvr. E $80
MC-39. Washington, DC, 1896, F Amer D13(2) (lite tone) Columbia Fire Ins.Co.cc on cvr. E $30
MC-40. New Port Richey, FL, 1926, G+ Amer A14 on PPC. E $30
MC-41. East Point, GA, 1925, F Amer A14 (trim R, in stamp; lite tone) SCARCE flag on window cvr w/enc. E $200
MC-42. Folkston, GA, 1931, G+ Amer A14 on commer.PPC. E $40
MC-43. Fort Benning, GA, 1927, F Amer A14 on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
MC-44. Coeur D'Alene, ID, 1920, G+ Amer A38 "Be Careful/Nat'l Forests" slogan on PPC. E $30
MC-45. Coeur D'Alene, ID, 1921, G+ Amer A38 "Be Careful/Nat'l Forests" slogan on reg.ret.rect.card. E $30
MC-46. Chicago, IL, 1894, VG Amer D-W3-3(6) (toned) Gage Bros.cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-47. Chicago, IL, 1894, G+ Amer D-W3-3(3) Fuller & Fuller cc on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
MC-48. Chicago, IL, 1895, VF Amer D-W3-3(4) Wm.Pickhardt & Kuttroff cc on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
MC-49. Chicago, IL, 1895, VF Amer D-W3-3(5); Michigan & Ohio Plaster cc on PSE. E $20
MC-50. Chicago/Received Gen'l Delivery, IL, 1926, G+ magenta Amer A38 (tiny tear T; trim L) as recd b/s on cvr. E $40
MC-51. Elgin, IL, 1902, G+ Amer B14(1)dd on PSE. E $14
MC-52. Greenwood, IN, 1923, G+ Amer A14; SCARCE flag on PPC. E $160
MC-53. Orleans, IN, 1929, G+ Amer A14 (message into dial) on Xmas card, trimmed (BEFORE mailing) to 2.75x6" for use as PPC. E $24 MIN.12
MC-54. Paoli, IN, 1928, G+ Amer A14dd (2 strikes, fully overlapped; 2 file holes, 1 thru stripes & bit of stamp) As Is for appearance, but SCARCE flag on GPC w/Orange Co.Farmer's Fire Ass'n assessment on back; 2c stamp applied & remailed as receipt 6 days later. E $150
MC-55. Scottsburg, IN, 1928, G+ Amer A14 w/sideways slugs (add.part smear; cr) SCARCE flag on GPC. E $50
MC-56. Bartlesville, Ind.T., 1907 (Mar 29), G+ Amer B24() on PPC. E $30
MC-57. Bartlesville, Ind.T., 1907 (Sep 9), G+ Amer B24(I) on PPC. E $50
MC-58. Chickasha, Ind.T., 1907 (Sep 8), G+ Amer B14dd (dial hi: "ICKAS" partly off; toned) on PPC: Chickasha Ave.Looking East. E $40
MC-59. Muskogee, Ind.T., 1906, VF Amer B14 (trim R) on cvr. E $20
MC-60. Muskogee, Ind.T., 1907 (Apr 16), F Amer B14 (killer about 1/2 off edge) inverted at lower L as recd on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
MC-61. South McAlester, Ind.T., 1906, VG Amer B14 (lite tone) on PPC: Choctaw Ave.West (w/streetcar). E $20
MC-62. Tulsa, Ind.T., 1907 (Jan 18), VG Amer B14 (toned) on PPC. E $24
MC-63. Clear Lake, IA, 1923, VG Amer A14 (near F+; trim R; lite tone) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-64. Beloit, KS, 1926, G+ Amer A14 (dial struck on caption & much obscured, but ID sure) SCARCE flag on PPC. E $100
MC-65. Burlington/Sta.A, KS, 1925, G+ Amer A38 on cvr. E $30
MC-66. Burlington/Sta.A, KS, 1925, G+ Amer A38 (dial bit hi; year partial) on GPC. E $40
MC-67. Cawker City, KS, 1930, G+ Amer A14 (upper L tip nib) on commer.cvr. E $40
MC-68. Downs, KS, 1928, G+ Amer A14 (cr) on PPC. E $30
MC-69. Frankfort, KS, ca.1928, G+ Amer A14 (year omitted; lite tone) on PPC. E $30
MC-70. Girard, KS, 1913, F+ Amer A4 (bit uneven slit L) as recd b/s on cvr. E $14
MC-71. Haviland, KS, 1934, VG Amer A14 on commer.cvr. E $40
MC-72. Hutchinson, KS, 1917, VG+ Amer A38 "Kansas State Fair" slogan (EKU) on PPC. E $100
MC-73. Hutchinson, KS, 1917, F+ Amer A38 "Kansas State Fair" slogan; Richards-Scheble Candy Co.blue photo illus.ad (factory) on cvr. E $120
MC-74. Kansas City/Stock Yards Sta., KS, ca.1908, F+ Amer H38 w/dateless dial on 1c PSE. E $24
MC-75. Lindsborg, KS, 1927, G+ Amer A14 on GPC. E $24
MC-76. Logan, KS, 1931, F Amer A14 (pinholes) on commer.cvr. E $40
MC-77. Marion, KS, 1929, VG+ Amer A14; House of Rep's U.S.cc; Homer Hoch, M.C., printed signature frank on cvr. E $24
MC-78. Marion, KS, 1929, G+ Amer A14dd (bit ruff trim R to stamp; lite tone) County Treasurer cc on PSE w/enc. E $75
MC-79. Ness City, KS, 1930, G+ Amer A14 (pinholes) on commer.cvr. E $24
MC-80. Peru, KS, 1930, G+ Amer A14 (part lite; upper L tip trim) on commer.cvr. E $40
MC-81. Russell, KS, 1927, G+ Amer A14; atty's engraved cc on cvr. E $14
MC-82. Stockton, KS, 1929, G+ Amer A14 (toned) on PSE. E $20
MC-83. Lot 130) KS flag cancels, 1896-1936, Amer (varied condition) few dupes but mostly different; from the LaSalle collection on cards/cvrs, some w/commer.cc's. LOW minimum bid. MIN.$95
MC-84. Murray, KY, 1924, G+ Amer A14 (lite tone; tip crs) SCARCE flag on PPC. E $75
MC-85. Marksville, LA, 1929, VF Amer A14; att'ys cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-86. Prewque Isle, ME, 1908, G+ Amer B14 (upper L tip nib; lite tone) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
MC-87. Magnolia, MD, 1918, F Amer A14 (trim L) YMCA logo cc on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
MC-88. Silver Spring, MD, 1929, G+ Amer A14 (tear T, in dial) on PPC. E $40
MC-89. Auburndale, MA, 1920, G+ Amer A14 (EARLY; edge tear T) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-90. Lot 8) Boaton, MA, 1897-8, Amer: 2x P42(C); 6x B42(C) (varied condition) on 2 cvrs; 6 GPCs. E $80
MC-91. Boston, MA, 1890, G+ Amer X1(15) (per consignor) w/dateless dial; Imperial Mill Co.logo ad on 1c PSE. E $20
MC-92. Boston, MA, 1895, F Amer D3(E) (ruff R, in stamp; lite tone) on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
MC-93. Boston, MA, 1895, G+ Amer D1(H) (town/state partial; ruff R, into stamp portrait) on PSE. E $15 MIN.8
MC-94. Dorchester Sta. Boston, MA, 1895, G+ Amer N14 on cvr. E $24
MC-95. Boston, MA, 1896 (Mar 20), F Amer D14() (ink spot in dial; no flap) on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
MC-96. Boston, MA, 1898, VF Amer D14(9) (tear R; flap partly off) on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
MC-97. Boston, Dorchester Sta., MA, 1895, VG+ Amer N13 (trim R; edge tears) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
MC-98. Boston, South Sta./Terminal RPO, MA, 1934, VG+ Amer C38 on 2x4" PIECE ONLY. E $14
MC-99. Boston/Sta.A, MA, 1896, F+ Amer E13(2) on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-100. Lynn, MA, 1896, VG Amer D13(A) (lite tone; ruff R) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
MC-101. Newburyport/Recd, MA, 1910, VG Amer AMS-25 (nicks R) as recd b/s on cvr. E $14
MC-102. Weymouth, MA, ca.1929, VG Amer A14() w/"EAST" excised from L arc; dateless 3rd class dial; 1.5c Harding on cvr. E $20
MC-103. Worcester/Train Late/Mail Delayed, MA, 1907, G+ Amer AMS-54 as recd b/s on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
MC-104. Vera Cruz, Mexico, 1914, G+ Amer A14 (bit ruff slit T & upper R) Compania de Santa Gertrudis, S.A., Pachuca, Hidalgo cc; 2c Wash. on commer.cvr to U.S. E $60
MC-105. Mount Clemens ("Mt."), MI, 1919, VF Amer B4 (message into dial) on PPC. E $15
MC-106. Saint Louis Park, MN, 1928, G+ Amer A14; att'y cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-107. Monett, MO, 1911 (Jun 8), G+ Amer B4(1) (toned) on PPC. E $14
MC-108. Monett, MO, 1911 (Aug 16), G+ Amer B4(1) (spotty) on PPC. E $14
MC-109. Monett, MO, 1911 (Dec 25), VG+ Amer B4(1) (angle strike: upper 2 stripes off T) on PPC. E $14
MC-110. Monett, MO, 1913, G+ Amer B4(1) (near VG) on PPC. E $14
MC-111. Dillon, MT, 1924, G+ Amer A14 on cvr. E $14
MC-112. Forsyth, MT, 1928, G+ Amer A14 (near VG+; tiny tears T; trim R) on cvr. E $30
MC-113. Kalispel (MISSPELLING), MT, 1911, F Amer B14 on GPC. E $15
MC-114. Livingston, MT, 1919, G+ Amer B38 "Yellow Park" slogan flag (bit ruff trim R) on cvr w/enc. E $24
MC-115. Santa Fe, NM, 1920, G+ Amer A38 "Fire Is the Enemy" slogan flag (T arc partial; cr) on PSE. E $30
MC-116. Santa Fe, NM, 1920, VG+ Amer A38 "Fire Is the Enemy" slogan flag (lite tone) on PPC. E $24
MC-117. Elmira/Train Late/Mail Delayed, NY, 1904, VF Amer AMS-54 (part o/s; trim R) as recd b/s on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
MC-118. Southern Pines, NC, 1925, VG Amer A14 (trim R; lite tone) on cvr. E $40
MC-119. Wadesboro, NC, 1921, G+ Amer A14 (lite tone) on cvr. E $15
MC-120. Portland, OR, 1899, VG+ Amer B14 (tear R; lite crs) on PSE. E $14
MC-121. East Downington, PA, 1924, F Amer A14 on PPC. E $30
MC-122. New Oxford, PA, 1933, G+ Amer A14 (upper R tip slit) on commer.PSE. E $40
MC-123. Orwigsburg, PA, 1928, G+ Amer A14 (near VF) SCARCE flag on cvr. E $200
MC-124. Philadelphia/A, PA, 1895, G+ Amer G6() (lite tone) on cvr. E $40
MC-125. Philadelphia/Broad St.Sta., PA, 1928, VG+ Amer A38 (upper L tip slit) on PSE. E $15
MC-126. Pittsburg/Oakland Sta.Rec'd, PA, 1910, VF Amer AMS-37 as origin on message GPC w/att'd reply. E $20
MC-127. San Juan, PR, 1907, G+ Amer H4(1) (near F+) on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
MC-128. Meggett, SC, 1925, G+ Amer A14 (L edge tone; tip cr) on GPC. E $24 MIN.12
MC-129. Sumter, SC, 1906, G+ Amer B4(1) (spotty) on PPC. E $14
MC-130. Chattanooga/Military Br., TN, [1917] (Jul 10), G+ Amer A38 (crnr cr; year not struck; surface scrapes at crnrs) dial low; on PPC. E $14
MC-131. Luling, TX, 1926, VG Amer A14 on PPC. E $14
MC-132. Mineral Wells, TX, 1923, G+ Amer A14 on PPC. E $14
MC-133. Saint Thomas, VI, 1926, G+ Amer A14 (part o/s; lite tone) on PPC. E $20
MC-134. Ashland, VA, 1926, G+ Amer A14 (near F+) SCARCE flag on cvr. E $140
MC-135. Lynchburg, VA, 1893, VG Amer D5() (toned; edge tears) Board of Trade cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-136. Pomeroy, WA, 1929, G+ Amer A14 on PSE. E $14
MC-137. Fort Warren, WY, 1935, G+ Amer A14 (upper L arc spotty) War Dept./Post Exchange/Ft.Francis E.Warren cc on penalty cvr. E $20
MC-138. Greybull, WY, 1923, VG Amer A14 (tear T, in dial; lite tone; tip crs; pinhole) on EARLY QSL card. E $12
MC-139. Lovell, WY, 1939, VF Amer A14 (lite gum tone) Gorbutt Grocery ad cc; 1c Prexie on local cvr. E $14
MC-140. APO 702, 1918 (Oct 22), F Amer A14 w/# reading down (tears T, 1 in stripe; dial part o/s) YMCA logo header on free-franked cvr. E $30
MC-141. APO 705, 1918, G+ Amer A24(705) (lite; stripes partly off R) on cvr. E $15
MC-142. Charlestown, MA, 1895, G+ Barnard D-W1 (trim R; lite tone) on cvr. E $75
MC-143. Charlestown, MA, 1895, G+ Barnard D-W1 (LKU; trim R; tear T; lite tone) on cvr. E $100
MC-144. Fitchburg, MA, 1892, G+ Barnard ty.1 (part obscured by design) on GPC. E $40
MC-145. Washington, DC, 1898, VG Barr-Fyke A2-102a (no flap) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-146. Kansas City/Stockyard Sta., KS, 1902, G+ Barr-Fyke AS1/4-121a (near F; lite tone) Culver Lumber cc on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
MC-147. New Orleans, LA, 1899, F Barr-Fyke C4-121a (tip cr) on message GPC w/att'd reply GPC. E $16
MC-148. Boston/Sta.A, MA, 1902 (Mar 23), G+ Barr-Fyke TSL/FLAG (town/state not struck; 2 file holes) as recd on GPC. E $14
MC-149. Nuevo Laredo, Tam/-Rec.-, Mexico, 1903, G+ Barr-Fyke TSL/FLAG (LKU, 1st period; stamp gone) as recd on PPC. E $14
MC-150. Kansas City, MO, 1896, G+ Barr-Fyke ty.X-4 (ruff R into stamp crnr; edge nicks) "D.P.Thomson/Photographer" cc & printed "signature" on cvr w/enc. E $40
MC-151. Kansas City/Sta.A, MO, 1904, G+ Barr-Fyke AS1/4-122c (lite tone) pair 1c Sc.300 on PPC to Germany. E $14
MC-152. Saint Louis/Received, MO, [1899], G+ Barr-Fyke A2-103R ("ED" off edge; part lite tone) as recd b/s on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-153. Sedalia, MO, 1901, G+ Barr-Fyke (bit lite tone; bit edge wear) atty.cc on cvr. E $8
MC-154. Oshkosh, WI, 1905, VG Barr-Fyke D4-101a, as recd b/s on cvr. E $30
MC-155. Chicago/Mail Delayed/Train Late, IL, 1900, G+ Barry L-X4 (flap tears, 1 thru canx) as recd b/s on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-156. New York/H, NY, 1900, F Barry VS-31(NDS) w/dateless dial (edge tear R) LaMode Universelle fancy ad cc; 1c Frank. on cvr. E $12
MC-157. Philadelphia, PA, [1898], VG+ Barry F-6(2) w/dateless dial; Thos.Roberts & Co.cc on 1c PSE. E $15
MC-158. Dallas, TX, 1901, VF Barry L-59 "Texas State Fair" slogan die b (R tips ruff; upper L tip nib; long tear lower R; toned; AS IS for faults) on cvr. E $24
MC-159. Chemnitz, Germany, 1907, F Bickerdike BF-12/ty.II fancy pictorial flag (upper R tip nib; tip crs) on PPC to U.S. E $20
MC-160. Leipzig, Germany, 1901, G+ Bickerdike BSP-6 DCDS as recd on PPC. E $20
MC-161. Hamburg/No.1, Germany, 1907, VF Colum CW-2 on PPC. E $20
MC-162. San Francisco/Sta.D/Foreign, CA, 1902, G+ Colum. BSR2; Williams SAF-4870 (LKU; T arc not struck; edge tear T) as transit b/s on PSE to Philippines. E $15
MC-163. Corunna, IN, 1923, G+ Colum. ty.L-9 (bit o/s; part lite tone; bit cr) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-164. Evansville, IN, 1901, G+ Colum. A-1 (near F; lite tone) on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-165. Baldwin City, KS, 1916, F Colum. E1WTS (EKU) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-166. Fort Ticonderoga, NY, ca.1923, G+ Colum. ty.L-9 (dial bit hi: tip of "O" off; month omitted; year partial) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-167. Irving, NY, 1923, G+ Colum. ty.L-9 (EKU; tiny tears T; tip cr) on PPC. E $20
MC-168. Mount Holly Springs, PA, 1923, F Colum. L-9 (lite tone) on PPC. E $15
MC-169. Smithton, PA, 1922, G+ Colum. ty.L-9 (EKU; o/s; lite tone) on PPC. E $20
MC-170. New York, NY, 1894, F Constantine ty.3 on GPC. E $50
MC-171. Phoenix, AZ, 1902, G+ Doremus ty..C. (trim R; tip nick) on PSE. E $20
MC-172. New Haven/Sta.A, CT, 1906, VG Doremus (o/s) as recd on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-173. Stamford, CT, 1901, G+ Doremus ty..C. ("TAM" not struck; AS IS for that; cr) "Harry Bell" printed cc on cvr. E $8
