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Section 4:

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AD-1. Haines, AK, 1980, G+ 4-bar; L.A.B.Flying Service h/s cc on cvr to Whitehorse, Yukon. E $12 MIN.6
AD-2. Juneau, AK, 1954, G+ Univ. (bit lite tone) Territory of Alaska Library & Museum cc on air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-3. Mesa, AZ, 1900, VG+ duplex (ty.11) (part ruff trim R, just in stamp) Passey & Mets/Furniture, Carpets/Undertaking & Embalming illus.ad (desks) on cvr. E $30
AD-4. Syndey, Australia, 1942, F machine; Coca-Cola Co.ad cc; censor tape & h/s at L on cvr to U.S. E $14
AD-5. Camp Curry, CA, ca.1923, G duplex (dial hi: "MP CUR" off T; year partial) Camp Curry in the Yosemite Nat'l Park photo illus.ad (park); 1c Wash. on unsealed cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-6. Camp Curry, CA, ca.1923, G+ duplex (year partial) Camp Curry in the Yosemite Nat'l Park photo illus.ad (park); 1c Wash. on unsealed cvr. E $20 MIN.10
AD-7. Glendale, CA, 1903, G+ duplex (crnr cr; 2 tape tone spots on back) "The Whispering Pines/Glendale, Cal./E.Leavitt." h/s applied illegally on add.side (also on back) on GPC. E $15 MIN.8
AD-8. (Hollywood), CA, 1978, canxed Industry G machine (bit cr) "Pacific Cinerama Theater" on PPC: Geodesic Dome theater. E $12 MIN.6
AD-9. San Francisco, CA, 1870s, G CDS/cork (bit lite tone) "Grand Hotel/San Fran./Johnson & Co., Prop'rs" large h/s on back on black border MOURNING cvr. Ad part obscured by MOURNING border on flaps. E $24
AD-10. San Francisco, CA, 1916, VG SD16-17B Pan-Cal Expo slogan #2; large brown illus.ad (office INTERIOR) Oliver G. Beardslee return add.on flap on PSE. E $30
AD-11. San Francisco, CA, 1916, G+ Pan-Cal slogan (bit angle trim R; lite tone) Pacific Alaska Navigation Co./Admiral Line illus.ad (banner) on cvr. E $15
AD-12. San Francisco, CA, 1919, F Univ. (ruff R) Nat'l Defenders Club of the Presido cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-13. San Francisco, CA, ca.1930s, G+ meter (bit trim T) Planters Stamp Premiums/Planters Nut & Chocolate Co.illus. ("Mr.Peanut") on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-14. San Francsico, CA, 1898, VG Barry (edge tears) Bancroft-Whitney Law Publishers cc & text ad; 1c green on cvr w/3 encs.(ad flyer & order forms). E $12 MIN.6
AD-15. Stockton, CA, 1904, VF Amer/B14; "Electric Lights/This company is now prepared to furnish electric lights for residences at... flat rate of $2 per month for 5 lights of 16 candle power & 10c ea.for ea.add'l..."; Stockton Gas & Elec.Co.ad on PPC. E $15
AD-16. Colorado Springs, CO, 1932, F Univ.; Van Briggle Art Potter Co.illus.ad (nude figure on pottery); trademark on flap on cvr. E $14
AD-17. Denver, CO, [1872], G+ CDS/cork (ruff R) American House fancy ad cc; 3c Sc.147 on cvr w/enc.dated "Friday Eve 27h Sep". E $40
AD-18. Westminster, CO, 1961, G+ DCDS/roller (bit trim T) American Meteorite Laboratory cc on #10 air cvr to Australia. E $12 MIN.6
AD-19. San Jose, Costa Rica, 1951, G+ machine; Globe Hoists text ad at L; 15c air on ad PPC (cars on hoists) to U.S. E $14
AD-20. Branford, CT, 1991, G+ meter w/New Haven canx; Nat'l Ass'n of Basketball Coaches cc w/illus.logo (ball & basket) on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-21. Greenwich, CT, 1962, G+ machine (T edge of cc wrapped around T edge) Norm Flayderman/Antique Arms overall illus.ad (BIG revolver; eagle, flags, cannon); overall illus.back ad (Civil War soldiers; 7 fancy sword handles) on #10 cvr. E $20
AD-22. Hartford, CT, 1909, F Int'l (small scuff spot B; bit lite tone) F.C.Sturtevant Co.illus.ad (horse head; chickens) on cvr. E $14
AD-23. (Smyrna), DE, 1957, canxed Paris, France, G+ slogan machine; "Rothwell's Garage/Dodge & Plymouth" cc; printed "script" ad for Gulf auto products & service in message area on PPC to U.S. E $14
AD-24. Washington, DC, 1919, G+ duplex (trim L; bit cr) "Hotel Occidental/One Block From White House" cc; 10c special del.+3c Wash. on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-25. (Indialantic), FL, 1963, canxed Melbourne VG machine; McHose Music h/s ad at L on PPC: "Conn Minuet" home organ. E $12 MIN.6
AD-26. (Kissimmee), FL, ca.1993, (no origin canx, but 4 routing h/s) Capone's Dinner & Show illus.logo cc (gangster & "bullet holes") on commer.#10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-27. Orlando, FL, 1987, VF PB meter w/"The Disney Sunday Movie" illus.slogan (Tinkerbell); Walt Disney World cc w/illus.Mickey Mouse on #10 cvr to Canada. E $15
AD-28. Sarasota, FL, 1921, G+ duplex; Sarasota Bee Co./Breeders of Queens & Bees/Honey/Bee Keepers Supplies ad cc; "Florida First" illus.at B on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-29. Tampa, FL, 1909, VG Amer/B14 (part lite tone) Tampa Hardware Co.cc w/"Fishing Tackle" text ad on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-30. Winter Garden, FL, 1950, G+ Univ. (bit lite tone) Tom Cox Men's Store text ad at L on PPC: 3 diff.Jarman Shoes. E $12 MIN.6
AD-31. Winter Garden, FL, 1964, F machine; W.T.Zeigler Furniture h/s below Lane Sweetheart Chest text ad at L; 4c Lincoln coil on PPC: man & woman sitting on chest. E $12 MIN.6
AD-32. Cuthbert, GA, 1896, G+ CDS/cork (toned) J.A.Hay, Agt, Angeline Rheumatism Cure h/s ad cc on cvr. E $14
AD-33. Honolulu, HI, 1942, VF Int'l (upper L tip slit) Castle & Cooke, Ltd., cc; "Hawaii U.SA..." text ad at B; censor tape L on cvr. E $15
AD-34. Amboy, IL, 1860s, partial DCDS/cork (nick T) Wm.B.Andruss/Stoves, Hardware, Farming Implements boxed ad cc; 3c grill on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
AD-35. Amboy, IL, 1881, G CDS/target; H.L.Crampton/Guns, Revolvers, Sporting Goods illus.h/s (small crossed rifles) on GPC. E $20
AD-36. Amboy, IL, 1890, G+ CDS/cork (dial bit hi; lite tone; lower R tip ruff) S.E.Strickland/Galloway Cattle & Shetland Ponies illus.ad (bull & pony) on cvr. E $20
AD-37. Arlington, IL, [1868], G+ CDS/target (trim R) "The Evergreens Fruit Farm, LaMoille" boxed ad cc on cvr. E $14
AD-38. Butler, IL, 1898, G CDS/cork (lite tone) S.B.Fish/Gen'l Purchasing Agt.fancy ad cc; 1c Colum.commem on 1c Colum.PSE. E $15
AD-39. Chicago, IL, 1889, G+ duplex (ruff R, barely in stamp margin; lite tone) Hotel Grace illus.ad on cvr. E $14
AD-40. Chicago, IL, 1890, VG CDS; G.A.Soden Wholesale Jewelers 17-line text ad on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-41. Chicago, IL, 1891, G+ duplex (bit ruff trim L) Chicago Cottage Organ Co.cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-42. Chicago, IL, 1891, F duplex; Sanderson Bros./Tool/Steel fancy black/red/gold ad on back on GPC. E $15
AD-43. Chicago, IL, 1893, VF Int'l (bit trim T) Woodrough & Hanchett Co.cc; overall illus.back ad (rifle breach) w/"Write For Our 1893 Gun Catalogue" on flap; bit faulty 2c Colum. on cvr. E $80
AD-44. Chicago, IL, 1894, G+ Amer (lite tone) D.J.Gallery Terming cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-45. Chicago, IL, 1894, G+ Amer (bit lite tone) Alfred C.Kemper/Magnesia & Magnabestos Sectional Coverings cc; 1c blue on local cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-46. Chicago, IL, 1894, G+ Amer; Otto A.Sommer/Gen'l Brewers Supplies cc on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-47. Chicago, IL, 1894, G+ Amer; Geo.Kuehl/Billiard Cloth & Supplies cc on cvr. E $14
