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Section 3:

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AD-1. Anchorage, AK, 1959 (Jan 26), VG+ Int'l; Royal Arch Masons of Alaska cc; full-color map & wolf at L; overall illus.back ad (mining, fishing, etc.) on #10 air cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-2. (Treadwell), AK, 1923, canxed Seattle & Skagway/RPO G X-19-d (T arc partial; upper R edge bit uneven slit) "EAST"; Alaska Treadwell Gold Mining Co., Treadwell, AK cc; STEAMBOAT RPO on PSE w/purple h/s ad on back: "Everybody Stops at the Hotel Gastineau/While in Juneau, Alaska/The Big New Concrete Hotel/Comfort, Service, Reliability/'A Hotel for your wife, mother or sister'". E $40
AD-3. Hot Springs Nat'l Park, AR, [1957], F precanx on 2c Jeff.; Buckstaff Bath House Co.illus.ad (bath house & '58 calendar) on pix side of PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AD-4. Hot Springs Nat'l Park, AR, [1958], F precanx on 3c Jeff.; Buckstaff Bath House Co.illus.ad (bath house & '59 calendar) on pix side of PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AD-5. Vienna, Austria, 1960, G+ machine; ms "script" ad for "Around the World Festival at your Colonial Store" w/C.S.Rooster "signature" on Pan American Airline air PPC to U.S. E $14
AD-6. El Centro, CA, 1928, G+ Univ. (lite tone) "California Celebrates" air mail flights; illus.plane; 10c Lindbergh on 4x7" 3-panel PPC w/illus.ad inside: Imperial Co.views, crop production, tax rates, etc. E $20
AD-7. Fresno, CA, 1896, G+ duplex; Fresno Nat'l Bank cc on PSE. E $6
AD-8. Glendale, CA, 1936, VG Univ.; "California Chief" engine illus.ad at L; Baby Cyclone Engine parts price list on back on GPC. E $15
AD-9. Los Angeles/Arcade Sta., CA, [1929], G duplex; Pacific Radium Application Co.cc; "Careful Not for Cancelling Machine" boxed instruction on brown cvr. Likely contained repair part or product. E $14
AD-10. Los Angeles/Sta.C, CA, 1905, VG Barry (bit cr) State Normal School photo illus.ad (bldgs) above address on "Southern California Souvenir Mailing Card" PPC. E $24 MIN.12
AD-11. Oakland, CA, 1909, G+ Int'l (trim L; lite tone) Washington Market illus.ad (Geo.Wash.portrait) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-12. Oakland, CA, ca.1930s, G+ Univ.; First Hebrew Congregation cc on 1.5c PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-13. Pomona, CA, 1924, G duplex; Hotel St.Catherine, Catalina Isld, illus.ad & luncheon menu on 3.5-panel folded PPC. E $40
AD-14. San Francisco, CA, 1870s, G+ CDS/crossroads; Liebig Lab & Chemical Works/A.F.Downing ad on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-15. San Francisco, CA, [1883], G+ CDS/wedges; "The Weekly Call" receipt on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-16. San Francisco, CA, 1893, G+ duplex; Partridge Optical Projection/Magic Lantern/Stereopticon ad header on back of GPC. E $14
AD-17. San Francisco, CA, 1893, G+ duplex (part ruff trim R, barely in stamp) Occidental Hotel fancy ad cc; bit faulty 2c Colum. on cvr w/matching letterhead enc. E $15
AD-18. San Francisco, CA, 1923, F Int'l (lite tone) Hotel Sutter illus.ad on cvr to Germany. E $14
AD-19. Stockton, CA, 1930, F Univ. (lite crs) Buhach/Great California Pesticide illus.ad (logo w/bugs) on cvr. E $14
AD-20. (Tustin), CA, 1912, canxed Santa Ana G+ Amer/A14 (bit ruff trim R, well into stamp; upper L tip nick) Geo.J.Brown, Queen Breeder illus.ad (queen bee) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-21. Pueblo, CO, 1926, F duplex; Doertenbagh Practical Furrer & Taxidermist illus.ad (puma head) on cvr to Germany. E $20
AD-22. Hartford, CT, 1893, G+ Int'l; Wm.G.Baxter, The Decorator, ad cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-23. Hartford, CT, ca.1920, VF Univ. w/dateless dial; C.C.Church "Dear Heart" Waltz ad on 2-panel PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-24. Middletown, CT, ca.1880s, VG CDS/target (trim L) Connecticut Hospital for Insane cc on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-25. New Haven, CT, 1857, G+ CDS; "Yale College/Class of '60" albino illus.ad cc: college insignia on scroll; on 2.5x4.75" cvr. E $100
AD-26. New Haven, CT, 1860s, VG CDS/neg.Star of David in cork (part uneven slit T; lite tone) Davenport, Mallory & Co. illus.ad on back (PADLOCK) on PSE. E $24 MIN.12
AD-27. New Haven, CT, [1912], VF precanx; Booth & Law Co.ad on calendar PPC. E $14
AD-28. Seymour, CT, 1890, G CDS/cork (town partial) S.W.Buckingham Beef & Pork ad cc in "belt"; overall gray lined background on cvr. E $14
AD-29. Woodbury, CT, 1870s, G+ CDS/cork; Jas.Huntington, Att'y boxed cc; 1c banknote on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-30. Woodstock, CT, 1890s, G+ CDS/cork (lite tone; lower R tip ruff) Connecticut State Grange, P.of H., illus.ad (wheat & tools); 1c blue on cvr. E $14
AD-31. Wilmington, DE, [1874], partial CDS/cork; "The Wayside" Christian Weekly ad on GPC. E $15 MIN.8
AD-32. Jacksonville, FL, [1878], partial CDS/cork (bit ruff trim R) Metropolitan Hotel header; illus.ad vertically at L; "Rates $2 Per Day" on cvr w/enc. E $20
AD-33. Melbourne, FL, 1963, F machine; Marcene Modes illus.ad (shoes) on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-34. (Atlanta), GA, [1882], canxed Chatt & Atlanta/RPO partial CDS/cork (trim R; ink spots) Julius L.Brown's Law Office illus.ad cc ("Brown Block" bldg) on cvr. E $14
AD-35. Solingen, Germany, 1926, G+ DCDS (cr) C.P.Schaaff Stahlwarenfabrik illus.ad (volcano spewing scissors, razors, knives, etc.) on cvr to U.S.w/strip/3x 2c dues w/Philadelphia precanx. E $15 MIN.8
AD-36. London, Great Britain, 1931, G meter; Universal Pictures cc; "May Robson in Mothers Millions" ad on cvr to U.S. E $12 MIN.6
AD-37. Honolulu, HI, 1963, G+ machine (inverted at B) Reef Hotels cc; full color illus.woman w/leis; overall illus.back ad (hotels, beach) on cvr to Germany. E $14
AD-38. Bloomington, IL, 1900, G+ Amer/B14(1); Stephen Smith's Son's cc on cvr to Sec.El Paso (IL) Fair Ass'n. E $6
AD-39. Carthage, IL, 1933, VG duplex (bit trim T) Carthage Implement Co.cc w/illus.ad (farmer on Deere tractor waving to family) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-40. Chicago, IL, 1896, VF Amer; W.R.Martin Flour, Feed, Coal albino embossed ad cc on 2c Colum.PSE. E $14
AD-41. Chicago, IL, 1900, G+ Amer/B14(1) (lite tone) 1c green on ad PPC (©Livermore & Knight): "If you are curious take her hand."; woman's hand, attached to folded ad (P.Centemeri & Co.Kid Gloves), extends from behind beach umbrella. Couple minor faults but generally FINE for this type. E $75
AD-42. Chicago, IL, 1900, G Amer/B14(1) (extraneous h/s by cc) P.Becker & Co.cc; overall illus.back ad (steel bound trunk) on cvr. E $15
AD-43. Chicago, IL, ca.1900, VF precanx on 1c Frank.; Jaques Mfg.Co.text ad for IC Baking Powder on insert card w/illus."papoose" tab (crs on tab) fitting in Indian woman's "dress" pocket on pix side of PC (lite tone) w/"Private Mailing Card" wording obliterated by black overprint, but "United States of America" wording (later prohibited) intact above address. E $75
AD-44. Chicago, IL, 1901, VG Int'l (trim R) Lyon Bros.Dry Goods illus.ad cc (lion head) on cvr. E $14
AD-45. Chicago, IL, 1902, F Int'l; American Field magazine illus.ad cc on cvr. E $14
AD-46. Chicago, IL, 1902, G+ Int'l; Post-Graduate Medical School ad on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-47. Chicago, IL, 1907, G+ Int'l w/3rd class dial; W.D.Boyce Co.illus.ad (bldg) 1c Sc.300 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-48. Chicago, IL, 1908, VG Int'l; Remington Typewriter Co.illus.log ad header; 1c Sc.300 on PPC. E $14
AD-49. Chicago, IL, 1908, F Time-Cmns; Porter-Motter Mfg.Co.printed ad for Xmas Post Cards in message area on PPC. E $8
AD-50. Chicago, IL, 1909, G+ Int'l; F.E.Coyne Baking Co.text ad at L on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-51. Chicago, IL, 1914, F Int'l (trim R) Siegel-Myers Correspondence School of Music illus.ad (bldg); 2c Wash.w/Schermack ty.3 perfs on cvr w/encs. E $20
AD-52. Chicago, IL, 1920, G+ Univ.; Liquozone Co.engraved cc; 5c Wash. on cvr to Germany. E $12 MIN.6
AD-53. Chicago, IL, 1923, VG Univ. "Int'l Live Stock Expo" slogan (lite tone) Nat'l School Supply Ass'n illus.logo cc; 2c Harding on cvr. E $8
AD-54. Chicago, IL, 1930, F Univ.; Rit Products Corp.illus.ad (dye box) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-55. Chicago, IL, [1932], printed "1c Paid/Permit #369"; Sears-Roebuck illus.ads (watch at L; sheeting on back) on pink PC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-56. Chicago, IL, 1932, VG Univ. (lite gum tone) Visco-Ment Corp.illus.ad (Indian head) on PPC. E $8
AD-57. Chicago, IL, 1933, VG Univ. (bit cr) Academy of Fine Arts illus.ad at L & on back on PC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-58. Chicago, IL, 1936, VG Univ.; Chicago By-Product Coke Co.ad on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-59. Chicago, IL, ca.1940s, F precanx; Radio Amateur Call Book, Inc., cc; 1.5c Prexie on cvr to Australia. E $14
AD-60. Chicago/Stock Yards Sta., IL, 1932, G+ Univ.; O-Cedar Corp.illus.ad (woman polishing table) on cvr. E $14
AD-61. Chicago/Stock Yds.Sta., IL, 1918, F Int'l (toned) Amer.Aberdeen-Angus Breeders' Assn.illus.ad (cow head) on cvr. E $14
AD-62. Chicago/W, IL, 1894, F duplex (bit ruff trim T; lite tone) Chapman & Smith Co./Supplies for Bakers & Confectioners fancy illus.ad cc (wheat) 2c Colum. on cvr. E $14
AD-63. (Elizabeth), IL, [1915], (no canx; lite tone) Hagie Bros.Clothing cc; overall illus.back ad: Grant Highway route map from Chicago (thru Jo Daviess Co.) to Dubuque, showing each town on route; U.S.Grant portrait & home; on cvr, addressed but unmailed. E $15 MIN.8
AD-64. Galesburgh, IL, 1890, F duplex (ruff R) Scandinavian Mutual Aid Ass'n cc on PSE w/enc. E $14
AD-65. Hoopeston, IL, 1932, G+ duplex (edge tear T; bit cr) Otto Johnson & Son cc w/illus.ad (farmer on Deere tractor waving to family) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-66. Industry, IL, 1937, G+ duplex (bit trim T; lite gum tone) Fowler Bros./McCormick-Deering Farm Machines cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-67. Litchfield, IL, 1945, VG Univ.; Ritz Theatre ad for "The Princess & the Pirate" movie w/printed script "message" from "Bob (Buccaneer) Hope"; on PPC (Hope & Virginia Mayo). E $12 MIN.6
AD-68. Quincy, IL, 1931, VG Univ.; Reliable Incubator & Brooder Co.illus.ad (incubator & brooder) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-69. Rock Falls, IL, 1924, VG duplex; Russell, Burdsall & Ward Bolt & Nut Co.cc on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-70. Rockford, IL, 1921, VF Univ.; Great Northern Seed Co.illus.ad on message GPC w/att'd reply GPC. E $14
AD-71. East Chicago, IN, 1906, F duplex (bit ruff trim L) Wm.Graver Tank Works illus.ad cc (storage tank) on PSE. E $14
AD-72. Evansville, IN, ca.1934?, VF precanx; Mead Johnson & Co."Dear Doctor" ad for Oleum Percomorphum on PPC (Boston Mackerel). E $50
AD-73. Indianapolis, IN, 1907, G+ Int'l (bit lite tone) "English's... Robt.Edeson in Strongheart" theater text ad at L on ad PPC: actor's portrait & 2 as character. E $12 MIN.6
AD-74. Indianapolis, IN, 1912, G Int'l; "Empire Theatre/Week of Dec.30" text ad at L on ad PPC: "Matt Kennedy & His Tiger Lilies Co." (his portrait). E $12 MIN.6
AD-75. Indianapolis, IN, [1915], G+ precanx (shifted: "IS" off R edge) "There is no speed limit on the road to a winning position in our Speedway Contest... Western Implement Co." text ad at L on PPC: comic racecar. E $20
AD-76. Richmond, IN, [1886], VG CDS/cork (bit ruff trim R to stamp) Gaar, Scott & Co.Threshing Machines illus.ad (partial tractor, "behind" text ad cc) on cvr w/illus.letterhead enc.(tractor, thresher, farmers). E $20
AD-77. Wabash, IN, 1909, VG Amer/B14(1) (heavy vert.cr; crnr crs) Eagles' Theater ad: invitation "to partake of a Bountiful Repast of Mirth & Music... by the Royal Chef..." w/his portrait, in clown costume; on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-78. Clinton, IA, 1880s, partial CDS/cork (dial mostly not struck; lite tone) Windsor Hotel overall illus.ad; 2c brown on cvr. E $24
AD-79. Des Moines, IA, 1920, G+ Univ. (bit trim T) Harrah & Stewart Mfg.Co.cc; "Little Polly" illus.ad (girl w/broom) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-80. Dubuque, IA, 1951, VG Univ. (lite crs) Dubuque Star Beer illus.ad (carton) & 15c coupon on GPC. E $15
AD-81. Humboldt, IA, 1926, G+ Amer/A14 (trim R) A.H.Duncan Furniture/Undertaking illus.ad (store front) on cvr. E $14
AD-82. Monona, IA, 1933, G+ Colum. (bit trim T; lite tone) Monona Implement Co.cc w/"Diamond" logo on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-83. Muscatine, IA, 1850s, G+ blue CDS (back faults) Green & Stone Bankers fancy albino embossed impression (inverted angle) at T on 3c PSE Sc.U4. E $50
AD-84. Waterloo, IA, 1932, F Univ.; Kearns Funeral Home cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-85. (Garnett), KS, 1906, canxed K.C. & Wellington/RPO G+ 909-E-3 (ruff R, in stamp) Sewell Land Co.illus.ad at L ("State Board of Agriculture" woman & wheat); large map on back (rail lines to town) on PSE w/illus.letterhead enc. E $15 MIN.8
AD-86. Wichita, KS, 1913, F Int'l (trim L, just in back ad) Wichita Business Ass'n cc; overall ad on back: "Wheat/Interurban Service/Cattle..." list, spelling out "WICHITA"; small outline map of Kans. & adjacent states on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-87. Louisville, KY, 1912, G+ Int'l (lite tone) P.Lorillard Co.illus.ad (Indians w/tobacco) on cvr. E $14
AD-88. New Orleans, LA, [1880], VF CDS/wedges (cr) bit faulty 2c banknote on Knoop, Frerichs & Co.Comm'n Merchants Produce & Cotton Market Reporter 2-pg.folded price circular to England. E $40
AD-89. Bangor, ME, 1933, G+ Univ. (trim R; lite tone) Bangor Harvester Co.cc; McCormick-Deering Farm Machines yellow logo on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-90. Bangor, ME, 1934, G+ Univ. (tear T; lite tone) Webber Motor Co.cc; Ford logo on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-91. Lewiston, ME, [1880], partial CDS/cork (bit ruff L) Lewiston Journal overall ad w/gray lined background on cvr. E $15
AD-92. Portland, ME, [1885], F duplex; Daily Press fancy cc; overall gray lined background; 2x 2c brown on cvr. E $20
AD-93. Portland, ME, 1941, F Univ.; John A.Folwartshny Gun & Locksmith/Firearms & Ammunition illus.ad (guns) on cvr. E $16
AD-94. Sanford, ME, 1934, G+ duplex (dial bit hi; crnr crs) Sanford Airways, Inc.,illus.ad cc (RED biplane) on #10 cvr. E $14
AD-95. Sanford, ME, 1936, VG Int'l (lite crs) "Sanford Town Club/Frenchman's Night" cartoon ad on back of GPC (small extraneous h/s B). E $12 MIN.6
AD-96. Sanford, ME, 1941 (Dec 17), F Int'l; "Thayer-Diggery Co./Home of Palm Beach Mills" illus.ad (bldg) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-97. Seal Harbor, ME, 1901, VF duplex; Seaside Inn fancy cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-98. Skowhegan, ME, 1895, G+ CDS/cork; Ancient Order United Workmen logo cc; 1c blue on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-99. Springvale, ME, 1896, VF CDS/cork (ruff R) Philpot/Photographer/Sewing Machines, Pianos & Bicycles ad cc on cvr. E $14
AD-100. Baltimore, MD, 1894, VG Int'l (lite tone; tiny tear T; trim R) W.F.Earp & Co., Canned Goods Brokers cc; 2c Colum. on cvr w/enc. E $12 MIN.6
AD-101. Baltimore, MD, 1898, F Barry; Citizens' Nat'l Bank cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-102. Baltimore, MD, 1900, F Int'l (trim R) J.W. & H.Bryant, Att'ys at Law cc on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $12 MIN.6
AD-103. Baltimore, MD, 1912, VF Int'l (trim R) Red "C" Oil Mfg.Co. illus.ad (woman w/lamps & factory) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-104. Baltimore, MD, 1913, VG Int'l; Louis Hax & Sons Furniture text ad at L on PPC. E $8
AD-105. Baltimore, MD, 1928, VF Int'l (trim R) Phillips-Jones Corp.cc w/small illus.silhouette portrait on cvr w/matching letterhead enc. E $12 MIN.6