MC-174. Miami, FL, 1910, G+ Doremus ty.E; Hotel Royal Palm cc on cvr. E $14
MC-175. Chicago/Washington Heights Sta., IL, 1913, F Doremus (EARLY) on PPC. E $8
MC-176. Shelbyville, IN, 1901, VF Doremus ty..C. (lite tone) on cvr. E $20
MC-177. Abilene, KS, 1905, G+ Doremus ty.D (EKU; near VG+; tiny tear L) on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
MC-178. Aurora, NE, 1911, G+ Doremus ty.(F) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-179. Ocean Grove, NJ, 1900, F Doremus ty.A- (bit angled; top bar mostly off; L crnr tear) on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
MC-180. Cortland, NY, 1900, G+ Doremus ty.-B- ("RTL" not struck; no flap; lite tone) on PSE. E $15
MC-181. New York/Sta.M, NY, 1902, G+ Doremus; Thomas & Son Real Estate logo cc on cvr. E $15
MC-182. Newark, NY, 1903, G+ Doremus variant of ty..C. on message GPC w/att'd reply, to Canada. E $20
MC-183. Saratoga Springs, NY, 1901, G+ Doremus ty.DC (year partial; o/w F+) on cvr. E $20
MC-184. Westfield, NY, 1906, G+ Doremus ty..C. w/tilted dial (town partial) on PPC. E $14
MC-185. Muskogee, Ind.T. (OK), 1905, G+ Doremus ty.D (ruff R) "The Territorial Abstract, Title Guaranty & Suriety Co., Gen'l Agts., Nat'l Surety Co." cc on cvr. E $30
MC-186. Waukesha, WI, 1902, F Doremus ty..C. (lite tone; lower L tip nick) on PPC. E $15
MC-187. Crawfordsville, IN, 1900, G+ Hampden B-8 (LKU; lite tone) on cvr. E $50
MC-188. Kokomo, IN, 1901, VF Hampden B-8(a) (ruff R to stamp; lite tone) Kokomo Rubber cc on PSE. E $15
MC-189. LaPorte, IN, 1902, VF Hampden B-8; LaPorte Carriage Co.cc on cvr w/illus.letterhead enc.(factory). E $40
MC-190. Catskill, NY, 1902, F Hampden B-8(b) (bit o/s; trim L; lite tone) as recd b/s on cvr w/enc. E $20
MC-191. Charlotte, NC, 1900, G+ Hampden B-8 (sealed spindle) on GPC w/C.N.B.Butt & Co.form on back. E $15 MIN.8
MC-192. Easton, PA, 1898, VF Hampden A-13A (lite tone; trim B) on cvr. E $15
MC-193. Merrill, WI, 1902, F Hampden B-8c(a) (ruff R, just in stamp; crs) Dr.Ravn's Hospital cc on cvr. E $20
MC-194. Chicago, IL, 1923, F Int'l "Int'l Live Stock Expo" slogan #23 (LKU; 2nd known example) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
MC-195. Chicago, IL, 1923, VG+ Int'l "Int'l Live Stock Expo" slogan #17 (UNLISTED #) on cvr. E $30 MIN.15
MC-196. Detroit, MI, 1923, VF Int'l "Citizens Training Camp/Camp Custer" slogan #1 (EKU; lite tone; tiny tear T) on PSE. E $20
MC-197. New York, NY, 1889, G+ Int'l ty.A-1 on GPC. E $15
MC-198. New York, NY, 1889, G+ Int'l, as Hanmer ty.1 (trim R; lite tone) "Life Union" cc on cvr w/enc. E $14
MC-199. New York, NY, 1889, VG Int'l A-11(1) (toned; upper L tip nib) on PSE. E $15
MC-200. Columbia, SC, 1913, VG Int'l "5th Nat'l Corn Expo" slogan on PPC. E $15
MC-201. Norfolk, VA, 1916, F Int'l "8th Annual Convention/Southern Commer.Congress" slogan (toned) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-202. Washington, DC, 1959, VG Intelex ty.1 on PPC. E $15
MC-203. Providence, RI, 1964, G+ Intelex ty.2b on commer.air GPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-204. Providence, RI, 1976, F Intelex ty.4a w/"029" zip prefix on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-205. Washington, DC, 1907, VF Krag ty.2 repeater (lite tone) on PPC. E $30 MIN.15
MC-206. Lobeck, Germany, 1906, VF Krag KL-8 on cvr. E $20
MC-207. Louisville, KY, 1880, G+ Leavitt B(D) ("LOU" & "LE" mostly not struck; toned; part lite soiled) on GPC. E $400
MC-208. Boston, MA, 1876, G+ Leavitt ty.A-2(II) (lite tone) on GPC. E $20
MC-209. Boston, MA, 1878, G+ Leavitt ty.A-2(II) (lite tone) on GPC. E $30
MC-210. Detroit, MI, 1881, G+ Leavitt ty.B(D) on GPC. E $20
MC-211. Philadelphia, PA, 1881, G+ Leavitt B(3) w/2-digit year on GPC. E $20
MC-212. LaGrange, IN, 1902, G+ Perfection ty.1 on cvr. E $24
MC-213. Wayne, MI, 1920, VG Perfection ty.2 (LKU) on PPC. E $20
MC-214. Haverstraw, NY, 1905, G+ Perfection ty.1 as recd (lite tone) on PPC. E $15
MC-215. Emporium, PA, [1901], G+ Perfection ty.1 (year partial) Tulis Gen'l Mdse cc on cvr. E $20
MC-216. Indianapolis, IN, 1898, G+ Pneumatic A2b2a (EKU; dial part obscured by tablet) on GPC. E $75
MC-217. Indianapolis, IN, 1898, G+ Pneumatic A1b2a (trim R) on cvr. E $40
MC-218. Indianapolis, IN, 1898, G+ Pneumatic (trim L about 1"; cr B; lite tone) on PSE. E $20
MC-219. Indianapolis w/1st "I" omitted, IN, 1899 (Jan 29), F Pneumatic G1b2a (bit lite tone) on cvr w/enc. E $24
MC-220. Indianapolis w/1st "I" omitted, IN, 1899 (Mar 15), F Pneumatic G1b2a on cvr. E $20
MC-221. Indianapolis, IN, 1899, VG+ Pneumatic D2d4a (lite tone) Inland Poultry Journal cc on cvr. E $15
MC-222. Indianapolis, IN, 1901 (Jul 18), VG+ Pneumatic F2c5d; Union Selling Co.cc; 1c Pan-Am on cvr. E $15
MC-223. Indianapolis, IN, 1901 (Aug 14), VG+ Pneumatic F2c5d (toned) Deering Harvester, Cedar Falls, IA, cc on cvr. E $15
MC-224. Florence, SC, 1992, VF sprayer; improper use on 29c Hepatica stamp on PPC. E $6
MC-225. Monte Vista, CO, 1912, G+ Time-Cmns (lite tone) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-226. Washington, DC, 1912, VF Time-Cmns J-121a on PPC. E $200
MC-227. Chicago, IL, 1907, G+ Time-Cmns A-102-d(C)-2nd w/"running clock" ("CHICA" not struck; lite tone) on PSE. E $20
MC-228. Chicago, IL, 1907 (Dec 31), F Time-Cmns box dial on cvr w/enc. E $12 MIN.6
MC-229. Chicago, IL, 1908, G+ Time-Cmns B-111a(C)-4th period (tears; part lite tone) on PPC w/Curt Teich order receipt at L. E $20
MC-230. Stevensville, NY, 1914, VG Time-Cmns w/oval dial (lite tone; bit cr) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-231. San Francisco, CA, 1919, VG Univ. "Help Prevent Forest Fires" slogan #2 w/INVERTED dial (toned) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-232. Savannah, GA, 1923, G+ Univ. "Tri-State Expo" slogan #2, at upper R & at lower L, where stamp applied in error; jeweler cc on cvr. E $16
MC-233. Honolulu, HI, 1926, F Univ. "Visit Hawaii Nat'l Park" slogan die a (lite tone) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-234. Aurora, IL, 1923, F Univ. "Central States Fair & Expo" slogan on PPC. E $30
MC-235. Chicago, IL, 1923, VG Univ. "Int'l Live Stock Expo" slogan #1 (dial o/s) 2c Harding on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-236. Springfield, IL, 1918, G+ Univ. "Illinois Cent'l Celebration" (tip crs; edge tear R) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-237. Hutchinson, KS, 1922, G+ Univ. "50th Anniv.Hutchinson & Reno Co./Kansas State Fair..." slogan on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
MC-238. Junction City/Funston Branch, KS, 1917, VG Univ. (short tear T) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-239. Fitchburg/Devens Branch, MA, 1917, VG+ Univ. illus.flag on YMCA cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-240. Saint Paul, MN, 1938, VG Univ. "Nat'l Air Mail Week" slogan #2 (lite tone) on commer.cvr. E $15
MC-241. Kansas City, MO, 1923, G+ Univ. "Christmas Seals" slogan #1 (EKU; "CH" not struck; o/w about F+) on 1c PSE. E $14
MC-242. Mexico, MO, 1919, VG Univ. w/INVERTED dial on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-243. West Hoboken, NJ, 1913, F Univ. BTSF-200 on GPC. E $14
MC-244. Brooklyn/Upton Branch, NY, 1917, VF Univ. (lite tone spot) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-245. Brooklyn/Upton Branch, NY, 1918, VG+ Univ. on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-246. New York/Foreign Sta.Anx, NY, 1920, VG Univ. "Learn While You Earn" slogan #2; Mammala Corp.cc; 1c offset on cvr. E $8
MC-247. Portland, OR, 1923, G+ Univ. "Pacific Int'l Live Stock Expo" slogan on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-248. El Paso, TX, 1916, VG Univ. "Int'l Dry Farming Congress & Expo" slogan (lite tone) on cvr. E $20
MC-249. El Paso, TX, 1916 (Oct 16), G+ Univ. "Int'l Dry Farming..." slogan on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-250. Tacoma/Lewis Br., WA, 1919, VG Univ. w/state SPELLED OUT, "Br." abbreviated (UNLISTED type; lite tone) on PPC. E $40
MC-251. Milwaukee, WI, 1923, G+ Univ. "Register or Insure VALUAPLE Mail" MISSPELLED slogan #3 (EKU; slogan is VF) on PPC. E $75
MC-252. "City/State,", undated, F Univ. "Middletown's Bicentennial 1755-1955" slogan; "PROOF" copy on unadd.cvr. E $14
MC-253. "City/State,", 1954, F Univ. "Vernon County/1855 Cent'l 1955/July 3-July 9, 1955" slogan; "PROOF" copy on unadd.cvr. E $14
MC-254. USN 10420 Br., 1955 (Aug 16), VG+ Univ. "Headquarters Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic (NATO)..." slogan on GPC. E $14

MR-1. Santa Monica, CA, 1960, F PB meter w/"W" & pictorial bandleader slogan (tip cr) on REAL PHOTO PPC (Lawrence Welk & band) w/typed message from his office. E $15
MR-2. North Pole, CO, 1972, F PB meter; illus.Santa & workshop slogan (message into slogan); "0" denominated meter used as canx on 8c stamp on PPC. E $16
MR-3. Washington, DC, 1947, VG PB meter (tear L; edge wear) Nat'l League of District Postmasters/Nat'l Secretary illus.cc (mail bag & flag); 5c denom. on air cvr. E $15
MR-4. Boston, MA, 1941, F PB meter w/"Mailed in the 'Mailomat' at Convention Headquarters/Nat'l Assn.of Postmasters..." slogan on Mailomat PPC. E $15
MR-5. Winston-Salem, NC, 1952, VG+ PB meter w/"I'd walk a Mile for a Camel" slogan on ad PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MR-6. Cleveland, OH, 1942, VF PB meter w/"Buy U.S.War Bonds" illus.slogan (Uncle Sam) on Mailomat PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MR-7. Salem, OR, 1933, G+ 2c w/add'l 1c Paid permit/meter #8452; Sec.of State cc inverted at B on 3.5x6" clasp env. E $8
MR-8. Altoona, PA, ca.1909, VF printed Permit No.2.; A.Simon & Co.printed text ad in message area on PPC. E $14
MR-9. Chamberlain, SD, 1950, VF PB meter w/illus.slogan "Children of the Prairie" (Indian boy); St.Joseph's Indian School cc on cvr. E $16

MY-1. Denver City, C.T., CO, 1862, F DCDS; ms "Soldiers Letter" at lower L; "Due 3" h/s (60-66) on cvr. Also listed in "Colorado" section. E $500
MY-2. Oskaloosa, KS, 1860s, VF ms (bit ruff trim R; part lite tone) on cvr to A.J.Boyer, c/o Maj.Fletcher, Pay Master USA, Ft.Riley, KS. E $40
MY-3. Buffalo, NY, 1864, VG+ CDS/cork (trim L) on cvr to Capt.S.D.Stevenson, Co.K 2nd Regt.Mt'd Rifles N.Y.S.V., 1st Brigade, 2d Dev.9th A.C., Army Potomac, Washington, DC. E $60
MY-4. Banks Division, 1860s, partial CDS (SPOTTY strike; ruff R, in stamp) on cvr to Capt.W.D.Wilkins, Prisoner of War, Richmond, VA. E $24 MIN.12
MY-5. Denver, CO, 1898, G+ Barry; 31x19mm oval patriotic sticker w/illus.USS Maine at upper L; stars & bars shield labe on flap on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
MY-6. United States Post Office, Military Station No.1, Cuba, [1898], G+ undated straight-line h/s origin (ruff R; part toned; cr) "Due 2" h/s; 2c due stamp tied by New York/M.I. & (R?) CDS/grid on cvr. E $100
MY-7. Topeka, KS, 1898, F Barry (lite tone; trim T; tears T; no flap) patriotic illus.(eagle & crossed U.S./Cuba flags) 1c green on local cvr. E $20
MY-8. Portland, OR, 1897, G+ duplex; Office of the Clerk, U.S.Circuit Court cc on cvr to Lieut.Fred W.Sladen, U.S.Army, A.D.C.Hdqrs Dept.of Colorado, Denver. E $14
MY-9. Portland, OR, 1898, F Amer/B14(1); Office of the Clerk, U.S.Circuit Court cc on cvr to Maj.Gen'l Elmer S.Otis, U.S.Army, Honolulu. E $14
MY-10. Portland, OR, 1898, F Amer/B14() (upper R tip nick) Office of the Clerk, U.S.Circuit Court cc on cvr to Lieut.Fred W.Sladen, U.S.Inf'y, Aide-de-Camp to Maj.Gen'l Otis, U.S.Army, Manila. E $16
MY-11. Portland, OR, 1900, F Amer/B14(1); Office of the Clerk, U.S.Circuit Court cc on cvr to Capt.Fred W.Sladen, U.S.Army, Aide-de-Camp to the Gov'r Gen'l, Manila. E $14
MY-12. Portland, OR, 1900, G+ Amer/B14(1) (o/s) Office of the Clerk, U.S.Circuit Court cc on cvr to Capt.Fred W.Sladen, U.S.Army, Aide-de-Camp to Maj.Gen'l Otis, U.S.Army, Rochester, NY. E $14
MY-13. Portland, OR, 1903, F Int'l; Office of the Clerk, U.S.Circuit Court cc on cvr to Capt.Fred Winchester Sladen, West Point, NY. E $14
MY-14. First Res.Hosp./Sta.Manila, PI, 1900, G+ CDS/target (ruff L; lite tone) ms "Due 2 cts" at B; 2c due stamp tied by partial oval on 2c PSE FRONT ONLY. E $40
MY-15. Vera Cruz/U.S.M.Ag., Mexico, 1914, G+ duplex (L arc & most of date on stamp; lite tone) La Universal haberdasher ad cc; 5c Wash.properly applied on 5x6" cvr to Mexico address w/10c postage due tied at lower L, apparently for over weight. E $40 MIN.20
MY-16. Rock Ford, CO, 1918, VG Amer/A14; D.V.Burrell (seed grower) cc & text ad on flap; "Food Will Win the War-Produce It!" patriotic slogan printed at B on PSE. E $15
MY-17. Washington, DC, 1918, G+ Univ. (crs; lite tone) Red Cross header; printed "Soldiers' Mail" frank & separate, redundant "Soldier's Mail" blue h/s; Chief Military Censor's h/s on "Ship Arrived Safely" PC. E $20
MY-18. Rennes, France, [1918], G+ undated circled town; crude letters w/backwards N's (crnr crs; lite tone) on PPC w/Recd From Army/Bordeaux G+ Univ.as transit. E $150
MY-19. Anderson, IN, 1918, G+ Colum. (lite tone) "American Expeditionary Forces via New York" h/s as fwd instruction on PPC to Camp Dix, NJ & fwd. E $14
MY-20. Des Moines/Dodge Br., IA, 1919, VG Univ. (lite tone;) "Spokane Red Cross Canteen Service" h/s much obscured by message on PPC. E $14
MY-21. Junction City/Ft.Riley Br., KS, 1919, F duplex on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
MY-22. Junction City/Funston Br., KS, 1917, G+ Univ. (lite tone tear T) Co.A, 314th Engineers illus.cc (castle) on cvr. E $15