AD-48. Chicago, IL, 1894, F Amer; Minwegen & Weiss Mfg.Co., Saloon & Store Fixtures cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-49. Chicago, IL, 1894, VG Amer (lite tone) Julius Thuemling Beer Pumps cc (w/smaller name) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-50. Chicago, IL, 1895, G+ Amer (lite tone) Robt.Hepner, Theater Director cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-51. Chicago, IL, 1895, F Amer (2 tears T, 1 thru canx; bit ruff T) "The Champion" of Freedom & Right, Nat'l Representative of the Beer, Wine & Spirit Trade cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-52. Chicago, IL, 1895, VG Amer; Goetz & Brada Mfg./Copper & Sheet Iron Works/Malt Kilns, Kettles, Etc.cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-53. Chicago, IL, 1895, G+ Amer (ruff L; lite soiled; tear T) Executive Office/Hans Balatka's Jubilee Concert h/s cc; fauty 2c red on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-54. Chicago, IL, 1895, G+ Amer (lite tone) Pickands, Brown & Co./Pig Iron & Iron Ore cc on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-55. Chicago, IL, 1895, F Amer (lite tone) Henderson & Melin Drapers/Tailors illus.ad (tailor & customer) on back of GPC. E $14
AD-56. Chicago, IL, 1895, VG Amer; Brewers' Assn., 1020 Schiller Bldg cc on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-57. Chicago, IL, 1896, F Amer; Julius Thuemling Beer Pumps/Plumbing & Gas Fitting cc (w/larger name) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-58. Chicago, IL, 1899, G+ Amer/B14(21) (edge tear R) Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett illus.ad cc (warehouse); illus.back ad; 2c Trans-Miss on cvr. E $15
AD-59. Chicago, IL, 1899, G+ Amer/B14(2) (tip cr; lite tone) Hotel Restaurant Bismarck illus.ad on back (restaurant; stairway; wine bar) on 2c GPC. E $20
AD-60. Chicago, IL, 1901, G Int'l; Geo.Lauterbach Buffet & Restaurant, 55 N.Clark cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-61. Chicago, IL, 1901, G Int'l; Julius Thuemling Beer Pumps/Plumbing & Gas Fitting cc (w/medium-sized name) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-62. Chicago, IL, 1903, G+ Int'l; F.Kaczerowski & Co./Galvanized Iron & Copper Cornices cc; 2c Sc.301 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-63. Chicago, IL, 1904, F Int'l (bit nick T) F.F.Pulver Co./Celluloid Novelties That Advertise cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-64. Chicago, IL, 1904, VG Int'l; John C.Hattendorf/Brewers' Wet & Dried Grains cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-65. Chicago, IL, 1905, G+ Int'l; Glucose Sugar Refining Co., The Rookery cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-66. Chicago, IL, 1906, VG Int'l (edge tear R) F.C.Struvy, Florist, 224 Clybourn Ave.cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-67. Chicago, IL, 1907, F Int'l (o/s; lite tone) India Rubber Tire Co.illus.ad on 3-panel folded PPC w/5 encs: 2 testimonial letters; 2 mailing tags; 1 ad flyer (few faults). UNUSUAL mailing. E $20
AD-68. Chicago, IL, 1907, F Int'l; Jefferson Ice Co.cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-69. Chicago, IL, 1907, G+ Int'l; Bryan-Marsh Co.cc; "Most Light For One Cent." magenta ad h/s below add. on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-70. Chicago, IL, 1907, G+ Int'l; Illinois Beer Pump Co.cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-71. Chicago, IL, 1908, G+ Int'l (o/s) Kabo Corset Co.form on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-72. Chicago, IL, 1908, F+ Int'l; Bryan-Marsh Co./Most Light For One Cent cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-73. Chicago, IL, 1937, VF Univ. (bit ltie tone) Paidar Co.Barbers' Chairs & Fixtures/Beauty Shop Equipment ad cc w/small illus.chair; illus.back ad (bldg) on cvr. E $15
AD-74. Chicago, IL, ca.1940s, G+ Univ. (toned; part lite soiled on back) Clean-A-Pipe Tool Co.illus.ad at L (Toilet Auger demonstration w/toilet cutaway) & on back (auger) on GPC (Sc.UX27). SCARCE topic. E $20 MIN.10
AD-75. Chicago/Canal Sta., IL, 1912, G+ Time-Cmns (trim L; cr) Woodworkers' Toll Works/Saws, Knives fancy ad cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-76. Dixon, IL, 1870s, VG CDS/grid (ruff R; crs) A.Platt/Agricultural Implements & Farm Machinery ad cc on cvr. E $14
AD-77. Dixon, IL, 1899, VG duplex (trim R; lite tone) Grand Detour Plow Co.head w/large "PLOWS" below; illus.steel plow on flap on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-78. Dixon, IL, [1902], G+ straight-line town/state (toned; edge tears) Smith & McCosh/Music for Bands, Orchestras cc; 1c Frank. on cvr w/6 encs.(miniature sheet music; illus."Mellophone" ad). E $20
AD-79. Dixon, IL, 1919, partial Univ. (part lite tone) Will H.Smith & Son/Band Instruments/Trouper Marches ad cc; black bars obliterating orig.text ("Ill.Metals Co., Plano") on repurposed cvr w/5 encs.(toned) inc.illus.band uniform ad flyer. E $20
AD-80. Dixon, IL, 1919, G duplex (town partial; ruff R, just in stamp; lite tone) Grand Detour Plow Co.cc on cvr; illus.letterhead enc.(factory) w/"J.I.Case Threshing Machine Co./Successor to..." header added; also 2nd letter from same correspondence, 2 mos.earlier, before acquisition. E $20
AD-81. Dixon, IL, 1939, VG Univ.; Medusa Portland Cement illus.ad (Medusa head) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-82. Freeport, IL, 1895, G duplex (trim R; lite tone) H.D.Bentley, Piano Stool Mfr.cc on cvr. Unusual topic. E $12 MIN.6
AD-83. Galena, IL, 1898, VG duplex; Stroebel-Wolfram Shoe Co.header & rec't on back of GPC. E $15 MIN.8
AD-84. Galesburgh, IL, [1886], G+ CDS/neg."G" in cork (toned; trim R) Convenant Mutual Benefit Ass'n cc & text ad on cvr. E $14
AD-85. Granville, IL, 1907, G duplex; Big Bend Reunion illus.ad (GAR medal) 1c Smith on cvr w/enc.event program; "Prof.Weise the Human Snake"; baseball games; moving pictures; etc. E $20
AD-86. Henry, IL, 1915, G+ duplex; "C.E.Vogelsang/Phone 4" text ad w/illus.boy & Calumet Baking Powder can on PPC. E $15
AD-87. Lacon, IL, 1850s, VG CDS (lite crs L edge; no flap) "Marshall House by Jno.Kelsey" fancy circled h/s cc (part lite) 3c imperf on cvr. E $20
AD-88. LaMoille, IL, 1965, F 4-bar; Tupperware party notice on ad PPC ("Jel-n-Serve" mold). E $12 MIN.6
AD-89. LaSalle, IL, 1929, VG Univ. (trim R) Hotel Kaskaskia illus.ad & fancy border; "Historic Starved Rock State Park" ad on back on cvr. E $20
AD-90. LaSalle, IL, 1932, F duplex (bit trim T; lite tone) Castendyck-Hamel Co.cc; illus.John Deere tractor & family on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-91. Lostant, IL, 1898, G+ CDS/cork; State Grange of Illinois, Geo.F.Bell, Lecturer cc; 2c Trans-Miss on cvr. E $15
AD-92. Marseilles, IL, 1880s, G+ CDS/Recd as origin (lite tone; no flap) Marseilles Mfg.Co./Self-Feeding Power Corn Shellers, etc., illus.ad (factory, river) on cvr. E $24
AD-93. Marseilles, IL, [1882], G+ CDS/Recd as origin (edge tears T; back faults) Marseilles Mfg.Co.text ad (product list) on cvr. E $14
AD-94. Marseilles, IL, 1889, G CDS/cork (trim R about.75"; tear T) Marseilles Mfg.Co.fancy ad header w/product list on cvr. E $14
AD-95. Marseilles, IL, 1891, G+ CDS/cork (trim L; nick T; edge tears; lite tone) O.D.Walbridge h/s cc; "300 Horse Power to Rent/Water Power/Illinois River/Manufacturers Invited" red illus.ad h/s (dam) on cvr. E $20