AD-106. Baltimore, MD, 1932, VG Int'l; A.C.Meyer Proprietary Medicines illus.ad (cough syrup box) on cvr. E $15
AD-107. Frederick, MD, 1894, partial duplex (bit cr; lite tone) "1895 Frederick Almanac/Price 3 Cents... Rich & Haller, Sole Agts" ad on GPC. E $14
AD-108. (Ashland), MA, 1870s, canxed East Boston Sta., MA, G CDS/cork (bit lite tone) Washington Mills Emery Mfg.illus.ad (barrel; Exhibition medals) on cvr. E $15
AD-109. Attleboro, MA, 1923, G+ Int'l; McRae & Keeler Jewelry & Novelties fancy ad cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-110. Attleboro, MA, 1930, F Int'l; Bliss Bros.Jewelry cc; illus.metal watch strap at B on cvr. E $14
AD-111. Boston, MA, [1870], G CDS/cork (trim L) att'y cc; 3c locomotive on cvr. E $14
AD-112. Boston, MA, 1880s, F mute oval (edge tear R; lite tone) Walter E.Chickering's Mammoth Portrait & Photographic Parlors cc; 1c banknote on cvr. E $14
AD-113. Boston, MA, 1885, F Wesson H(4) (part ruff slit L) "Griswold" hotel albino embossed illus.ad cc on cvr. E $14
AD-114. Boston, MA, 1895, G Amer/D1(H); J.D.Mead & Co.cc; Nat'l League of Comm'n Merchants illus.logo on 2c Colum.PSE. E $20
AD-115. Boston, MA, 1899, VG+ Amer/B4(12) (edge tears L) Smith & Thayer illus.ad ("Winchester" furnace or heater?) on PINK cvr. E $15
AD-116. Boston, MA, 1903, VF Amer B4(3)dd (lower R tip slit; bit lite tone) Hall & Cole Fruits & Vegetables cc; 1c Frank. on cvr w/enc.Produce Market Report w/100's of prices. E $15
AD-117. (Boston), MA, 1910, canxed Boston Circuit RPO, F BO-10-e (toned; tip wear) "Walker's Automobile Maps" illus.map & areas covered on PPC. E $15
AD-118. Boston/A, MA, 1930, VG Int'l; Stephen L.Bartlett Co.color illus.ad (Bensdorp's Cocoa container) on cvr. E $14
AD-119. Boston/A, MA, 1931, F Int'l; Keasbey & Mattison/Magnesia Carbonate, Alkalithia, Bromo-Caffeine cc; "If it's made of Asbestos we've got it!" on cvr. E $14
AD-120. Boston/A, MA, 1933, F Int'l; Columbia Coat Co.logo cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-121. Boston/M, MA, 1932, F Int'l; Gould Witch Hazel Co.illus.logo ad on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-122. Boston/V, MA, 1931, VG Int'l; No-Scent Co.illus.ad (3 powder containers) on cvr. E $14
AD-123. Boston/V, MA, 1932, F Int'l; E.Hartshorn & Sons, Inc., illus.ad (cough balsam box) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-124. Brockton, MA, 1901, Amer/B14(1) (toned) Crafts, Harrington & Co./Shoe illus.ad (factory) on cvr. E $20
AD-125. (Fitchburg), MA, 1928, canxed Chicago, IL, VG Univ.; City Coal Co./Famous Reading Anthracite illus.ad (woman's white silhouette holding piece of coal) "so clean/it's a joy to handle... It's CLEAN & it stays CLEAN..."; on 1c GPC Sc.UX27. EARLY "clean coal" reference. E $24 MIN.12
AD-126. Fitchburg, MA, 1932, F Univ.; Iver Johnson's Arms & Cycle Works cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-127. Lowell, MA, 1894, G+ Amer (trim R, just in stamp) Geo.E.Putnam illus ad: bldg w/spire (old church?) on PSE w/Cornville/Somerset Co., ME, VG+ magenta sawtooth double oval/grid as recd b/s. E $15
AD-128. Lynn, MA, 1904, VG Int'l (trim R; lite tone; tears L) Waldo Thompson/Real Estate illus.ad (rowboats & beach) on cvr. E $14
AD-129. Lynn, MA, 1932, VG Univ.; Allen & Co.illus.ad (Mulsicof bottle & box) on cvr. E $14
AD-130. (Winchendon), MA, 1870s, canxed Fitchburg, MA, VF CDS/cork (trim L) Tremont House/Free Carriage to & from Trains cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-131. Woburn, MA, [1901], G undated straight-line h/s tying 1c green (edge tear B; tip crs) A.Shuman clothing co.text ad on "Greetings from Boston" 4x5.5" "PIONEER" PC w/illus.bldgs/statues. E $60 MIN.30
AD-132. Worcester, MA, 1918, G+ Univ.; Royal Worcester Corset Co.cc on #10 PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-133. Battle Creek, MI, 1915, G Univ. (trim R; lite tone) Battle Creek Sanitarium illus.ad (bldg) on cvr. E $14
AD-134. Bay City, MI, ca.1920?, VF Univ. w/dateless dial; World's Star Knitting Co.illus.ad (factory) 1c Wash.coil on unsealed cvr. E $16
AD-135. Detroit, MI, [1874], G CDS/cork; Detroit Grain Report/John H.Wendell Co./Gen'l Comm'n Merchants ad w/prices on GPC to Canada. E $15 MIN.8
AD-136. Detroit, MI, [1877], partial CDS/cork; People's Savings Bank/Temperance/Industry/Economy rec't w/illus.BEEHIVE on GPC Sc.UX3. E $15 MIN.8
AD-137. Detroit, MI, [1887], G duplex (trim R) Geo.Hadzsits Yankee Notions, Fancy Good, Embroideries, Laces cc on cvr. E $15
AD-138. Detroit, MI, 1899, G Barry (bit ruff slit R) Hotel Cadillac illus.ad on cvr. E $15
AD-139. Detroit, MI, 1902, VG Int'l; Scotten Tobacco Co.cc; "Cadillac/Fine-Cut & Plug" ad at b & 4 times on back on PSE. E $14
AD-140. Detroit, MI, 1937, VG+ Int'l; Pharmanette, Inc., "Dear Doctors" ad for Parke-Davis Pertussis Vaccine on back of GPC Sc.UX27. E $30
AD-141. Grand Rapids, MI, [1877], VG CDS/target (dial bit hi; trim R, just in ads) Grand Rapids Chair Co.overall illus.ad (factory; 2 chairs) & overall illus.back ad (3 chairs) on cvr. E $40
AD-142. Grand Rapids, MI, 1888, partial duplex (trim R; lite edge tone) Widdicomb Furniture Co.illus.ad (factory) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-143. Grand Rapids, MI, 1893, partial duplex (lite tone) C.O. & A.D.Porter Machinists illus.ad cc (machines) 2c Colum. on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-144. Grand Rapids, MI, 1896, partial duplex (lite tone; trim R) School Furniture/Church Furnishings/Opera Chairs illus.ad (factory) on cvr. E $20
AD-145. Grand Rapids, MI, 1897, G+ Barry; S.P.Bennett Fuel & Ice Co.coal ad on message GPC w/att'd reply. E $12 MIN.6
AD-146. Grand Rapids, MI, 1902, G+ Int'l (trim R; bit lite tone) Livingston Hotel illus.ad on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-147. Grand Rapids, MI, 1909, VG Int'l (trim L) Dorothy Vernon Perfume/Jennings Perfume Co.illus.ad (woman) on cvr. E $15
AD-148. Grand Rapids, MI, 1910, G Int'l (trim R) Fuller & Rice Lumber fancy ad on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-149. Grand Rapids, MI, 1917, VG Univ. (upper L tip tape) Amer.Corrugating Co.illus.ad (factory) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-150. Grand Rapids, MI, 1924, VG+ Univ.; Wolverine Barrel & Bag illus.ad (wolverine on barrel) on cvr. E $14
AD-151. Kalamazoo, MI, 1921, G+ Univ.; Edwards & Chamberlin Hardware Co.return add.on flap; Federal Tires color illus.ad at L (uniformed woman & tires) on cvr. E $20
AD-152. Monroe, MI, 1905, G duplex (ruff R, just in back ad) Monroe Nursery illus.ad at L (coat of arms) & overall illus.back ad (nursery grounds) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AD-153. (Sauk Centre), MN, 1938, canxed St.Paul & Minot RPO/E.D. G+ duplex (bit trim T; lite gum tone) Borgmann Implement Co.cc w/illus.ad (farmer on Deere tractor waving to family) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-154. Kansas City, MO, 1892, G+ duplex; W.P.Moores & Son coupon for free La Flor de Marshall cigar on GPC Sc.UX11. E $12 MIN.6
AD-155. Kirksville, MO, 1914, F Amer/B14; "Base Ball Manager/Amer.School of Osteopathy" cc on cvr. E $20
AD-156. Saint Louis, MO, ca.1875, G CDS/grid (part lite tone) Jas.Sweney, Mfr of Copper Stills & Worms for the Distilling of Fruit, Grain, Etc./Copper & Brass Kettles ad w/small red illus.STILL on GPC Sc.UX3. E $24 MIN.12
AD-157. Saint Louis, MO, 1883, G+ duplex (trim L; edge tear R; lite tone) Southern Calendar Clock Co.illus.ad cc (clock) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-158. Saint Louis, MO, 1893, G duplex; St.Louis Corset Co.cc; 2c Colum. on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-159. Saint Louis, MO, 1897, G duplex (toned) Ringen Stove Co.printed rec't w/illus."Quick-Meal" stove on back of GPC. E $15
AD-160. Saint Louis, MO, 1912, VG Int'l (bit cr; part lite tone) Business Men's League meeting notice on back, w/EMBOSSED logo, partly affecting printed stamp; on GPC (Sc.UX23). E $15
AD-161. Saint Louis, MO, 1916, G+ Int'l; St.Louis Lightning Rod Co.cc on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-162. Saint Louis, MO, 1920, VG Univ.; Stanard Tilton Milling Co.illus.ad (American Beauty Flour bag) on cvr. E $14
AD-163. Saint Louis, MO, 1931, VG permit/meter; T.M.Sayman's Vegetable Wonder Soap illus.ad at L (portrait & soap test); overall ad w/5 illus.on back on #10 cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-164. Saint Louis, MO, 1932, VG permit/meter; T.M.Sayman's Vegetable Wonder Soap illus.ad at L (portrait & soap test); overall ad w/5 illus.on back on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-165. Taneycomo, MO, 1930, F 4-bar; Hotels Taneycomo & Rockaway ad header w/illus trees on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-166. (Unionville), MO, ca.1901, cork killer only (flap half gone) Monroe Drug Co./Putnam Fadeless Dyes illus.ad (soldier on horseback, galloping down stairsteps, waving at 5 soldiers at top) 1c green on cvr. E $20
AD-167. Billings, MT, 1924, VG Univ. (bit ruff slit upper R) Northern Hotel fancy ad cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-168. Great Falls, MT, 1924, G+ Int'l (part ruff T; tears T) Hotel Rainbow photo illus.ad ("Palm Room") on cvr. E $14
AD-169. (Missoula), MT, 1908, canxed St.P & Spok RPO/4th Div. G+ 892-M-6; Hotel Florence illus.ad on cvr. E $15
AD-170. South Omaha, NE, 1888, G+ CDS/cork; "Daily Hoof & Horn" printed message on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-171. Milford, NH, 1895, VF CDS/cork (trim L, barely in ad; toned; edge tear T) Billings Brooder illus.ad (chicks in brooder) on cvr. E $20
AD-172. West Thornton, NH, 1934, VG 4-bar ty.E (edge tear T) A.D.Merrill/Forest Products cc w/small illus.Old Man of Mountain on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-173. Atlantic City, NJ, 1910, VG Int'l (lite tone) Grand Army of the Republic HQ ad for Philippoteaux painting exhibit on 2-panel PPC w/2 illus.paintings inside. E $15 MIN.8
AD-174. Camden, NJ, 1915, F Int'l; Montross Metal Roofing illus.ad (roof; gothic tile) w/MUCH text, mostly covering card; small area for typed address; on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-175. Hackensack, NJ, 1917, VF Amer/A14 (ruff L, barely in ad; lite tone) Susquehanna Poultry Farm illus.ad cc (green chickens) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-176. Newark, NJ, 1923, G+ Univ.; Newark Scale Works illus.scale on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-177. Newark, NJ, 1931, F Univ.; J.Wiss & Sons Shears, Scissors illus.ad cc (scissors) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-178. Washington, NJ, [1883], partial CDS/cork (ruff R; tears T & B) Daniel F.Beatty's Organs & Pianos overall ad w/illus.factory & warehouse; pair 1c banknotes (1 bit faulty) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-179. Eddy, NM, [1890], partial CDS/target (dial mostly off T edge; AS IS for canx) McLenathen & Campbell cc; overall illus.back ad (map: New Mexico, most of Colorado; rail routes to town) on PSE. E $24 MIN.12
AD-180. Brooklyn, NY, 1932, VG Int'l; Newskin Co.illus.ad (bottle & box) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-181. Brooklyn, NY, 1947, F Int'l "Brooklyn vs.World/Baseball Combats Juvenile Deliquency..." slogan (lite tone) Blind Players Club, Inc.cc on cvr. Blind Players Club aided visually impaired women, but slogan cancel implies otherwise. E $15
AD-182. City Hall Sta., NY, 1930, VG Int'l; Torsion Balance Co.illus.ad at L (boy & girl dancing on scale) & on back (scale) on cvr. E $20
AD-183. Dansville, NY, 1925, VG Univ. (2 ink spots T) large full-color illus.peach at L; King Bros.Nurseries text ad on back; on PC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-184. Farmington, NY, 1893, G+ CDS/cork (trim R) Warren Youngs, Merchant & Custom Miller ad cc; Merchant's Gargling Oil Liniment overall back ad; 2c Colum. on cvr. E $20
AD-185. Grand Cent.Annex, NY, 1934, VG Int'l; Nat'l Protective Ins.Agy ad on 3x5" card w/att'd reply card. E $12 MIN.6
AD-186. Grand Cent.Anx, NY, 1932, F Int'l; Nat'l Remedy Co.illus.ad (Japanese Oil box) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-187. (New York), NY, ca.1870s, cork only; Geo.L.Cummings/Iron & Wood Working Machinery oval ad; 2c brown banknote on unsealed cvr. E $15
AD-188. New York, NY, 1870s, G CDS/cork (trim R) W.D.Mangam's Son/Comm'n Merchant/Grain ad in shield on PSE. E $14
AD-189. (New York), NY, ca.1890s, cork only; "Wanted: Man to Fill $5,000 Position... See... enclosed... Copy 'The Investor's Guide'" header on 1c wrapper. RARELY SEEN ad on wrapper. E $24
AD-190. New York, NY, 1895, F Int'l (bit lite tone) New York & Texas S.S.Co./Mallory S.S.Lines illus.ad cc (ship viewed thru porthole) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-191. (New York?), NY, [1900], partial Barry (dial not struck; tear T; lite tone) "Werner 1/2 Pint Champagne" ad at L; overall back ad w/illus.Rip Van Winkle; 1c green on 4x7" card w/printed header: "This Card May Be Mailed at Any U.S.Post Office By Affixing One Cent Stamp/Only Printed Matter Mailable for 1 Cent. If Any Writing... 2 Cent Stamp". E $30 MIN.15
AD-192. New York, NY, 1903, G+ Int'l; Hamburg-Amer.Line illus.ad (boat landing, San Juan, PR) on priv.mailing card (w/"Postal Card" header); typed notice: "The Moltke arrived at San Juan..." E $15 MIN.8
AD-193. New York, NY, 1904, VF Int'l (part lite tone) "The Ladies' World" fancy ad cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-194. New York, NY, 1932, VG Int'l (bit trim T) Paul Westphal Mfg.Chemists fancy ad cc; overall illus.back ad ("Auxiliator"; Egg Shampoo Cream; Hair Restorer) on cvr. E $20
AD-195. New York, NY, 1952, G+ PB meter w/"Forward on Liberty's Team/Boy Scouts of America" slogan; Boy Scouts cc w/"Forward..." illus.ad (3 scouts) on #10 cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-196. New York/Bronx Central Sta., NY, 1948, F Int'l; S.K.S.Machine Co.illus.ad (rebuilt Singer Sewing Machine; Globe Slicer) on GPC. E $14
AD-197. New York/E, NY, 1884, VF duplex (cr) Caswell, Hazard & Co./Familty Chemists albino embossed ad cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-198. New York/H, NY, 1884, G+ duplex (trim R) R.J.Wright Flour & Feed illus.ad (store front) on cvr. E $15
AD-199. New York/Hudson Term.Sta., NY, 1917, G+ Univ. (crs; lite tone; small sealed spindle) Ajax Fire Engine Works lite red illus.ad (fire pump & civilian singlehandedly fighting fire in warehouse) on 1c #10 PSE. E $24
AD-200. New York/Hudson Term.Sta., NY, 1919, G+ Univ.; Voss Alcohol Export Corp.ad, in German ("Alkohol und Rum Anzeige...") on 2c GPC to Germany. E $16
AD-201. New York/P, NY, 1898, VG Amer/F14(3) (lite tone) Wine & Spirit Gazette cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-202. New York/Sta.C, NY, 1918, VG Univ.; "The New Republic" subscription acknowledgement; 1c Wash. on 1c GPC to Norway. E $15
AD-203. New York/Sta.E, NY, 1907, G+ Int'l (ruff R; add.bit smear) "Cadillac" hotel illus.logo cc on cvr w/bit faulty letterhead enc.: illus.hotel & 19th Cent.traffic. E $14
AD-204. New York/Sta.H, NY, 1907, G+ Int'l (part lite tone) "Most Fireproof Theatre in the World/Only Steel & Asbestos Curtain in N.Y.State" on Lincoln Sq.Theatre ad PPC (interior). E $12 MIN.6
AD-205. New York/Sta.O, NY, 1896, G Amer/E14(?) (flag mostly off R; bit lite tone) Carl Fischer/Prototype Band Instruments overall ad w/illus.: 10 Columbian Expo medals (2 covered by stamp) on cvr. E $15
AD-206. New York/Sta.S, NY, 1910, G+ Int'l (lite tone) Tablet & Ticket Co.illus.ad (leaf) 1c Frank. on unsealed cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-207. Sunapee, NY, 1918, G+ duplex (near VG+) Ben Mere Inn photo illus.ad at L (lake & inn) & on pix side on PPC. E $14
AD-208. Syracuse, NY, 1901, VG Int'l; St.Cloud Hotel cc; Smith Premier TYPEWRITER illus.ad on back, on cvr. Interesting ad combo. E $20
AD-209. Union, NY, 1907, F duplex; Elmer B.Lacey Silos illus.ad (silo) on cvr. E $14
AD-210. Utica, NY, 1893, partial duplex (trim R) Utica Burial Case Co.cc; 2c Colum. on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-211. Utica, NY, 1911, VF Int'l; Chas.H.Childs & Co.cc; "Use So-Bos-So Kilfy & secure protection from the torture of flies..." overall ad; illus.cow surrounded by flies; 1c Frank. on unsealed cvr w/add.typed on cow's side. E $40