MY-23. New Orleans, LA, 1918, G+ Int'l (lite tone) "American Red Cross/Canteen Service/New Orleans Chapter" double oval h/s on PPC. No censor marking, but location in message scratched out. E $20
MY-24. Hattiesburg/Shelby Br., MS, 1917, VG Univ. (lite tone) on PPC. E $14
MY-25. Kansas City, MO, 1917, G+ Univ. (ruff R) tying "Buy U.S.Gov't Bonds/2nd Liberty Loan" 44x57mm illus.label (Statue of Liberty), also tied by partial "Back the Boys" h/s; Hotel Savoy header (partly covered) on cvr w/full-color illus.hotel ad on back. E $40
MY-26. Jersey City/Merritt Br., NJ, 1918, VG Univ. CB-200 (bit lite tone) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-27. Jersey City/Merritt Br., NJ, 1918, VG+ Univ. #1DB-300 (tip cr) "Knights of Columbus/War Activities/Camp Merrit, N.J." h/s on PPC. E $20
MY-28. Jersey City/Merritt Br.("Br."), NJ, 1919, VG Univ. #2DB-300 (EKU) on PPC. E $20
MY-29. Long Branch/Signal Br., NJ, 1918, VF Univ. on PPC datelined Camp Vail. E $15 MIN.8
MY-30. New Brunswick/Raritan Arsenal Br., NJ, 1918, G+ Univ. (near F+; lite tone; tip cr) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
MY-31. Newark, NJ, 1918, G+ Int'l (trim L; lower R tip ruff; crs; lite tone) on cvr to Guaranty Trust Co., Paris; "Voir Au Dos" label covering address, tied by "Returned to Sender/Unknown" pointing hand h/s; "APO (719)/Amer.Expeditionary Forces/France" 34x90mm label w/ms # tied to back. E $30
MY-32. Trenton/Dix Br., NJ, 1917, VG+ Univ. #1DB-300, 1st period (EKU; lite tone) Battery B.308 F.A. return add. on REAL PHOTO PPC (Camp Dix). E $24
MY-33. Trenton/Dix Br., NJ, 1918, VG Univ. #1DB-300, 2nd period; on PPC. E $30
MY-34. New York/Sta.J, NY, 1918, G+ Univ. (ruff R; lite tone; tears) New York War Camp Community Service #2 logo cc; USS MIssouri return add.on flap on cvr. E $20
MY-35. Plattsburg/Military Br., NY, 1918, VF Univ. (tiny tear R) YMCA logo cc on cvr w/matching letterhead enc. E $15
MY-36. Charlotte/Greene Br., NC, 1917, G+ Univ. (near VF) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
MY-37. Chillicothe/Sherman Br., OH, 1917, G+ Univ. CB-200 (EKU; bit ruff R) Co I 332 Inf.return add. on cvr. E $20
MY-38. Chillicothe/Sherman Br., OH, 1918, G+ Univ. CB-200 (LKU; toned) on PPC. E $20
MY-39. Chillicothe/Sherman Br., OH, 1918, VF Univ. #1DB-300 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-40. Camp Stotsenburg, PI, 1918, G duplex; Post Exchange cc; 6c on censored cvr w/penalty clause X'ed thru, to U.S. E $15
MY-41. Columbia/Jackson Br., SC, 1918, VG Univ. #2DB-300#2 (EKU; toned) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
MY-42. Houston/Logan Br., TX, 1918, VG Univ. on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-43. San Antonio/S.San Antonio Military Br., TX, ca.1917, VG Univ. CT-400 (year omitted) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-44. San Antonio/Stanley Br., TX, 1918, VF Univ. DB-300 (lite tone) on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
MY-45. San Antonio/Travis Br., TX, 1917, VG Univ. CB-200 (EKU; lite tone) on PPC. E $20
MY-46. San Antonio/Travis Br., TX, 1917, VG+ Univ. CB-200 w/"11 12" Quaker date on PPC. E $20
MY-47. Newport News/Stuart Br., VA, 1918, VG Univ. on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-48. Petersburg/Lee Br., VA, 1917, VG Univ. #1DB-300 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-49. Petersburg/Lee Br., VA, 1918, G+ Univ. CB-201 (near VF) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-50. Petersburg/Lee Br., VA, 1918, G+ Univ. #2DB-300 (lite tone) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-51. Tacoma/Lewis Br., WA, 1918, F Univ. #1DB-300 (toned) 2c Wash.coil Sc.487 on PPC. E $20
MY-52. Tacoma/Lewis Br. ("Br."), WA, 1918, G+ Univ. (UNLISTED DB-300 type; trim R, well into stamp portrait; lite tone) on cvr. E $20
MY-53. (APO 701), [1919] (May 5), F duplex w/no APO #, but this is known type; no year; "5" slug for month (lite tone; crnr crs) on PPC. E $20
MY-54. (APO 702), 1918, G+ ty.A7002.9 Univ.machine w/dateless dial (killer partly off R, but nearly full killer also at L) APO 796 return add. on PPC. E $15
MY-55. (APO 702), 1918, G+ ty.A7002.9 Univ.machine w/dateless dial (killer mostly off R) APO 796 return add. on PPC. E $12
MY-56. APO 702, 1918, G+ Amer/A24(702) flag (stripes mostly off R; toned) on 3x4.25" "Rec't for Tobacco" PC. E $15
MY-57. APO 702, 1919, G+ machine (dial part spotty) 1c offset Wash. on PPC. Postage required for civilian use. E $24
MY-58. APO 705, 1918, partial duplex (# not struck but ID'd by dateline; bit ruff R) "Lieut.E.O.R.C." oval h/s w/D.H.Evans signature at lower L on cvr & on enc. E $30
MY-59. APO 709, 1918, G+ CDS (rim partly off R; edge tears) ms "Officer's Mail" frank; Chas.E.Nelson self-censor on cvr; enc.Xmas card w/illus.Arc de Triomphe. E $20
MY-60. APO 711, 1918, G+ CDS o/s by APO 702 machine as transit on Camp de Coetquidan (w/6 views) PPC. E $12
MY-61. APO 714, 1918, G+ duplex (dial bit hi; edge tear L) on cvr. E $6
MY-62. APO 715, ca.1917, VG duplex (RUFF R removes year & most of killer; AS IS for that; lite tone) "Mach.Gun Co., 166th Inf." return add; illus.flag on free-franked cvr. E $20
MY-63. APO 715, [1919], G+ CDS ty.A3001.3 w/year omitted (tip crs) on PPC datelined Ahrweiler, Germany, PPC. E $12
MY-64. APO 716, 1918, G+ duplex w/time omitted (edge tear T) American YMCA logo header on free-franked cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-65. APO 729, 1918?, G+ CDS on cvr. E $8
MY-66. APO 729, 1919?, G+ CDS (year partial) on PPC: Niederwald monument. E $8
MY-67. APO 730, 1918, G+ magenta 4-bar ty.A1111 w/# in bars (ruff T) Machine Gun Co.140th Inf.return add.; YMCA logo header on free-franked cvr. E $15
MY-68. APO 731A, 1918, VG+ DCDS (lite tone) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-69. APO 736, 1918, G+ duplex (tip crs) on PPC. E $5
MY-70. APO 740, 1918, partial DCDS (dial very hi; tears) "Fred W.Sladen/Brig Gen" ms, mostly covered by censor h/s; ms "Officers Letter" frank on self-censored cvr w/Amer.YMCA logo header. E $20
MY-71. APO 741, 1918 (Sep 11), G+ DCDS A4001 (UNLISTED # for this type; tiny tear T) YMCA header on free-franked cvr w/YMCA logo letterhead enc. E $40
MY-72. APO 741, 1918 (Sep 26), VG+ CDS (tiny tears T & R; ink spot above add.) YMCA header on free-franked cvr w/YMCA logo letterhead enc. E $12 MIN.6
MY-73. APO 743, 1918 (Nov 20), VG DCDS (crs; lite tone) on free-franked PPC mailed 11 days after Armistice Day: "...sure glad this war is over & we will soon be back in the U.S.". E $15 MIN.8
MY-74. APO 746, 1918, G+ DCDS (lite tone; tip crs) o/s by APO 702 Base Censor machine as transit on free-franked PPC (Ueckingen). E $14
MY-75. APO 761, 1919, G+ duplex (dial hi: "Y P" partly off) on PPC. E $5
MY-76. Third Army/APO 761, 1919, VG DCDS (dial hi: "RM" partly off; lite tone) on free-franked PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-77. APO 770, 1918 (Dec 23), G+ duplex (bit lite tone) on PPC: Manderscheid, Germany. E $6
MY-78. APO 773, 1918, VG straight-line h/s ty.A8011 (T crnrs slit) on free-franked cvr. E $24 MIN.12
MY-79. APO 846, 1918, VG DCDS (toned) pictorial censor #1936 h/s w/partly scalloped outer ring on Dijon, France, PPC. E $20
MY-80. APO 909, 1919, G+ CDS w/"PES" in dial (dial bit hi: tips of "T O" off; lite tone) Red Cross logo cc; Soldier's Mail ms frank on cvr. E $20
MY-81. Third Army/APO 927, 1919, VG DCDS (toned) on free-franked PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-82. Third ArmyAPO 927, 1919, VF DCDS; ms "Officer's Mail" frank; Alfred D.Roberts self-censor on Berlin PPC. E $20
MY-83. Mail Censor/U.S.Army Base, ca.1918, VG undated straight-line h/s (trim R; bit lite tone; edge tears T) illus.flag at upper L; Co.A 21st Engrs., AEF, return add.on flap on cvr. E $12
MY-84. U.S.Army Postal Service/729, 1918, VG A1110 (part o/s; ruff slit upper R) on cvr. E $14
MY-85. Seward, AK, 1944, VG 4-bar; U.S.Censorship/V.-V #66073 h/s; bit scuff 8c transport air on PPC. E $20
MY-86. Victorville/Air Corps Advanced Flying School Br., CA, 1943, G+ Univ. on PPC. E $14
MY-87. Buckley Field, CO, 1944, VG duplex (slight stutter) "Time For Us to Clean Up!" patriotic illus.(Uncle Sam, Hitler, Mussolini & Tojo w/globe) on cvr. E $15
MY-88. Camp Carson, CO, 1942, VG DCDS (lite tone) APO 89 return add.; soldier's ms "Free" frank on PPC. E $20
MY-89. Camp Carson, CO, 1943, F Univ.; "Easter Sunrise Service/Garden of the Gods/Mutual Broadcasting System" ad at L; soldier's ms "Free" frank on PPC. E $15
MY-90. Camp Carson, CO, 1944, VF Univ.; Co H 87th Mtn Inf.return add. on air cvr w/"Camp Carson" & army insignia on flap. E $14
MY-91. Pando, CO, 1943, F Univ.; Camp Hale illus.ad (skier) on cvr. E $20
MY-92. Washington, DC, 1945 (Feb 7), G+ Int'l; "FDR Stalin Churchill/Black Sea" patriotic cachet on unadd.cvr. E $15
MY-93. Camp Gordon Johnson/Amphibious Training Center, FL, 1944, F Int'l; soldier's ms "Free" frank on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-94. Jacksonville, FL, 1944, VF Univ. (trim R; lite tone) patriotic illus. (Uncle Sam, Savings Bond & jeep) ms "Free" frank on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-95. Indianapolis, IN, 1943, G+ Int'l (toned) 2x 1c Defense on 4.25x5" Application for War Ration Book #3 PC; "2c Postage If Mailed in Indianapolis... 3c Elsewhere" header. E $15
MY-96. Burden, KS, 1944, VF duplex; "No Task Too Great in Calm or Squalls..." poem patriotic illus.(Marines insignia) on cvr. E $14
MY-97. Chase, KS, 1944, G duplex; "Ah dream las' night dat a baahr wuz on mah tracks..." 4-line poem in derogatory dialect, w/"Apologies to Hambone"; patriotic illus.(Russian Bear chasing Hitler) on cvr. E $20
MY-98. Ensign, KS, 1942, VF 4-bar (lite tone) "Land of Liberty..." patriotic illus.(eagle & flag) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-99. Independence, KS, 1944, F Int'l; "Protect Your Independence With War Bonds" patriotic illus.(flag & Liberty) on cvr. E $16
MY-100. Leona, KS, 1944, VG 4-bar; "For Freedom of the Seas! Keep 'Em Shooting!" patriotic illus (ship & stars) on cvr. E $15
MY-101. Liberal, KS, 1945, F Int'l; "You Can Buy a Minute Off This War... Buy U.S.War Bonds" patriotic illus.(eagle & shield) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-102. Liberty, KS, 1943, VF 4-bar; "Cast Away the Arms of Hate & Misery..." patriotic illus.(Liberty) on cvr. E $15
MY-103. Norway, KS, 1943, G+ 4-bar ("AY" on stamp) "Let Freedom Ring" patriotic illus (Norway flag); 5c Norway flag commem. on cvr. E $20
MY-104. Replacement Center, KS, 1941, F duplex (lite tone) on cvr w/PM's signature. E $12 MIN.6
MY-105. Soldier, KS, 1943, VF 4-bar; patriotic illus.colonial soldier w/rifle on cvr. E $16
MY-106. Troy, KS, 1945, VG duplex (bit stutter) "Remember Pearl Harbor" patriotic illus.(eagle & flag) on cvr. E $14
MY-107. Wallula, KS, 1942, F 4-bar; "Mr.Lincoln, We'll Keep the Faith!" patriotic illus.(portrait) on cvr. E $15
MY-108. Alexandria, LA, 1943, VF Int'l (bit ruff slit R) tying 29mm diam.shiny gold "Camp Claiborne" illus.label (Army insignia) on free-franked cvr. E $14
MY-109. Camp Ritchie, MD, 1943, G+ Int'l (lite tone) ms "Free" frank on PPC. E $14
MY-110. Chihuahua, Mexico, 1943, partial DCDS; "U.S.Censorship Examined By (11105)" h/s w/ms censor #; on PPC to U.S. E $12
MY-111. Camp Shelby, MS, [1943], G+ machine (year partial; tiny tear T; nick T) overall brown illus.: AERIAL VIEW of Camp; on cvr w/APO 37 return add. E $20
MY-112. Camp Crowder, MO, 1943, F Int'l (silght ruff slit R; tear R) 147th Sta.Hospital illus.at lower L: soldier "riding" hypodermic needle on free-franked cvr. E $15
MY-113. Great Falls, MT, 1942, VF Int'l; U.S.O.Club cc w/illus.(2 cowboys, 4 horses, mountains) printed "Free" frank on cvr. E $15
MY-114. West New York, NJ, 1944, VF Univ.; "We Must Win/War Bonds" patriotic illus.(Uncle Sam); censor tape L; 3c commem. on cvr to ECUADOR w/Quito repeater as b/s. E $20
MY-115. Las Vegas, NM, 1943, G+ Int'l; Camp Luna return add.; ms "Free" frank on PPC. E $15
MY-116. East Rochester, NY, 1945, F Int'l (many crs; tear B) censor h/s at L; censor tapes on back; "Postage Due (2) Cents" h/s; 6c transport air on cvr to Eau Claire, WI, w/2c due stamp tied at B. E $15
MY-117. Camp Gruber, OK, 1943, VG Univ. (bit ruff slit T, barely in sender's name; bit lite tone) APO 88 return add.; ms "Free" frank on cvr. E $20
MY-118. Grove City, PA, 1945, F Univ.; "Let There Be Light" patriotic illus.(allegorical winged woman) on cvr. E $15
MY-119. Columbia, SC, 1943, F Univ.; APO 447, West Jackson, SC, return add.; ms "Free" frank on cvr. E $14
MY-120. Abilene, TX, 1942, F Univ. (upper R tip slit) Camp Barkeley return add.; soldier's ms "Free" frank on cvr. E $8
MY-121. Fort Bliss, TX, 1943, F Int'l; "Troop C-12th Cav." return add.; soldier's ms "Free" frank on PPC. E $8
MY-122. Fort Bliss, TX, 1943, F Int'l; soldier's ms "Free" frank on PPC w/Station Hospital, Ft.Bliss, return add. E $8
MY-123. San Antonio, TX, 1942, F Int'l (tip cr) "Maj.M.E.Staley, c/o District Engnier (sic), Ft.Sam Houston" return add.label; his ms "Free" frank on free-franked personalized PC w/his printed header on back. E $12
MY-124. Sparta, WI, 1944, VG Int'l; Camp McCoy return add.; ms "Free" frank on PPC. E $14
MY-125. Fort Warren, WY, 1942, F Univ.; soldier's ms "Free" frank on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-126. 5 Oflag VI C/Geprust boxed h/s at L; canxed mute DCDS, 1942, VF DCDS (dial bit hi; tiny tear T) on Prisoner of War folded letter to U.S.; printed message in RUSSIAN w/sender's signature only, no written message. E $20
MY-127. APO 3, 1944 (Feb 20), G+ 4-bar (part spotty) in Sicily; ms "Free" frank on cvr. E $6