AD-96. Mendota, IL, 1870s, G+ CDS/cork (trim R; tip tear) Wester Cottage Organ Co.illus.ad (fancy organ) on cvr. E $20
AD-97. Mendota, IL, 1911, G+ Amer/A14; Black Bros.Machinery Co.illus.ad (Pioneer Moulding Sander) on cvr. E $14
AD-98. Mendota, IL, 1917, VF Amer/A14 (edge tears L) Wills Mfg.Co./Cow Boy Tank Heaters illus.ad (tank cutaway) on PSE. E $15
AD-99. Mendota, IL, 1932, F Int'l (slight trim T) L.J.Oester cc; illus.John Deere tractor & family on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-100. (Mineral), IL, 1886, canxed Wabash, IN, G CDS/cork (upper R edge ruff, just in stamp; lite tone) Mitchell's Improved Washer/Z.E.Williamson illus.header (washing machine, closed & open) on cvr. E $20
AD-101. Moline, IL, [1884], G+ CDS/target (trim R; upper R edge slight ruff; lite tone; ink spots B) Keator House illus.ad (hotel) on cvr. E $20
AD-102. (Ottawa), IL, 1882, canxed Grand Ridge G+ oval/cork (ruff R; tear T, in rim; nicks; bit lite tone) E.Hodgson & Sons Norman Horses illus.ad (horse) on cvr w/matching letterhead enc. E $20
AD-103. Ottawa, IL, ca.1888, G+ duplex (ruff R, just in stamp tip; lite tone) Henry Helmig, Probate Clerk illus.ad (courthouse) on cvr. E $15
AD-104. Ottawa, IL, 1893, G+ duplex (trim L; lower L tip nick) Ottawa Business Univ.in oval cc; overall lite blue lined background on cvr. E $20
AD-105. Ottawa, IL, 1894, G duplex (lower R tip nib; lite tone) "White House" illus.ad (hotel) on cvr. E $15
AD-106. Ottawa, IL, 1894, VG+ duplex (toned; trim R) W.E.Bowman, Photographer & Photo-Engraver illus.ad at L (his portrait & map w/rail routes to Chicago); same map (larger) & Ottawa City Club ad header on back; on cvr. E $30 MIN.15
AD-107. Ottawa, IL, 1898, VG duplex (tear R) J.E.Porter Co.illus.ad (factory) on cvr. E $16
AD-108. Ottawa, IL, 1900, G Amer/B14(1) (edge tear L) Brown's Business Colleges illus.ad (teacher w/book; student at typewriter) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-109. (Ottawa), IL, 1903, G+ duplex (ruff L, just in ad; uneven toned) J.M.Rockwell, Indianapolis Bridge & Iron Works illus.ad (factory) on cvr w/matching letterhead enc. E $16
AD-110. Ottawa, IL, 1907, VG Amer/B14(1) (trim L; lite tone) J.E.Porter/Haying Tools, etc., ad cc; illus.overall back ad (pulley, hanger, etc.) on cvr w/fancy letterhead enc. E $20
AD-111. Ottawa, IL, 1909, G+ Amer/B14(1) (trim R; toned) John F.Buchner, Recorder/LaSalle County illus.ad (courthouse) on cvr. E $16
AD-112. Ottawa, IL, 1911, G+ Amer/B14(1) (lite tone) J.G.Mischke, Sheriff/LaSalle County illus.ad (courthouse) on cvr. E $16
AD-113. Ottawa, IL, ca.1913, F Colum. (part ruff trim R; toned) Probate Clerk illus.ad (courthouse) on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $16
AD-114. Ottawa, IL, 1917, VG Colum.; Morey Roberts, Pianos & Musical Instruments cc on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $12 MIN.6
AD-115. Ottawa, IL, 1918, G Univ. (trim R) J.E.Porter Co.illus.ad (tiny cow head) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-116. Paw Paw, IL, 1936, G+ DCDS/Reg'd as origin b/s (lite tone) Moorehead & Co.cc; illus.John Deere tractor & family on reg'd cvr. E $15
AD-117. Peoria, IL, ca.1918, VF precanx; F.Meyer & Bro Co. h/s return add.; 2c Sc.499 on Xmas PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-118. (Peru), IL, 1897, canxed LaSalle G+ duplex (ruff R; lite tone) Peru Plow & Wheel illus.ad cc (plow, wheel) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-119. Peru, IL, 1903, G+ duplex (tiny tear T) St.Bede College illus.ad (bldg) on cvr w/matching letterhead enc. E $20
AD-120. Peru, IL, 1906, F duplex (ruff R, just in stamp) Peru Plow & Wheel Co.cc on PSE w/illus.letterhead enc.(plow, wheel). E $15 MIN.8
AD-121. Peru, IL, 1908, VF duplex (trim R; lite tone) Fred A.Koehler/Contractor & Builder illus.ad (fancy house) on cvr. E $20
AD-122. Peru, IL, 1909, VG duplex; Star Union Brewing Co.illus.ad (brewery) on PSE. E $30
AD-123. Peru, IL, 1913, G duplex (bit trim T; slight ruff slit B) Brunner Foundry & Machinery Co./Gasoline Engines, Acme Scales, Sprayers & Pumpers illus.ad (pumper) 2c Parcel Post on cvr. E $20
AD-124. Peru, IL, 1916, VF duplex; Star Union Brewing Co.cc on cvr. E $15
AD-125. Peru, IL, 1916, G+ Colum. ("PE" not struck) Peru Beer Co.full-color illus.ad ("Favorite Stock" beer bottle) on cvr. E $75
AD-126. Princeton, IL, 1860s, G+ CDS/target (trim R) E.Virden Iron, Nails, Stoves ad cc on cvr. E $14
AD-127. Princeton, IL, 1863, G+ CDS/grid (trim L) "American House" hotel boxed text ad on cvr. E $15
AD-128. (Princeton), IL, 1870s, canxed Chi & Bur/RPO G+ blue CDS w/neg."E" in cork; Princeton Mfg.Co., Stalk Cutters, Plows, Cultivators cc w/large illus.plow; large illus.cutter on back on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
AD-129. Princeton, IL, [1873], G CDS/cork (dial bit hi; trim R) Sec'y/Illinois Masons' Benevolent Soc'y cc on cvr w/illus.letterhead enc (woman). E $16
AD-130. (Princeton), IL, [1874], VG ms killer only (trim R; edge tears; lite tone) Princeton Mfg.Co., Stalk Cutters, Plows, Cultivators cc w/large lite gray illus.plow; large illus.cutter on back on cvr w/illus.letterhead enc.(plow). E $20
AD-131. Princeton, IL, ca.1888, G CDS/cork (trim R; flap tear) American House cc; text ad for this & 3 other Munger Bros.hotels on back; on cvr. E $20
AD-132. Princeton, IL, ca.1888, G+ CDS/cork (trim R) Fire Ass'n Philadelphia/W.H.Mesenkop, Agt, illus.ad (fire hose) on cvr. E $14
AD-133. Princeton, IL, 1900, VG duplex (bit ruff trim R, in stamp to oval) Claude Brown, Co.Supt of Schools illus.ad (bldg) faulty 4c Lincoln on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-134. Princeton, IL, 1900, G+ duplex (lite tone) Illinois State Horticultural Soc'y/Annual Meeting at Champaign...Excursion Rates on Railroads ad cc on cvr. E $15
AD-135. Princeton/North End Sta., IL, [1906], G+ duplex (lite tone) Chas.Sabin/Brookside Farm/Horses, Cattle, Hogs illus.ad (horse) on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $15 MIN.8
AD-136. Rockford, IL, 1887, G+ duplex (bit trim R) Forest City Furniture Co.illus.ad (Ross Table Wash-Stand) on cvr w/enc.2-panel illus.flyer; price list. E $20
AD-137. Rutland, IL, 1886, G+ CDS/grid (trim R) Big Bend Veteran Reunion cc w/illus.medal on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $15
AD-138. Scarboro, IL, 1909, partial Doane 3/1; "Clothes of Quality/P.J.Schoenholz" ad at L on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-139. Silvis, IL, 1970, VG machine; "Tri-Chem Liquid Embroidery" crafts party invitation at L on ad PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-140. Spring Valley, IL, 1894, VG CDS/cork (bit trim T; lite tone) Nelson & Son/Butchers & Stock Dealers illus.ad (cow; sheep) 2c Colum. on cvr. E $15
AD-141. Springfield, IL, 1902, G+ Pneumatic; Springfield Boiler cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-142. Streator, IL, [1884], G CDS/cork (bit ruff trim R, barely in stamp; lite tone; tear B) Plumb's Steam Tile Ditcher illus.ad (ditcher) on PSE. E $24 MIN.12
AD-143. Streator, IL, 1922, VG Univ. (bit ruff trim R) Pergue Farm/Guernsey Cattle cc on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $12 MIN.6
AD-144. Tonica, IL, 1887, partial CDS/cork; H.Hawley's Livery, Feed & Sale Stable illus.ad (horses & buggy) on cvr. E $20