AD-212. Wall St.Sta., NY, ca.1915, G+ Univ. (nick T; tear B) Lotos Tea Concern illus.ad cc; ad label (slit thru) on flap; on folded sheet w/poem & text ad inside. E $14
AD-213. Goldsboro, NC, 1894, G CDS/cork (dial hi: "LDSB" mostly off; lite tone) Hotel Kennon cc on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $12 MIN.6
AD-214. Raleigh, NC, 1904, VG duplex (bit trim T; lite tone) W.H.King Drug Co.fancy ad cc; Fred.N.Burt Druggist Boxes ad on back; 2c Jeff. on cvr. E $14
AD-215. Williston, ND, 1934, G+ Univ. (lite tone) Opheim Funeral Home cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-216. Akron, OH, ca.1909, F precanx (tip cr) "Had the pleasure of going thru the Firestone factory..." printed "script" ad at L from "M.D.S." on Firestone ad PPC (factory). E $12 MIN.6
AD-217. Bowling Green, OH, 1910, G+ Amer/B14; Hankey Lumber Co.ad (pretty woman & dog) & calendar on GPC. E $14
AD-218. Brookville, OH, 1910, VG duplex; "Landis Sisters" shoe store h/s ad in message area on PPC. E $8
AD-219. Cincinnati, OH, [1869], VF blue CDS/target (tiny tear T) LaFayette Bank cc & printed header on folded letter. E $14
AD-220. Cincinnati, OH, 1932, F Int'l (bit trim T) U.S.Truss ad at L & overall back ad on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-221. Cleveland, OH, 1899, G+ Barry (lite tone) Standard Tobacco & Cigar illus.ad (man orating to crowd) on PSE. E $15
AD-222. Columbus, OH, 1940, G+ Int'l; Blue Star Coal Co.text ad at L on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-223. Dayton, OH, 1870s, G+ CDS/crossroads; Wm.B.Wonderly/Light Bramas illus.ad (chickens) on cvr w/Poultry Nation Co. (periodical), Birmingham, OH, overall text ad on back. E $24
AD-224. Dayton, OH, 1900, VG Barry (trim R, in stamp & back ad) Ohio Rake Co.illus.ad cc (bobwhite); overall illus.ad on back (harrow, bull, rake) on cvr. E $20
AD-225. Defiance, OH, 1962, G+ Univ.; Bowden Chevrolet ms ad on ad PPC: '63 Corvair. E $12 MIN.6
AD-226. Delaware, OH, 1870s, G+ CDS/cork (bit ruff trim R) Phi Gamma Delta fraternity cc on cvr. E $15
AD-227. Delaware, OH, 1870s, G+ CDS/cork (bit ruff trim R) Ohio Wesleyan Univ.header; president's cc; text ad on cvr. E $14
AD-228. Germano, OH, ca.1916, G 4-bar (toned; trim L; tear L) Chas.Lowmiller/Breeder of Salmon Faverolles illus.ad (chickens) on cvr. E $14
AD-229. Hamilton, OH, ca.1930s, VF precanx; Superior Oxy-Acetylene Machine Co.illus.ad (welding outfit: torch, valves, hose, etc) on cvr. E $16
AD-230. Mansfield, OH, 1913, G+ Time-Cmns (crs) "Daniel Frohman Presents Jas.K.Hackett... (in) 'The Prisoner of Zenda' in Motion Pictures..." printed ad at L, w/"Opera House/Mat. & Eve" h/s ad for local theater below on ad PPC: scene from movie. E $12 MIN.6
AD-231. (Medina), OH, 1886, canxed Cleve & Wheeling/RPO partial CDS/cork; "Gleanings in Bee Culture/Semi-Monthly" & "ABC of Bee Culture" publ.by A.I.Root ad/order acknowledgement on GPC. E $15
AD-232. Zanesville, OH, 1884, G+ duplex; Clifton House blue h/s cc; 2c brown on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-233. Guthrie, OK, 1910, F Int'l (ruff R, barely in stamp) Corporation Commission of Oklahoma cc w/large illus.state seal on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-234. (Sulphur), OK, 1909, canxed Sherman, TX, G duplex origin (tip cr) "The Artesian, Sulphur, Okla." hotel's 33x89mm forwarding label (toned) on PPC to hotel guest & fwd. E $14
AD-235. Vinita, OK, 1920, G+ duplex (ruff R) Dr.C.S.Neer tiny cc on cvr. E $6
AD-236. Portland, OR, 1905, F P05-09 World's Fair slogan (bit trim T & R; lite tone) Portland Seed Co.ad cc in diamond; text ad on back: "Poultry & BEE Supplies..." on cvr. E $15
AD-237. East Bethlehem, PA, 1884, G+ CDS/target (bit stutter; date partial; trim R) Robt.G.Taylor/Holstein Cattle & Merino Sheep illus.ad (cow; pen notes partly in ad) (27-03) on cvr. E $16
AD-238. Lancaster, PA, 1910, F Amer/A14 (uneven toned; AS IS for that; trim R) Lancaster Drug Co.full-color illus.ad: "Soda Water/Cleveland Pure Fruits" (woman eating soda) on cvr. E $20
AD-239. Norristown, PA, 1912, G Amer/A14; B.E.Block & Bros.Furniture illus.ad (bldg) on cvr. E $14
AD-240. Philadelphia, PA, [1874], VG CDS/cork; Henry Disston & Sons printed name w/ms receipt on GPC Sc.UX3 w/inverted watermark. E $12 MIN.6
AD-241. Philadelphia, PA, [1879], F duplex; John M.Miller & Son/Wholesale Confectioners/Fruit, Nuts, Christmas Goods & FIREWORKS rec't on GPC. Odd product combo. E $15 MIN.8
AD-242. (Philadelphia), PA, ca.1880s, Philadelphia Truss Co.preprinted add.; illus.ad & order form on back: lower half of woman's body w/various trusses; "Special Articles Made at Risk of Purchaser"; on unmailed GPC Sc.UX8, maybe withheld due to subject of illus. E $40 MIN.20
AD-243. (Philadelphia), PA, 1886, canxed N.Y. & Wash RPO/Day G 238-J-1 (bit ruff trim R; lite tone) Harrison Safety Boiler Works, Germantown Jct., illus.ad (fancy boiler cutaway) on cvr. E $20
AD-244. Philadelphia, PA, ca.1890s, G mute oval; Blasius Piano Co.ad header on 1c wrapper. RARELY SEEN ad on wrapper. E $30
AD-245. Philadelphia, PA, 1891, G+ duplex; J.C.McCurdy & Co.text ad ("Life of Gen.Sherman" book) on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-246. Philadelphia, PA, 1893, F Amer; Jardin Brick Co.cc on illus."brick"; 2c Colum. on cvr. E $14
AD-247. Philadelphia, PA, 1900, G+ Int'l (edge tears T & R) N.W.Ayer & Sons/Advertising Agts.overall ad w/brown lined background on cvr. E $15
AD-248. Philadelphia/Chestnut Hill Sta., PA, 1906, G+ Doremus; Philadelphia Cricket Club 3rd Annual Tennis Tournament announcement on GPC. E $14
AD-249. Philadelphia/Fairmount Sta., PA, 1894, G+ duplex (trim R; lite tone) "Jas.Boss Watch Cases rec'd Highest Awards at the World's Fair" ad; Keystone Watch Case Co.cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-250. Philadelphia/Logan Sta., PA, 1917, VG duplex (tears; lite crs; lite tone) Hartley Butter, Eggs & Poultry illus.ad (rooster) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-251. Philadelphia/Sta.D, PA, 1870, partial CDS/cork (trim R; lower R crnr ruff) Wm.F. & J.G.Mecutchen, Mill Stones, Smutt Machines, Bran Dusters ad vertically at L w/illus.geometric pattern; 3c locomotive on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-252. Philadelphia/Sta.S, PA, 1909, G+ Amer/B38(2) (R tips nick; trim L) Globe Post Card Co.illus.logo cc (globe) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-253. Pittsburg, PA, ca.1890s, partial mute oval (staple holes) Wm.B.Scaife & Sons/Iron Bldgs/Corrugated Iron ad cc on 1c wrapper. RARELY SEEN ad on wrapper. E $30
AD-254. Pittsburgh/Homewood Sta., PA, 1912, VG Amer/B38; Liberty Mfg.Co. illus.ad (tube cleaners) on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-255. Pottsville, PA, 1909, G+ Amer/B14(1); Seltzer Packing Co.illus.ad (factory) on cvr. E $14
AD-256. Providence, RI, [1877], G+ blue CDS/wedges; Rhode Isl'd Historical Soc'y event notice on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-257. Providence, RI, 1931, G+ Univ.; H.J.Astle & Co.Wooden & Tinware fancy ad cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-258. Providence, RI, 1932, G+ Univ.; Lanphear Motor Car Co.ad cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-259. Providence, RI, 1932, F Univ.; Robt.Traill cc; illus.Canadian Club Cigars in box on cvr. E $14
AD-260. Providence, RI, 1932, G+ Univ.; Spalding's Wonderful Plaster's illus.ad (portrait in triangle) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-261. Providence, RI, 1932, G+ Univ.; W.E.Barrett Seeds & Farming Tools fancy cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-262. Providence/Sta.A, RI, 1899, G+ Amer/B38 (lite tone) Ballou Concreters & Roofers cc; 2c Trans-Miss on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-263. (Pierre), SD, ca.1940, G+ mute roller; Chamber of Commerce cc w/"Capital of the Sunshine State" illus.ad; 1.5c Prexie on #10 cvr. E $14
AD-264. Bangkok, Thailand, 1965, VG machine; Texas Refinery Corp.printed "script" ad from "A B (Tony) Canning" in message area on PPC to U.S. E $12 MIN.6
AD-265. (Johnson City), TN, 1919, canxed Bristol & Chatt/RPO G+ duplex (no flap; lite tone) Hotel Windsor illus.ad on cvr. E $14
AD-266. Memphis, TN, [1869], G+ CDS/leaf (trim L; flap tear, not into ad) Bering & Lotze/Mfrs. & Dealers in Stoves overall oval back ad w/illus.stove; 3c locomotive on cvr. E $40
AD-267. Fort Worth, TX, 1944, G+ meter (bit lite tone) Well Machinery & Supply Co.ad cc; illus.meter & windmill on back on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-268. Fort Worth, TX, 1945, G+ meter; Well Machinery & Supply Co.ad cc; illus.meter & belt on back on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-269. Factory Point, VT, 1870s, G CDS/cork; Manchester Mills/O.C.Waterhouse h/s cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-270. Springfield, VT, 1915, VG duplex (2 tape tone spots, L edge) "Adnabrown" hotel cc; overall text ad for town on back on cvr. E $15
AD-271. Alexandria, VA, 1907, G+ Amer/B14(1) w/dateless dial (crs; tears) 1c Jamestown on PPC w/"Senator Flour" ad caption on pix side. E $6
AD-272. Richmond, VA, 1907, F Int'l (toned; crnr cr) Smith-Courtney Co.Supplies & Machinery fancy cc; text ads at T, B & on back on cvr. E $14
AD-273. (Richmond), VA, 1911, canxed West Point, VA, partial duplex; Chelf's Celery Caffein Headache Cure illus.ad at L (bottle); overall text ad w/10c coupon on back of GPC. E $15
AD-274. Richmond, VA, 1916, F Int'l (lite tone; trim R; bit cr) Southern Bargain House illus.ad (Uncle Sam & shield); text ad on back on cvr. E $20
AD-275. Kingston, WA, 1943, VG 4-bar (censor tape toned L) Kingston Game Farm illus.ad (long-tail bird) on cvr to Australia. E $12 MIN.6
AD-276. Charleston, WV, 1899, VF Amer/B14(1) (edge tears T) Order of Spanish-American War Nurses cc; 1c green on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $14
AD-277. Appleton, WI, 1909, VF Amer/B14() (ruff R, barely in 2c Lincoln tip) Union House (hotel) ad cc on cvr. E $6
AD-278. Columbus, WI, 1892, G+ CDS/cork (trim R; toned) E.W.Richmond/High Class Galloway Cattle illus.ad (cow) on cvr. E $15
AD-279. Fort Atkinson, WI, 1940, VG Int'l; Hoard's Dairyman illus.ad (bldg) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-280. Neosho, WI, 1913, G+ Doane 3/5; Westphal Brick Cheesesprice list on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-281. St.Joe & Oxford/RPO, 1903, G+ duplex (lite tone) on PPC w/litho photo on pix side: pretty young woman w/"Philatelic West Magazine"; lite, inverted strike of 6-line ad h/s at T; unrelated ms message. SCARCE ad. E $24 MIN.12

AD-282. "A &/Co" (ty.A288, sideways), New York/Sta.P, NY, 1908, G Int'l (lite tone; crs) Aspergren & Co.type (1c Sc.300) private user's message on Maison Delenne PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AD-283. "C(o)L(o)", Denver, CO, 1921, G+ Colum.; State of Colorado type (1c Wash.) on PPC: "Am attending State Forester Convention..." E $30 MIN.15
AD-284. "CHI", Melbourne, Australia, 1945, G+ machine; Int'l Harvester cc (2.5p Duke/Duchess) on cvr. E $14
AD-285. "CHI" (ty.C152-5), Mason City, IA, 1912, F Amer/B14(1); Int'l Harvester type (1c Wash.) private use on PPC. E $15
AD-286. "CHI" (ty.C152C-2), Spokane, WA, 1916, VG Int'l (toned; tip cr) Int'l Harvester type (1c Wash.) private use on PPC. Listed as Springfield, IL, type but mailed at Spokane. E $16
AD-287. "COP" (reversed), Columbus, OH, 1911, F Int'l (lower R tip nib) Central Ohio Paper type (1c Frank.) private use on New Year PPC (signed Brundage). E $15 MIN.8
AD-288. "COP", Columbus, OH, 1913, F Int'l; Central Ohio Paper type (1c Wash.) private use on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-289. "D(C)", Chicago, IL, 1911, G+ Time-Cmns (crs) Albert Dickinson Co.Seeds illus.ad (1c Frank.) on 3.5x8" address panel from multi-panel mailer. E $12 MIN.6
AD-290. "DPH" (ty.P87.5), Millersburg, PA, 1922, VG duplex; Penna.Dept.of Health type (1c Wash.) private use on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-291. "ESSO", New York/Church St.Sta., NY, 1947, VG+ duplex (crs; bit trim T) 26 Broadway cc; 1c Defense +pair 12c Prexies, applied when "Returned for (25) add'l postage..."; 5c +pair 10c Prexies origin postage (w/o perfins) on #10 air cvr to Australia. E $20
AD-292. "FIRST", Boston, MA, 1915, VF Amer/B14(6); 1st Nat'l Bank form on back (1c Wash.) on PC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-293. "HAL" (inverted), Philadelphia, PA, 1911, G+ Int'l; Hamburg Amer.Line type (1c Frank.) on REAL PHOTO PPC: 2 passengers against ship's rail, apparently on HAL cruise. E $15 MIN.8
AD-294. "HG/Co", Los Angeles, CA, 1912, VG Int'l (lite tone; tiny tear R) 1c Frank.; private use of UNATTRIBUTED TYPE on PPC. E $40
AD-295. "HM/Co" (ty.H121), Gage, NY, 1913, F magenta 4-bar; Huber Mfg Co.type (1c Frank.) private use on PPC. E $15
AD-296. "I" (ty.I.5), Rock Island, IL, 1981, G+ 4-bar; Illinois Dept.of Revenue return add. (pair 18c "B" eagles) on 5.5x9.5" cvr w/16c postage due label. E $12 MIN.6
AD-297. "IP/CO" (ty.I75), New York/Grand Cent.Sta., NY, 1943, G+ Int'l (o/s) 1c Defense on Int'l Paper Co.ad PC re.new postal regulation requiring zone # in address. E $15 MIN.8
AD-298. "JBT" (ty.J15), New York/Sta.F, NY, 1913, VG Univ.; Jewelers War Service Committee type (2c Wash.) on cvr. E $20
AD-299. "K & E" (inverted), Hoboken, NJ, 1916, VF Int'l (upper R edge ruff) Keuffel & Esser Co.cc (2c Wash.) on window cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-300. "LS/&/MS", Greenville, PA, 1910, G+ Amer/B14(1); Lake Shore & Mich.Southern type (1c Frank.) private use on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-301. "LT & T/Co", Philadelphia/Sta.C, PA, 1910, VF Amer/B38 (lite tone) Land Title & Trust Co.type (2c Wash.) private use on PPC to France. E $15 MIN.8
AD-302. "MBW" (sideways; reversed), Melbourne, Australia, 1914, G+ repeater; Metro Board of Works printed message (1/2p map) on PC. E $15
AD-303. "MC/M" (ty.M77), New York/College, NY, 1915, G+ duplex (lite tone) M & C Meyer type (1c Wash.) private use on PPC. E $30 MIN.15
AD-304. "MM/WC", Hamburg, Germany, 1914, G+ repeater; M.M.Warburg & Co.cc (20pf) on cvr to Holland. E $15
AD-305. "NB/PCo" (inverted), Wall Street Sta., NY, 1908, partial Int'l (tip cr) Niles Bement Pond Co.type (1c Sc.300) private use on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AD-306. "PP/Co" (ty.P185, inverted), Cleveland, OH, 1919, VG Int'l (pinhole) Pendant Publishing type (1c Wash.) on PC w/"Power Boating" ad request on back. E $15 MIN.8
AD-307. "PSC", Cumberland/Trans Clk, MD, 1920, G+ duplex (toned) Penna.State College type (1c Wash.) private use on PPC. E $14
AD-308. "S" (ty.S1 reversed), Atlanta, GA, 1919, G+ DCDS as origin b/s (toned; upper L tip nick) Swift's Fertilizers illus.ad (RED steer); text ad on back (3c Wash.w/full perfin; 10c Frank.w/partial perfin) on reg'd cvr. E $24
AD-309. "S & L" (reversed), Nashville, TN, 1913, G Int'l; Smith & Lamar type (1c Wash.) private use on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AD-310. "SAL" (ty.S29), Baltimore, MD, 1937, G+ Int'l (crs) Baltimore Steam Packet Co.cc; Seabord Air Line type (2c Wash.) on cvr. E $14
AD-311. "SDA" (reversed), Los Angeles/Arcade Sta., CA, 1926, VG Univ. (tiny tear T) San Diego & Ariz.Rwy type (2c Wash.) passenger's use on RR company's scenic PPC. E $20
AD-312. "SG" (ty.S128), Oil City, PA, 1921, VF Int'l (part ruff R; part toned) D.L.Thomas, Agt, cc (2c Wash.) on oil-window cvr; enc.w/South West Pennsylvania Pipe Lines header. Unattributed type in Balough catalog, listed only as "Oklahoma City". E $75
AD-313. "STL/SW" (ty.S284, inverted), St.Louis, MO, 1914, VG Int'l (tip crs) St.Louis & South Western Rwy."Cotton Belt Route" 23-line text ad at L (1c Wash.) proper company use on ad PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AD-314. "TR/OW", Hudson Term.Sta., NY, 1911, VF Int'l; Trow Gen'l Directory Co.type (1c Frank.) "The New Hotel" printed "script" ad in message area on PPC (church). Probably sanctioned use by directory advertiser. E $24 MIN.12