MY-128. APO 12, 1945 (Jun 18), G+ 4-bar; (trim R to stamp; upper R tip nib) in France; APO 70 return add. on air PSE. E $20
MY-129. APO 21, 1945 (Jun 22), G+ 4-bar (toned) APO 887 return add. on Marseille, France, PPC. E $8
MY-130. APO 58, 1944 (Nov 25), G+ 4-bar (bit cr) in France; APO 350 return add.; ms "Free" frank on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-131. APO 158, 1945 (Apr 8), G+ 4-bar; in Germany; APO 655 return add. on air cvr. E $24
MY-132. APO 158, 1945 (Jun 16), G+ 4-bar (wrinkles) in Germany on air cvr. E $14
MY-133. APO 163, 1944 (Nov 26), G+ 4-bar; in France; APO 403 return add. on air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-134. APO 178, 1945 (Apr 15), G+ machine (tip cr; tiny tear L) APO 2 return add. on PPC. E $16
MY-135. APO 208, 1944 (Dec 3), G+ 4-bar; in France; APO 562 return add. on air PSE. E $12 MIN.6
MY-136. APO 250, 1945 (Feb 7), G+ 4-bar; in GERMANY; on PPC. E $20
MY-137. APO 698, 1943, VG machine (tip cr) APO 512 return add. on PPC. E $8
MY-138. APO 72, 1945 (Mar 11), G+ 4-bar (lite tone) in Philippines; on free-franked folded V-mail lettersheet. E $12 MIN.6
MY-139. APO 96, 1945 (Feb 10), G+ 4-bar (part on stamp; cr) in Philippines; on air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-140. APO 145, 1945 (May 23), G+ 4-bar; in Germany; APO 230 return add. on free-franked cvr. E $15
MY-141. APO 146, 1945 (Mar 30), G+ Univ.; in Germany; APO 151 return add. on air cvr. E $30
MY-142. APO 151, 1944 (Dec 25), G+ 4-bar; in Netherlands; on air PSE. E $20
MY-143. APO 151, 1944 (Dec 28), F 4-bar (lite gum tone) in Netherlands; on air cvr. E $15
MY-144. APO 151, 1945 (Jan 18), G+ 4-bar (near F; dial bit hi) in Netherlands; on air PSE. E $15
MY-145. APO 151, 1945 (May 13), G+ 4-bar (bit cr) in Germany; on air cvr. E $24
MY-146. APO 151, 1945 (Jun 28), G+ machine w/thick # (lite tone; bit cr) in Germany; on air cvr. E $24
MY-147. APO 201, 1945 (Feb 13), VF 4-bar; in Philippines; on air PSE. E $12 MIN.6
MY-148. APO 230, 1944 (Nov 8), F 4-bar; in Belgium; on air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-149. APO 230, 1945 (Mar 9), G+ 4-bar; in Belgium; on free-franked cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-150. APO 241, 1944 (Nov 14), VG 4-bar; in Marshall Islands; on air PSE. E $12 MIN.6
MY-151. APO 267, 1945 (Apr 26), VG 4-bar (bit cr) in Germany; APO 151 return add. on air cvr. E $30
MY-152. APO 270, 1944 (Nov 2), VF 4-bar; in Netherlands; APO 151 return add. on air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-153. APO 270, 1944 (Nov 17), VG+ 4-bar (bit cr) in Netherlands; APO 151 return add. on air PSE. E $12 MIN.6
MY-154. APO 406, 1945 (Aug 16), G+ 4-bar; listed as in Azores, but APO 887 return add.listed as in France; censor tape & h/s L on air cvr. E $20
MY-155. APO 408, 1945 (Jun 11), G+ Univ. (lite tone) in Germany; on free-franked cvr. E $15
MY-156. APO 463, 1945 (May 16), G+ Univ. w/tiny #; in Germany; APO 339 return add. on air PSE. E $30
MY-157. APO 498, 1945 (Sep 7), G+ 4-bar; in Libya; on air cvr. E $16
MY-158. APO 523, 1944, VF machine (tear T; lite tone) in Iran; censor tape R; ms "Free" frank on cvr. E $14
MY-159. APO 549, 1944 (Jun 6), F 4-bar; in Italy; APO 782 return add. on air PSE. D-DAY INVASION DATE. E $30
MY-160. APO 560, 1945 (Mar 5), VF 4-bar (lite tone) in Belgium; APO 350 return add. on air PSE. E $12 MIN.6
MY-161. APO 569, 1943 (Nov 19), VF 4-bar; in England; APO 635 return add.; pair 6c airs on soldier's "Blue Envelope": "...must not be used for money... cannot be registered..." E $14
MY-162. APO 596, 1944 (Oct 29), G+ 4-bar (uneven toned) in France; APO 339 return add. on air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-163. APO 617, 1944 (Oct 26), G+ 4-bar; in Eritrea; strip/3x 1c Defense on cvr. E $15
MY-164. APO 648, 1944 (Oct 21), G+ 4-bar; in Scotland; on air PSE. E $12 MIN.6
MY-165. APO 655, 1945 (Aug 26), G+ 4-bar; in Germany; APO 887 return add. on air PSE. E $15
MY-166. APO 680, 1944 (Mar 27), G+ 4-bar; in Iran; on air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-167. APO 700, 1943 (Sep 26), VG machine; in Algeria; APO 464 return add.; ms "Free" frank on 2.75x6" PC to GM Corp.; thank you for Chesterfield cigarette shipment. E $14
MY-168. APO 702, 1943 (Mar 5), VG+ 4-bar (cr) in Whitehorse, Yukon; on free-franked folded V-mail lettersheet. E $15
MY-169. APO 730, 1943 (Oct 4), F 4-bar; in Alaska; on air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-170. APO 797, 1944 (May 18), G+ 4-bar (lite tone) in Iran; on air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-171. APO 806, 1945 (Aug 12), VG machine (lite gum tone) in France; APO 149 return add. on air cvr. E $15
MY-172. APO 871, 1944 (Jun 6), G+ DCDS w/D-DAY INVASION DATE as fwd b/s (R arc off edge, but date & # show clearly; lite tone); Quaker City, OH, VG DCDS as origin b/s; 15c +10c Prexies on reg'd 3c PSE w/enc.to APO 15186 & returned, nearly 3 mos.after mailed. MANY fwd canxes on back, inc.APO 873; BPO 1; Orangeburg/Cap Shanks Br., NY; & separate Camp Shanks, NY, DCDS. Also 3 diff. "No Record" h/s on front. E $75
MY-173. "APO 921-2 NY NY" & "APO 4716 NY NY" straight-line h/s as fwd markings; canxed Boyne City, MI, 1943, G+ Int'l (lite tone) on cvr w/various other fwd markings. E $20
MY-174. APO 930, 1942 (Aug 19), F 4-bar (bit trim T) in TONGA; "Free Mail" typed frank on cvr. E $75
MY-175. APO 938, 1943, VG 4-bar (bit stutter) in Alaska; on air PSE. E $12 MIN.6
MY-176. APO 944, 1942, VF 4-bar (no flap) "Military/13/Censor" h/s w/boxed # on air PSE. E $20
MY-177. APO 955, 1945 (Apr 23), G+ 4-bar; in Hawaii; censor tape L; Crosby photo applique cachet (hula girl) on air cvr. E $15
MY-178. APO3225 return add.; canxed U.S.Navy, 1943, G+ 3-bar (cr) "Tojo Is a Bum/Hitler a Heel" in bars (lite) on air cvr. E $20
MY-179. APO7948 return add.; canxed APO 680, ca.1943?, VG machine w/year as "194"; in Iran; ms "Free" frank on cvr. E $16
MY-180. APO7949 return add.; canxed APO 969, 1944, G 4-bar (dial hi; upper half spotty) on air cvr. E $15
MY-181. "Displaced Persons Mail/Paid", [1948], G+ red boxed h/s (ruff R, in tip of h/s frank) "British Censorship/3414/Germany" h/s tying censor tape L; Camp Spakenberg I, Geesthacht, return add.on flap on cvr w/enc.(message in Lithuanian) to U.S. E $40
MY-182. Mount Clemens/Selfridge Air Force Base Br., MI, 1949, VF magenta DCDS (part lite tone) on GPC. E $15
MY-183. APO 169, 1946 (Jan 21), G+ 4-bar (lite tone) in Germany; on air cvr. E $15
MY-184. APO 6, 1952 (Feb 25), VG machine (lite tone; bit lite soiled) in Korea; ms "Free" frank on air cvr w/Red Cross logo on flap. E $20
MY-185. APO 6, 1952 (Mar 4), VG machine inverted at lower L (lite tone; edge crs) in Korea; ms "Free" frank on air cvr w/Red Cross logo on flap. E $20
MY-186. APO 6, 1952 (Mar 7), VG machine; in Korea; ms "Free" frank on air cvr. E $20
MY-187. APO 6, 1952 (Mar 26), VG machine (bit lite tone) in Korea; ms "Free" frank on air cvr w/Red Cross logo on flap. E $20
MY-188. APO 6, 1952 (Jul 23), G+ machine; in Korea; ms "Free" frank on air cvr. E $20
MY-189. APO 901, 1948 (Feb 2), VG machine (lite tone) in Korea; on air PSE. E $20
MY-190. APO 901, 1952 (Apr 12), G+ machine (lite tone) in Korea; on air PSE. E $20
MY-191. Ladd Air Force Base, AK, 1960, G+ red 4-bar; Last Day P.O. (42/60) on air cvr. E $15
MY-192. Fort Knox, KY, 1964, G+ machine; USATC-Armor return add.; lite blue illus.tank at lower L on air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-193. New York/17104 Br., NY, 1973, VF DCDS; USCG Loran Sta./Marcus Isld/South Bird Isld pictorial h/s (reptile); Japan 20y stamp on 7y GPC to U.S. E $15
MY-194. APO 345, 1960, G+ 4-bar (bit lite tone) Cape Newenham, AK, return add. on 5x6" commer.air cvr. E $15
MY-195. APO 348, 1959, G+ 4-bar (part on stamp) in Utiopia Creek, AK; on air cvr. E $14
MY-196. APO 715, 1857, G+ 4-bar (part spotty) in Tin City, AK; on QSL PPC. E $14
MY-197. APO 09378, 2008, G+ 4-bar; in Afghanistan; soldier's ms "free" frank on cvr. E $14
MY-198. Bregenz, Austria, 1916, VF DCDS; part o/s by pictorial military h/s on Feldpostkorrespondenzkarte w/"Sender" in 8 diff.languages at L. E $15
MY-199. Schwarzach in Vorarlberg, Czechoslovakia, 1916, G+ DCDS (lite tone) on Feldpostkorrespondenzkarte w/"Sender" in 8 diff.languages at L. E $15
MY-200. Monistrol-sur-Loire, France, 1915, G+ CDS (partly off R) "Le Commandant du Depot/Depot des Prisonniers de Guerre" triple-circle h/s at L, bit o/s by "Kriegsgefangenensendung/Kommandantur Strassburg/Geprust" h/s; "Correspondance militaire" ms frank on PPC to Strassburg. "This is a P Card from a German prisoner in France" written vertically on message. E $70
MY-201. Tresor et Postes/174 (France), 1915, G+ CDS (dial bit hi; bit lite tone) ms "Correspondance Militaire" frank on cvr. E $8
MY-202. Bad Nauheim, Germany, 1915, F DCDS on PPC w/ms "Feld" written at left of printed word "Postkarte" to make free frank. Interesting application. E $12
MY-203. Bad Salzuflen, Germany, 1916, G+ DCDS (bit lite tone) ms "Feldpost" frank on PPC. E $8
MY-204. Custrin, Germany, 1914, VF DCDS (bit lit tone) "Konigl.Preuss.Ersatz-Bataillon Fussart.-Regt.2." pictorial h/s; ms "Feldpost" frank on PPC. E $14
MY-205. Gera, Germany, 1915, F machine; "Reservelazarett Gera-Reuss/Abt.Turnhalle, Lutzowstrasse." h/s; ms "Feldpost" frank on PPC. E $12
MY-206. Gera, Germany, 1915, VG+ machine; "Reservelazarett Gera-Reuss/Abt.Turnhalle, Lutzowstrasse." h/s; ms "Feldpost" frank on PPC. E $12
MY-207. Gera, Germany, 1915, F DCDS; ms "Feldpost" frank on PPC. E $8
MY-208. Gera, Germany, 1915, F machine; ms "Feldpost" frank on PPC. E $8
MY-209. Giessen, Germany, 1915, VF DCDS; ms "Feldpost" frank on PPC. E $8
MY-210. Gottingen, Germany, 1915, F DCDs (tiny tear T) "Kriegsgefangenen Sendung" (" Prisoner of war transmission") ms frank on cvr to France w/weak POW camp circled h/s at lower L. E $24
MY-211. Grevesmuhlen, Germany, 1915, F+ DCDS; ms "Feld-Postkarte" frank on PPC. E $8
MY-212. Hamburg, Germany, 1916, VG DCDS; ms "Feldpost" frank on PPC. E $8
MY-213. Holzminden, Germany, 1915, G+ DCDS on PPC w/ms "Feld" written at left of printed word "Postkarte" to make free frank. Interesting application. E $12
MY-214. Klutz, Germany, 1915, G+ DCDS; ms "Feld-Postkarte" frank on PPC. E $8
MY-215. (Markirch), Germany, [1917], (no origin canx) "3.(F.) Batterie/Landwehr Feldartillerie Reg.252" straight-line h/s on PPC. E $8
MY-216. Nordstemmen, Germany, 1916, F DCDS; ms "Feldpost" frank on PPC. E $8
MY-217. Schwerin, Germany, 1916, VG+ DCDS; ms "Feldpost" frank on PPC. E $8
MY-218. D.Feldpost (Germany), 1919, VG DCDS (trim T; lite tone) "S.B./Bay.Res.I.R.13.9.Komp." boxed h/s; ms "Feldpost" frank on cvr. E $12
MY-219. Feld-Post (Germany), 1917, VG DCDS (dial bit hi; tip cr) "Feldintendantur/6 Bayer Res.Div" h/s on feldpostkarte. E $12
MY-220. Feldpostexpedition/D.6.Bayer.Jnfant.Division (Germany), 1915, F DCDS (part lite tone; slight ruff slit upper L tip) on cvr. E $8
MY-221. Feldpostexpedition/D.6.Bayer.Jnfant.Division (Germany), 1915, G+ DCDS (bit o/s) ms "Feldpost" frank on cvr. E $8
MY-222. K.D.Feldpost (Germany), 1918, VF DCDS; partial "Brief Stempel" h/s at L on feldpostkarte. E $6
MY-223. K.D.Feldpost-Exped/II/Garde-Reserve-Divis. (Germany), [1915], G+ CDS (lite tone) "Genesungs=Abteilung/fe.d Ersatz Bataillon/2.Garde Reserve Division." h/s on PPC. E $8
MY-224. K.D.Feldpost/b (Germany), 1917, F DCDS; bit o/s by "Pferdelazarett Nr.25/Brief-Stempel/Deutsche Feldpost Nr733" double circle h/s; ms "Feldpost" h/s on Ghent, Belgium, PPC. E $15
MY-225. K.D.Feldpost/C (Germany), 1917, VF DCDS (lite tone; nick T) on Kobylnik PPC. E $12
MY-226. K.D.Feldpostexp./der/28.Res.Division (Germany), 1915, VG DCDS (part lite tone) on PPC. E $8
MY-227. K.D.Feldpostexp./S.Ersatz-Div. (Germany), 1915, F DCDS (edge tear T) "Armierungs-Batallion Nr.81/1.Komp." double circle h/s & "Strassburg/Els.1/P.K. geprust und zu befördern" boxed h/s; ms "Feldpost" frank on PPC. E $12
MY-228. K.D.Feldpostexped. Des Armee/Oberkommandos der 5.Armee, Germany), 1915, VF CDS (dial bit hi) "Koniglich Preussisches/Reserve-Unanen Rgt.1" pictorial h/s on feldpostkarte PC. E $14
MY-229. K.D.Feldpoststation/No.18 (Germany), [1914], F CDS (tip crs) "Carte Postale" lined thru on Quievrain, Belgium, PPC. E $15
MY-230. K.D.Feldpoststation/Nr 125 (Germany), 1917, G+ DCDS; "B.(F.)Batterie/Landwehr Feldartillerie Regt.252/84.Landwehr=Brigade./Feldpoststation 125." h/s; ms "Feldpost" frank on PPC. E $12
MY-231. KD.Feldpost/a (Germany), 1917, G+ DCDS; bit o/s by "Landwehr Feldartillerie Regt.Nr.252/Brief-Stempel/9.(F.)Batterie." double circle h/s on PPC (Mezleres, France). E $12
MY-232. KD.Feldpost/a (Germany), 1917, G+ DCDS; "Landwehr Feldartillerie Regt.Nr.252/Brief-Stempel/9.(F.)Batterie." double circle h/s; ms "Feldpost" frank on PPC (Cirey, France). E $8
MY-233. KD.Feldpost/a (Germany), 1917, VG DCDS; "Landwehr Feldartillerie Regt.Nr.252/Brief-Stempel/9.(F.)Batterie." double circle h/s on PPC w/ms "Feld" at L of printed word "Postkarte". E $8
MY-234. KD.Feldpost/c (Germany), 1917, G+ DCDS; "Pferdelazarett Nr.25/Brief-Stempel/Deutsche Feldpost Nr.888" double circle h/s on PPC. E $16
MY-235. F.P.O. No 303, 1915, VG+ DCDS as origin b/s (part ruff B; notch T; part lite tone) ms "On Active Service" frank on 2.5x4" cvr made from folded Ration form, to "Ya Eriya Mukade, Interpreter, c/o F.G.Talbut, Bugure Kyagwe Estate, via Kampala, Uganda" w/2 diff.Kampala DCDS on address side. E $90

NOTE: Usual edge wear and tip wear should be expected on items in this category. Real PHOTOs are noted.