AD-145. Van Orin, IL, 1903, G duplex (part ruff trim R; lite tone) Washburn, Crosby's Flour illus.ad (2 women & barrel); text ad on back on cvr. E $14
AD-146. Walnut, IL, ca.1886, G+ CDS/cork (lite tone) Walnut House cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-147. (Walnut), IL, 1898, canxed Mend & Fulton/RPO G CDS/cork (pen notes partly on illus.) R.C.Mehsner/Largest Harvester & Twine Works in the World/Deering illus.ad (horse-drawn machine) on cvr. E $24
AD-148. Walnut, IL, 1942, G+ DCDS/Reg'd as origin b/s; Chas.R.Major cc w/small John Deere logo on reg'd cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-149. Walnut, IL, 1950, VG machine (flap slit thru, barely in back ad) Truman Esmond cc; illus.small tractor & John Deere logo; Deere portrait ad on flap on cvr. E $14
AD-150. Wenona, IL, 1888, VG CDS/grid (trim R) Amer.Shire Horse Ass'n cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-151. Wenona, IL, 1898, G+ duplex (trim R) Sam.Fuiks & Bro.Dry Goods cc & text ad on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-152. Wyoming, IL, 1911, G+ duplex; "Spring Millinery Opening/Mrs.D.E.Roach" ms ad on pix side of "pretty lady" PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-153. Crawfordsville, IN, 1972, VG meter (crnr cr) Chevrolet dealer's ad at L w/salesman's signature on PPC: Malibu Colonnade Hardtop Coupe. E $12 MIN.6
AD-154. Elkhart, IN, 1893, G duplex; "Elkhart Paper Box Factory" shiny gold & green embossed ad on PSE. E $15 MIN.8
AD-155. Evensville, IN, ca.1934, F precanx; Mead Johnson & Co. "Dear Doctor" text ad for Mead's Oleum Percomorphum at L on fish PPC (grouper). E $80
AD-156. Evensville, IN, [1936], F precanx; Mead Johnson & Co. "Dear Doctor" text ad for Mead's Oleum Percomorphum at L on fish PPC (striped bass). E $80
AD-157. Evensville, IN, [1936], F precanx; Mead Johnson & Co. "Dear Doctor" text ad for Mead's Oleum Percomorphum at L on fish PPC (black sea-bass). E $80
AD-158. Indianapolis, IN, 1969, VG meter; Chevrolet dealer's ad at L on PPC: Monte Carlo Coupe. E $12 MIN.6
AD-159. New Albany, IN, 1919, VG Amer/A14 w/dateless dial (crs) New Albany Box & Basket Co.illus.ad (crate) on cvr. E $15
AD-160. Boone, IA, 1954, VG Univ.; Topper Motel & Chick-A-Dine Motel/Hiway 30 illus.cc (top hat, cane, gloves) on cvr w/matching letterhead enc.(blank). E $14
AD-161. Clarinda, IA, 1949, VG Univ.; Geo.Landers Music Co./Everything for the Band & Orchestra ad on cvr. E $14
AD-162. Davenport, IA, 1912, F Int'l; "Palmer School of Chiropractic (Chiropractic Fountain Head)" boxed ad cc on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-163. Davenport, IA, 1985, G+ meter; Oldsmobile dealer ad at L on PPC: dealership & car lot. E $12 MIN.6
AD-164. Des Moines, IA, ca.1919, VF inverted precanx w/thick bars (toned; crs) Iowa Road Building Co.text ad at L; 1c Sc.498 on ad PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AD-165. Des Moines, IA, ca.1929, G+ duplex; Wheeler Lumber, Bridge & Supply cc; 5c beacon air on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-166. Muscatine, IA, 1909, VF Amer/B14(1) (lite tone) Dr.H.M.Dean ad at L on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-167. (Anthony), KS, [1886], canxed Ft.Scott & Wich/RPO G+ CDS/cork (trim R; lite tone) Hotel Montezuma large illus.ad (part o/s) on cvr. E $50
AD-168. Atchison, KS, 1903, VG Pneumatic (lite tone) Searles Bros.Windmill & Pump illus.ad ("Monitor" windmill) on cvr. E $20
AD-169. Erie, KS, 1887, F CDS/target (bit ruff trim R) Arlington House illus.ad (hand holding business card) on cvr. E $15
AD-170. Eureka, KS, 1901, G CDS/cork (state not struck; lite tone; trim R) W.H.Law Saddle & Harness marker fancy illus.h/s ad cc (saddle) on cvr. E $15
AD-171. Fort Scott, KS, [1873], G+ CDS/cork (part on stamp; trim R) Dickman & Co./Drugs, Medicines, Paints ad cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-172. Berea, KY, 1925, G+ Int'l inverted at B (bit lite tone) Fireside Industries/Dept.of Berea College on cvr w/enc.re.exhibition & sale. E $12 MIN.6
AD-173. New Orleans, LA, 1908, F Int'l; Spencer Business College boxed ad cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-174. Portland, ME, 1895, G+ Int'l (scuff T, just in dial; trim L) Kendall & Whitney/Agricultural Warehouse & Seed Store illus.ad (horse-drawn planter) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-175. South Norridgewock, ME, 1898, G CDS/cork (bit ruff trim R; small piece out lower R) Stock's Patent illus.ad (barrel); agt's cc; 2c Trans-Miss on cvr. E $15
AD-176. Baltimore, MD, 1860s, G+ CDS/cork (trim R) J.W.Pitts Grocers ad cc on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-177. (Baltimore), MD, 1870s, PARTIAL CDS (mostly not struck; trim R) "Rogge & Koch Importers" albino embossed oval on flap on cvr. E $14
AD-178. Baltimore, MD, 1886, G duplex; R.J.Ruth "Good luck Guano" printed "script" ad w/illus.3-masted ship on GPC. E $24 MIN.12
AD-179. Baltimore, MD, 1886, G+ duplex (trim T) J.Hart & Co.Foreign Fruit illus.ad (banana pickers) on cvr. E $20
AD-180. Baltimore, MD, 1889, VG duplex; Torsch & Lee Silk Badges & Rosettes printed form on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-181. Baltimore, MD, 1889, G+ duplex (ruff R) T.B.Hull & Co./Commission Merchants cc on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $12 MIN.6
AD-182. Baltimore, MD, [1890], G+ mute oval (lite tone; upper R edge ruff) Chas.A.Vogeler/Diamond Vera-Cura/Cures Indigestion, Dyspepsia illus.ad (diamond); 1c blue on cvr. E $15
AD-183. Baltimore, MD, 1893, G+ Int'l; Chloride of Silver Dry Cell Battery Co.cc; overall back ad: 17 patent #'s & threat to sue patent violators; on 2c Colum.PSE. E $24
AD-184. Baltimore, MD, 1893, G+ Int'l (bit lite tone) H.W.Anderson crops price list on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-185. Baltimore, MD, 1895, G+ duplex; Griffith, Turner & Co.turnip seed prices on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-186. Baltimore, MD, 1896, G+ Barry; H.J.Heinz printed form & logo on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-187. Baltimore, MD, 1897, VG Barry (part ruff trim R; lite tone) "Little Joe" Wiesenfeld Co.fancy illus.ad cc (bicycle) on cvr. E $20
AD-188. Baltimore, MD, ca.1898, VG Barry (toned) Botts & Levering Comm'n Merchants cc; 1c green on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-189. Baltimore, MD, 1899, G Barry; Wm.Koch Importing Co.form on back on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-190. Baltimore, MD, 1901, VG Int'l (trim R) Wm.J.C.Dulany Booksellers & Stationers illus.ad (bldg) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-191. (Baltimore), MD, 1909 (Jan 1), canxed Rol Pk & St.Hel RPO G+ duplex (upper L tip slit;lite tone) Bowes & Dell Groceries & Feed cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-192. Baltimore, MD, 1913, VF Int'l w/dateless dial (upper R crnr heavy cr; other lite crs; lite tone) American Funeral Benefit Ass'n 8x10" folded ad flyer (bit faulty) inserted in "pocket" applique on front ("pants" of farmer w/straw hat & suspenders) on 5x7.75" ad PPC publ.by Livermore & Knight. Much better than average condition for this type ad. RARE, LATE usage. E $120
AD-193. Baltimore, MD, 1921, VF Int'l; Clark & Co.The Linen Store illus.ad (spinning wheel) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-194. Baltimore, MD, 1924, VG Int'l (lite tone) Silica Gel Products Corp.illus.ad (Silox can) on cvr. E $14