AD-315. "VLA", Chicago, IL, 1910, VF Time-Cmns struck at L; smudge killer on stamp (crnr crs; lite soiled) Von Lengerke & Antoine type (1c Frank.) private use on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AD-316. "W/EM", Ottumwa, IA, 1911, VG Time-Cmns (cr; lite tone) Westinghouse type (2c Wash.) private use on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-317. "W/LE", Huron, OH, 1917, VG CDS/target; Wheeling & Lake Erie Rwy type (2c Wash.) private use on PPC. E $12 MIN.6

AM-1. AAMC Airfield & AMF #DTW2: Detroit/Air Mail Field, MI, 1934, F magenta 4-bar (crs) as transit b/s; 10c Monroe +pair 2c Nat'l Park on special del.2c #10 PSE w/Detroit, MI/Term RPO VG 645-A-11 origin. E $24 MIN.12
AM-2. AAMC Catapult Flight #2: Keystone, IA, 1929, G+ duplex (lite tone; tear T) SS Bremen cachet on air cvr to Germany. E $20
AM-3. AAMC Early Foreign Flights: Italy 19a: Posta Aerea/Roma-Torino, 1917 (May 20), VG+ DCDS; 25c air Sc.C1 on cvr. E $30
AM-4. AAMC Int'l Dirigible Mail #Z-505Air Mail Service, New York, 1925 (Apr 15), F red 4-bar on cvr to Bermuda w/Hamilton partial repeater as b/s. E $50
AM-5. AAMC Pioneer Flight #93: (Chicago), IL, 1916 (Nov 2), partial duplex (town not struck) "Between Sunrise & Sunset./Forwarded From Chicago to New York By/New York Times/Aeroplane" boxed h/s at L (part o/s) on GPC Sc.UX27. E $450 MIN.230
AM-6. AAMC Trans-Oceanic Record Flight #1206: Strathfield, Australia, 1934 (Apr 9), G CDS on cvr to New Zealand. E $24 MIN.12
AM-7. AAMC Trans-Oceanic Record Flight #1344: Lidcombe, Australia, 1940 (Jul 16), G+ CDS on censored cvr to U.S. E $24 MIN.12
AM-8. AAMC Transoceanic Record Flight #1243: Honolulu, HI, 1935 (Oct 10), VG+ duplex; w/Guam F duplex (Oct 15) for return flight; 2nd Honolulu VG duplex (Oct 19) for flight onward to destination; Eastbound & Westbound pictorial flight cachets on cvr. E $75
AM-9. AAMC U.S.Governmental Flight #151: Aeroplane/Mail Service/Brattleboro, VT, 1922 (Aug 18), G+ 6-bar w/straight-line dial on GPC. E $100 MIN.50
AM-10. AAMC U.S.Governmental Flight #153: Cleveland, OH, 1922 (Sep 4), G+ duplex; "Via Aeroplane./Between Detroit & Cleveland." above add.; "Via US Air Mail" wings h/s on GPC. E $50
AM-11. AAMC U.S.Governmental Flight #166d: Chicago, IL, 1924 (Jul 2), G+ 4-bar tying 8c Sc.4 (couple nib perfs); part weak "first trip" h/s at L on cvr. E $24
AM-12. AAMC U.S.Souvenir Historical Flight #693: Los Angeles, CA, 1935 (Aug 20), F 4-bar; Stratosphere Flight cachet on air cvr. E $24
AM-13. AAMC Zeppelin Post #Z- 75: Seattle/Term.Sta., WA, 1929 (Aug 21), G Univ.; o/s by Los Angeles/Arcade Sta., CA, G duplex (Aug 25); pair 15c map airs on PPC w/Lakehurst, NJ, G+ green pictorial machine canx as recd. E $40 MIN.20
AM-14. AAMC Zeppelin Post #Z-216d: New York, NY, 1933 (Oct 2), G+ Int'l; 3x 50c Sc.C18 (2 faulty); German red pictorial map cachet tying 1 stamp; U.S.purple pictorial Zeppelin over Expo cachet on cvr w/Chicago, IL, VF Cent.of Progress slogan ty.C33-13/1 as recd b/s. This item also listed in "First Day Covers" & "Stamps on Cover" sections of this catalog. E $200 MIN.100
AM-15. AAMC Zeppelin Post #Z-404b: NewYork/TiPEX Sta., NY, 1936 (May 9), G+ Univ.; 12c TIPEX sheet +25c clipper +3c Rhode Isld on #10 cvr w/pictorial h/s cachets. E $15 MIN.8
AM-16. Alameda, CA, 1934 (May 18), VF duplex (lite tone) USS Macon/Welcome Home cachet on cvr. E $15
AM-17. Glendale, CA, 1931 (Apr 20), F Univ.; "Chamber of Commerce/1st Nite Flight" h/s; United Airports Co.logo cc on #10 cvr. E $15
AM-18. San Francisco, CA, 1959, partial Int'l (tip cr) tying 64x19mm "Northwest Orient Airline/Superior Airmanship" pictorial label on Clift Hotel ad PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AM-19. Denver/Air Mail, CO, 1931, F duplex (edge tear B) 5c globe air on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AM-20. Balboa Heights, CZ, 1937, G duplex tying "KLM/Compania Real Holandesa de Aviacion/Correro Aereo" pictorial label on air cvr to U.S. E $15 MIN.8
AM-21. Kahului, HI, 1953, F duplex on air cvr w/Kamuela G+ duplex as b/s. 1st flight. E $15
AM-22. Baltimore, MD, 1925 (Oct 24), F Int'l (lite tone) "Baltimore Air Races/Schneider Cup Race" 49x63mm pictorial label at L on PSE. E $24
AM-23. Air Mail Field/Detroit, MI, 1934, F duplex (lite tone) "Flown By Margaret C.Spitz/America's Youngest Licensed Transport Pilot" illus.cachet, w/HER SIGNATURE; 8c globe on cvr. E $50
AM-24. New York, NY, 1949 (Jan 1), G+ duplex (dial bit hi) tying "Air Mail/Eastern Air Lines" 88x20mm pictorial label; "1st Day 4c Air Mail Postal Card" typed at B; 3c commem. on 1c GPC to Canada. E $14
AM-25. New York, NY, 1953, VF Int'l on TWA PPC written in flight: "I'm en-route to New York..." E $12 MIN.6
AM-26. New York/Governor's Isl.Br., NY, 1931 (Nov 2), G+ duplex; part o/s by USS Wyoming 3-bar w/"1st Anni.of/'Akron' Crash" slogan on air cvr w/"USS Akron 1st Visit to NY" cachet & pictorial label. E $20
AM-27. Oklahoma City/Air Mail, OK, 1937, G+ duplex (ruff R) tying 25x100mm pictorial label ("For Speedy Acceptance in Oklahoma/Air Mail/Use the Oklahoman and Times") on cvr. E $20 MIN.10
AM-28. Rapid City, SD, 1935 (Jun 26), G+ duplex; "2nd Black Hills Stratosphere Flight/Nat'l Geographic Soc'y/U.S.Army Air Corps" cachet on air/special del.cvr. E $15
AM-29. Corpus Christi, TX, 1952, G+ Univ. on Braniff Airways folded lettersheet; illus.logo & western hemisphere outline maps w/routes; plane; illus.Conquistador on back & inside. E $15 MIN.8

AX-1. Colorado Springs, CO, 1907, VF Int'l; "3rd Floor" private blue h/s w/date/time & blue pencil ms "301"; apparent in-house routing instructions applied at Waldorf-Astoria, NYC; on PPC. E $20
AX-2. Tiffin, OH, 1908, F Amer/B14; "Address Supplied by P.O.at/Houston, Miss." h/s on PPC to Norborne, MS, & corrected to MO. E $12 MIN.6
AX-3. Springfield, IL, 1918, VG Univ.; "Addressee Returned to U.S.A./With (Casuals)" h/s & ms on back & several other markings on cvr to AEF soldier. E $15 MIN.8
AX-4. Newport, RI, 1962, F machine; "Addressee Unknown/On R.D.#1 J.W.B." h/s on PPC to East Liverpool, OH. E $12 MIN.6
AX-5. Prospect, OH, 1860s, G+ CDS; St.Joseph, MO, "Advertised" G+ DCDS & "Unclaimed" h/s on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
AX-6. Athena, OR, 1909, partial duplex; "Advertised" h/s on PPC to Coquille, OR. E $15
AX-7. Holyoke, MA, 1870s, VG CDS/cork (address part smear) "Advertised" in oval h/s on cvr to Lancaster, NH, & fwd to Winchester. E $15
AX-8. Newark, NJ, [1883], G+ CDS/cork (trim L; toned) "Advertised." boxed h/s on cvr to Tarrytown, NY. E $15
AX-9. Keyport, NJ, 1906, VG duplex; "Advertised." h/s on PPC to local address. 1c due stamp (faulty when applied, in 2 pieces) paying for advertising, tied by Keyport mute box h/s. E $20
AX-10. Battle Creek, MI, 1909 (Nov 10), G+ Int'l (toned) "Advertised/Dec 14..."" & "Unclaimed." h/s on PPC to Sturgis, MI, & fwd to Colon. 1c due stamp paying for advertising, tied by partial Sturgis duplex. E $20
AX-11. Delta, CO, 1910, G+ duplex; "Advise correspondents or publish" h/s; blue pencil "4 6 2 8 9 18 20 21 28 31" route #s written vertically between add. & message; 6 diff."NOT FOUND" h/s & 1 ms next to 7 of the 10 #s; all applied at Chicago; on PPC. E $24
AX-12. Cheyenne, Wyo.Term/RPO, 1944, G+ duplex (lite tone) "Advise Your Correspondents of your correct address including Room Number." h/s on PPC to Wave Barracks, New York, NY. E $15
AX-13. Heppner, ID, 1912, partial duplex (tip crs) "Afternoon Mail." private purple dated h/s w/2 boxes at B on PPC to Chas.H.Lilly Co., Seattle. E $14
AX-14. Ocean Bluff, MA, 1921, partial 4-bar; "Avoid Delay/Have personal mail addressed/To Home Address" private boxed h/s applied at Bureau Int'l Revenue, Washington, DC, on PPC to employee. E $14
AX-15. Ruddle, WV, 1917, partial 4-bar (crnr crs; few tone spots) "Back the Boys..." h/s on PPC to 313 Field Artillery, battery A, Camp Lee, Petersburg, VA. E $14
AX-16. Binghampton, NY, 1917, VG Int'l; "Back the Boys..." h/s (near VF) on PPC to Sidney, NY. E $12 MIN.6
AX-17. Saint Paris, OH, 1917, G+ duplex (trim R) "Back the Boys..." h/s w/TINY 2mm letters on cvr to Sewickley, PA. E $20 MIN.10
AX-18. Clifton Springs, NY, 1917, G+ Colum.; "Back the Boys..." & "Missent to Narragansett Pier" h/s (both part spotty) on PPC. Nice combo. E $12 MIN.6
AX-19. Floreana, Provincia de Galapogos, 1980, VG circle h/s w/separate dater & Post Office/Galapagos-I boxed pictorial h/s; "Barrel Mailbox/The Galapagos Islands/In The Pacific" circled h/s on message on PPC to U.S. E $24 MIN.12
AX-20. Seattle, WA, 1933, F Univ. (tip crs) "Buy American/Employ the Unemployed" boxed h/s; depression era marking on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
AX-21. Yermo, CA, 1957, G+ Univ.; "Calico Ghost Town/1881/Calif." VF private circled h/s (o/s) as "origin" by stamp; on commer.PPC. E $14
AX-22. Dayton, OH, 1911, F Int'l; "Called Out" & "Not for R.F.D." h/s on PPC to Hagerstown, MD. E $15 MIN.8
AX-23. Roanoke & Charles/RPO, 1910, G+ duplex (lite tone; tip cr) "Called Out" & "Not in City Directory" h/s on PPC to Portsmouth, OH. E $15
AX-24. Philadelphia/Frankford Sta., PA, 1912, G+ Amer/A38; "Called Out." 54x6mm h/s w/hollow letters on PPC to Bethlehem, PA. E $14
AX-25. Watkins, NY, 1906, F duplex (lite tone) "Called Out." h/s & separate h/s date; ms "not at" on PPC to York, PA. E $12 MIN.6
AX-26. Monticello, NY, 1943, G+ Univ. (o/s) "Cannot Locate Addressee:/(a) At indicated Room No./(b) In Supplies & Accounts/Return to Navy Dept.Mail Div." boxed h/s w/2nd line checked on cvr to Navy Dept., Washington, DC. E $15
AX-27. Grove City, PA, 1909, VF duplex (lite tone) "Carrier No.10." brown h/s & other ms markings on PPC to Oil City, PA. E $12 MIN.6
AX-28. Manitou, CO, 1911, G+ Amer/A14; "Cave of the Winds,/Manitou, Colo." private purple CDS (town partial) by address on PPC. E $15
AX-29. U.S.Navy, 1944, G+ ty.2z* (trim L; lite tone; tears T) "Checked at Stamp Dept.M.O./Peoria, Ill.Clerk..." magenta h/s on air PSE w/censor h/s at L. E $30
AX-30. Brussels, Belgium, 1989, VG slogan machine (ruff slit upper R) green "Checked By Security Dept." h/s on cvr to Rt.Hon.Douglas Hurd, Sec'y of State, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, London, England. E $20
AX-31. Maragoli, Kenya, 1982, G CDS; "Checked by Security" red h/s on reg'd 4.25x8.5" cvr to American Embassy, Nairobi. E $30
AX-32. Buck Creek, IN, 1917, partial 4-bar; "City 1-2-3...20./Rural 1-2-3...12" h/s w/several #'s lined thru on PPC to Lafayette, IN. E $12 MIN.6
AX-33. St.P. & Miles City/E.D./RPO, 1944, G+ duplex; "Civilian Mail Addressed to This Headquarters in the Future Will Be Returned to Sender. Use Your Residence Address." h/s (part o/s; part spotty) on PPC to War Bond Office, Rome Army Air Field. E $14
AX-34. New York/Grand Central Sta., NY, 1913, G+ duplex; "Closed/Philadelphia, Pa." h/s on special del.cvr. E $20
AX-35. Fort Barrancas, FL, 1942 (Mar 30), VG Univ. (stamp gone, lost in wreck; upper R edge soiled) "Damaged by cars a(t)/Amsterdam, N.Y." h/s ("T" not struck; o/w VF) MPOS Damaged marking ty.#9; CATALOG COPY on PPC w/Amsterdam F duplex (Apr 20) as recd. E $100 MIN.50
AX-36. Stockholm, Sweden, 1954, F repeater (stamp gone) "Damaged By Sea Water" boxed h/s on cvr to U.S. E $24 MIN.12
AX-37. Chattanooga, TN, 1943, F duplex (stamp gone, due to water damage; lite tone) "Damaged By Sea Water." boxed h/s; "Directory Searched B.P.O./Date" h/s struck twice, 1 in stamp area; "No Record/1st B.P.O." boxed h/s & other markings; "Officially Sealed in the Returned Letter Section, London Postal Region" label tied to back w/APO 4-bar on cvr w/enc.; New York, NY/Unclaimed F Int'l ty.IMS-64 as b/s, 4 mos.after mailed. E $30
AX-38. Seattle, WA, [1941], printed precanx (bit lite tone; bit cr) "Deceased S=1560" red h/s & "Returned to Sender from Chicago, Ill./Postage Due 1 1/2 cents" magenta h/s on unsealed 1c PSE. E $20
AX-39. Phoenix, AZ, 1934, G+ Univ. (trim R; pinhole) "Deceased" & "Returned to Sender" pointing hand h/s, both struck twice on cvr. E $14
AX-40. Portsmouth, VA, 1932, F Univ. (trim R) ms "Deceased" & 2x "Deceased" h/s, w/partial pointing hand h/s on window PSE. E $14
AX-41. (Indistinct town), VA, 1918, partial 4-bar (lite tone) "Deficiency in Address Supplied BY AT Dubuque, Iowa, P.O." MISWORDED circled h/s w/consecutive prepositions on PPC to "Camp Cody, Dubuque" corrected to Deming, NM. E $24
AX-42. Denver, CO, 1923, G Univ.; "Deficiency in address supplied by Denver, Colo." h/s on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-43. Peoria, IL, 1910, G Int'l (heavy water toned; message/address smeared; stamp gone) "Delayed In Wreck/Pitts. & Chi.Tr.16/At Chicago Dec.21 '10" BOLD h/s on PPC to Hagerstown, MD. E $100 MIN.50
AX-44. Bernal, Argentina, 1941 (Dec 25), G CDS; "Delayed/Address incorrect or incomplet(e)/U.S.Dep't of Agricult(ure)/Post Office" boxed h/s; "Please Notify Publisher/Indicate Bureau in Address." h/s, lined thru, w/ms "Library Congress" below on cvr. E $30
AX-45. New York/Wash.Bridge Sta., NY, 1942, VG duplex; "Delivery Attempted at Gloversville, N.Y." h/s on special del.cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AX-46. Orient, NY, 1948, partial duplex; "Delivery Attempted/Date (9-2-48) Time (3 45 P)M" h/s & ms, w/ms "Notified"; 6x 3c Stamp Cent'y on special del.cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AX-47. Poitiers, France, 1978, F CDS (tear T) "Delivery Delay Due to Insufficient Address/Proper address requires Department Name/Please advise correspondents of your correct address." private GREEN h/s on air cvr to Univ.of Calif., Berkeley. E $15
AX-48. Mont Alto, PA, 1911, G+ duplex (lite tone) "Disenfected." h/s ty.2A ("D" shows well on card, but o/w mostly obscured on stamp) love note on PPC mailed WITHIN facility, to "Miss Margaret Kerr, % State Sanatorium, Mont Alto/% Dining Room" signed "W.C." E $100 MIN.50
AX-49. Mont Alto, PA, 1911, G+ duplex (toned) "Disenfected." ty.2/var w/tinier letters (all on stamp; part heavy inked; bit stutter) on PPC (Interior Dining Room Sanatorium). E $75 MIN.38
AX-50. Hagerstown, MD, 1912, F Amer/B14; orig.stamp crudely replaced & tied by FORGED "Disinfected" h/s on PPC. Nice reference copy. E $15 MIN.8
AX-51. Mont Alto, PA, 1910, partial duplex; "Disinfected" h/s ty.3A w/TINY letters, tying stamp on PPC. E $100 MIN.50
AX-52. Mont Alto, PA, 1911, G duplex (tip cr) "Disinfected." black h/s ty.1 (o/s by canx) on REAL PHOTO PPC (elevated view of Sanatorium "Lower Camp") from employee, asking for "ferrels for the bottom of canes". E $100 MIN.50
AX-53. Mont Alto, PA, 1910, VG duplex (crs; pinholes) "Disinfected." h/s on 1.75x5.5" PIECE ONLY: upper part of 1c GPC Sc.UX20. E $15 MIN.8
AX-54. Mont Alto, PA, 1909, G+ duplex; "Disinfected." h/s ty.1 on PPC. E $75 MIN.38
AX-55. Mont Alto, PA, 1910, G+ duplex; "Disinfected." magenta h/s ty.1 on PPC. E $75 MIN.38
AX-56. Cresson, PA, 1914, G+ duplex; "Disinfected." purple h/s ty.1 on PPC. 2 accompanying PPCs showing Sanatorium. E $100 MIN.50
AX-57. Washington, DC, 1917, VG Int'l w/"Do Your Bit" slogan; "Do your bit!..." h/s on GPC to Luray, VA. NICE combo. E $15 MIN.8
AX-58. Butler, IN, 1917, F 4-bar; "Do your bit!..." h/s on PPC to Montpelier, OH. E $12 MIN.6
AX-59. Wathena, KS, 1917, partial duplex; "Do your bit!..." h/s on PPC to Lebanon, NH. E $8
AX-60. Battle Creek, MI, 1917, G+ Univ. (bit lite tone) "Do your bit!..." h/s on PPC to Butler, IN. E $12 MIN.6
AX-61. Blakeslee, OH, 1917, G+ 4-bar; "Do your bit!..." h/s on PPC to Hillsdale, MI. E $12 MIN.6
AX-62. Cincinnati, OH, 1917, F Int'l (bit cr) "Do your bit!..." h/s on PPC to Wheaton, IL. E $8
AX-63. Chicago, IL, 1925, F Univ.; "Due 1 Cent/N.S.M.D.No.9" h/s; 1c due stamp w/ms town/state/date/CARRIER's INITIALS canx; 1c Frank.origin on PPC. E $20
AX-64. South Bethlehem, PA, 1906, G Colum. (toned) "Due 2c" ms at B; pair 1c dues tied at Nazareth, PA, on PPC mailed w/o stamp; add'l 1c required for message on add.side. E $15
AX-65. Detroit, MI, ca.1930s?, G+ meter; "Entered As Second Class Matter" h/s; Wayne Univ.cc on 4.5x6.75" cvr. E $20
AX-66. El Paso, TX, 1933, G+ duplex; "Fee Claimed/Los Angeles, Calif/For Night, Saturday, Sunday/Or Holiday Arrival/Use Special Delivery" h/s on air/special del.cvr w/enc. E $20