PC-1. "Babbitt Bros. Store, Flagstaff, AZ": litho, exterior (edge wear; bit lite tone) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-2. "Greeting from/Mesa, AZ": chrome, businesses w/cars ca.1950 (tip wear) unused. E $8
PC-3. "Morely Ave., Nogales, AZ": chrome, businesses w/cars ca.1950; used; Nogales, 1960. E $8
PC-4. "Edward Schieffelin, Discoverer of Tombstone (AZ)": litho; man & his tomb (pen notes in margin & partly on image) used, 1905. E $12 MIN.6
PC-5. "The Westerner/Hotel/Tucson, AZ": linen, exterior Art Deco style; unused. E $10 MIN.5
PC-6. "Birds Eye View of Barstow, CA": litho elevated view; used, ca.1908. E $15
PC-7. Postcard/booklet of pictures of earthquake damage of Compton & Long Beach CA: litho, 7 pages w/14 pictures opens to 29.5 x 5.75" (part lite tone; crnr cr) unused. E $20
PC-8. "Hall of Justice": litho, bldg in San Francisco destroyed by 1906 earthquake & fire; used; Economy, IN, 1908. E $12 MIN.6
PC-9. "Woodland Sanitarium, Woodland, CA": printed, exterior looks like residence (tip wear) used; Woodland, 1910. E $12 MIN.6
PC-10. Panorama of ": Sanborn REAL PHOTO; used; Colorado Springs, 1945. E $12 MIN.6
PC-11. "Green Canon": REAL PHOTO, view of Agular, CO (town name written on sky; edge wear) used; Agular, 1908. E $30
PC-12. Alamosa, CO": printed, businesses w/shoe store (edge wear) used; Alamosa, 1910. E $12 MIN.6
PC-13. "Main St Alamosa, CO": REAL PHOTO ©The Wilhelms, aerial view businesses & street of parked cars (3/4" tear T; tip crs) used; Alamosa, 1928. E $24
PC-14. "45 Minute Catch/Allen's Park, CO": litho, man by clothes lines hung w/around 50 fish; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-15. "Altman, CO, showing Pike's Peak in distance/Highest Town in the world, 11,002 ft./Cripple Creek District": litho (edge wear) used; Cripple Creek, 1913. E $12 MIN.6
PC-16. "Hyman Avenue, Aspen, CO": litho, women walking across business street; used; Aspen, 1915. E $12 MIN.6
PC-17. "Kiowa Lodge, Bailey, CO": litho, several story bldg among trees (tip wear) used; Bailey, 1935. E $12 MIN.6
PC-18. "The Low Mill/Black Hawk, CO": litho, mining bldgs (tip wear) used; 1915. E $14
PC-19. Family by their home at Blanca, CO": REAL PHOTO, message from one of the family (bit of edge wear) used; Blanca, 1910. E $15
PC-20. "Post Office Boulder, CO": REAL PHOTO, exterior (crs; bit lite tone) used; Boulder, 1911. E $12 MIN.6
PC-21. "Brush '23": REAL PHOTO, message & note explain picture is of 13000 rabbits from hunt whose carcasses spell out the title a form of rabbit on street (various faults) used; Brush, 1924. E $18
PC-22. "Sky Line Drive, Canon City, CO On The Denver & Rio Grande R.R.": REAL PHOTO, view of ridge road w/town in distance but no railroad shown (edge wear; surface wear spot) used; Canon City, 1910. E $12 MIN.6
PC-23. "State Penitentiary, Canon City, CO": litho, aerial view (edge wear) used; Denver, 1911. E $12 MIN.6
PC-24. "Main Street, Canon City, CO": printed, color (crnr cr; ink spot in sky) used; Canon City, 1907. E $12 MIN.6
PC-25. "Bird's Eye View, Canon City, CO": printed, elevated view; used; Canon City, 1907. E $12 MIN.6
PC-26. "A View In The City Park-Canon City, CO": REAL PHOTO, lake & park (tip wear; bit of offset canx ink) used; Canon City, 1910. E $12 MIN.6
PC-27. "Main Street Canon City/CO": litho, black & white (tip wear; edge tear B; name written at lower L) used; Canon City, 1910. E $12 MIN.6
PC-28. "Main St./Canon/City,/CO": litho, business street w/horse drawn wagons (edge wear; edge tear T) used; Canon City, 1910. E $12 MIN.6
PC-29. "Casey Avenue, Central City, CO": litho, aerial view (crs; writing in margin) used; Black Hawk, CO, 1908. E $12 MIN.6
PC-30. "Central City, CO": litho, aerial view (edge wear; short note in sky) used; Central City, 1911. E $12 MIN.6
PC-31. "Bird's Eye View of Central City, Showing Episcopal Church, Primary & High School": litho (edge wear) used; Central City, 1909. E $12 MIN.6
PC-32. "Methodist Church, Clifton, CO": REAL PHOTO, exterior (tip crs) used; Clifton, 1913. E $12 MIN.6
PC-33. "First Capitol Bldg/Territory Colorado/Colorado City 1861-1862": litho, inset next to State Capitol Bldg, Denver, 1906 (tip crs; tiny tear B) used; Colorado City, 1910. E $12 MIN.6
PC-34. "Colorado Avenue, Colorado City, CO": litho, business street w/bicycles & horse drawn wagon (bit lite tone) used; Colorado City, 1908. E $12 MIN.6
PC-35. "Golden Cycle Mill, Colorado City, CO": printed, exterior w/piles of lumber & sawdust (tip cr) used; Colorado Springs, 1911. E $12 MIN.6
PC-36. "Bird's Eye View, Colorado Springs, CO": litho, aerial view businesses & Coca Cola sign (edge wear) used; Colorado Springs, 1911. E $12 MIN.6
PC-37. "Antlers Hotel, Colorado Springs, CO": litho, ornate, multi-story hotel w/street car (tip wear) used; Colorado Springs, 1909. E $12 MIN.6
PC-38. "Panorama of/The Broadmoor Hotel & Lake./Colorado Springs, CO": printed, 2 panel panorama (edge wear) used; Pueblo, 1920. E $14
PC-39. "Panorama of Cortez, CO & Surrounding Country": Sanborn REAL PHOTO, long-distance view; used; Cortez, 1956. E $12 MIN.6
PC-40. View from train w/Creede Peak in background: REAL PHOTO, also message describes picture (taken by sender, from baggage car) as woman loading chickens on burro (crnr cr) used; Creede, ca.1913. E $14
PC-41. "Willow Creek Canon, Between Upper Creede, & Creede, CO": litho, aerial view of bldgs in valley (edge wear; bit cr) used; Creede, 1912. E $12 MIN.6
PC-42. "Creede, CO": litho, distance view (tip wear) used; Creede, 1911. E $12 MIN.6
PC-43. "Wright's Ranch/Creede, CO": REAL PHOTO, aerial view (edge wear; crs; bit lite soiled) used; Creede, 1942. E $18
PC-44. "Marshall Park, Creede, CO": REAL PHOTO, outdoor gathering w/tents & cars ca.1920; used; Creede, 1937. E $18
PC-45. "El Paso Mine, Cripple Creek District": litho, mining site w/tailings (crnr cr) used; Cripple Creek, 1906. E $12 MIN.6
PC-46. "Post Office & General Store at Deckers, CO": litho, man on horse w/horses & dog by rustic bldgs (message in margin; edge wear) used; Denver, 1912. E $15 MIN.8
PC-47. High School-Delta, CO": Sanborn REAL PHOTO, exterior; used; Delta, 1945. E $12 MIN.6
PC-48. "John H. Reichert/Buffet": men standing by store in Denver (?) mailed to family member in another CO town (name written on 1 man) used; Denver, 1909. E $24
PC-49. "Derby Racing Coaster, Lakeside Park, Denver": litho, aerial view of roller coaster (crnr crs; edge wear) used, 1918. E $12 MIN.6
PC-50. "Bldg of German-American Trust Company. Denver": litho, exterior (edge wear) used; Denver, 1910. E $12 MIN.6
PC-51. "Boys' Band At St. Vincent's Orphanage, Denver": litho, marching band in uniform on stairs (edge wear; crs) used; Denver, 1911. E $12 MIN.6
PC-52. "Seeing Denver": REAL PHOTO, 12 people riding in early sight seeing bus (message in margin) used; Vernon, NV, 1907. E $12 MIN.6
PC-53. "Post Office, Denver, CO": litho (edge wear; crs) used; Denver, 1908. E $12 MIN.6
PC-54. Elks Golden Jubilee parade Denver, CO: REAL PHOTO, aerial view elk float in 1914 event (crnr cr; wavy edge) used; Denver, 1914. E $30
PC-55. "Arapahoe/Basin/Dillon, CO": REAL PHOTO, ski area w/several ski runs in background w/cars ca.1950; used; Dillon, 1958. E $12 MIN.6
PC-56. "Dolores, CO-Looking North": REAL PHOTO, aerial view (edge wear; offset canx speck) used; 1909. E $14
PC-57. "Great Fireplace & Interior, Echo Lake Lodge, CO": Sanborn REAL PHOTO; used; Empire, 1952. E $12 MIN.6
PC-58. "Eldora, CO": REAL PHOTO, few bldgs & log cabin (tip cr) used; Eldora, 1911. E $30
PC-59. "Eldorado Springs, CO. Ivy Baldwin on Tight Rope/Height, 582'. Length 530'": litho, w/bldgs in valley below (tip wear) used; Hawthorne, CO, 1908. E $12 MIN.6
PC-60. "Elkton Mine, Elkton, CO, Cripple Creek District": printed (edge wear; bit of offset canx ink) used; Cripple Creek, 1917. E $12 MIN.6
PC-61. "Empire, CO": Keg REAL PHOTO, aerial view (writing in margin; crnr cr) used; Empire, 1906. E $18
PC-62. "Bird's-Eye View, Estes Park, CO": litho (edge wear) used; Estes Park, 1910. E $12 MIN.6
PC-63. "Fern Lake, Estes Park, CO": printed, lake surrounded by pines (edge & seam wear) used; Estes Park, 1913. E $14
PC-64. "Eureka, near Silverton, CO": printed, distance view (tip wear; stamp gone) used; Eureka, 1910. E $12 MIN.6
PC-65. U.S. Post Office Florence, CO: Sanborn REAL PHOTO, exterior brick bldg; used; Florence, 1948. E $12 MIN.6
PC-66. "Northern Hotel Fort Collins, CO": REAL PHOTO, exterior bldg w/music store, barber shop, jewelry store & others (tip crs) used; Fort Collins, 1907. E $20
PC-67. "Canning Factory of The Silver State Creamery & Produce Co., Fort Lupton, CO": litho, exterior; used; Fort Lupton, 1911. E $12 MIN.6
PC-68. "Busting Bronchos at Fort Morgan, CO": litho, cowboy on horse in corral (tip cr; bit of offset canx ink) used; Ft.Morgan, 1911. E $14
PC-69. "Sugar Factory Capacity 1200 Tons Daily Fort Morgan, CO": printed, exterior w/car (edge wear; lite tone) used; Fort Morgan, 1909. E $12 MIN.6
PC-70. "Fort Morgan, CO": printed, views of 7 churches; used; Fort Morgan, 1909. E $12 MIN.6
PC-71. "Fountain High School, Fountain, CO": REAL PHOTO, exterior 3 story brick bldg (overexposed lower L crnr) unused. E $20
PC-72. "Fowler, CO May 21, 1913": REAL PHOTO, business street w/W.O.W.(Woodmen of World) Hall 2nd floor (surface wear, in caption; crnr crs; ink spot T) used; Fowler, 1913. E $24
PC-73. U.S.Post Office/Fraser, CO: chrome, modern log cabinl; used; Fraser, 1960. E $12 MIN.6
PC-74. "View Of Golden, Clear Creek Valley/& The Plains From Lookout Mt. Park": litho (tip wear; bit of offset canx ink) used; Golden, 1915. E $12 MIN.6
PC-75. "The Street-Looking West-Grand Lake Village, CO": Sanborn REAL PHOTO, street lined w/parked cars & mountains in background; used; Grand Lake, 1948. E $12 MIN.6
PC-76. "Pier at Grand Lake, CO": REAL PHOTO (crnr crs) used; Grand Lake, ca.1916. E $12 MIN.6
PC-77. "Granite, CO/showing Mt. Sheridan": printed, distance view (edge wear) used; Leadville, 1909. E $12 MIN.6
PC-78. U.S.Post Office & & Shoe Repairing/Hartman, CO: REAL PHOTO, exterior w/postmaster Moore & son (info written front; edge wear; short interior tear) used; Hartman, 1913. E $24
PC-79. Street scene Haswell, CO": REAL PHOTO, cars & people walking unpaved area w/writer ID family in picture (edge wear; cr) used; Haswell, 1911. E $18
PC-80. House, barn & men in carriage Haxtum, CO (in message): REAL PHOTO (tip crs; lite tone) used; Haxtum, 1908. E $12 MIN.6
PC-81. "Hayden, CO": litho, aerial view (black & white) (bit lite soiled; crnr crs) used; Hayden, 1909. E $12 MIN.6
PC-82. "Hayden, CO": litho, aerial view (COLOR) (tip cr; part lite soiled; water spot in sky) used; Hayden, 1910. E $12 MIN.6
PC-83. "Main Street, Hugo, CO": litho, distance view (tip crs; lite tone) used; Hugo, ca.1910. E $14
PC-84. "View Of Idaho Springs": litho, aerial view (writing in margin; pin holes; bit offset canx ink) used; Idaho Springs, 1906. E $12 MIN.6
PC-85. "Water Works, Reservoirs, Newhouse Dump & City In Distance/Idaho Springs, CO": printed; used; Idaho Springs, 1909. E $12 MIN.6
PC-86. "Virginia Canon Road, Idaho Springs, CO": REAL PHOTO, road w/several switchbacks & shed w/Baby Ruth ad (edge tear T; bit cr) used; Central City, 1932. E $12 MIN.6
PC-87. "Idaho Springs, CO/Showing some of Principal Mines": printed, distance view (tip wear; bit of offset canx ink) used; Idaho Springs, 1931. E $12 MIN.6
PC-88. "Iola, CO": litho, few stores & car (edge wear) used; Iola, 1916. E $12 MIN.6
PC-89. "North On Colorado Ave. La Junta, CO": Bowers REAL PHOTO, residential street (message in margin; crnr crs; bit uneven trim B margin, not into image) used; La Junta, ca.1912. E $18
PC-90. "View from Columbian High School, La Junta, CO": litho, aerial view (edge wear) used; La Junta, 1907. E $12 MIN.6
PC-91. "Colorado Ave./La Junta, CO": REAL PHOTO, street corner w/horse drawn wagons (surface broken in sky by cancel) used; La Junta, 1907. E $18
PC-92. "Lake City, CO": REAL PHOTO, aerial view; used; Lake City, 1937. E $12 MIN.6
PC-93. "Birdseye Lamar, CO": REAL PHOTO, 2 panel panorama (edge nick; lower L tip nib; seam reinforced w/tape) used; Lamar, 1909. E $18
PC-94. "Part Of Business District, Las Animas, CO": REAL PHOTO, businesses & street of parked cars (bit lite cr) used; Las Animas, 1947. E $14
PC-95. "Chestnut Street in '79, Looking West, (Mt. Massive in Distance)": litho, Leadville, CO street scene (edge wear) used; Leadville, 1915. E $12 MIN.6
PC-96. "Little Johnny Mine-Leadville, CO": Sanborn REAL PHOTO (bit cr) used; Leadville, 1911. E $14
PC-97. "Panorama View Of The Climax Molybdenum Mine Near Leadville, CO": Sanborn REAL PHOTO, aerial view of mine in valley (edge wear) used; Leadville, 1938. E $12 MIN.6
PC-98. Colorado Ave-Loma, CO": REAL PHOTO, Pioneer Store & residences w/horse drawn wagons (edge wear; tip cr) used; Loma, 1911. E $24
PC-99. "The Lobby, Long's Peak Inn, Longs Peak, CO": litho, interior sparsely furnished log cabin (tip cr; bit of offset canx ink) used; Boulder, CO, 1918. E $12 MIN.6