AD-195. Cumberland, MD, 1957, G+ Int'l (dial bit hi) 1957 Rambler text ad above message on ad PPC (Cross Country Station Wagon) to The Price is Right game show: bid on "Rambler Showcase". E $14
AD-196. Frostburg, MD, 1927, G+ Univ. (bit lite tone) Piedmont & Georges Creek Coal Co.cc on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-197. Gaithersburg, MD, [1896], partial CDS/cork; Montgomery Cty.Sunday School Ass'n cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-198. Poolesville, MD, 1902, VG duplex (lite tone; trim R) YMCA cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-199. Salisbury, MD, 1939, F Univ.; Preston W.Burbage, Jeweler ad cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-200. Boston/5 cts, MA, 1840s, G+ CDS (bit stutter; lite crs) "Revere House/Bowdoin Square" ad cc in oval on stampless cvr. E $24 MIN.12
AD-201. (Boston), MA, 1870s, VG cork only (bit trim T) Welch & Griffiths Cast Steel Saws illus.ad (rotary blade; handsaw) 1c banknote on cvr. E $20
AD-202. Boston, MA, 1889, G+ Amer (lite tone) Christian Register overall sideways ad: miniaturized front page on cvr. E $20
AD-203. Boston, MA, 1893, G+ Amer. (toned) John C.Dow fertilizer, stock food, etc., illus.ad (farm animals) 1c blue on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
AD-204. Boston, MA, 1893, F Amer (lite tone) Albert Griffiths, Saw Mfr.cc; 2x 1c blue on cvr. E $14
AD-205. Boston, MA, 1895, VG Amer; Stone & Forsyth Paper & Twine fancy ad cc on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-206. Boston, MA, 1898, G+ Amer/D4(4) (trim L) Thos.Long Jewelry ad cc; 2c Trans-Miss on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-207. Brockton, MA, 1894, VG Amer/B14() (bit ruff slit T) Home Nat'l Bank cc; Brockton Shoe overall illus.back ad on PSE. E $15 MIN.8
AD-208. East Templeton, MA, 1898, G+ CDS/cork (no flap) T.T.Greenwood, Pine, Ash & Chestnut Furniture ad cc; 2c Trans-Miss on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-209. Lynn, MA, 1870s, VG CDS/cork (trim R) "Mrs.Lydia E.Pinkham, Discoverer of Lydia E.Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, Liver Pills & Blood Purifier" illus.ad (portrait) on cvr. E $100 MIN.50
AD-210. (Orange), MA, 1860s, canxed Junction City, KS, G CDS/cork (trim R; toned; pen note L) D.Pomroy/New American Heat Regulator illus.ad (regulator) on cvr to Pomroy. E $40
AD-211. Reading, MA, 1918, G+ duplex (ruff R) Handy Sink Rack/Mfg.by E.C.Metcalk h/s cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-212. Springfield, MA, 1911, F Int'l; "$25 Supports a Native Preacher for a Year in India-Africa or China" H.B.Gibbud ad cc on cvr. E $14
AD-213. Springfield, MA, 1941, VG Univ. (crnr cr; lite tone) Indian Motorcycle Co.illus.logo cc (Indian head) on #10 window cvr. E $14
AD-214. (Westfield), MA, 1893, canxed Boston & Albany/RPO G+ CDS/cork (lite tone) Warren Thread Works illus.ad (spool w/town & state "written" in thread, in SAME COLOR as stamp) on 2c Colum.PSE. E $20
AD-215. Juarez, Mexico, 1966, G+ DCDS; 40c meter w/Pepsi-Cola text logo & 3-line slogan; bottling co.ad header w/illus.bottle cap logo on cvr. E $14
AD-216. Battle Creek, MI, ca.1924, VG precanx; Battle Creek Sanitarium ad on 2-panel PPC (3rd panel reply card removed). E $15
AD-217. Detroit, MI, 1903, F Int'l (toned) Michigan Bung Co.text ad on back of PC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-218. Grand Rapids, MI, 1893, G+ duplex (dial hi; toned) "E.A.Hamilton for Scranton Koal" text ad on on back of GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-219. Grand Rapids, MI, 1898, VF Amer/B14(1); Standard Oil cc; Vapor Stove text ad; Mica Axle Grease overall ad on back on PSE. E $14
AD-220. Grand Rapids, MI, 1899, VF Amer/B14(2) (lite tone spot) Phoenix Furniture Co.cc; overall text ad on back on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-221. Grand Rapids, MI, 1901, F Int'l (lite tone) Olney & Judson Grocer Co.cc; Boston Blended Breakfast Coffee illus.ad (man handing coffee to woman) on PSE. E $20
AD-222. Grand Rapids, MI, 1911, VG Int'l (tears T; toned; trim R) Baldwin, Tuthill & Bloton Saw & Knife Fitting Machinery illus.ad (knife grinder) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-223. (Greenville), MI, 1957, canxed Paris, France, F machine; "Foote's Gulf Service" cc; printed "script" ad for auto products & service in message area on PPC to U.S. E $14
AD-224. Marshall, MI, 1894, G+ duplex; Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets ad on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-225. Minneapolis, MN, 1897, G+ Barry; Moore Carving Machine Co.cc & illus.ad (6 children, 2 dancing) on PSE. E $15
AD-226. (New York Mills), MN, 1995, canxed Fargo, ND, G+ machine; "Princess House" products home party invitation on ad PPC: shrimp bowl & drinks. E $12 MIN.6
AD-227. Stillwater, MN, 1957, VG meter; J.R.Schettle Frog Farm/Guaranteed Adult Male Rana Pipiens For Pregnancy Testing illus.ad (frog) on #10 air cvr to Canada. E $24
AD-228. Warroad, MN, 1995, G+ machine (tip cr) "Country Peddlers" in-home party invitation on ad PPC. E $8
AD-229. Hannibal, MO, 1918, G+ Amer/A14 (edge tear R; lite tone) Nat'l Refining Co.logo ad cc; overall back ad w/illus.black farmer & wife ("Black Beauty Axle Grease") & man w/horse oil on cvr. E $20
AD-230. Harrisonville, MO, 1967, F machine (o/s; crs) Fire Fighters Ass'n of Missouri illus.ad (state outline & fireman) on #10 cvr to Australia. E $14
AD-231. Kansas City, MO, 1920, G+ Univ. (bit trim T) Hirsch Millinery Co.cc w/RED "Empress Hats" logo below on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-232. Kansas City, MO, ca.1942, F precanx (lite crs) Jen-Sal Laboratories illus.ad (dog in wreath) on cvr. E $14
AD-233. Moberly/Tr.Cl., MO, 1907, G+ 831-H-1 duplex (CATALOG COPY; uneven toned; edge tears T) "Baltimore Hotel" photo illus.ad on cvr. E $15
AD-234. Saint Louis, MO, 1901, G+ Int'l; Antikamnia Chemical Co.overall illus.ad (overweight man reading bottle label) on back of 1c GPC w/1c green applied for 2c rate to England. E $20
AD-235. Saint Louis, MO, 1906, F Int'l (bit trim T; edge tear T) Planters Hotel engraved logo on flap on cvr to Canada. E $12 MIN.6
AD-236. Saint Louis, MO, 1972, G meter (weak impression) Ford dealer's ad at L on PPC: 1972 Pinto 2-Door & 3-Door Runabout on football field. E $12 MIN.6
AD-237. Clay Center, NE, 1917, G Amer/B14 (trim R, in stamp to oval) M.M.Johnson Co.Incubators & Brooders illus.ad (factory) on cvr w/encs., inc.illus.letterhead (chick & incubator) typed letter w/overall LONG illus.text ad on back. E $20
AD-238. North Platte, NE, 1960, VG PB slogan meter (cr; bit trim T; few tone spots on back) Northwestern Public Service Co.cc; overall illus.back ad for "Buffalo Bill's Home Town": 21 diff.activities, scenes, events; on #10 cvr. E $15
AD-239. South Lyndeboro, NH, 1902, G+ CDS/cork (lite tone; lower L edge ruff) "The Pinnacle" hotel illus.ad on cvr. E $15
AD-240. Jersey City, NJ, [1898], partial mute oval; Chas.H.Gillespie Varnish Makers cc; large "Monarch Varnishes" text in address area, interfering w/address; 1c green on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-241. Jersey City, NJ, 1915, F Int'l; Eckerson Co./Cremery Butterine illus.ad (oleo & package) on window cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-242. Morris Plains, NJ, [1961], printed Permit #2; Gelusil Flavor-Pack antacid ad at L on ad PPC: product & fruit. E $12 MIN.6