AX-67. Maracaibo, Venezuela, 1946, G+ CDS (bit trim B) "Foreign Letter Package/Collect 10 cents for Customs/clearance. Postage Due Stamps/to be affixed and canceled./Delivery Division,/Letter Section, Chicago, Ill." h/s; "Passed/U.S.Customs Bureau/Chicago P.O./HB HR" h/s on air cvr w/10c due stamp tied at L. E $15 MIN.8
AX-68. Fort Lauderdale, FL, 1959 (Feb 12), VG machine; "Fort Lauderdale/Temperature Today/82°" h/s above address on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
AX-69. Worcester, MA, 1909, VG Int'l (lite tone) "Forwarded from Cherry Valley, Mass." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-70. Concord, NH, ca.1945, printed permit; "Forwarded on delayed orders/Detached..." & "Change of address due to official orders. Directory service give NTC Sampson, NY..." h/s; New Hampshire Troubadour/State Office Bldg cc on 4.5x5.5" cvr to Sampson & fwd. E $20
AX-71. Portland/Trans Clk, OR, 1916, G duplex (o/s; lite tone) "Forwarded/23rd Street YMCA/New York City" private h/s (upper L o/s) on PPC. E $15
AX-72. Washington, DC, 1906, F Int'l (toned; tiny tear T) "Found by Carrier No.1." h/s ("FO" o/s); "Have your Mail/Addressed to Street and No." h/s on PPC to Leominster, MA. E $20
AX-73. New York/Sta.W, NY, 1942, VG Int'l (ruff slit T) "Furnish Specific Address/Street and Number/Clerk No.2"; Return to Sender/Underliverable without Street and Number."; Name not in Directory No.2" h/s on cvr to Cleveland, OH. E $15 MIN.8
AX-74. Pittsburg/Mt.Oliver Br., PA, 1910, G+ duplex; "Have your mail addressed to street and number./Mt.Oliver Station, Pittsburg, Pa." h/s (bit o/s) on PPC to Carrick P.O. & corrected to Pittsburg. E $15 MIN.8
AX-75. Lansing, MI, 1909, VF duplex; "Have your mail addressed to your Rural Route and Box number, or it is liable to remain in the post office for several days." menacing h/s on PPC to Shepard, MI. E $20 MIN.10
AX-76. Greenville, MI, 1911, G+ Amer/B14 (lite tone; tip crs) "Have your mail come addressed to street and number" h/s on PPC to Belding, MI. E $12 MIN.6
AX-77. (Indistinct origin), 1910, partial duplex (lite tone) "Have your mail directed in care of Mansion or Hall or where ever you're boarding to insure prompt delivery" & "Have your mail more fully addressed." h/s on PPC to Georgia College student in Milledgeville, GA; "c/o Atkinson Hall" instruction below message area apparently not noticed. E $24 MIN.12
AX-78. New Bedford, MA, 1916, G+ Colum. (cr) "Have Your Personal Mail Addressed to Your Home" BIG (99x24mm) BOLD blue boxed private h/s at L on PPC to "The Outlet," Providence, RI. E $20
AX-79. Anaheim, CA, 1959, G+ machine; "Held for Better Address" h/s (lined thru) on PPC w/NO address. E $12 MIN.6
AX-80. Anaheim, CA, 1959, VG machine; "Held for Better Address" h/s (part spotty) on PPC w/NO address. E $10 MIN.5
AX-81. Elizabeth, NJ, 1906, G+ Amer/B14() (toned) "Held for Postage." & misapplied "LETTER for Which You Sent Stamp." h/s on PPC. 2c required for message on add.side. E $14
AX-82. (Hoboken, NJ), ca.1918, VG pictorial eagle machine; "Held Until Safe Arrival of Steamer; Then Mailed/Censor." h/s, inverted in message area on PPC. E $14
AX-83. Mogadiscio, Somalia, 1950, F DCDS; "If This Letter Concerns/Official Business Please/Return to Registry Con-/trol Office,/For Processing" h/s on back of air cvr to Field Service, United Nations, Lake Success, NY, USA. E $30
AX-84. Los Angeles, CA, 1911, G+ Int'l; "If you wish your mail delivered by carrier, have it addressed to Street and Number." h/s on PPC to Whittier, CA. E $12 MIN.6
AX-85. Stanton, IA, 1912, G+ duplex; "Important! to avoid delay and/error in delivery, advise correspon-/dents and publishers that your mail/should be addressed to/NORBORNE, MO./R.R.___ Box___" h/s w/no #'s written on lines; on PPC to Norborne, MO. E $30
AX-86. St.Louis, MO, 1915, VG Int'l; "In/Dept.144" purple dated double clock dial; "Rec'd/146" DCDS; "Out/Dept.146" magenta dated double clock dial; all private h/s applied at Sears-Roebuck, Chicago; on PPC. E $24
AX-87. Balboa, CZ, 1949, G+ Univ.; "Insufficient postage for dispatch by Air Mail from Canal Zone." h/s; 5c air +1c Gorgas on PPC to England. E $24 MIN.12
AX-88. Norfolk, VA, 1946, G+ Univ. (lite tone; edge tear T) "Insufficient postage/Not in Air Mail." h/s on cvr franked w/cut-to-shape 6c air PSE CUTOUT illegally used as postage during 8c air rate. Post office noticed shortage, but not cut-out. E $30
AX-89. Capetown, South Africa, 1948, G+ bilingual slogan repeater; "Insufficiently Prepaid/For Transmission by Air Mail" bilingual h/s (part heavy inked) on cvr to U.S. E $12 MIN.6
AX-90. Newark, NJ, 1931, VG duplex; "Keep Out of Cancelling Machine" h/s; Marathon Razor Blade Co.cc on #10 cvr, maybe used to mail blades. E $15
AX-91. New York/Sta.E, NY, ca.1908, G Int'l (date partial) ms "Left Service/not known"; partial pointing hand h/s on PPC to San Francisco P.O., CA, Gen'l Delivery. E $14
AX-92. Salt Lake City/Guthrie Sta., UT, 1927, G+ Univ. (ruff R to stamp; toned; nicks T) "Letter Uncalled For/Los Angeles Times/619 So.Spring Street" private red h/s on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AX-93. Ogunquit, ME, 1905, G+ duplex (o/s) "Library of Congress Rec'd/M. & S.Div." G+ private magenta DCDS as recd on PPC. E $15
AX-94. Ashland, OR, 1911, G+ Amer/A14 (tear T) "Mail Opening/date/AM 7 8 9...4 5 6 PM" private h/s w/pointer at 8:30 mark, applied at Sears-Roebuck, Seattle; on PPC. E $16
AX-95. New York, NY, 1899, G+ Amer/B14(12); "Mailed at (Indianapolis, Ind.)/Under Cover Addressed/Postmaster New York City." h/s vertically at L; 2c red on priv.mailing card w/"Postal Card-Carte Postale" h/s above address. E $15 MIN.8
AX-96. New York, NY, 1939, F Int'l; "Mailed at Statue of Liberty" blue-green circled pictorial h/s (o/s) on World's Fair PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-97. Grand Canyon, AZ, 1990, G+ machine (cr) "Mailed By Mule At/The Bottom of the Grand Canyon/Phantom Ranch" private red oval h/s as "origin" on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AX-98. Seattle/Term.Sta., WA, 1924, G+ Univ.; "Mailed On Top of the/L.C.Smith Bldg./-:Seattle:-/500 Ft.Above Sidewalk" private boxed h/s (o/s) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AX-99. Northampton, MA, 1910, VG Amer/B14(1); "Mailed on/The Summit of/Mount Holyoke." private oval h/s at L on related PPC. E $20
AX-100. Kansas City, KS, 1966, G+ 58c meter; "May Be Opened For Postal Inspection" 30x5mm h/s on insured air cvr. E $20
AX-101. Tipton, IN, 1938, VG duplex; "Miss-Sent to Sharpsville, Indiana" h/s on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AX-102. APO 231, 1955, G machine; "Missent to (APO 257)" h/s w/ms # on air cvr w/"APO 757" in address strengthened & circled by clerk. E $12 MIN.6
AX-103. Janesville, WI, 1913, G+ Amer/B14 (lite tone) "Missent to Appleton, Wis." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-104. (Valdosta), GA, 1956, partial Univ. (angled; town off T; tip cr) "Missent to Atlanta, Ga." h/s on QSL PPC w/illus.body builder. E $8
AX-105. (North New Portland), ME, [1883], partial CDS; "Missent to Boston Mass" h/s on GPC w/Boston VF CDS/Transit at L. E $12 MIN.6
AX-106. Wall, SD, 1941, G+ duplex; "Missent to Chicago, Ill./Letter Section, Delivery Div." h/s on air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AX-107. Narragansett Pier, RI, 1921, G duplex; "Missent to East Greenwich, R.I." h/s (town part spotty) on PPC. E $8
AX-108. Oil City, PA, 1945, VG Int'l; "Missent to Fort George G.Meade, Md." h/s on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AX-109. Naples, Italy, 1925, F slogan machine; "Missent to Garden City, N.Y." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-110. Chicago/West Pullman Sta., IL, 1909, partial Doremus; "Missent to Geneseo, Ill." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-111. East Orange, NJ, 1942, VF Univ.; "Missent to Glen Ridge, N.J." h/s on GPC. E $8
AX-112. Fox St.Sta., NY, 1915, G+ Int'l; "Missent to Indianapolis, Mo." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-113. Espanola, NM, 1909, G+ 4-bar (tip crs; nicks T) "Missent to Kearney, Nebr." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-114. Denver, CO, 1909, F Int'l "Missent to Lindsborg, Kansas." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-115. APO 36, 1957, G+ machine (edge tear L) "Missent to Logan, Ohio" h/s on air cvr. E $8
AX-116. Springfield, OH, 1911, G+ Int'l; "Missent to Louisville, Ky.No.8" on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-117. Oklahoma, OK, 1911, VF Int'l (lite tone) "Missent to Lyons, Kans." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-118. Minneapolis, MN, 1938, F Univ.; "Missent to Manistique, Mich." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-119. London, OH, 1946, G Int'l; "Missent to Monroe, Ohio" h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-120. Zanesville, OH, 1914, G+ Int'l (toned) "Missent to Montrose, Colo." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-121. Philadelphia/Fairhill Sta., PA, 1905, F Amer/B38; "Missent to Mystic, Conn" h/s on GPC. E $8
AX-122. Milwaukee, WI, 1910, G+ Int'l (lite tone) "Missent to Newark, N.J." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-123. Pearl River, NY, 1956, F Int'l; "Missent to Pearl River, N.Y." h/s on PPC to Fall River, MA. Apparently misrouted to town of origin in error. NICE item. E $15
AX-124. Boston/North Postal Sta., MA, 1908, VF Amer/B38; "Missent to Plantsville, Conn." h/s on PSE. E $8
AX-125. Gloucester, MA, 1921, F Int'l (tiny tear T) "Missent to Plymouth, N.H." boxed h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-126. New York, NY, 1935, partial Int'l CDS; "Missent to Princeton, Ill." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-127. Centerville, NY, 1908, partial 4-bar; "Missent to Rushford, N.Y." on PPC. E $8
AX-128. Buffalo, NY, 1951, G+ Univ.; "Missent to San Juan Bautista, Calif." h/s tying 1c on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-129. Los Angeles, CA, 1911, G Int'l; "Missent to So.Omaha, Neb" h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-130. New York/Sta.H, NY, 1907, VG Int'l; "Missent to Springfield, Mass." h/s on PPC to Spring Hill. E $8
AX-131. Eau Claire, WI, 1907, G+ Amer/B14() (toned; upper R tip nib) "Missent to Sterling, Ill." h/s on Bovee Furnace ad PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-132. Madera, CA, 1949, VF Int'l; "Missent to Topeka, Kansas" h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-133. East Hartland, CT, 1958, G+ 4-bar (staple holes B) "Missent to Torrington, Conn" h/s on GPC. E $8
AX-134. Vallejo, CA, 1908, G+ Int'l; "Missent to Vallejo, Cal." h/s on PPC to St.Helena, CA, "missent" to town of ORIGIN. E $15 MIN.8
AX-135. Worcester/Sta.D, MA, 1909, G duplex; "Missent to Worcester, Mass" h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-136. Terre Haute, IN, 1948, F Univ.; "Missent to" & "Berkey, O" separate h/s (TINY town/state) on cvr. E $8
AX-137. Oakland, CA, 1940, F Univ. (lite tone; cr; flap partly off) "Missent to... Larkspur, Calif."; "Advise correspondents... of your correct address"; "Return to Writer... Unknown" h/s applied in various locations; ms "Opened by Mistake/John H.Riley" at L; official seal OX21 wrapped around R on cvr to Sgt.John Riley, Ft.McDowell, CA; fwd twice, misrouted & opened in error by man w/same name, then returned. E $40
AX-138. Springfield/Highland Sta., MA, 1920, VG duplex (bit lite tone) "Missent to..." h/s w/Ludlow, MA, VG duplex struck on dotted line on PPC. E $8
AX-139. Ciudad Valles, Mexico, 1954, G DCDS; "Missent to..." h/s w/Monclova, OH, VF 4-bar struck on dotted line on PPC. E $8
AX-140. Baldwin, NY, 1959, F machine; "Missent to..." & "Hinsdale, Mass." separate h/s on cvr. E $8
AX-141. Lot 2)Valparaiso, IN, 1957, G+ Univ.; BOTH w/"Missent" & "New Augusta, Ind." separate h/s on PPCs sent to same address on same day, BOTH misrouted to same town. RARE find. E $20 MIN.10
AX-142. Goessel, KS, [1909], G+ Doane 2/2 (year partial; part lite tone) "Missent." & "Newton, Kans." separate h/s w/ms "to" written between by conscientious clerk; on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-143. Hood River, OR, 1912, G+ Amer/B14 (lite tone) "Morning Mail." private purple dated h/s w/2 boxes at B on PPC to Chas.H.Lilly Co., Seattle. E $14
AX-144. Gloversville, NY, 1914, VG Int'l; "Mountain Lake, NY" VG private blue DCDS as "origin" at L on PPC. E $20
AX-145. Dixon, IL, 1912 (Apr 27), VG Colum. (part lite soiled) "Moved Since June 15th,/Left No.Add." & "1104" h/s, penciled thru, on PPC to 8615 Wabash Ave., Chicago, & fwd to 6233 Ellis Ave.; accompanying letter between collectors re.this unknown marking. E $40
AX-146. New York, NY, [1897], partial mute oval tying 1c blue; "N.Y.P.O./Postage Due For/Forwarding/... Cents" h/s w/no amount written; pair 1c dues tied by mute oval h/s on cvr to local add., fwd to Long Branch, NJ,where 2x "Returned to Writer" pointing hand h/s applied. E $30
AX-147. Waterloo, IA, 1907, G Amer/B14(1) as recd (indistinct origin) "Nixie." h/s, w/2 straight-line dater h/s (1 "AM", 1 "PM") w/clerk's ms "East Side" notation on PPC. E $15
AX-148. Legerplaats, Netherlands, ca.1916, G+ DCDS (year spotty; dial hi: "GERP" partly off; tip cr; few tone spots) "No charge for postage Prisoner of War Mail New York, N.Y." h/s on PPC to U.S. E $60 MIN.30
AX-149. Portland/Trans.Clk.RMS, OR, 1937, G+ duplex; "No order-Lock Box Section/Searched by (RA)" h/s w/ms initials; "Not at Glendale Sanitarium" private h/s; & weak "Address incomplete..." h/s on PPC to woman at sanitarium, Glendale, CA. E $30
AX-150. Mount Carmel, IL, 1946 (Sep 15), G+ Int'l (crs; R tips nick) "No Record APO 264" h/s, w/4 other "No Record" markings (2 h/s, 2 ms) & several other fwd notes & aux.h/s on air cvr to APO 264 & apparently returned, more than 2 mos.after mailed. E $16
AX-151. Virginia Beach, VA, 1909, VG 4-bar (lite tone; tip cr) "No Response" h/s on PPC to Pittsburg, PA. E $15
AX-152. St.Paul, MN, 1910, VF Int'l; "No Response" h/s vertically at L edge on PPC to Chicago, IL. E $15
AX-153. New York/Bronx Central Anx, NY, 1940, VF Int'l (edge tear T) "No Service/Return to Sender" h/s; censor tapes at L & R on cvr to French Guinea, West Africa. E $40
AX-154. Pensacola, FL, 1941, G+ Int'l (bit lite tone) "No Such No.in Altadena, Calif.,J.H." h/s; "1-2-3...14-15" LONG h/s & other markings on PPC. E $14
AX-155. New York, NY, [1930], VF precanx; "No Such Street in Lansing, Michigan." & "Return to Writer./Not Found/Postage due 1 1/2 Cents" pointing hand h/s on 2-panel 3x5" ad card. E $14
AX-156. Wilton, NH, 1908, VG duplex; "No. (14782)/Rec'd Sp.Del'y Dept./date/Columbus, Ohio" w/separate # h/s on special del.cvr. E $15
AX-157. Bahnpost/Ambulant (Switzerland), 1916, G+ DCDS (o/s; lite tone) "Non Trouve./Not found.N.Y." bilingual h/s & "Not in Directory..." h/s on PPC. E $14
AX-158. Pasadena, CA, 1986, G+ machine; "Non-Carrier Office/Street Address Not Sufficient for Delivery." h/s w/integrated "Return to Sender" pointing hand on #10 cvr to So.Lake Tahoe, CA. E $24
AX-159. Lake Placid, NY, 1923, G+ Univ.; "Northfield Conference/date/Received at Stone Hall" private magenta straight-line h/s (bit spotty) on PPC to Betsey Moody College. E $14
AX-160. Eau Galle, FL, 1958, F Univ.; "Not-Boxes, New York- 10, N.Y." h/s on PPC. E $14
AX-161. Cleveland, OH, 1936, G duplex; "Not Air Mail" h/s; 2x 1c Frank. on PPC to Grand Rapids, MI, w/LARGE 25x77mm pictorial label: "Air Mail/Tomorrow's Mail Today/American Airlines" (not tied, but clearly belongs). NICE effect & combo. E $20 MIN.10
AX-162. San Diego, CA, 1909, VG Amer/B14 (heavy cr B) "Not At Shops" private blue h/s on to "S.P.Co.CSS, Sacramento". E $15
AX-163. Southport, NC, 1911, VG duplex (dial hi: "H" partly off; crs; lite tone) ms "Not at Tel.office" at L on PPC to woman at "Telephone Central, Bedford, IN". E $12 MIN.6
AX-164. Alexandria, LA, 1942, VG Int'l; "Not At Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corp." private h/s on GPC to actor Don "Red" Barry, fwd to Republic Pictures. E $12 MIN.6