PC-100. "Loveland Canon/Bridge No.1": Photo Art REAL PHOTO, one lane bridge (tip cr; stamp gone) used; Loveland, 1911. E $12 MIN.6
PC-101. "Beet Sugar Factory, Loveland, CO": litho, exterior (edge wear; note in sky) used; 1910. E $12 MIN.6
PC-102. "Sylvan Dale Guest House, Big Thompson Canon, Loveland, CO": Sanborn REAL PHOTO, also view of river rapids; used; Estes Park, 1937. E $12 MIN.6
PC-103. "4th Street & Business District. Loveland, CO": Sanborn REAL PHOTO, street w/Draper drugs, Elite Café & Coca Cola sign (tip crs; lite ink spot in sky) used; Loveland, 1948. E $15 MIN.8
PC-104. "Main Street Looking North, Mancos, CO": REAL PHOTO, street scene w/bridge & sign "$40 fine for riding or driving over this bridge faster than a walk" (crs; edge wear) used; Mancos, 1911. E $30
PC-105. "Sizemore's/Twin Springs/Resort": REAL PHOTO, bldgs & propane tank in mountains mailed from Meeker, CO (edge wear) used; Meeker, 1954. E $12 MIN.6
PC-106. "Landseekers in Automobiles, Moffat, CO": litho (printing flaw in sky; edge wear) used; Denver, 1911. E $15
PC-107. "Monte Vista, CO": REAL PHOTO, aerial view of street w/horse drawn wagons & cars (town/state penciled at T; crnr crs) used; Monte Vista, 1916. E $24
PC-108. "Nederland, CO Mountains hidden by Clouds": REAL PHOTO, aerial view (bit of offset canx ink) used; Nederland, 1927. E $14
PC-109. "Nederland-Rollinsville Road, CO": REAL PHOTO, dirt road & pines (tip wear; lite rec'd canx) used; Denver, 1936. E $12 MIN.6
PC-110. "Jordan's Inn, E.W.Jordan. Proprietor, Palisade(s), CO": litho, exterior 2 story bldg w/cars (edge wear) used; Palisades, 1908. E $12 MIN.6
PC-111. "Jordan's Inn, E.W.Jordan, Proprietor, Palisade, CO": litho, 2 story bldg also has drug store w/car (edge wear; stamp gone) used; ca.1910. E $12 MIN.6
PC-112. "Main Street from North, Paonia, CO": REAL PHOTO, electric light above street (tip cr) used; Paonia, 1915. E $30
PC-113. Parkdale Camp bldgs & Post Office: REAL PHOTO, TINY P.O.at old CCC camp (tip crs) used; Parkdale, 1967. E $15 MIN.8
PC-114. "Cog Road Engine Climbing Pike's Peak, CO": litho (edge wear; tone specks) used; Colorado Springs, 1911. E $12 MIN.6
PC-115. "Flood Series-First Street Looking South Pueblo, CO June 3, 1921": litho, businesses standing in flood waters (tip cr; toned) used; Pueblo, 1921. E $12 MIN.6
PC-116. "Partial view U.S. Zinc Co. Zinc Smelter. Employs 500 Men. Pueblo, CO": litho (edge wear; slight offset canx ink) used; Pueblo, 1908. E $12 MIN.6
PC-117. "Clark's Magnetic Mineral Springs Pueblo, CO": litho, company horse drawn wagon by shipping dept., Phone 320A on side of wagon (L tips nib; tip cr; stamp gone) used; Pueblo, 1913. E $12 MIN.6
PC-118. "Steel Plant, Colorado Fuel & Iron Co.,/Pueblo, CO": litho, exterior w/smoke billowing & piles of ore (crs; name written in sky) used; Canon City, 1917. E $12 MIN.6
PC-119. Colorado Fuel & Iron Co, Pueblo, CO: litho, views of steel plant & engine room (tip wear) used; Pueblo, 1913. E $12 MIN.6
PC-120. "Red Cliff CO, At Foot Of Shrine & Tennessee Passes": Sanborn REAL PHOTO, elevated view (tip crs) used; Pitkin, CO, 1957. E $12 MIN.6
PC-121. "River Postal, CO": litho, aerial view river & bldgs (edge wear) used; Salida, 1909. E $14
PC-122. "Mt. Sopris From Roaring Fork Valley, CO": Sanborn REAL PHOTO, river winding through valley; used; Grand Junction, 1946. E $12 MIN.6
PC-123. "American Crystal Sugar Factory-Rocky Ford, CO": Sanborn REAL PHOTO, exterior w/piles of sugar beets (tip wear) used; Rocky Ford, 1953. E $14
PC-124. "F Street, Looking South, Salida, CO": litho, street w/cars (edge wear; bit of offset canx ink) used; Salida, 1916. E $14
PC-125. "Ohio & Colorado Smelter. Salida, CO": printed, distance view (crs) used; Salida, 1912. E $12 MIN.6
PC-126. "Hauling Beets, Sedgwick, CO": REAL PHOTO, many wagons loaded w/beets on town street (tip cr) used; Sedgwick, 1914. E $30
PC-127. "Silver Plume, CO Looking West": litho, aerial view (message in margin; edge wear) used; Colorado Springs, 1906. E $12 MIN.6
PC-128. "Silverton CO-(Alt.9288 ft.) & Animas River": Sanborn REAL PHOTO, aerial view; used; Silverton, 1937. E $12 MIN.6
PC-129. "Steamboat Springs, CO. April 1908": printed, aerial view (edge wear) used; Steamboat Springs, 1911. E $12 MIN.6
PC-130. "Presbyterian Church, Sterling, CO": REAL PHOTO (lite cr offset canx ink) used; Sterling, 1912. E $12 MIN.6
PC-131. The Stonewall Country Club: REAL PHOTO, siding & log bldg w/barb wire fence (crnr crs; lite tone; stamp gone) used; Stonewall, 1911. E $12 MIN.6
PC-132. "Tipple of The Sunnyside Coal Mining Co., at Strong, CO": litho (tip wear; part lite soiled) used; Strong, 1910. E $12 MIN.6
PC-133. "High School Telluride, CO": printed, horse drawn coach by school (writing on coach; crs; tiny tear T) used; Telluride, 1922. E $12 MIN.6
PC-134. "Telluride, CO/From Smuggler Road": REAL PHOTO, aerial view (bit cr) used; Telluride, 1935. E $12 MIN.6
PC-135. "Westcliffe, CO: litho, several homes & snow topped mountains (crs) used; Westcliffe, 1908. E $12 MIN.6
PC-136. Lot 5) Modern Woodmen Sanatorium/Woodmen, CO": litho, various bldgs, individual cottage & aerial view of cottages (varied condition) used; Woodmen, 1944. E $20
PC-137. "Railroad Square/Danielson, CT": printed, tracks, depot & other bldgs; used; Danielson, 1909. E $14
PC-138. "200th Anniversary/4th of July/Greetings/Town of Killingly,CT/Souvenir/Danielson": printed, eagle w/shield & Indian & teepees (edge wear) used; Danielson, 1908. E $15
PC-139. "Hotel Clinton/Miami Beach, FL": linen, exterior Art Deco style (edge tear R; cr) unused. E $8
PC-140. "Ocala Municipal Golf Course/Ocala, FL": linen, distance view of long 1 story bldg w/cars ca.1940; unused. E $8
PC-141. "Hula Dancers, Hawaii": REAL PHOTO; 3 dancers kneeling, guitarist, singer; used; Honolulu, 1942. E $14
PC-142. "Post Office, Centralia, IL": litho, exterior (bit lite tone) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-143. "Lake & Washington Aves.Looking South, Chicago (IL)": REAL PHOTO intersection & bldgs; used, to Ireland, 1909. E $15
PC-144. "Wrigley Field, Home of the Chicago Cubs": linen aerial view; ca.1940's; unused. E $15
PC-145. "Public Library/Souvenir of Chicago": printed, exterior; HOLD-TO-LIGHT w/die-cut windows & moon (tone; message in margins; bit of offset canx ink) used; Elgin, IL, 1901. E $15
PC-146. "Post Office, Elgin, IL": litho, exterior title bottom (edge wear) used; Elgin, 1911. E $8
PC-147. "Post Office, Elgin, IL": litho, exterior title top (edge wear; offset canx ink) used; Elgin, 1907. E $8
PC-148. "Prospect Street 270 Feet Above City, Galena, IL": printed, w/town below (edge wear; partial rec'd canx) used; Galena, 1908. E $12 MIN.6
PC-149. "Lovers' Lane/Lake Ellyn/Glen Ellyn, IL": REAL PHOTO, secluded road by lake; used; Glenellyn, 1909. E $12 MIN.6
PC-150. "Lake Ellyn From North End. Glen Ellyn, IL": REAL PHOTO; used; Glenellyn, ca.1908. E $12 MIN.6
PC-151. "Souvenir of/Hampshire, IL": REAL PHOTO, insets of 5 bldgs; used; Hampshire, 1912. E $18
PC-152. "Post Office/Kankakee, IL": litho; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-153. "Main Street, Malta, IL": litho, businesses sign for gasoline (no pumps) (tip wear) used; Malta, 1916. E $12 MIN.6
PC-154. "At Kyte River": REAL PHOTO, w/rowboat near Oregon, IL (wavy L edge) used; Oregon, ca.1908. E $12 MIN.6
PC-155. "Greetings from Peotone, IL": REAL PHOTO w/8 small views; bldgs, mill; used, 1915. E $20
PC-156. "Water Tower, Plano, IL": REAL PHOTO (cr) used, 1908. E $15
PC-157. "Pontiac Motel/Pontiac, IL": chrome, exterior on Rte.66; unused. E $10 MIN.5
PC-158. "Bel-Aire Manor Motel/Springfield, IL": chrome, exterior on Rte.66 (lower L tip nick) unused. E $10 MIN.5
PC-159. "A.Lincoln/Motel & Dining Room/Springfield, IL": chrome, exterior on Rte.66 w/inset pool & cars ca.1960 (adhesions on back) unused. E $10 MIN.5
PC-160. "Lake Maxinkuckee, Culver, IN": litho 2-panel "Bathers" (lite tone) used, 1910. E $15
PC-161. "Site of the First Post Office, Gary, IN, Apr 16th, 1905": printed, 3 men in suits in wooded area (tip cr) used; Gary, 1909. E $12 MIN.6
PC-162. "Hotel/Spring Mill State Park (Mitchell, IN)": REAL PHOTO, large 3 story brick bldg w/car ca.1930; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-163. "U.S.Post Office & Court House, Davenport, IA": linen, exterior; unused. E $8
PC-164. "Clark Street Public/School./Le Mars, IA": printed, exterior w/teachers on steps & students in front (tip cr; tone spot T) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-165. Congregational Church & Parsonage, Mitchellville, IA": REAL PHOTO (tip cr) used, 1907. E $14
PC-166. "Stock Exhibit, World's Greatest County Fair, Clay County, Spencer, IA": litho, cattle being led single file around race track; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-167. "M. & ST.L.R.R. Station, Spencer, IA": litho, exterior & tracks (slight offset canx ink) used; Spencer, 1912. E $14
PC-168. "Main Street, Spencer, IA": tinted litho, businesses w/drug store (tear T in sky) unused. E $14
PC-169. "Street View, McPherson, KS": litho, businesses w/horse drawn wagons (crs) used; McPherson, 1912. E $12 MIN.6
PC-170. "Post Office, Abilene, KS": litho, exterior (bit cr; part lite tone) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-171. "Post Office, Arkansas City, KS": litho, exterior (tip cr) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-172. "Post Office Bldg, Arkansas City, KS": printed, exterior; used; Arkansas City, 1908. E $12 MIN.6
PC-173. "Elks' Hall, Atchison, KS": litho, 2 story brick bldg that looks like a home (tip wear; offset canx ink) used; Atchison, 1908. E $12 MIN.6
PC-174. "Post Office, Atchison, KS": printed, ornate exterior w/turrets (edge wear) used; Atchison, 1910. E $12 MIN.6
PC-175. "Union Pacific Depot, Belleville, KS": litho (tip wear) used, 1909. E $12 MIN.6
PC-176. "Kansas National Gas Co's Pumping Station/Chanute, KS": printed, workers posing by machinery (crs) used; Chanute, 1909. E $12 MIN.6
PC-177. "Frisco Depot. Cherokee, KS": litho, train on tracks by depot w/turret-like tower) (edge wear; message at upper R & L; used; Cherokee, 1909. E $12 MIN.6
PC-178. "Post Office,/Clay Center, KS": litho, exterior (edge wear) used; Clay Center, 1914. E $12 MIN.6
PC-179. "Elks' Club, Coffeyville, KS": litho, 2 story brick bldg that looks like a home (edge wear; lite crs) used; Coffeyville, 1916. E $12 MIN.6
PC-180. "Edwards Street. Ellis, KS": litho, bakery, meat market & drug store w/horse drawn wagons (tip wear; bit lite soil; crs) used; Ellis, 1915. E $12 MIN.6
PC-181. Lot 6) "State Normal School, Emporia, KS": litho, various campus bldgs; unused. E $24
PC-182. "Fall River Bridge, Fall River, KS": REAL PHOTO, truss bridge (bit of offset canx ink) used; Fall River, 1912. E $14
PC-183. "A.T. & S.F.Depot, Garden City, KS": litho, w/horse drawn wagons & train on tracks (tiny tear T; lite crs) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-184. "Hotel Watters Goodland, KS": litho, 2 story brick bldg w/sign on roof (crnr cr; tiny tear T; bit water tone; stamp gone) used; Om & Colo Spgs, 1956. E $12 MIN.6
PC-185. "Dug out": REAL PHOTO, home on prairie w/opening to underground chamber; used; Hunnewell, KS, 1908. E $15
PC-186. "Kansas State Reformatory/Park Scene Hutchinson": Bailey REAL PHOTO, man w/gun & bldg in background (scuff spot R edge; edge wear; bit of offset canx ink) used; Hutchinson, 1908. E $14
PC-187. "Post Office, Hutchinson, KS": litho, exterior; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-188. "Opera House, Junction City, KS": litho, opera house & fire department w/horse drawn fire wagon (tip wear; bit of offset canx ink) used; Junction City, 1909. E $12 MIN.6
PC-189. "Main Street/Kensington, KS": REAL PHOTO, street w/horse drawn wagons (tear R edge; tip crs; edge wear) used; Claudell, KS, G+ Doane 2/1, 1908. E $20
PC-190. "Kingman Co.Court House-Kingman, KS": REAL PHOTO (tip crs; tip wear) used, 1908. E $20
PC-191. "'Ufton Court', L.H.Perkins Residence Lawrence, KS": REAL PHOTO, large 3 story home w/crnr tower (crnr cr; offset canx ink) used; Lawrence, 1909. E $12 MIN.6
PC-192. "Leavenworth, KS Post Office": printed, ornate exterior w/4 stories (tip wear; date written at T) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-193. "Post Office, Manhattan, KS": litho, exterior (offset canx ink) used; Manhattan, 1913. E $12 MIN.6
PC-194. "Main Street,/Newton, KS": printed, businesses at sunset w/train on tracks; unused. E $15
PC-195. "High School, Norton, KS": REAL PHOTO; used, 1907. E $20
PC-196. "U.P.Church, Olathe": REAL PHOTO, exterior (crnr cr; note front) used; Olathe, 1908. E $15
PC-197. "High School/Osborne, KS": REAL PHOTO, exterior (tip wear; soil; note in B margin) used; Osborne, 1907. E $20
PC-198. "Post Office, Parsons, KS": linen, exterior; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-199. "Post Office, Pittsburg, KS": printed, exterior (tip wear) unmailed. E $12 MIN.6