AD-243. Newark, NJ, 1898, VG Barry (bit lite tone) U.S.Phonograph Co.cc on 1c PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-244. Newark, NJ, 1917, F Int'l; Autocar Sales & Service illus.ad cc (tiny truck) on 1c PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-245. (Phillipsburg), NJ, 1934, canxed Glasgow, MT, VF Int'l; High Tension Co.photo illus.ad at L (elec.power equipment & tower); form on back; on PC w/their printed address. E $12 MIN.6
AD-246. Weehawken, NJ, 1904, G+ Doremus ty.D; Weehawken Granite Co.sideways illus.ad (laundry tub cutaway) on cvr. E $15
AD-247. Bernalillo, NM, 1880s, G CDS/target (bit cr) J.Judel/Gen'l Mdse oval ad cc on cvr w/New York/Rec'd/Late Arrival/Mail Train/Detention G+ opera glass h/s on back. E $50
AD-248. East Las Vegas, NM, 1889, VG+ CDS/cork (bit ruff trim R) Loewenstein, Strousse & Co./Gen'l Mdse ad cc on cvr. E $14
AD-249. Las Cruces, NM, [1887], G CDS/cork (crs, thru stamp; tears R; lite tone; card insert glued inside to reinforce) Amador's Transfer Co./Livery, Feed & Sale Stable illus.ad (horse-drawn buggy); text ad on flap on cvr. E $24
AD-250. Las Cruces, NM, 1890s, G+ CDS/cork (year partial; trim R; lite tone) Geo.D.Bowman & Son/Bankers cc; 1c blue on local cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-251. Las Cruces, NM, 1895, G+ CDS/cork (trim R) New Mexico College of Agriculture & Mechanic Arts cc on cvr. E $14
AD-252. Las Cruces, NM, 1907, G+ duplex (bit uneven slit upper R; nicks R) French & Porter h/s ad cc w/Garland Stoves logo on PSE. E $14
AD-253. Las Cruces, NM, 1911, G+ duplex (lite tone; trim R) Don Bernardo Hotel photo illus.ad cc on cvr. E $15
AD-254. Las Vegas, NM, 1870s, VG CDS/cork (trim R) T.Romero & Bro.Wholesale Grocers ad cc; overall illus.back ad (farmers & horse-drawn wagon) on cvr. E $90
AD-255. Las Vegas Hot Springs, NM, 1886, G CDS/target (trim R; couple tone specks) Montezuma Ice Co.cc; illus.back ad (ice house; ice cutters) on cvr. E $50
AD-256. Las Vegas Hot Springs, NM, 1899, partial CDS/cork (part ruff trim R; lite tone) "The Montezuma" hotel illus.ad (hotel; view of town from balcony) on cvr. E $24
AD-257. Lordsburg, NM, 1934, partial Univ.; Hotel Hidalgo illus.ad cc on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-258. Roswell, NM, 1912, VG+ Int'l (bit ruff trim L; lite tone) Joyce Pruit & Co.cc; "New Mexico/The Sunshine State" illus.state seal (eagles) on cvr. E $15
AD-259. Santa Fe, NM, 1942, G+ Univ. (slight uneven trim T) Boyle's Flower Shop cc; "Santa Fe/Year-round Playground" overall full-color back ad (various scenes; skier) on #10 cvr. E $15
AD-260. Silver City, NM, 1901, G+ duplex (ty.21) (trim R) Silver City Reduction Works cc on cvr. E $14
AD-261. Silver City, NM, 1909, VG duplex (ty.24) (trim R) W.S.Cox, Hardware & Furniture cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-262. (Springer), NM, 1887, canxed LaJunta & Albuq/RPO partial CDS/cork (T arc mostly off; part ruff trim R) Springer Mercantile & Banking Co.overall illus.back ad (bldg & covered wagons) on cvr w/matching illus.letterhead enc.; message in Spanish. E $80
AD-263. Albany, NY, 1870s, partial CDS/cork (trim R, in stamp) Univ.of Albany Law Dept.illus.ad (scales & law books) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-264. Brooklyn, NY, 1898, G+ Barry (trim R) Copper King of Arizona cc on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-265. Brooklyn/Sta.W, NY, 1900, VF Amer/B38 (lite tone; tiny nick R) Arm & Hamemr/Church & Co's Soda logo ad cc & on back; on cvr; enc.ad flyer w/matching illus. E $14
AD-266. Buffalo, NY, ca.1880, G+ mute oval; Nat'l Harness Co.logo cc; 1c banknote on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-267. Buffalo, NY, 1912, F Int'l (cr) The Hayes Bulletin/Devoted to Asthma & Hay-Fever/Postmaster-This Package is Valuable... cc; 1c Wash.covering printed "1c Paid/Permit No.13" on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-268. Bullville, NY, 1948, G+ duplex; Herb Glass/Antique-Guns-Swords ad cc on air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-269. Cambridge, NY, 1896G, CDS/cork (trim R; lite tone) Jerome B.Rice & Co./Cambridge Valley Seed Gardens illus.ad (laughing man w/giant cabbage); illus.back ad (globe) on cvr. E $20
AD-270. Chaffee, NY, 1915, G duplex; Chaffee Lodge #256 cc w/illus.Odd Fellows symbols on cvr. E $14
AD-271. Corning, NY, 1926, VF Int'l (bit trim T) Coger, Tucker & Cheney illus.ad (pancake flour bag) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-272. Gd.Cent.Anx, NY, 1932, VF Int'l (lite soiled) "Easy Lavoris Aces" "script" ad at L from "Jane Ace" on PPC: Mr.Ace & Jane playing bridge on train. E $15 MIN.8
AD-273. Hudson Term.Sta., NY, 1910, VF Int'l; Stanley Gibbons, Inc., h/s cc; late-used 1c Colum. on unsealed cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-274. New York, NY, 1860s, partial CDS/grid (angle trim R; toned) Astor House/Stetson & Co. illus.ad (hotel) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-275. New York, NY, 1870s, partial CDS/cork; Pioneer Vinegar Works DUAL ad on back of GPC Sc.UX3: black text horizontally, crossed by red "Swan's Vinegar" ad vertically. E $20
AD-276. (New York), NY, 1870s, canxed Pueblo, CO, G+ CDS/cork (trim R; tears T, 1 in dial) "Lancashire Insurance Co." illus.logo ad cvr w/overall green lined background on cvr. E $20
AD-277. New York, NY, [1873], G+ CDS (trim R, in rim; lite tone) Crandall & Co./Baby Carriages, Velocipedes, Spring Horses, Hobby Horses, Doll Wagons, etc., ad cc on cvr w/illus.letterhead enc. (fancy pram). E $40
AD-278. New York, NY, 1899, G+ Barry (bit trim R) Binney & Smith Lamp Blacks cc; "Six Tons of Smoke a Day" proud text ad on flap on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-279. New York, NY, 1900, partial duplex (town/state mostly not struck; trim R) Cornwall & Jespersen/Guns, Ammunition, Fishing Tackle ad cc on cvr. E $14
AD-280. New York, NY, 1900, G+ Int'l (trim R; tear T) "Co-Operative Building Bank" illus.ad (house) on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
AD-281. New York, NY, 1932, G+ Int'l; Henry Friedricks Spot Clothes illus.ad cc (woman golfer & woman hunter) on window PSE. E $14
AD-282. New York, NY, 1933, VG+ meter (tears B; part toned) Segal Lock & Hardware illus.ad cc (door lock & keys) on window cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-283. New York, NY, 1953, F Int'l; Town Umbrellas/Raincoats cc on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-284. New York, NY, 1954, VF Int'l w/dateless dial on dateless PB meter w/"John Wayne/Susan Hayward/The Conqueror" slogan (bit ruff slit T; lite tone) RKO Radio Pictures cc on #10 cvr. E $14
AD-285. New York/Church St.Sta., NY, 1953, G Int'l; Fortune magazine text ad at L & on back; mentions article re.SOLAR ENERGY; on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-286. New York/Madison Sq.Sta., NY, 1898, G duplex; Bellevue Hospital Medical College cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-287. New York/Sta.P, NY, 1907, G+ Int'l; Bernhard Bing/Choice Bavarian & Bohemian Hops/Diplomas Awarded at Al Expositions cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-288. New York/Sta.P, NY, 1909, G+ Int'l; Keitel's Co./Malt double oval h/s cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-289. Otter Lake, NY, 1909, G 4-bar (bit trim T) Otter Lake Hotel illus.ad (deer head) 2c Seward on cvr. E $14