AX-165. (Indistinct RPO), 1927, partiaol duplex (trim R to stamp; lite tone) "Not at University of Washington" h/s applied at Seattle on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AX-166. Valletta, Malta, 1948, partial DCDS (obscured on 2.5p Self-Gov't overprint) "Not At Warner Bros.Studio" & "Not At Selznick" private on cvr to "Douglas Ferbans" (Fairbanks). E $15 MIN.8
AX-167. Gettysburg, PA, 1910 (Aug 13), VG Int'l (toned) "Not Called For" h/s on PPC to Canada, w/D.L.O.Canada/Vancouver Branch F DCDS (Oct 9). E $12 MIN.6
AX-168. New York, NY, 1905, G duplex (lite tone) "Not Carrier No.1, 2, 3...15." h/s w/4 #'s lined thru on PPC to New Rochelle, NY. E $12 MIN.6
AX-169. Creal Springs, IL, 1910, G duplex (tip cr) "Not carrier No.11" h/s applied at Jacksonville, IL, on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-170. Los Angeles, CA, 1907, G+ Int'l (lite tone; tip crs; edge tear R) "Not delivered by Carrier for want of time." h/s applied at Oakland, CA, on PPC. E $20 MIN.10
AX-171. San Diego, CA, 1928, VG Univ. (tip cr) "Not for R.D.No.A" magenta h/s (bit heavy inked) on PPC to "Eugene, OR, MOTOR ROUTE". E $30
AX-172. Philadelphia, PA, 1977, VG 4-bar; "Not Good For Foreign Postage" h/s w/ms arrow pointing to 7.9c bulk rate coil; "Returned For Add'l/Postage (7) Cents" h/s (x2) on cvr to England, apparently not remailed. E $20
AX-173. (Sidney, OH), [1989], (no origin canx) "Not Here/Return to Sender/M.C.I." private 57mm diam.circled h/s applied at Marions, OH, on 2-panel ad PC. E $14
AX-174. Lakeview, MI, 1910, partial duplex; "Not Home. No Place to/Receive Mail." h/s ("RE" not struck) on PPC to Grand Rapids, MI. E $20
AX-175. New York/Grand Central Sta., NY, 1956, F machine; "Not in Air Mail/Short Paid" h/s; "T/N.Y.M./Centimes/21" opera glass h/s; 3c Liberty on 3c PSE to England w/2p due stamp tied at L. E $15 MIN.8
AX-176. Washington, DC, 1935, F Int'l (lite tone) "Not in Forest Service" private h/s on cvr to Dr.W.W.Stockberger, %Forest Service, Bedford, IN, & fwd back to DC. E $30
AX-177. Salem, MA, 1907, F Amer/B14() (lower L tip clip; crnr crs; lite tone) "Not In, H.H.H." h/s applied at West Medford, MA, on PPC. E $15
AX-178. Los Angeles, CA, 1905, G+ Int'l; "Not No.4K" h/s on PPC to Univ.Library, Berkeley, CA. E $12 MIN.6
AX-179. Lents, OR, 1911, partial duplex; "Not on R.F.D.No.1" h/s on local PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-180. Malone, WA, 1913, G 4-bar (bit lite tone) RFD carrier's ms "not on" above "RFD No.4" in address, w/ms "City" at R on PPC to Caldwell, ID. E $14
AX-181. Milwaukee, WI, 1911, G+ duplex; "Not Sanitarium" blue h/s by address; "To avoid delay in delivery, have your mail addressed to Street & No..." h/s on PPC to Battle Creek, MI. Street added to address by P.O. E $30
AX-182. Lehrte, Germany, 1963, G DCDS (bit cr) "Not State Mail" red h/s on cvr to U.S.Marshal of Oregon, Salem, OR, & fwd to Portland. E $24
AX-183. New York/T, NY, 1907, partial duplex; "Notified" dated h/s & "Forwarded upon receipt of Postage due/(N.Y.P.O.-I.D.)" h/s on PPC. 1c required for message on add.side, sent 15 days before regulation change allowing it. E $14
AX-184. Livingston, MJ, 1945, VG Univ. (lite tone) "Notify correspondents and publishers of complete new address on WD AGO Form No 204" h/s struck twice on cvr to soldier at Camp Pickett, VA. E $15 MIN.8
AX-185. Kalispell, MT, 1933, VG Univ. (lite tone) "Observe Sunday" magenta h/s at T, probably by sender on PPC datelined "Kalispell Brickyard". E $16
AX-186. New Haven, CT, 1928, VG duplex; "Offered at Address/(Dec 26 1928) (6 30) M/Cause of Non-Delivery/(Mail room Closed)" h/s w/separate date h/s & ms info on back of special del.cvr to NYC. E $15 MIN.8
AX-187. Princeton, IL, 1908, G+ Amer/B14 (toned; crnr crs) blue pencil ms "OK" below flag w/blue line mostly encircling canx dial; inexplicable approval/verification marking on glitter PPC to Mayfair, IL. E $20
AX-188. Lima, Peru, 1977, G boxed h/s (staple holes R) "Opened for Security Regulations" h/s w/examiner's signature on cvr to Airesearch Mfg.of Arizona, Phoenix, AZ. Apparent internal security measure. E $24
AX-189. San Bernardino, CA, 1984, G+ machine (o/s) "Opened in Error by So.Cal.Gas Co." private h/s on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AX-190. New York/Y, NY, 1906, G+ duplex; "Originally Held For Postage/But Now Forwarded on Receipt/From You of Amount Due./(N.Y.-I.D.)" h/s & other markings on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-191. Leytonstone, Great Britain, 1929, F machine (tip cr) "Pay carrier" ms w/"Chicago, Ill./Postage Due 2 Cents" h/s, all encircled w/pencil line, also tying 2c due stamp on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AX-192. APO 927, 1946, G duplex; "Piedmont Hotel/Held/Unclaimed/10 Days/Birmingham, Ala." 55mm diam.private blue h/s at L; "Returned to Writer/Unclaimed/From Birmingham..." pointing hand h/s; Amer.Nat'l Red Cross header; faulty 9c Prexie on 4.25x5.25" package mailing label ONLY. E $20
AX-193. Seattle, WA, 1910, G+ Int'l (lite tone; crs) "Plaintiffs Exhibit (A)" h/s w/ms letter & "Filed/date/D.K.Sickels/Clerk" h/s on PPC apparently used as evidence in trial. E $20
AX-194. Rochester, NY, 1924, G+ Univ.; "Please Have Your Mail Addressed to Your Home." part spotty private h/s applied at Veterans Bureau, Washington, DC, on PPC to employee. E $14
AX-195. High Bridge, KY, 1910, VG 4-bar; "Please Have Your Mail Addressed to Your Residence." private h/s (bit stutter) on PPC to Bullock Elec.Mfg., Norwood, OH. E $12 MIN.6
AX-196. Streator, IL, 1916, VG Amer/B14 (tear R) "Please Read and Return" purple h/s (B tips of letters not struck) above address, w/2 complete strikes on pix side on PPC to Pomona, CA. E $20
AX-197. London, Great Britain, 1951, VG machine; "Please return envelope to Mail Room" red h/s applied at U.S.Rubber Co., NYC; 1/Geo.VI on air cvr. E $14
AX-198. Cutch-Mandvi, India, 1950, partial DCDS; "Postage Due (15) Cents/AMF Chicago, Ill." h/s; 3x 5c dues at L on aerogramme. E $15
AX-199. North Shields, Great Britain, 1954, VG machine; "Postage Due (7) Cents/A.M.F.Boston, Mass./Clerk" h/s w/ms rate; 5c +2c dues on PPC. E $14
AX-200. Philadelphia, PA, 1932, VG Int'l (cr) "Postage due 1 1/2 cents" & "Removed no address/Wood 1943" h/s; Lankenau School For Girls cc on 1.5c PSE. E $15
AX-201. Kilmer P & DC, NJ, 2000, F machine; "Postage Due/AMC/JFK Tour 2" h/s w/ms "50" on PPC to Canada. E $12 MIN.6
AX-202. Washington, DC, 1967, F machine; "Postage O.K.Clerk #..." h/s w/clerk's initials on PPC to Saginaw, MI. E $12 MIN.6
AX-203. USS John C.Stennis, 1999, G+ 4-bar; "Postage OK, San Diego 92199" h/s; 2x 33c on PPC to England. No apparent reason for verification. E $15
AX-204. (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia), ca.1970s?, (no canx or stamps) "Postage Verified at Milwaukee, WI 53203" h/s on #10 cvr from Ethiopian Postal Service. E $15
AX-205. Boston/Essex St.Sta., MA, 1906, partial B38(1) (very spotty strike on embossing; lite tone) "Prohibited by Country of Destination/(BOSTON)" h/s; 2c Sc.319 on GLITTER PPC to Belgium. E $100
AX-206. Jonesville, MI, 1956, G+ machine; "Put Name On Mail Box" h/s on PPC to Chicago. E $20
AX-207. Chicago, IL, 1909 (Dec 25), F Time-Cmns (tears; crs) "Received at Chicago, Ill./In Bad Order. No.3." h/s; 3 pieces of official seal Sc.OX13 used to repair long tear across message area; on PPC. E $50
AX-208. Harrisburg, PA, 1932, VG Univ. (lite tone) "Received at Harrisburg, Pa., under cover from P.O.at (New York, N.Y.)" h/s & ms on PPC w/stamp on pix side. E $20
AX-209. New York, NY, 1898, G+ Int'l; "Received at New York P.O./(Reg.Div.) In Bad Condition" h/s on reg.bill card. E $14
AX-210. New York, NY, 1897, G+ Amer/B14(4); "Received at New York P.O./(Reg.Div.) In Bad Condition" & "C.W.Dayton, P.M." h/s on reg.bill card. E $15
AX-211. Chicago, IL, 1913, F duplex (full horiz.tear, repaired w/3x OX14 official seals on pix side & piece of 4th seal on add.side; crs; B crnrs faulty) "Received in bad condition at Chicago, Ill.P.O.5 M.D." h/s on PPC. E $30 MIN.15
AX-212. Royal Oak, MI, 1998, VG machine; "Received in Bad Condition at Hopkins, Minn.55353" w/"Bad" lined thru & "Opened" written above; last digit in zip code corrected w/ms "5"; on #10 cvr to Minnetonka, MN. RARE: 2 corrections on 1 marking. E $24
AX-213. APO 911, 1919, G+ DCDS (crs; part soiled) "Received in bad condition at Savannah, Ga." h/s on PPC. E $15
AX-214. Omaha/Offutt Air Force Base Br., NE, 1968, G+ DCDS as origin b/s (crs) "Received in bad condition at/AMF Kennedy, N.Y.11430" tiny h/s struck 3 times on 5.25x8.25" reg'd cvr to England. E $15
AX-215. Auburn, ME, [1887], G+ CDS/cork (dial hi: "BU" partly off; bit trim T) "Received in This Condition" h/s on cvr to Boston, MA. E $15
AX-216. Boston, MA, 1930, VG+ duplex (lite soiled) "Received Too Late For Air Mail/Dispatch From Boston, Mass." h/s; 5c beacon Sc.C11 on cvr. E $20 MIN.10
AX-217. St.Paul, MN, 1910, F Int'l; "Received under cover by the Postmastera t St.Paul, Minn. from (Battle Creek Mich)" h/s & ms on PPC. E $20
AX-218. Paris, France, 1984, VG machine (crs) "Received Without Contents/Recu Sans Contenu" h/s on #10 air cvr to Canada. E $12 MIN.6
AX-219. Pittsfield, MA, 1910, G+ Amer/B14 (toned) "Received/9 A.M./Mail" private double boxed h/s on PPC to N.Y.Press, NYC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-220. Monroeville, OH, 1940, VG duplex; "Received/Bureau of Labor Statistics" VG magenta DCDS (o/s) on PPC. E $14
AX-221. Taylorville, IL, 1916, G+ Amer/A14; "Received/date/California Perfume Co." private h/s on PPC employee "c/o C.P.Co.", NYC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-222. Palermo, Italy, 1913, F repeater (toned) "Received/In Bad Condition/(N.Y.P.O.Wall Street Sta.)" h/s on PCP, but no obvious damage. E $15 MIN.8
AX-223. Hud.Term.Sta., NY, 1930, VF Int'l; "Received/In Package Box Collection/Varick St.Sta." 44x30mm magenta oval (part spotty) on cvr. E $20
AX-224. Halifax, Great Britain, 1952, G+ machine (lite tone) "Recu endommage/Received in damaged condition" h/s on cvr to Canada w/official seals at L, R & B. E $15 MIN.8
AX-225. Lee City, KY, 1984, G+ 4-bar (trim R) "Refused" in center of BIG 84x28mm h/s w/9 bars (right ends mostly not struck) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AX-226. LaHogue, IL, 1944, VG 4-bar (o/s) "Refused" & "Returned to Writer..." pointing hand h/s on PPC to Windsor, VT; no apparent reason for refusal. E $20
AX-227. Havana, Cuba, 1956, G+ Int'l (tip crs) "REGULAR" 37x6mm BOLD purple h/s below add. on PPC to Brentwood, CA. E $24
AX-228. Tijuana, Mexico, 1942, G+ DCDS (dial bit hi; o/s) "Released By Authority of the District Postal Censor" bit spotty h/s on PPC to U.S. E $12 MIN.6
AX-229. Columbus, OH, 1909, G+ Int'l (edge tears; crs) "Request for better addres(s)/(Se)nt" boxed h/s w/separate date & "Unknown" h/s on PSE to Waltham, MA, & fwd to Worcester. E $15
AX-230. Bridgeport, CT, 1967, G+ machine; "Ret'd for add.postage./Postage Due (.04)/Total Postage required (.15)/Rate (.15) per 1/2 ounce." h/s on cvr to Italy, mailed w/11c Liberty; 4c Lincoln added (but not canxed) & remailed. E $15
AX-231. Manistique, MI, 1945, VG Int'l; "Ret. To U.S.A./Att.Port Postal Offices/POE A.P.O. N.Y. N.Y." h/s on air ct ot APO 35. E $12 MIN.6
AX-232. (Indistinct town), Italy, 1959, partial CDS (lite tone) "Retour" & "Insufficient address" h/s; New York, NY/Dead Letter Br. VG DCDS; on PPC to "24 Bootham Crescent, YORK"; intended for ENGLAND, but sent to U.S. & returned. E $20
AX-233. Minneapolis, MN, 1983, G+ machine; "Return For 10c Postage/Foreign First Class Mail Is/30c First Ounce" h/s (T line part obscured on stamp) 20c Ruth on cvr to Finland. E $12 MIN.6
AX-234. Denver, CO, 1943, VF Univ. (censor tape toned L edge) "Return to Sender, No Service Available" h/s on cvr to Switzerland. E $24 MIN.12
AX-235. Concord, NH, [1945], printed permit (lite tone) "Return to Sender/3rd Class Matter/Not Forwardable/See Postal Bulletin 18754" (struck twice) & "Returned to Sender/Postage Due (1 1/2) Cents" pointing hand h/s; New Hampshire Troubadour/State Office Bldg cc on 4.5x5.5" cvr w/large 42mm "Rec'd/Directory Sec./Ft.Geo.G.Meade, Md" DCDS (penciled thru) below address. E $24
AX-236. Pakistan (indistinct town), 1974, partial DCDS (edge tear T; crnr cr) "Return to Sender/Insufficient Address. Please/give name of Department" h/s on air PSE to doctor at Seattle, WA, w/ms street add.added at lower L; Seattle b/s 18 days after mailed.; no indication of reason for "Department" wording in h/s. E $16
AX-237. (Indistinct town, Great Britain), 1936, partial CDS; "Return to Sender/Postage is being refunded by Divisional Controller, L.P.R., E.C." boxed h/s on back (w/partial strike on front); "The Insured Letter service is not in operation to the U.S.A." RED ms note; 5p +1/2p on 4.5p reg'd PSE add.to U.S. E $40
AX-238. USPS, PA, 1975, G+ machine (upper R tip nick) "Return to Sender/Service/Indefinitely Suspended" h/s on cvr w/enc.to South Vietnam. E $24 MIN.12
AX-239. Hazleton, PA, 1942, F Int'l; "Return to Writer Unclaimed" G+ Int'l machine at lower L w/"Phila., Pa./No.15" magenta h/s on cvr. E $14
AX-240. San Francisco, CA, 1946, G meter; "Return to Writer Unclaimed" VF Int'l machine at lower L w/"Phila., Pa./No.39" magenta h/s on cvr. E $15
AX-241. Quincy, IL, 1937, F Univ.; "Return to writer/No such Street in Springfield, Mo." w/"Street" lined thru & "Div" written below; "The Artisan/Antiques" cc on cvr to Director of Finance, Retailers' Occupation Tax Division. E $20
AX-242. Indianapolis, IN, 1909, VG Int'l (o/s; toned; crs) "Returned by R.F.D.Carrier No.6" h/s; "Unknown to Rural Carriers/No.1, 2, 3...13/Unknown to City Carriers..." h/s (part obscured on stamp) on PPC to Shelbyville, IN, & fwd to Fountaintown. E $15 MIN.8
AX-243. Brea, CA, 1969, F machine; "Returned for (1c) Add'l postage. When remailing, cross out this notice..." on cvr to Australia. E $12 MIN.6
AX-244. Chicago, IL, 1950, F duplex; "Returned for 10c Add'l Postage/Chicago, Ill.P.O.Forgn.Sec.1" h/s on air cvr to Australia; mailed w/15c, then 10c added & remailed. E $15
AX-245. Portland, OR, 1981, G machine (o/s) "Returned for 12 Cents Add'l Postage" h/s on cvr to Australia. E $12 MIN.6
AX-246. San Francisco, CA, 1926, VG Int'l (o/s) "Returned for Additional Postage (3)c/Foreign Section S.F.P.O." h/s w/ms amount (penciled thru when remailed); Army & Navy Branch/YMCA cc on cvr to Shanghai, China, w/repeater machine as b/s; & private Navy YMCA Shanghai blue clock-dial DCDS as recd b/s (b arc not struck). E $30
AX-247. Red Bank, NJ, 1942, VG Univ. (tip cr) "Returned for Additional Postage/Postage Due 1 Cent" h/s; 1c Defense on PPC to Canada. E $12 MIN.6
AX-248. Taylor Springs, IL, 1990, G 4-bar; "Returned For Better Address/Needs Province Name" & "Returned For Better Address" h/s on PPC to Canada. E $14
AX-249. New York/Sta.X, NY, 1904, G+ Amer/B38; "Returned to New York P.O./By 'Care' As Unclaimed/(Inquiry Dept.) (date)/Returned to Writer" h/s on PSE. E $20
AX-250. Lisbon, NH, 1970, F machine (ruff slit upper L thru cc) "Returned to Postal Service/Undeliverable at U.N.H." & "Return-Unknown" applied at Univ.of NH, Durham; on cvr w/enc. E $14
AX-251. Meriden, CT, 1943, F Univ. (big notch in L edge; crs; trim R) "Returned to Sender By Censor" printed on 31x51mm white label, applied on brown paper tape covering address; censor tape at L on PSE to Australia. E $24 MIN.12
AX-252. Sheboygan, WI, 1996, G+ meter; "Returned to Sender" glossy label w/pointing hand & USPS logo; "Forwarding Order Expired" checked; on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-253. (Indistinct town, Great Britain), 1941, partial DCDS; "Returned to Sender/By the Censor/For Reason Explained in/Momorandum Enclosed/in This Cover." printed on 2x3.5" label, covering address; censor tape at L on cvr (no contents) to Dublin & returned. E $20
AX-254. (Indistinct town, Netherlands), [2006], partial machine; "Returned to Sender/Insufficient Address/Country Name Must Appear in Full/In English on the Last Line By Itself/IMM.Section 122 1 K/JT Weeker ISC Chicago, IL 60688" pointing hand h/s" pointing hand h/s on cvr to "Marshallinseln" (Marshall Islands) w/"USA" at B, not recognized in US postal system. E $20