PC-200. "Post Office, Pittsburg, KS": printed, exterior (tip wear; bit of offset canx ink) used; Pittsburg, 1912. E $12 MIN.6
PC-201. "Elks' Home, B.P.O.E. No.718,/Salina, KS": litho, 2 story brick w/pillared porch & balcony; used; Arkansas City, 1909. E $12 MIN.6
PC-202. "U.S.Post Office, Salina, KS": litho, exterior; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-203. "The Salina Candy, Co., Salina, KS": printed, ornate exterior w/turret; used; Vesper, KS, 1908. E $12 MIN.6
PC-204. "Presbyterian Church, Scammon, KS": REAL PHOTO, exterior; used; Scammon, 1909. E $14
PC-205. "Sanitorium/Waconda Springs, KS": REAL PHOTO, 2 men outside 3 story bldg w/porch & dormers (ink dot; bit cr) used; Waconda Springs, 1923. E $15
PC-206. "Doug(las) Ave.Bridge, Wichita, KS": REAL PHOTO (back toned) used, 1909. E $24
PC-207. "Panoramic No.3 Wilsey, KS": REAL PHOTO, aerial view (tip wear; bit lite water tone; offset canx ink) used; Delavan, KS, 1913. E $15
PC-208. "Brockton Day Nursery. Everett St.": Burrell REAL PHOTO, exterior 2 story bldg w/children outside (edge wear; tiip crs) used; Brockton, 1909. E $20
PC-209. "The Firemen's Muster, Brockton Fair": printed, w/pictures of activities: "Playing Platform, At the Pipe & At the Paper" (tip crs; tip scuff) used; Brockton, 1909. E $12 MIN.6
PC-210. "Campello Engine House No.2, Brockton, MA": blue litho, exterior (tip wear; offset canx ink) used; Brockton, 1909. E $12 MIN.6
PC-211. "West Side Engine House No.6, Brockton, MA": blue litho, w/2 horse drawn fire engines (tip cr) used; Brockton, 1909. E $12 MIN.6
PC-212. "The Central Station/Brockton, MA": printed, 5 horse drawn wagons & firemen by bldg (edge wear) used; Brockton, 1909. E $12 MIN.6
PC-213. Lot 8) "Ruins of the Great Chelsea (MA) Fire; Sunday April 12, 1908": litho, various bldgs & fire engine (unevenly cut, probably from large sheet) unused. E $20
PC-214. "U.S.Post Office, Middleboro, MA": linen, exterior; unused. E $8
PC-215. "Court Street, Montague, MA": REAL PHOTO dirt road & houses; used, 1910. E $14
PC-216. "Men's Outdoor Gymnasium At Battle Creek, MI": printed, men on covered tables exercising w/instructor (lite tone; bit lite soiled) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-217. "Post Office, Duluth, MN": litho, ornate exterior stone bldg (edge wear; bit of offset canx ink) used; Dul & Grand, 1909. E $8
PC-218. "McCleary Sanitarium, Excelsior Springs, MO": linen, bldg for "largest institution for treatment of colonic diseases" (few tone specks L edge) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-219. "McCleary Sanitarium & Clinic, Excelsior Springs, MO": linen, bldg for "largest institution for treatment of colonic diseases" (offset canx ink) used; Excelsior Springs, 1941. E $12 MIN.6
PC-220. "Wishing Well Motel/Springfield, MO": chrome, exterior on Rte.66; unused. E $10 MIN.5
PC-221. "Rest Haven Court/Springfield, MO": chrome, on Rte.66; unused. E $10 MIN.5
PC-222. "Rolla's Ozark Motel/Waynesville, MO": chrome, exterior on Rte.66 (crnr cr; T edge lite water tone) unused. E $10 MIN.5
PC-223. "Berlin, NH, Fire Station": printed, exterior (edge tear T; tip wear) used; Chicago, 1909. E $12 MIN.6
PC-224. "Johnstown Flood/The Original Pan American Production/Atlantic City (NJ)/Board Walk": illus.attraction & swimmers (uneven toned; long message in margin) used, 1905. E $20
PC-225. "Porter's Views of Albuquerque & Vicinity, 'Alvarado Hotel' & Santa Fe Depot/Albuquerque, NM": printed; unused. E $14
PC-226. "Village Hall & Fire Apparatus Albion, NY": litho, exterior w/4 motorized vehicles; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-227. "Front St. From The Bridge, Marathon, NY": REAL PHOTO, homes seen through trees by Tioughnioga River (tip cr; river name written at B) unused AZO. E $12 MIN.6
PC-228. "Bowery & Doubledeck Elevated R.R./New York City": litho (edge wear) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-229. "Yankee Stadium/New York City": litho; unused, ca.1940s?. E $15 MIN.8
PC-230. "U.S.Post Office, Salem, OR": linen; used, 1941. E $12 MIN.6
PC-231. "Center St., looking East, Ashland, PA": litho view (toned) used, 1908. E $12 MIN.6
PC-232. "Old Rockhill Mennonite Meeting House, Telford, PA": litho bldg & cemetery on pix side; depot & other bldgs on 50% of ADDRESS side (crs; tiny tear B) unused, ca.1909. E $14
PC-233. "Willow Grove Park (PA) Post Card" header printed on back: REAL PHOTO; man in straw hat; souvenir from famed amusement park; unused, ca.1910s. E $15
PC-234. "Birdseye View Fort Pierre, SD/1907": REAL PHOTO, aerial view w/3 story bldg being built (crnr cr) unused AZO. E $24
PC-235. Birdseye View Of Ft. Pierre, SD/1910": REAL PHOTO, aerial view w/river; unused AZO. E $20
PC-236. "Main Looking North/Howard, SD": McKibbon REAL PHOTO, businesses & horse drawn wagon; unused KRUXO. E $24
PC-237. "Looking SW/From/Court House/Howard, SD": REAL PHOTO, aerial view; unused KRUXO. E $20
PC-238. "Grain Elevators/Howard, SD": REAL PHOTO, several elevators next to train tracks (tip cr) used; ca.1908. E $18
PC-239. "Race Track State Fair Huron, SD": REAL PHOTO, sulkies on track by grandstand; unused AZO. E $20
PC-240. School at Webster, SD: REAL PHOTO bldg; ID from message (bit of offset canx ink) used; Webster, 1907. E $14
PC-241. "Post Office, Clarksville, TN": litho, ornate exterior resembles pagoda (edge wear; tip cr) used; Hop & Ash, 1912. E $8
PC-242. "U.S.Post Office & Fed'l Bldg, Texarkana, AR-TX": litho (edge wear) used, 1914. E $12 MIN.6
PC-243. "Merchants Row & New Parking Lot/Rutland, VT": chrome, w/cars ca.1950 (edge wear) used; Belmont, VT, 1957. E $8
PC-244. "Ludington Street/Escanaba, WI": chrome, businesses some w/names in red on towers on roof (bit of offset canx ink) used; Escanaba, 1957. E $8
PC-245. "Kelly Lake Resort, WI, Ellis & Johnson": REAL PHOTO, 2 men in National car by the Outsyde-Inn & observation tower (writing on front) unused AZO. E $18
PC-246. "GreetingsNew London, WI": chrome, businesses w/cars ca.1960 (tip wear) unused. E $8
PC-247. "Main Street, Looking East, Oconto, WI": litho; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-248. "New Curtis Hotel": REAL PHOTO, pub Sauk City, WI shows group of men & cars in front (tip crs) unused AZO. E $18
PC-249. "St. Charles Camp/Tomahawk, WI": REAL PHOTO, view of cabins from lake (small "X" on lake; crnr cr) used; Ashland & Milw/RPO, 1909. E $14
PC-250. "Capitol Avenue, Cheyenne, WY": litho, aerial view w/capitol bldg in background (message in margin; tip crs) used; Cheyenne, 1906. E $12 MIN.6
PC-251. "Looking East On 17th Street/Cheyenne, WY": litho, business street w/grocery (message in margin) used; Denver, 1907. E $12 MIN.6
PC-252. "Crater Of Mud Volcano, Yellowstone National Park": linen; used; Gardiner, MT, 1953. E $8
PC-253. "Cessna 170 'The Family Car Of The Air'": chrome, ad from Cessna w/plane parked by brick bldg (bit of surface wear) used; K.C. & Ellis/RPO, 1950. E $12 MIN.6
PC-254. "Cottrell's/The Man's Store of Denver": linen exterior w/ad back; used; Denver, 1964. E $12 MIN.6
PC-255. "'Be Sunny'/The children cry 'Oh look at him!/Such vigor proves he's Sunny Jim.': cartoon of old man jumping a fence; Force Food Co., Buffalo, NY, Souvenir Card (lite tone; small ink spot B) used; Buffalo, NY, permit, ca.1909. E $30
PC-256. "Happy Thought Chewing Tobacco" comic ad w/poem (2 word message at R; lite tone) used, 1906. E $15
PC-257. "Norton's Leading Drug Store, Norton, KS": litho, Moulton's w/adjoining stores & ad message back (crs; stamp gone) used; Norton, ca.1909. E $12 MIN.6
PC-258. "Cawston Ostrich Farm, South Pasadena, CA": litho, text ad for Los Angeles store to buy plumes w/inset of ostrich; unused. E $14
PC-259. "Success Business & Reporting College": linen, 2 rooms of students & exterior w/ad back (bit lite soiled) used; Denver, 1939. E $12 MIN.6
PC-260. "Three Schneithorsts for Gracious dining": chrome, insets of 3 restaurants at motels on Rte.66 in St.Louis, MO (tip cr) unused. E $15 MIN.8
PC-261. "Children's Dept.//////////Wetherhold & Metzger (Shoes), Allentown, PA": litho interior w/display case, fitting seats, shoeboxes on shelves (tip cr) white border; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-262. "Evening Slipper Dept./Orthopedic & Chiropody Dept./Wetherhold & Metzger (Shoes), Allentown, PA": litho interior: display case & chairs (tip crs) white border; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-263. "Main Floor/Wetherhold & Metzger (Shoes), Allentown, PA": litho interior: LONG room w/fitting seats, shoeboxes on shelves (tip cr) white border; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-264. "Wetherhold & Metzger Shoes & Office Bldg, Allentown, PA": litho bldg (tip cr) white border; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-265. "Lituanica 1933-1943/Buy War Bonds": REAL PHOTO ill-fated plane; inset of 2 captains, killed in '33 crash; U.S.issue on 10th anniv.; unused. E $50
PC-266. World's Columbian Expo/Agricultural Bldg.; Megson GB190 miniature (2.25x3.5") (crs), 1893. E $24
PC-267. "J.C.Mars Aeronaut Over Guyser (sic) Basin/Alaska Yukon Pacific Expo": Megson GL-276/1249 REAL PHOTO dirigible over Expo; unused, 1909. E $40
PC-268. "Spokane/Interstate Fair/1909": printed, pretty lady w/basket of apples by horse (tone specks) used; Spokane, 1909. E $14
PC-269. "May 11-14, 1910/Santa Clara Co. Rose Carnival/San Jose/CA": litho, insets of 4 parade floats w/lighted tower center (tip wear; bit of offset canx ink) used; Los Gatos, CA, 1910. E $14
PC-270. "Get your Congressmen/To Vote For The/Panama-Pacific/Internat'l Exposition/San Francisco-1915": printed, symbols for California & pioneer w/flags & ship; used; Los Gatos, CA, 1910. E $12 MIN.6
PC-271. Demonstration at Firestone Exhibition Bldg, Century of Progress": printed, worker removing tire from a mold (lite tone) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-272. "Burlington Zephyr at a Century of Progress Expo": litho trains; unused, 1934. E $12 MIN.6
PC-273. Lot 4) Ford Exhibit at Century of Progress Expo: litho; 1 w/"hanging cars" (1 w/2 scuff specks) unused, 1934. E $40
PC-274. Lot 19) "Greetings from the New York World's Fair": litho, scenery & bldgs from Turkey (tip crs; lite tone) unused. MIN.$28
PC-275. "West Point Military Academy": litho cannons & Hudson River (lite tone; lite crs) unused priv.mailing card. E $12 MIN.6
PC-276. "Street Scene in Engineers/& Medical Dept./Camp Funston": Olson REAL PHOTO, bldgs under construction in training camp in KS (bit lite tone; tiny tip thin) used; Junction City, 1917. E $15
PC-277. "Enlisted Men's Quarters, Naval Hospital, Las Animas, CO litho litho, several bldgs at Fort Lyon (tip wear; crs; bit of offset canx ink; stamp gone) used; Fort Lyon, 1917. E $12 MIN.6
PC-278. "The First Thing I Did/When I Got There Was To/Look Up A Couple Of Skirts": linen, cartoon of soldier at Army Camp seeing 2 pretty ladies w/skirts flying up (crs) used; Jefferson Barracks, MO. E $6
PC-279. "Arthur Capper/Our Next Governor/Of/Kansas": litho portrait & bunting (tip wear) used; K.C. & Denver, 1912. E $14
PC-280. "How Do You Like It Good People Of Colorado?": printed, 2 cartoons of past & future senators sitting in chairs w/future men depicted as very tiny people (edge wear; offset canx ink) used; Denver, 1909. E $15
PC-281. "The Official State Seal & Governor Post Card/Colorado/Hon. Jesse F. MacDonald": litho, state seal & picture of (1905-7) governor, w/his AUTOGRAPH (tip cr; tiny nick L) used; Denver, 1906. E $15 MIN.8
PC-282. "Souvenir of the Inauguration of President Taft": litho, Taft & family in car (tip cr; back toned) used; Washington/Sta.G, DC; mailed 3/7/09, 3 days after inauguration. E $24
PC-283. "On Picturesque B & O/Allegheny Mountains": REAL PHOTO, distant view of train on railroad arch bridge (tip wear) unused AZO. E $15
PC-284. "Motor Car used on Southern Pacific Lines in Oregon": litho, car #9 on tracks (tip wear) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-285. "U.S.S.Dolphin/#4 Gun In Action/Southern Drill Grounds/1915": REAL PHOTO; unused CYKO. E $15
PC-286. "S.S.Imperator": litho, passenger ship at sea; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-287. "Steamers Juniata & Tionesta": printed, passenger & freight steamers used between Buffalo & Duluth (edge wear; offset canx ink) used; Detroit, 1910. E $12 MIN.6
PC-288. "USS Mayflower-Portsmouth Navy Yard": REAL PHOTO; unmailed, [1906]. E $24
PC-289. "At the Palace Gate/Port Au Prince, Haiti": REAL PHOTO marines; unused, 1915. E $20
PC-290. "Guard Passing in Review/Port Au Prince, Haiti": REAL PHOTO (edge wear) unused, 1915. E $20
PC-291. "U.S.M.C.Guard Ready for Inspection/Port Au Prince, Haiti": REAL PHOTO; unused, 1915. E $20
PC-292. "An U-Deutschland": litho; German submarine w/patriotic poem in German; pub.Franz Huld, New York (tip crs) unused, ca.1916. E $15 MIN.8
PC-293. "Wreck of Steamer Frontenac, Cayuga Lake, Burned July 27, 1907": litho wreckage (tip crs; note in B margin) used; Ludlowsville, NY, 12 days after event. E $15