AD-290. (Pike?) NY, 1890s, cork killer only (tears B & R; lite crs) Lane's Medicine illus.ad: "At Bed Time I Take a Pleasant Herb Drink..." (woman w/teacup) on cvr. No town canx, but likely mailed by local druggist. E $24 MIN.12
AD-291. Saratoga Springs, NY, 1906, VG Colum.; "The Brooklyn" hotel cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-292. Troy, NY, 1893, G+ duplex (trim R) Orator F.Woodward/Kemp's Balsam purple & green illus.ad (product boxes) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-293. Waterloo, NY, 1893, G+ CDS/cork; Waterloo Organ Co./Malcolm Love Pianos fancy ad; 2c Colum. on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-294. Greensboro, NC, 1968, F 5c PB meter applied on printed Bulk Rate/Permit #209; Dunning Industries "script" ad at L on ad PPC: lamps & hay bales. E $12 MIN.6
AD-295. Raleigh, NC, 1903, G+ duplex (nick upper L) Southern Book Exchange cc w/6-line ad on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-296. Ada, OH, 1895, G+ CDS/cork (uneven trim R; lite tone) Ohio Normal Univ.illus.ad (bldg) on cvr. E $14
AD-297. Akron, OH, 1911, VG Int'l (ruff R into portrait) May Fiebeger Co.Furnaces illus.ad (furnace cutaway) on cvr. E $14
AD-298. Cincinnati, OH, 1893, F Int'l (lite tone) Germ Proof Filter Co.lite h/s cc; 1c Colum. on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-299. Cincinnati, OH, 1908, VG Int'l (trim R; toned; tear R) U.S.Buggy & Cart illus.shield cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-300. Cincinnati, OH, 1914, VF Int'l (lite tone) Big 3 Overall logo ad cc on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-301. Cincinnati, OH, [1951], VG dateless meter; Shipping Room Suppliers illus.ads (hand truck) on 4x9" 2-panel folded flyer. E $12 MIN.6
AD-302. Cleveland, OH, 1880s, VG+ CDS/segmented cork (trim R; lower L tip nib; L edge toned) White Sewing Machine fancy ad w/overall gray lined background on cvr. E $16
AD-303. Cleveland, OH, 1897, VG+ Barry; Glidden Varnish Co.ad cc; "Surfacene" overall text ad on back on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-304. Cleveland, OH, 1898, VG Barry (bit ruff trim R, just in ad) Bar-Ben Remedies Co.cc; overall illus.back ad: "Bar Ben/The Great Nerve Food" (hairy ape-man carrying bone!) on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
AD-305. Cleveland, OH, 1938, VG Int'l; Cleveland Coca-Cola Bottling Co.logo ad cc; small illus.bottle & logos on back on window cvr. E $14
AD-306. Cleveland, OH, ca.2009, printed Permit #329; Progressive Insurance full-color ad (ice cream truck) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-307. Dayton, OH, 1860s, G+ CDS/cork; Williams & Wallace/Mfrs' & Millers' Supplies ad cc in shield on cvr. E $14
AD-308. Dayton, OH, 1897, VG Barry; Thresher & Co.cc; linseed oil h/s ad on back on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-309. Marietta, OH, 1995, partial machine (2nd strike at lower L, partly on ad) Marshall Real Estate photo illus.ad at L (her portrait) on 4.25x6" PPC (bit surface wear): Summer Salsa recipe w/full-color illus.ingredients; edges perforated, for resizing to 3x5" tabbed recipe card. CLEVER ad campaign. E $15
AD-310. Ardmore, OK, 1935, VF Univ. (bit cr; pinholes; bit uneven trim T) Gene Smith, Electric Refrigerator Service illus.ad (refrigerator) on air cvr. E $15
AD-311. Muskogee, OK, 1914, G+ Univ. "Sixth Ann'l Convention/Southern Comm'l Congress..." slogan; Geo.M.Coffee Lock & Gunsmith ad cc on cvr. E $15
AD-312. Oklahoma City, OK, 1935, VF Univ. (pinholes; bit uneven trim T) Earl King Co.illus.ad (Koken's barber chair) on air cvr. E $14
AD-313. Portland, OR, 1923, F Univ.w/"Pac.Int'l Live Stock Expo" slogan; Buck Ambulance & Limousine Co.cc; 2c Harding on cvr. E $14
AD-314. Portland, OR, 1936, F Univ. (lite tone) Portland Casting Club cc; 6c globe air on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-315. Portland, OR, 1938, VF Univ.; "Radio Station KEX/World's 1st Radio Postoffice/Operation 11-12 Midnight/Honoring Nat'l Air Mail Week" h/s cachet on air cvr (operated 4 days). E $15 MIN.8
AD-316. Allentown, PA, 1909, VG Int'l (bit trim T; lite tone) E.M.Loux Fancy Butter/Gen'l Mdse on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-317. (Allentown), PA, [1961], canxed Emmaus VF precanx (crnr crs) Western Salisbury Jerusalem Joint Congregation & Cemetery Ass'n cc; Ham Dinner announcement on back; 1.25c paying non-profit org.rate on PC. E $15
AD-318. Chambersburg, PA, 1880s, G+ CDS/cork (bit ruff trim R to stamp; lite tone) Wilson Female College illus.ad cc (bldgs) on PSE. E $15 MIN.8
AD-319. Fullerton, PA, 1910, G duplex; Dent Hardware Co./Refrigerator Hardware illus.ad (fastener) on PSE. E $14
AD-320. Gettysburg, PA, 1963, VF PB meter w/"100th Anniv./Battle of Gettysburg" illus.slogan (cannon mouth); Civil War Times Illustrated illus.ad (drum, sword, rifle) on #10 cvr. E $15
AD-321. Harrisburg, PA, 1960, VG Univ.; Lowe's Theatres ad cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-322. Oxford, PA, 1882, G+ CDS/target (trim L; upper L tip nib; lite tone) J.Frank Keech/Octoraro Nursery, near Tweedale Sta., Peach Bottom R.W.illus.ad (grapes) 1c banknote on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-323. Philadelphia, PA, 1888, G+ duplex (3 tip faults; lite tone) J.J.Staley & Co./Mfr. & Publishers cc; overall illus.back ad (book: "Broken Fetters/The Story of Temperance Reform/Light of Ages on Intoxication") on cvr. E $30
AD-324. Philadelphia, PA, 1892, G duplex; N. & G.Taylor's Guaranteed Roofing Plates ad on back of GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-325. Philadelphia, PA, ca.1893, partial mute oval; Penn Chemical Works cc; 1c Colum. on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-326. Philadelphia, PA, 1895, G+ Int'l (bit lite tone; lite crs) Sharp-Cox/Fruits & Vegetables header on GPC: request for pineapples. E $12 MIN.6
AD-327. Philadelphia, PA, 1905, F Amer (trim R) Barber & Perkins Grocers ad on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-328. Philadelphia/Sta.C, PA, 1909, G+ Amer/B38; Philadelphia Schoo of Design for Women illus.ad at L (woman & loom) on ad PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-329. Philadelphia/Sta.P, PA, 1899, F duplex (edge tear T) Atmore & Son/Mfrs.of Mince Mean & Genuine English Plum Pudding illus.ad (bull) on cvr w/matching illus.letterhead enc. E $15 MIN.8
AD-330. Pittsburgh, PA, 1888, F duplex; Hotel Boyer illus.ad cc (hotel, street car; paddlewheeler) on cvr. E $15
AD-331. Pittsburgh, PA, 1895, partial duplex; Chas.P.Johnston Comm'n Merchants price list: 75 items, inc.various foods, grains, animals (squirrels!) on GPC. E $15 MIN.8
AD-332. York, PA, 1870s, G+ blue CDS/cork (trim R; tear R; lite tone) Eisenhart Parlor & Sulphur Matches cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-333. Providence, RI, 1902, VG Int'l (lite crs; edge tear L) Comfort Medicine Co.LONG text ad re.product & premiums (jewelry) on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-334. Chamberlain, SD, ca.1940s, G+ dateless 1c PB meter w/"Children of the Prairie" illus.slogan (Indian girl profile) (lite tone) St.Josephs Indian School cc on #10 cvr. E $14