AX-255. Minneapolis, MN, 1999, VG meter; "Returned to Sender/Minneapolis MN 55401/USPS/Returned to Sender" redundant wording & pointing hand printed on adhesive label on #10 cvr to Bahamas w/ms "Wrong Box" by address. E $20
AX-256. San Francisco, CA, 2000, VG machine; "Returned to Sender/Not Deliverable As Addressed/Unable to Forward" w/illus.pointing hand on yellow computer label on PC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-257. Zwolle, Netherlands, 2002, G+ machine; "Returned to Sender/Return For Better Address. Please Show Name of Country of Destination in English" pointing hand h/s on cvr to "Marshallinseln" (Marshall Islands) w/"USA" at L, not recognized in US postal system. E $20
AX-258. Coldwater, KS, 1941 (Nov 24), VF Int'l (lower R quarter water toned) "Returned to Sender/Service Suspended." h/s (bit spotty) on address; 2nd strike (near VF) on back; censor tape L; bit faulty 5c Prexie on 4.5x5.5" cvr to China. E $30
AX-259. (Grand Rapids, MI), [1982], (no stamp or canx) "Returned to Sender/Undersized Mail/Minimum Size 3 1/2x5" printed on 70x20mm white adhesive label on 4.5x4.25" cvr. E $16
AX-260. Taunton, MA, 1872 (Dec 12), VG blue-green CDS; "Returned to Writer" circled blue h/s; bit faulty 1c banknote on FRONT ONLY to local add., w/2nd VG blue CDS (Jan 16, 1873) applied when returned. E $15 MIN.8
AX-261. Forestville, NY, 1940, G duplex (lite tone) "Returned to Writer" pointing hand h/s w/"Deceased" line checked on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AX-262. Vinita, OK, 1933, F Univ. (toned) "Returned to Writer/Unclaimed From/Miami, Okla" large pointing hand h/s on cvr. E $14
AX-263. Waterloo, IA, 1910, VG Amer/B14; "Returned to Writer/Unclaimed, From Waterloo, Iowa." pointing hand h/s on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AX-264. Corpus Christi, TX, 1914, G+ Colum.; "Returned to Writer/Unclaimed." pointing hand h/s struck 3 times at Amarillo, TX, on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-265. New Orleans, LA, 1907, VF Int'l "Returned to Writer/Unclaimed/From New Orleans, La/P.O." pointing hand w/INVERTED date on cuff, on address; "Unknown As Addressed/Carrier No.(24)" h/s on back on cvr. E $15
AX-266. Eschwege, Germany, 1969, G DCDS (edge tears) "Returned to Writer/Undeliverable As Addressed: Incomplete Military Address" pointing hand h/s on cvr. E $15
AX-267. Woonsocket, RI, 1906, G+ Amer/B14() (crs) "Returned, Time Consumed." h/s on PPC to Worcester, MA. E $15 MIN.8
AX-268. Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1954, partial slogan machine (part warped; some separation of layers, from water exposure) "Salvaged From K.L.M.Crash at Shannon" purple h/s (last "N" partly off edge) on air PPC to U.S., carried on KLM Flight 633. Crashed on takeoff, killing 28. E $80
AX-269. Salt Lake City (Sta.#2), UT, 1928, G+ DCDS as origin b/s (flap faults; part toned) "Second Notice, No Reply/To First Notice Mailed..." h/s w/separate date on back of reg'd cvr to Berkeley, CA. E $15 MIN.8
AX-270. Berwyn, IL, 1941 (Dec 13), VG duplex; "Service Suspended/Return to Sender" & separate "Foreign Section, Morgan Annex" h/s; 30c globe air on cvr to Bohemia & Moravia, mailed 6 days after Pearl Harbor attack. E $40
AX-271. Schenectady, NY, 1968, G+ machine; "Service Temp/Suspended/Return to Sender" crude h/s on air cvr to Canada. E $15
AX-272. Phoenix, AZ, 1968, VG machine; "Service Temporarily Suspended/Return to Sender" h/s on cvr to Canada. E $12 MIN.6
AX-273. Montreal, Canada, 1959, F machine (bit trim T) "Shortpaid for Air Conveyance/Port Insuffisant pour avion" h/s on air cvr to Australia. E $14
AX-274. Akron, OH, 1970, VG machine; "Sorry Addressee has left/Philmont Scout Ranch/Return to Sender" h/s struck twice (1 partial) on PPC to Cimarron, NM. E $24
AX-275. (Unknown town, France), 1945, VG mute oval grid w/separate straight-line dater h/s; "Subject Letter Was Found in an Abondoned French Letter Box & the Same Was Rec'd at This Office on the date on Cancellation/Barney Koplin, Lieut./Postal Officer." typed on paper strip adhered at B; "Irregularity No..." & "G.P.O.N.Y.(D.M.)/6909" h/s on cvr w/enc.letter asking addressee to mail 2nd enclosed letter, w/env. & stamp, dated 1.5 YEARS before "found in... letter box..." E $100
AX-276. Halfway, CO, 1907, G+ Doane 3/2; "Summit of Pik's Peak" blue private cogwheel DCDS as "origin" at L on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-277. Los Angeles, CA, 1907, G Int'l (toned) "SURTAXED" BOLD 84x13mm h/s; 1c Sc.300 on PPC to France & fwd; 10c due stamp applied. E $20
AX-278. Sausalito, CA, 1939, G+ Int'l; "Take Out" dated boxed h/s applied at Napa, CA, on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-279. Pasadena, CA, 1927, G+ Univ.; "Take Out" dated h/s on PPC to Avalon, Catalina Is., CA. E $14
AX-280. Craig, AK, 1937, G 4-bar ty.E (lite gum tone) "Take Out" VG CDS & "Returned to Writer./Unclaimed" pointing hand applied at Ketchikan, AK; on cvr w/"Emergency mail service via plane" h/s, returned to Dearborn, MI. E $14
AX-281. Lansing, MI, 1983, G+ machine; "Temp.Order Expired/Deliver To/Old Address" printed on yellow computer label on PPC to Midland, MI. E $15
AX-282. Honolulu, HI, 1938, G+ Int'l; "Temporary Order 2(89?)." h/s w/partial # on PPC to San Francisco & fwd to Skagg Springs. E $14
AX-283. Richmond, VA, 1919, G+ Univ.; "The American Red Cross/Richmond, VA, Chapter/Canteen Committee" h/s tying 1c Wash.booklet pair on PPC. E $15
AX-284. Washington, DC, 1947, VF duplex; "This article originally mailed in country indicated by postage" h/s; 10L +45L Bulgaria airs on PPC to U.S. E $24 MIN.12
AX-285. Miami, FL, 1945, VG+ Int'l; "This article originally mailed in country indicated by postage." h/s; 1c Prexie on Miami PPC. Accurate but MISAPPLIED auxiliary marking, intended for mail w/foreign stamps & Washington, DC, canx. E $75
AX-286. San Jose, CA, 1909, G+ duplex; "This is the article for which post-/age was sent to San Jose, Cal." h/s on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-287. San Diego, CA, 1971, F machine; "This Mail Forwarded By Red Cross Volunteers" h/s w/2 red crosses on PPC to Bellaire (OH) Hospital & fwd to patient's home. E $20
AX-288. Hamburg, NY, 1903, G+ duplex (lower L tip nib) "To insure prompt delivery have your Mail/addressed to your Star Route Number." h/s on cvr to Salem, OH. E $24 MIN.12
AX-289. Den & Steamboat Spgs/RPO, 1914, partial duplex; o/s by "Top of the World/Corona/Altitude 11660 Feet" 39mm diam.private blue circled h/s as "origin" on PPC. E $15
AX-290. Portland, OR, 1902, G+ Int'l; "Tracer./" h/s w/1st 6 #s lined thru on GPC to local add.from Chief of Police re.warrant for sewer work costs. E $20
AX-291. New Canaan, CT, 1940, F Int'l (upper L edge ruff slit) "Trans-Atlantic Route" h/s struck twice; "Trans-Pacific Route" h/s obliterated by pencil, but tips of "PA" show for ID; 30c globe air on cvr to England. E $20
AX-292. Katoomba, NSW, Australia, 1905, G+ CDS (o/s; lite tone) "U.S.Charge to Collect 2 Cents" h/s & "NSW/T/5" shield h/s on PPC to U.S. E $20 MIN.10
AX-293. St.Johns, Antigua, [1960], partial DCDS (cr) "U.S.O.M. to Bolivia/Rec'd" double boxed h/s on PPC to U.S.Embassy, in transit for 2 mos. E $20
AX-294. (Unknown town), Panama, 1954, partial CDS; "U.S.O.M. to Bolivia/Rec'd" double boxed h/s (year partial) on PPC to U.S.Embassy. E $24
AX-295. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1953, G+ CDS; "Uncalled For at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer" h/s on cvr to actor Peter Lawford. E $12 MIN.6
AX-296. Santiago, Chile, 1953, partial DCDS; "Uncalled For at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer" h/s on cvr to actor Peter Lawford. E $12 MIN.6
AX-297. Iloilo City, Philippines, 1953, G+ CDS w/4 wavy lines; "Uncalled For at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer" h/s on cvr to actor Gene Nelson. E $12 MIN.6
AX-298. East Orange, NJ, 1942, VF Univ.; "Uncalled For At Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer" private h/s on GPC to comedian Bud Abbott. E $12 MIN.6
AX-299. New York/Sta.J, NY, 1902, F Int'l (part toned) "Unclaimed at Herald Down Town Branch." h/s; "Returned to Writer/N.Y.I.D./Do Not Post Again in This Envelope or Wrapper" pointing hand h/s on PSE. E $20
AX-300. Peru, NE, 1914, VF VF (lite tone) "Unclaimed at Station A." h/s (bit hi; tips of couple letters off T) & "Delivery delayed..." h/s applied at Lincoln, NE, on PPC. E $14
AX-301. Taunton, MA, 1873, VG blue CDS (bit lite tone) "Unclaimed" circled blue h/s; 1c banknote on FRONT ONLY to local add. E $12 MIN.6
AX-302. Silver Lake, MI, 1913, partial 4-bar (tip cr) "Unclaimed" & "Rural 1-2-3...8/City 1...5" h/s; Niles, MI/Advertised VG DCDS; 3 large pointing hand h/s on PPC to Niles & returned. E $15
AX-303. Contoocook, NH, 1907, G+ duplex; "Unclaimed." h/s & "Return to Writer" pointing hand h/s (X'ed thru) on PPC to "Andover, NH/Potter Place" sent to Potter Place, then Andover, NH, back to Contoocook (where "Unclaimed"), then to Andover, MA. E $20
AX-304. Chicago/Englewood Sta., IL, 1909, F Amer/B38; "Unclaimed/Gen'l Del'y/Central Sta.No.1/Chicago, Ill.P.O." h/s & other markings on PPC. E $14
AX-305. (Indistinct RPO), 1933, partial duplex; "Unclaimed/Los Angeles Biltmore/253-C" private green h/s; "Take Out" dated blue h/s on PPC. E $14
AX-306. Pittsburg/East Liberty Sta., PA, 1909, G+ Int'l (lite tone; bit cr) "Unclaimed; East Liberty Sta." h/s (UNUSUAL to see semicolon in marking) on PPC w/no address. E $15 MIN.8
AX-307. Biloxi, MS, 1942, F Int'l; "Universal City, Calif." h/s as forwarding instruction on GPC to "The Andrews Sisters" singers. E $14
AX-308. Sanborn, MN, 1910, G+ duplex (bit lite tone) "Unk.R.F.D./1-2-3...8-9" h/s applied at Spokane, WA, on PPC. E $14
AX-309. T.C.San Jose, CA, 1909, G+ duplex (lite tone; crs) "Unknown R.F.D.No.1." & "Missent to Station L" h/s on PPC to Ocean View, CA. E $15
AX-310. Greensboro, NC, 1954, F Univ.; "Unlawful-Mail to this addresss returned by order of Postmaster General" & "Returned to Writer/Reason Checked" pointing hand h/s on cvr to Hollywood Book Store, Hollywood, CA. E $40
AX-311. Kalamazoo, MI, 1910, G+ Colum.; "Unmailable" h/s on glitter PPC to Elsie, MI. E $15
AX-312. Kalamazoo, MI, 1910, VG Time-Cmns; "Unmailable" h/s on glitter PPC. E $20
AX-313. Brooklyn/Sta.A, NY, 1907, VG Int'l; "Unmailable" h/s on glitter PPC. E $20
AX-314. (Chicago, IL), [1908], (no canx; toned; crs; nibbles B) "Unmailable, M.D.4" h/s on glitter PPC. E $14
AX-315. Indianapolis, IN, 1907, F Int'l (lite tone; crnr cr) "Unmailable." h/s on glitter PPC. E $14
AX-316. Honolulu, HI, 1944, F Int'l; "Via Air Mail From Coast Onward to Destination" h/s; censor tape L; 8c transport air on cvr to Denver. E $14
AX-317. Rome, (IN?), 1919, partial 4-bar (state not struck; trim L about 3mm) "Victory Liberty Loan/Let's Finish the Job" h/s w/triangle on PPC to Chenault, KY. E $15 MIN.8
AX-318. Norfork/Exposition Station, VA, 1907, G+ N07-05 (lite tone) "W/Out" dated h/s & Gen'l Delivery/New Orleans, LA, VF DCDS; 1c Expo on Expo PPC. E $12 MIN.6

EXPOSITIONS (NOTE: Bomar #'s are from the 3rd EDITION catalog) / Do you need "Postmarks of U.S.Expositions"? We have it!
EX-1. Worlds Fair Sta./Chicago, IL, [1893], G C93-02 (killer & R arc off edge; AS IS for strike) on GPC w/o message. E $15 MIN.8
EX-2. World's Fair Station/Chicago, 1893, G+ C93-12A (heavy vert.cr; toned) on Expo GPC (Horticural Bldg). E $15 MIN.8
EX-3. Exposition Sta./Omaha, NE, 1898, G+ C98-01 (R arc spotty; date partial) on Expo GPC (Machinery & Elec.Bldg) w/message in German. E $80
EX-4. Chicago/Sta.U, IL, 1898, VG+ Amer/F14(1) (slight ruff slit R) Amer.Electric Telephone ad cc w/patriotic illus.flag; "See Our Exhibit, Int'l Exposition, Omaha, 1898/See Our Exhibit, Paris Expo, 1900/Medal Awarded, Cotton States Expo... Tennessee Cent'l..." on PSE. E $40
EX-5. Casselton, ND, 1899 (Sep 1), F CDS/cork; "Casselton Harvest Festival!/Oct 5 & 6" ad; H.F.Strehlow cc on PSE. E $16
EX-6. Philadelphia, PA, 1899, G+ P99-06 Nat'l Export Expo slogan #1 on GPC. E $15 MIN.8
EX-7. Philadelphia, PA, 1899, G+ P99-09-01 Nat'l Export Expo slogan flag #1 (EKU) on GPC. E $24 MIN.12
EX-8. Philadelphia, PA, 1899, F P99-09-01 Nat'l Export Expo slogan flag (crnr crs) on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-9. Philadelphia, PA, 1899, VG P99-09-05 Nat'l Export Expo slogan flag #5 (upper L crnr toned) 2c red on American-Souvenir-Card PPC to England. E $20 MIN.10
EX-10. Philadelphia, PA, 1899, VG+ P99-09-05 Nat'l Export Expo slogan flag; stamps/curios dealer h/s cc on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
EX-11. Philadelphia, PA, 1899, F P99-09-06 Nat'l Export Expo slogan flag (bit lite tone) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
EX-12. Philadelphia, PA, 1899, F+ P99-09-07 Nat'l Export Expo slogan flag (trim L) on PSE. E $15 MIN.8
EX-13. Philadelphia, PA, 1899, F P99-09-08 Nat'l Export Expo slogan flag; Penn Publishing Co.cc; 1c Frank. on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
EX-14. Philadelphia, PA, 1899, F+ P99-09-09 Nat'l Export Expo slogan flag; Jacob Miller, Sons & Co./Eagle Shirt ad cc; ad on flap on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
EX-15. Philadelphia, PA, 1899, VF P99-09-09 Nat'l Export Expo flag #9 (tip cr; toned) 2c red on "Independence Hall Souvenir Card" PPC. E $15 MIN.8
EX-16. Philadelphia, PA, 1899, VF P99-09-10 Nat'l Export Expo slogan flag (no flap) lawyer cc on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
EX-17. Philadelphia/Sta.A, PA, 1899, G+ P99-10-A2 Nat'l Export Expo slogan flag (killer lite on stamps) Earl W.Eckel, Printer boxed ad cc on cvr. E $20
EX-18. Philadelphia/Sta.A, PA, 1899, VG P99-10-A2 Nat'l Export Expo slogan flag (lite tone) on cvr. E $20
EX-19. Philadelphia/Sta.B, PA, 1899, F P99-10-B1 Nat'l Export Expo slogan flag on GPC. E $15 MIN.8
EX-20. Philadelphia/Sta.D, PA, 1899, F P99-10-D Nat'l Export Expo slogan flag (o/s; part lite tone) on GPC. E $16
EX-21. Philadelphia/Sta.D, PA, 1899, VF P99-10-D Nat'l Export Expo slogan on cvr. E $24
EX-22. Philadelphia/Sta.J, PA, 1899, VG P99-10-J Nat'l Export Expo slogan on cvr w/enc. E $15
EX-23. Philadelphia/Sta.Q, PA, 1899, G+ P99-10-Q Nat'l Export Expo slogan flag on cvr. E $20
EX-24. Philadelphia/Sta.P, PA, 1899, G+ P99-10P Nat'l Export Expo slogan flag (dial & field much obscured on ad; vert.cr) Coleman's Ko-Ko Tulu/Wholesale Cigars illus.ad (warehouse & store display) on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
EX-25. Montreux, Switzerland, 1900, VF DCDS; "IVe Fete des Narcisses/Montreux" 32x43mm illus.poster stamp ad tied at lower L on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
EX-26. Paris/Exposition Universelle, France, 1900, VG flag machine (bit o/s) 10c on Expo PPC to Hungary. E $20
EX-27. Buffalo/Pan-American Sta., NY, 1901, G+ B01-07A (uneven trim R) Pan-Am Expo GREEN illus.globe logo ad w/embossed allegorical continents on cvr. E $55
EX-28. Buffalo/Pan-American Sta., NY, 1901, G+ B01-07A (lite tone) 1c Pan-Am on Expo priv.mailing card. E $15 MIN.8
EX-29. Buffalo/Pan-American Sta., NY, 1901, VG B01-07C w/"R" in die space (bit angle strike; upper R part of killer off T) 1c Pan-Am commem on Expo priv.mailing card. E $30
EX-30. Buffalo/Pan-American Station, NY, 1901 (Sep 6), G+ B01-07D (fully o/s by rec'd canx, but date shows clearly) date that Wm.McKINLEY was SHOT on Expo grounds; 1c Pan-Am commem on Expo priv.mailing card. This item also listed in "Political" section of this catalog. E $80 MIN.40
EX-31. Pan American Sta./Buffalo, NY, 1901, G+ B01-10 w/star in double diamond killer (heavy crs; part lite tone) 1c Pan-Am on Expo priv.mailing card. E $750 MIN.375
EX-32. Buffalo, NY, 1900, F B01-13B Pan-Am Expo slogan #1 w/3rd class dateless dial (bit lite tone) Buffalo Specialty Mfg.Co.cc; 1c Frank.on ORANGE "perforated ad collar" on cvr w/illus.letterhead (bldg & traffic) enc.dated Jul 3; Danielson, CT, G+ duplex (Jul 4) as recd b/s; EARLY use. E $80 MIN.40
EX-33. Buffalo, NY, 1900, VG B01-13B Pan Am slogan #1 (edge tear R; trim R) on cvr. E $40