PC-294. "Hudson River Day Line Steamer 'Robt.Fulton'": litho (tip cr) unused, ca.1909?. E $12 MIN.6
PC-295. "S.S.'Mary Powell,' Hudson River, NY": litho (tip cr) unused, ca.1909?. E $12 MIN.6
PC-296. "Luna Park Steamboat 'Frolic,' Denver, CO": litho (edge wear; tip cr) used; Denver, 1911. E $12 MIN.6
PC-297. Lot 74) Asian PPCs: views, photos, street scenes, bldgs, palaces, bridges, boats, misc., (varied condition) few non-PC backs; unresearched, but an interesting lot offered at LOW minimum bid. MIN.$75
PC-298. "Metcalf Street, Eldora, ON, Canada": printed, businesses & horse drawn wagon ca.1908 (edge wear) used, 1908. E $12 MIN.6
PC-299. "G.T.R.Depot, Harriston, ON, Canada": printed, exterior w/viewing tower (lite tone; tip cr) used; Harriston, 1908. E $14
PC-300. "Labor Day Parade In Harriston" (ON, Canada): litho, parade & viewers on street & Sherman Williams Paints sign (tip wear) used; Harriston, 1907. E $12 MIN.6
PC-301. "Artushof Dusseldorf/Neben Apollotheater/American Bar/Bodega": printed, American-like flag w/46 6-pointed stars w/title & eagle seal in stripes; unused. E $18
PC-302. "Der Kaiserin und den Prinzessinnen werden Blumen uberreicht": REAL PHOTO, German Empress & Princesses in carriage receiving flowers (tip cr; adhesions on back) unused. E $8
PC-303. "Berlin/Unter den Linden": printed, German Kaiser & Princes on horseback on street (lite tone) unused. E $8
PC-304. "Silver Jubilee": printed: King George V of Great Britain & wife insets above St.Paul's (edge wear; offset canx ink) used; Brockley, GB, 1935. E $12 MIN.6
PC-305. American Indian chief: litho w/silk appliques; green jacket; blue & silver dots (crnr crs; edge wear; back toned) used, 1907. E $15
PC-306. Beagle on lawn: REAL PHOTO, message describes as "rabbit dog" (message in margin) unused AZO. E $12 MIN.6
PC-307. "Needles & pins/Needles & pins/When you are married/Trouble begins": printed, back view of bicycle rider whose posterior is a pin cushion (tip wear; bit cr) used; Lansing, MI, 1901. E $15 MIN.8
PC-308. "Watching The Circus Go By": printed, black boy & girl sitting on fence by donkey (bit lite tone; edge wear) used; 1920s. E $12 MIN.6
PC-309. "Nobody gwine ter fool/roun'/my gal-See dat/razzer": cartoon black boy holding straight razor (bit lite tone) unused. E $14
PC-310. "Mammy's Pet": printed, black child by fence (crnr crs; bit of offset canx ink; message in margins) used; Memphis, TN, 1905. E $12 MIN.6
PC-311. "Little Eb": printed, black child sitting on fence (edge wear; message in margins) used; Memphis, TN, 1905. E $12 MIN.6
PC-312. "Study In Black & White In Dixieland": litho, 2 black children being lathered w/white soap in wash tub by 2 black women (crs) used; St. Petersburg, FL, 1922. E $12 MIN.6
PC-313. "Alligator Bait": printed, 5 nude black children on beach (tip crs; bit lite tone) unmailed. E $12 MIN.6
PC-314. "Honey, We'se Waitin' Fo' You-all in Beautiful Florida": printed, 2 nude black children riding on pelican by beach (tip wear; lite tone) used; St. Petersburg, FL, 1922. E $12 MIN.6
PC-315. "Ostrich Farm": litho, black man holding reins in cart pulled by bird; used; St. Petersburg, FL, 1910. E $12 MIN.6
PC-316. "His Last Prayer": printed, black man praying w/2 alligators behind him (several crs; edge tear T) used; St. Petersburg, FL, 1923. E $12 MIN.6
PC-317. 2 young black men in garden": litho, tending flowers w/palm tree (edge wear; long canx lines; message in margin) used; Rockford, IL, 1904. E $12 MIN.6
PC-318. "A Southern Express": printed, black woman by cart pulled by goat (edge wear) used; St. Petersburg, FL, 1922. E $12 MIN.6
PC-319. "1907/2007": MF signed w/Boy Scout founder & streamers to commemorate 21st World Scout Jamboree; continental; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-320. Lot 5) Cats: 3 Dorothy Travers Pope signed cat w/2 kittens plus similar unsigned cat w/butterfly & cat red bow from older designs (printing blemishes on 1 card; some perforated edges) unused. E $10
PC-321. Lot 20) Cats: original illustrations Evelyn Gaithings: 19 cats playing music, wearing dresses, older cats w/kittens, "friendly" w/enemies & 1 mouse on reindeer (some perforated edges) unused. E $20 MIN.10
PC-322. "A Happy Christmas: unsigned Clapsaddle girl w/letter on chair (edge wear; offset canx ink; tone) used; New York, 1925. E $10
PC-323. "A Merry/Christmas": Santa in BROWN coat decorating tree w/his bag & toys; unused. E $20
PC-324. "A Merry/Christmas": Santa in PINK coat carrying parcels, tree & doll (ms note at B; edge wear) used; Brockton, 1909. E $15
PC-325. "The Doll Festival or 'Hinamatsuri'": printed, girls doing origami & dressing a doll by display of dolls (perforated edge) unused. E $15
PC-326. "This Is How Watermelons Grow In California": printed, man by EXAGGERATION of fruit taller than him (tip wear) used; Los Angeles, CA, 1909. E $12 MIN.6
PC-327. "Combined Header & Thresher": printed, farm machine pulled by large team of horses (edge wear; tip crs) used; Spokane, 1908. E $12 MIN.6
PC-328. Allis-Chalmers MODEL 'WC': printed, farm scene w/man forking hay on hay rack behind a tractor (bit lite tone) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-329. Allis-Chalmers MODEL 'C': printed, farm scene w/tractor being used to weed corn; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-330. "Plowing with steam/in the west": REAL PHOTO, farming scene w/message about farming in Kansas (bit cr; bit lite soiled; lite tone spot) used; Scott, KS, 1912. E $12 MIN.6
PC-331. Man & woman playing golf at High Hampton in NC w/Rock Mountain in background: chrome; unused. E $6
PC-332. "Good Luck/on/Hallowe'en": printed, black cat on jack o'lantern sitting on split rail fence (bit misregistered; tip cr; bit lite soiled) used; Brooklyn, NY, 1924. E $15 MIN.8
PC-333. "Hallowe'en": printed, jack o'lantern/cake on party table w/witch & devil figures rising from top (tip cr) used; Spokane, 1909. E $24 MIN.12
PC-334. "Bats are flying through the air/And witches wander everywhere/At Hallowe'en": printed, little girl losing shoe as she runs from jack o'lanterns (tip cr; bit lite tone; offset canx ink) used; Concord, MI, 1921. E $15 MIN.8
PC-335. "Halloween": printed, witch w/black cat & boy w/jack o'lantern head (edge wear; crs) used; Elburn, IL, 1909. E $24 MIN.12
PC-336. "Halloween/Follow my light/For good luck's/in sight": signed M.H.S jack o'lantern hanging on post (lite crs; pinhole) used; Belmont, NH, 1914. E $15 MIN.8
PC-337. "Hard to get away...": comic "Reproducing Post Cards" type w/overall embossed design, to make "rubbing" w/soft pencil or crayon (partial offset canx) used, 1907. E $15
PC-338. "Arthur Hartmann": REAL PHOTO violinist w/violin (repaired lower R edge; upper R tip nib; back toned) used, 1906. E $15
PC-339. House w/ornate gingerbread: REAL PHOTO (bit cr) unused AZO. E $6
PC-340. "Princess Angeline, Daughter of Chief Seattle": printed, elderly Indian woman wearing bandana scarf (tip cr; offset canx ink) used; Seattle, 1909. E $12 MIN.6
PC-341. "'Old Colorow' Chief of Ute Indians": litho, Indian in native dress on left half (h/s initials in margin; tip wear) used; Buenavista, CO, 1903. E $12 MIN.6
PC-342. "Leap Year/1908": litho, woman playing guitar singing to a man w/verse (few tone spots B) used; Elburn, IL, 1908. E $12 MIN.6
PC-343. "Winter Scene at 'White Pine Camp'/Elk WA": REAL PHOTO, logging men w/4 horse team in snowy woods (ms "title" in margin) unused VELOX. E $12 MIN.6
PC-344. "Winter Scene at 'White Pine Camp'/Elk WA": REAL PHOTO, logging sled pulled by 4 horse team (ms "title" in margin) unmailed VELOX. E $12 MIN.6
PC-345. Lot 13) Maiko & Geisha Girls: printed, 12 have a stamp & canx on picture side (varied condition) mostly used but writing on backs of some. E $30
PC-346. Animal doctor's office: printed, doctor is monkey dressed in suit & patients are cats (message at T & B) used; Dresden, Germany, 1902. E $12 MIN.6
PC-347. "A New Farm Hand": REAL PHOTO exaggeration by F.D.Conrad, Garden City, KS; giant grasshopper & JOHN DEERE tractor; used, 1938. E $40
PC-348. "Herzlichen Gluckwunsch zum neuen Jahre": printed, New Year greeting in German & Hebrew of man & tablets by curtain w/6 pointed star; used; Ludell, KS, 1908. E $30
PC-349. Pretty lady holding flag to celebrate patriotism: printed, also flowers; shields & verse (tip wear) used; Delight, KS, 1911. E $12 MIN.6
PC-350. Litter of 11: REAL PHOTO, also mother of Pointer pups at feeder: REAL PHOTO (edge wear) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-351. Lot 25) Postcards: almost all pre-1920, children,Christmas, Easter & Valentines (varied condition) used & unused. E $40
PC-352. Pretty lady & child at beach in bathing costumes: printed (edge wear) used; Kansas City, 1908. E $12 MIN.6
PC-353. "G.M.Green Crossing The Finish Line Traveling At The Rate/Of 71 Miles Per Hour, Waltham Road Race, Sept. 7th 1908,": litho, "On His/M-M-7 H.P. Twin/Built By American Motor Co., Brockton, MA"; unused. E $18
PC-354. "Happy New Year": printed, pretty lady w/hat decorated w/REAL FEATHERS (ms title bit smeared) unmailed. E $20
PC-355. Stamps of China & dragon flag: printed (offset canx ink; message front) used; Ft.Worth, TX, 1907. E $15 MIN.8
PC-356. Stamps of USA, eagle & shield: printed (picture side w/address) used; Berlin, Germany, stamp tied to pix side, 1948. E $15 MIN.8
PC-357. Lot 3) State Girls: Connecticut, Michigan, Pennsylvania; 2 used, 1 unused, 1909-14. E $30
PC-358. "U.S.Post Office Pneumatic Tube Terminals": litho interior; Sesqui-Cent'l, Philadelphia (lite tone) unused, 1926. E $12 MIN.6
PC-359. "You're Invited Here For The... Big Blow Out!": linen; black boy on pot ("?" written above) used, 1941. E $12 MIN.6
PC-360. Route 66 shield sign: continental; background is Rte.66 post cards inc."Greetings From"; unused. E $8
PC-361. "Crusin' U.S.A.": chrome, couple in convertible w/Route 66 shield; continental; unused. E $8
PC-362. "Fun Times On Route 66!": continental; family in Fairlane convertible driving towards mountains w/Route 66 road sign; unused. E $8
PC-363. "Route 66": continental; larger shield sign surrounded by 8 smaller ones w/state names; unused. E $8
PC-364. "Historic Route 66": continental; overpass on Rte.66, Two Guns, AZ & remains of bldg; unused. E $8
PC-365. "Greetings from/Route 66": continental; smiling family driving in pink convertible; unused. E $8
PC-366. "'Devils Elbow' Cutoff/Route 66/'America's Mainstreet'/(66th Anniversary)": continental; sports car on road & shield w/Missouri; unused. E $8
PC-367. "Route 66/Mainstreet/Of America": continental; mid 50's Chevrolet w/map, scenery & "Greetings From" series cards; unused. E $8
PC-368. "Weiner Mobile": chrome, man by vehicle w/Route 66; continental; Bixbe, AZ, caption on back; unused. E $8
PC-369. "Refreshing Pause": chrome; cartoon w/Rte.66 sign & couple "relieving" themselves in the desert; unused. E $8
PC-370. "Oklahoma": chrome, map of Rte.66 state & shield; continental; unused. E $8
PC-371. "Here we are on/Rte.66": continental; map of route w/insets of 7 sights; unused. E $8
PC-372. "Residence of Joe E.Brown, Beverly Hills, CA": linen, exterior; used; Los Angeles, 1939. E $12 MIN.6
PC-373. "Home of Mickey Rooney, Encino, CA": linen, exterior w/inset of actor; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-374. "Residence of Myrna Loy, near Beverly Hills, CA": linen, exterior w/inset of actor; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-375. "Home of Robert Taylor, Northridge, CA": linen, exterior w/inset of actor; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-376. "Arthur F.Hoffman, Centerfielder" caption & 10-line description on back; 1908 Chicago Cubs; litho, jumping to catch fly ball (tip cr; bit edge wear) used; Chicago, IL, 1908 (Oct 5), w/sender's comment about player. E $150 MIN.75
PC-377. "Partrick J.Moran, Catcher" caption & 9-line description on back; 1908 Chicago Cubs; litho, waiting for thrown ball; used; Berwyn, IL, 1908 (Oct 15), mailed day after Cubs won World Series w/related message: "Sorry you missed out on the games but hope you are perfectly satisfid with the result. The Cubs are IT alright...". E $200 MIN.100
PC-378. "Edw.M.Reulbach, Pitcher" caption & 8-line description on back; 1908 Chicago Cubs; litho, after pitching ball (bit of tip wear) used; Chicago, IL, 1908 (Oct 5), w/sender's comment: "one of the best pitchers in the country". E $250 MIN.130
PC-379. "'Joe' Tinker, Shortstop, Cubs" from 1908 Chicago Cubs; litho, after throwing ball (compression offset impression stamp box & wording from back of adjacent card) used; Chicago, IL, 1908 (Oct 12; 1:30 AM), canxed day after World Series Game 2 win, w/message referring to his 2-run homer: "This is the 'Cub' who caused lots of trouble for 'Wild Bill' Donovan today". E $500 MIN.250
PC-380. Lot 50+) Yellowstone Park: linen & white border, various scenes & misc w/some duplication (varied condition) almost all unused. MIN.$75

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