EX-34. Buffalo, NY, 1900, F B01-13B Pan-Am Expo slogan #1 (lite tone) Siegrist & Fraley cc w/multi-color Expo globe logo w/allegorical continents on cvr. E $30
EX-35. Buffalo, NY, 1900, VF B01-13B Pan Am slogan #1 (ruff L, just in cc; lower L crnr soiled) on PSE. E $40
EX-36. Buffalo, NY, 1899, F B01-14A Pan Am slogan #2 (ruff R) Nat'l Despatch Fast Freight Line cc on cvr. E $30
EX-37. Buffalo, NY, 1901, G+ B01-15A Pan-Am Expo slogan (near VG+; lite tone; trip R) Niagara Refrigerator Works cc; full-color illus.ad: buffalo on globe; Expo bldgs; on cvr. E $30
EX-38. Buffalo, NY, 1901, G+ B01-15A Pan Am slogan (part ruff R; tears T) Pan Am Expo globe logo illus.ad; "The Stafford" hotel cc on cvr. E $30
EX-39. Buffalo, NY, 1901, partial B01-15C Pan-Am Expo slogan (dial mostly obscured; bit angle trim R, just in stamp; tear R; crs; edge part tone) Expo illus.ad: Electric Tower & beacon at night on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
EX-40. Buffalo, NY, 1901, G+ B01-18 Pan-Am Expo slogan flag (near VG+; trim R) Larkin Soap cc & illus.Expo ad (Larkin Bldg) on cvr. E $180 MIN.90
EX-41. Toledo, OH, 1899, VF T02-01 Ohio Cent'l slogan; 3c Jackson on 2c PSE to Germany. E $20
EX-42. Toledo, OH, 1901, VF Int'l; Bridenbaugh Groceries cc; Ohio Cent'l & Northwest Terr.Expo illus.ad (woman w/torches) on cvr. E $60
EX-43. St.Louis/Exposition Sta., MO, 1904, G+ STL04-01 (part on stamp) 1c Expo on Expo PPC. E $100
EX-44. St.Louis/Exposition Sta., MO, 1904, F STL04-05A (lite tone) 1c Expo on Expo PPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-45. St.Louis/Exposition Sta., MO, 1904, VF STL04-05B on Expo PPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-46. St.Louis/Exposition Station, MO, 1904, VG+ STL04-06; bit faulty 1c Expo on Expo PPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-47. St.Louis/Exposition Station, MO, 1904, F STL04-06 (crnr cr) on Expo PPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-48. St.Louis/Exposition Station, MO, 1904, G+ STL04-06 (lite tone) as recd on PPC to "Montana Min.Exhibit, 61 Miner Bldg, St.Louis Exhibition." Looks like origin canx, but bit of Helena(?), MT, CDS at T edge. E $24 MIN.12
EX-49. St.Louis, MO, 1900, G+ STL04-11 World's Fair slogan #1 (upper L tip nick; edge tears; lite tone) on cvr. E $40
EX-50. St.Louis, MO, 1900, VG+ STL04-14 World's Fair slogan #1 (ruff R; L tips wear; lite tone) on cvr. E $40
EX-51. St.Louis, MO, 1904, VG STL04-19B/1 World's Fair slogan #1 (part ruff trim R; part ruff upper L; toned) Louisiana Purchase Expo/Gen'l Press Bureau cc on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $20
EX-52. St.Louis, MO, 1902, VF STL04-19B/5 World's Fair slogan #5 w/DATELESS dial (nick T; flap partly off) Carleton Dry Goods Co.cc; "World's fair, 1904/St.Louis" text ad below; 1c Frank. on pink cvr. E $15 MIN.8
EX-53. St.Louis, MO, 1904, VG STL04-19B/6 World's Fair slogan; 1c Expo on Igls Tirol, Austria, PPC. E $8
EX-54. St.Louis, MO, 1904, VG STL04-19B/6 World's Fair slogan; 1c Expo on Expo PPC. E $8
EX-55. St.Louis, MO, 1903, VG StL04-19B/6 World's Fair slogan (ruff slit L tip) Hamilton, Brown Shoe Co.illus.oval belt ad cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
EX-56. St.Louis, MO, 1904, VG StL04-19B/6 World's Fair slogan (tip cr) bit faulty 1c Expo commem on Expo PPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-57. St.Louis, MO, 1904, F STL04-19B/7 World's Fair slogan; 1c Expo on Expo PPC. E $8
EX-58. St.Louis, MO, 1903, G+ StL04-19B/7 World's Fair slogan on 1c GPC Sc.UX11. E $12 MIN.6
EX-59. St.Louis, MO, 1904, VG STL04-19B/8 World's Fair slogan; 1c Expo on PPC. E $8
EX-60. Portland/Exposition Station, OR, 1905, F P05-02 (o/s) on Miller & Frank Co.ad PPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-61. Portland/Exposition Station, OR, 1905, VF P05-02 on PPC. E $10 MIN.5
EX-62. Portland, OR, 1904, F P05-09 World's Fair slogan (edge tears T) on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
EX-63. Portland, OR, 1905, F P05-09 World's Fair slogan (part ruff trim R; lite tone) "The Oregon" hotel illus.ad cc (crown) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
EX-64. Forest Grove, OR, 1904, G CDS/cork (ruff R, well into stamp; lite tone) Lewis & Clark Expo overall green illus.ad (portraits; outdoor scene w/tepees) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
EX-65. Norfolk/Exposition Sta., VA, 1907 (Jun 2; 3:30 PM), F+ N07-04; 1c Smith on Expo PPC. This is same date/time as "filled C" type described & illus.in catalog. E $120 MIN.60
EX-66. Norfolk/Exposition Station, VA, 1907, F N07-05; bit lite tone 1c Smith on Expo PPC. E $15 MIN.8
EX-67. Norfolk/Exposition Station, VA, 1907, VG N07-05 (lite tone; edge tear T; crnr crs) 2c Sc.319 on PPC to Austria. E $20
EX-68. Norfolk/Exposition Station, VA, 1907, F N07-05 on Expo PPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-69. Norfolk, VA, 1907, VF N07-09 Jamestown Expo slogan; 2c Sc.319 on Expo PPC to France. E $12 MIN.6
EX-70. Norfolk, VA, 1907, F N07-09 Jamestown Expo slogan (lite tone) 1c Smith on Expo PPC to France. E $8
EX-71. Norfolk, VA, 1907, F N07-09 Jamestown slogan; 1c Smith on Expo PPC. E $8
EX-72. Newport News, VA, 1907, F N07-10 Jamestown Expo slogan (lite tone) 2c Expo commem on Expo PPC to Denmark. E $20
EX-73. Newport News, VA, 1907, VG+ N07-10 Jamestown Expo slogan (trim R) Lexington Hotel cc; 2c Expo commem on cvr. E $20
EX-74. Portsmouth, VA, 1907, VG+ N07-11 Jamestown Expo slogan; 1c Expo commem on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-75. USS North Carolina, 1909 (Sep 26), G+ ty.1 (part on stamp; edge tears B) ship at Hudson-Fulton Celeb. on PPC. E $75
EX-76. Seattle/Exposition Station, WA, 1909, F S09-02A (lite tone) on PPC. E $8
EX-77. Seattle/Exposition Station, WA, 1909, VG+ S09-02A (lite tone) on Expo PPC. E $8
EX-78. USS Tennessee, 1909 (Jun 15), VG+ ty.1 (bit o/s by partial 2nd strike) SHIP at AYP EXPO; on PPC. E $200 MIN.100
EX-79. Normandy, MO, 1909, G+ Doane 3/6 (near F+) "Irish Village/Santa Cruz Council 1215/K.of C.Carnival/St.Louis, 1909" h/s (part spotty) above message (57-32) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
EX-80. Fall River, MA, 1911, G+ Amer/B14(1)dd? (killer partly off) "Fall River Looms Up/Cotton Cent'l/June 19-24, 1911" 51x33mm pictorial die-cut ad label (COTTON BALE) tied on PPC, mailed on 1st day of event. E $40
EX-81. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915, F SF15-02 on PPC (Hawaiian Pineapple pickers): "We are eating in the Hawaiian Dept.of the Horticultural Bldg. Liked the... coffee & pineapple. Hawaiian Orchestra is grade a..." E $15 MIN.8
EX-82. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915, VG+ SF15-02; 1c perf.10 Balboa on PPC. E $20
EX-83. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915 (Dec 3), F SF15-02; 1c perf.10 Balboa on Expo PPC. E $20
EX-84. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915, VF SF15-02 (lite tone) 1c Wash.coil (Sc.452; SE at L) on Expo PPC. E $14
EX-85. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915, F SF15-02; 1c pf.12 Balboa on REAL PHOTO PPC (Liberty Bell at Expo) datelined N.Y.State Bldg; long message: "Saw 1000s of soldiers & sailors in a sham battle... 6 big battleships booming away..." E $24
EX-86. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915, F SF15-02 (crnr crs) 1c pf.10 Balboa on Expo PPC. E $40
EX-87. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915, F SF15-02 on Expo exhibit hand-out PPC. E $16
EX-88. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915, F SF15-02 (lite tone) toned 1c pf.12 Balboa on Expo PPC (H.Liebes & Co.Fur Exhibit); long message: "I guided a gentleman thru the bldgs for 6.5 hours. He was in raptures..." E $16
EX-89. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915, G+ SF15-03 (bit smear; crs) SCARCE Univ.machine on Expo PPC. E $40
EX-90. San Francisco, CA, 1915, VG SF15-09-02A PPIE slogan; 1c perf.10 Balboa on Expo PPC. E $15
EX-91. San Francisco, CA, 1911, VG SF15-09-03B PPIE slogan (ink spots by stamp) on cvr w/51mm diam.Expo ad label on back: pretty woman in San Fran/1915 hat (not tied but clearly belongs). E $15 MIN.8
EX-92. San Francisco, CA, 1915, VG SF15-09-03B PPIE slogan; California Ripe Olive Ass'n cc; 2c perf.10 PPIE on cvr w/enc.16-pg.pamphlet (Ass'n by-laws). E $15 MIN.8
EX-93. Fresno, CA, 1912, VG SF15-12 PPIE slogan on 2c GPC Sc.UX16 to Germany. E $15 MIN.8
EX-94. Los Angeles, CA, 1915, Vf SF15-13B PPIE slogan; 1c perf.10 Balboa on PPC. E $14
EX-95. Los Angeles, CA, 1912 (Dec 4), VG+ SF15-13D PPIE slogan w/damaged dial (upper R tip ruff; no flap) on PSE. E $15 MIN.8
EX-96. Los Angeles, CA, 1915 (Dec 16), G+ SF15-13D PPIE slogan w/damaged dial on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-97. Los Angeles, CA, 1915 (Dec 18), G+ SF15-13D PPIE slogan w/damaged dial on cvr w/enc.Xmas card. E $15 MIN.8
EX-98. Portland, OR, 1913, F SF15-16A PPIE slogan (bit lite tone) 1c Parcel Post on PPC. E $8
EX-99. Berkeley/South Berkeley Sta., CA, 1912, G+ SF15-23A PPIE slogan flag (near F; toned; bit cr) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-100. San Jose/Sta.A, CA, 1913, G+ SF15-24B PPIE slogan flag (o/s; cr) on PPC. E $8
EX-101. San Jose/Sta.A, CA, 1915, VG SF15-24B PPIE slogan flag on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-102. Los Angeles/Arcade Sta., CA, 1912 (May 6), F+ SF15-25 PPIE slogan flag (tiny tear T) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
EX-103. Los Angeles/Sta.R, CA, 1912, VG SF15-25D PPIE slogan flag on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
EX-104. Los Angeles/Hollywood Sta., CA, 1913, VF SF15-25G PPIE slogan flag on PPC. E $10 MIN.5
EX-105. San Diego/Exposition Sta., CA, 1915, F SD15-01 on Expo PPC. E $24 MIN.12
EX-106. Longbeach, CA, 1916, G+ SD16-07 Pan-Cal Expo slogan (lite tone) on cvr. E $15
EX-107. Los Angeles, CA, 1916, VF SD16-14A Pan-Cal Expo slogan (crs) on 1915 Expo PPC w/RED "1916" header overprint. E $12 MIN.6
EX-108. San Francisco, CA, 1916, G+ SD16-17B PCIE slogan (lite tone) 1c pf.10 Balboa on REAL PHOTO Expo PPC (Court of Abundance). E $15 MIN.8
EX-109. San Diego, CA, 1913, F SD16-25 PCIE slogan (EARLY) on PPC to Canada. E $15 MIN.8
EX-110. USS Colorado, 1915 (May 30), VG ty.1; ship at PAN-CAL EXPO on REAL PHOTO Expo PPC (Main Entrance) w/message in Esperanto. E $150 MIN.75
EX-111. Glasgow, Scotland, 1923, F "British Empire Exhibition 1924" pictorial slogan machine on PPC to U.S. E $8
EX-112. Philadelphia/Model Post Office, PA, 1926, F P26-10-02 on PPC. E $6
EX-113. Philadelphia/Model Post Office, PA, 1926, F P26-10-02 (tip crs) 2c Liberty Bell on Expo PPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-114. Little Rock, AR, 1929, F Univ.; "Arkansas State Fair" fancy ad cc on cvr. E $14
EX-115. USS Pennsylvania, 1932 (Jun 15), VG purple ty.3(P-15) (part lite tone) "Los Angeles/Harbor" in bars; "Participating Xth Olympiad" ship cachet on cvr TO W.G.CROSBY, w/USS Brooks G+ blue-green ty.5hks "Maine at/Havana 1898" as b/s, 10 days later. E $30 MIN.15
EX-116. Chicago/Cent.of Prog.Sta., IL, 1933 (May 27), G+ C33-05 (lite tone) Century of Progress cc w/illus.logo; Jas.J.Hurley, Supt.of Cent.of Prog.Sta. & Ira P.Dawson, Examiner of Equipment AUTOGRAPHS on unadd.#10 cvr. E $20
EX-117. U.S.Ry.Postal Car Exhibit/Chicago, IL, 1933 (May 27), G+ magenta C33-07 on Burlington Route PPC. E $60
EX-118. U.S.Ry.Postal Car Exhibit/Chicago/Cent.of Prog.Expo, IL, 1933, G+ C33-07 (lite tone) Piccard-Compton Stratosphere Ascension cachet; 3c +1c Expo commems on cvr. E $14
EX-119. U.S.Ry.Postal Car Exhibit/Chicago/Cent.of Prog.Expo, IL, 1934, VG C33-07 (lite tone) Expo cachet on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
EX-120. U.S.Ry.Postal Car Exhibit/Chicago, IL, 1933, VG C33-08 on Expo PPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-121. U.S.Ry.Postal Car Exhibit/Chicago/Cent.of Prog.Expo, IL, 1934, VG C33-08 on Burlington Route exhibit PPC. E $15 MIN.8
EX-122. Chicago/Lakeview Sta., IL, 1929, G+ duplex; "Chicago World's Fair 1933" text ad (EARLY!) printed below message; 5c air (Sc.C11) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
EX-123. San Diego/Calif Pac Int Exp Sta, CA, 1936, G+ SD35-01 on air cvr. E $40
EX-124. San Diego/Calif Pacific Int Exposition Sta, CA, 1935 (May 29), VF SD35-02; block/4x 3c Expo commems on 1st Day cvr to Austria. E $20 MIN.10
EX-125. USS Borie, 1935 (Oct 27), F ty.3(BC-BBT) (slight stutter) "Navy Day/Expo City'35"; SHIP at CPI Expo on cacheted cvr. E $15 MIN.8
EX-126. USS Richmond, 1935 (Jul 4), VG+ ty.3(A-TTT) "San Diego/Calif"; ship at CPI Expo; July 4 cachet on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
EX-127. USS Saratoga, 1935 (May 29), VF ty.3(B-BBT) "First Day Cal/Pac,Itl.Expo"; Expo cachet on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
EX-128. Cleveland, OH, 1937, VG duplex (tears T; crs) E.C.Edson, Pub.Dir., Winterland, Great Lakes Expo typed cc on #10 cvr to Miss Anita Pollitzer, National Woman's Party, Washington, DC. E $20
EX-129. Balboa, CA, 1939 (Jul 15), VF Univ.; "Balboa Tounament of Lights" illus.cachet; Janet Hatch "Queen Titania" signature; on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
EX-130. USS Savannah, 1939 (May 14), F ty.3(A-BBT) "New York/NY"; ship at World's Fair; on cacheted cvr. E $15 MIN.8
EX-131. San Francisco/Golden Gate Sta., CA, 1939 (Mar 24), VF SF39-02A; Nocona, TX, F, DCDS tying Pony Express to GGIE label at L on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
EX-132. San Francisco, CA, 1939, F SF39-15-03 GGIE slogan; Hotel Manx/Expo text ad at L on ad PPC (Expo grounds w/hotel inset). E $12 MIN.6
EX-133. Fair Grounds Sta./Puyallup, WA, 1941, VG non-standard h/s flag; "Mailed Direct/From Western Washington Fair" pictorial h/s (jockey on horse) on cacheted cvr. E $15
EX-134. Seattle, WA, 1962, F Univ.; Seattle World's Fair large logo ad at L on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
EX-135. San Antonio, TX, 1964, VG PB meter #396136 w/"HemisFair" slogan; Russ & Co. header on back; on commer.GPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-136. Knoxville/World's Fair Sta., TN, 1982, G+ magenta K82-01 (near VF) on Expo PPC. Commer.use. E $15

EXPOSITIONS: Souvenirs & Other Related Items
EX-137. Lot 40) Columbian Exposition Stereoview Cards: bldgs, exhibits, interiors, misc pub by Kilburn, Jarvis & Thornwood (varied condition). E $250 MIN.130
EX-138. "Modesty & Hilarity, Liberal Arts Bldg,/Columbian Exposition": photo STEREOCARD, 2 statues pub. Kilburn. E $15
EX-139. "Pennsylvania State Exhibit, Agricultural Hall./Columbian Exposition": photo STEREOCARD, aerial view of floral decorations pub Kilburn (L edge wear; tip cr). E $14
EX-140. Exposition Universelle de 1900 (Paris): 2x2.75" admission ticket (crs; lower L tip nib). E $15
EX-141. "Columns at Bridge of Alexander III, Exposition, Paris, 1900": photo STEREOCARD, pub. Webster & Albee (edge wear; tone spots). E $14
EX-142. "Maratimes Messageries Bldg, Paris Expo": photo STEREOCARD, pub. Ingersoll (margin wear). E $15
EX-143. "Grand Basin & Plaza of St. Louis from Festival Hall,/Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis. Mo.": photo STEREOCARD, pub Keystone w/text back. E $15
EX-144. "Elephant made of English Walnuts, California's/Exhibit in Horticultural Bldg, World's Fair, St./Louis": photo STEREOCARD, pub Int'l Stereograph (crnr wear). E $15
EX-145. "Membership Card/San Francisco 1915/The World's Fair Committee of the Swedish-American Patriotic League of Calif., Inc.": PPC-sized card w/illus.allegorical woman, banner & fairgrounds; for member "privileges" in Swedish-Amer.bldg at Expo. E $15
EX-146. "A Railway Exhibit in the Transportation Palace,/Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif": photo STEREOCARD, pub Keystone. E $15
EX-147. "A Souvenir of the famous painting 'The Doctor'": 4x6" 2-panel flyer from Petrolagar Exhibit, Century of Progress, 1933. E $12 MIN.6
EX-148. Golden Gate Int'l Expo/1939 Treasure Isld/Souvenir of Elephant Train Sight-Seeing Tour/35c: 3.5x2" ticket stub w/L ends clipped; Expo logo on back. E $14

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