AD-335. Mitchell, SD, 1909, G+ duplex (trim R; L tips nib; lite tone; taped tears B) Webber & Co.Restaurant & Lunch Room cc; 4-photo illus.ad (school; city hall; Wesleyan Univ.; Corn Palace); overall text ad for town on back on cvr. E $24
AD-336. Memphis, TN, 1890, F CDS/cork (bit trim 3 sides) Plantation Chill Cure/Van Vleet & Co.cc; large 50x90mm black- & -red CROSS-EYED OWL ad label (1 "ear" missing) tied on back of PSE. E $20
AD-337. Amarillo, TX, 1980, G+ machine on PB meter (part soiled; bit edge wear on pix side) Chevrolet logo ad above message on PPC: Camaro Berlinetta Coupe. E $12 MIN.6
AD-338. (El Paso), TX, 1935, canxed St.Louis, MO, partial Int'l (bit lite tone; tiny tear B) Radford School For Girls boxed logo ad cc on 4.75x6.5" cvr. E $14
AD-339. Mechanicsville, VT, [1869], G+ DCDS/cork w/ms day (trim L) N.B.Pinney Dry Goods boxed ad cc; bit faulty 3c locomotive on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-340. Wilder, VT, 1903, G+ duplex (lite tone) Int'l Paper Co.illus.logo ad cc (trees) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-341. (Alexandria), VA, 1897, canxed Banner Springs, TN, G+ CDS/target (lower R tip nick; toned) R.Bell's Sons overall ad w/illus.(5 pen nibs) on cvr w/printed add.TO Bell's. E $50 MIN.26
AD-342. Danville, VA, 1880s, G+ CDS/cork; New & Miller Buggies, Wagons, Harness illus.ad (buggies) on cvr. E $20
AD-343. Danville, VA, 1903, F Amer/B14(1); Francisco's Candies/Ice Cream illus.ad (man in tux silhouette) 1c Sc.300 on cvr. E $20
AD-344. Hampton, VA, 1880s, partial CDS/cork (trim L; toned) Hampton Normal & Agricultural Institute cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-345. Natural Bridge, VA, ca.1930s, G precanx (lite tone) "Natural Bridge of Virginia, Inc." illus.ad cc; faulty 1c Frank. on #10 cvr w/enc.illus.ad pamphlet & 32-pg.ad booklet. E $16
AD-346. Richmond, VA, [1868], VG CDS/cork (bit trim T; edge tears T) John H.Tyler & Co.Watches/Jewelry ad cc; boxed ads for this & 14 other businesses on back on cvr. E $24
AD-347. Richmond, VA, 1870s, VG CDS/cork (upper L edge ruff slit; no flap) "The Farmers' Favorite/Bickford & Hoffman Grain Drill/H.M.Smith & Co.overall illus.ad (horse-drawn drill) on cvr. E $40
AD-348. Seattle, WA, 1905, VF Int'l (lite tone; upper L tip slit) Boston Painless Dentists cc; 1c Sc.300 on cvr to Canada. E $12 MIN.6
AD-349. Seattle, WA, 1938, VF Univ. (bit trim T) Alaska Shopping News illus.ad (map) on #10 cvr. E $14
AD-350. Charleston, WV, 1926, G+ Univ. (bit ruff trim R; tiny tear T) antique dealer's engraved cc w/"RFD 1" address on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-351. Newell, WV, 1909, G+ 4-bar (dial bit hi; crs; lite tone) Homer Laughlin China Co.ad at L on PPC (Newell Bridge). E $12 MIN.6
AD-352. LaCrosse, WI, 1893, F duplex (ruff R; crs R; toned) John Gund Brewing Co.illus.ad (brewery) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-353. Manitowoc, WI, 1952, F duplex; Hotel Manitowoc illus.ad, partly covered by Hotel Statler air mail label on air cvr to Germany. E $14
AD-354. Milwaukee, WI, 1910, G+ Int'l (trim L, just in back ad) "Pabst Brewing Co.'s 6 Horse Team of Percerons/Fed on Wilbur's Stock Tonic" overall illus.ad (horses & beer wagon); illus.feed bucket on back; 2c Wash.w/Schermack ty.3 perfs on cvr. Unusal dual product ad. E $24
AD-355. Oshkosh, WI, 1954, G+ Univ.; "Hoffman's" illus.ad (frog standing on 1 foot) on #10 cvr to Canada. E $15
AD-356. Shorewood, WI, 1938, G+ duplex (trim L) J.R.McAleavey Bldg Contractor illus.ad cc (carpenters) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-357. Lot 10) cvrs w/department store cc's; all w/meters (3 slogans); mostly #10 size, 1930s-40s. MIN.$20

AD-358. "A/Co" (ty.A86 reversed), Chicago, IL, 1910, F Time-Cmns; Atlas School Supply printed form at L (1c Frank.) on ad PPC (factory). E $20
AD-359. "AB/CO" (ty.A40), New York/Sta.D, NY, 1909, VF Int'l (lite tone) Amer.Book Co.cc (1c Frank.) on unsealed cvr. E $20
AD-360. "B & S", New York, NY, 1934, F 2c Permit/Meter (slight ruff slit upper L; bit lite tone) Binney & Smith Co.cc; 1c Frank.applied on "Returned for 1 cent Additional Postage" h/s, tied by Int'l machine killer only on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-361. "BAP", Philadelphia, PA, 1911, F Int'l (tip cr) Barber Asphalt Paving Co.ad at L (1c Frank.) on ad PPC. E $20
AD-362. "BB" in circle (inverted), Mishawaka, IN, 1911, F Amer/B14; Ball-Band Footwear header w/form on back (1c Frank.) on PC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-363. "BE/RY.", Boston, MA, 1918, VG+ Amer/A38 w/"Food Will Win" slogan; Boston Elev.Rwy Co.form on back; 1c Wash. on 1c GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-364. "BIC" (ty.B137), Minneapolis, MN, 1922, G+ Univ. (trim R) Baker Importing Co.cc (2c Wash.) on cvr w/illus.coffee can on back. E $20
AD-365. "C" (ty.C4), East St.Louis, IL, ca.1917, F Colum.w/dateless dial (toned; T tips nick; tip crs) Century Mfg.Co.cc (1c Wash.) on cvr. E $20
AD-366. "C" in circle (ty.C5), Chicago/Sta.U, IL, 1910, F Time-Cmns (toned; crnr cr) Jas.B.Clow & Sons ad at L (1c Frank.) on ad PPC. E $24
AD-367. "C(6)" (reversed), Minneapolis, MN, 1933, F Univ. (bit trim T) Crane Co.cc (3c Wash.) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-368. "C(BT)O" (ty.C52; reversed), New York/Wall St.Sta., NY, 1918, VG Univ.; Bankers Trust Co.printed message on back; 1c Wash. on 1c GPC. E $15
AD-369. "C(CO)" (ty.C83), Chicago, IL, 1914, VF Int'l (lite tone; lower R edge ruff) Office of County Sup't of Schools cc (2c Wash.) on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $14
AD-370. "C(NL)" (inverted; few blind perfs), Boston, MA, 1918, F Amer/A38 "Food Will Win"; Columbian Nat'l Life cc (3c Wash.) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-371. "CF", Omaha, NE, 1915, G+ Int'l; Columbia Fire Underwriters printed message on back (1c Wash.) on PC. E $16
AD-372. "CHI" (ty.C152-15), Aurora, IL, 1909, VF Amer/B14 w/dateless dial (lite tone) Princeton, IL, Int'l Harvester dealer return add. (1c Frank.); perfin type w/unattributed city on ad PPC. E $24
AD-373. "CUD/AHY" (ty.C356A), New York/Sta.W, NY, 1909, G+ Int'l (crnr crs) Cudahy Packing type (1c Frank.) private use on PPC: "Alway address me at the office as I move frequently to keep from paying board". E $15
AD-374. "D(J)" (low: bottom of "D" off edge), Chicago/Canal Sta., IL, 1917, VG Int'l (crs) Jas.Davis printed "script" ad at L (1c Wash.) on ad PPC (bldg). E $15 MIN.8
AD-375. "DMH", Chicago, IL, 1911, VG Time-Cmns; Dixie Music House/Band & Orchestra Music printed form on back (1c Frank.) on blue PC. E $20
AD-376. "DR/CO." (few blind perfs), Phoenix, AZ, 1918, G+ Univ. (tip cr) Diamond Rubber type (2c Wash.) private use on PPC. E $8
AD-377. "EQ/PG", Pittsburgh, PA, 1936, G Int'l; Equitable Life type (1c Frank.) on PPC w/printed message & "signature," apparently to agents. E $15 MIN.8
AD-378. "FML" ("F" mostly not punched; few blind perfs in "ML"), Cresson, PA, 1939, G+ duplex (3c Prexie) on preaddressed cvr to Fidelity Mutual Life, Philadelphia. SCARCE type. E $30
AD-379. "FTR", Akron, OH, 1912, VG Int'l w/dateless dial; Firestone Tire printed "script" ad at L (1c Frank.) on ad PPC (factory). E $12 MIN.6
AD-380. "G(D(C)" (reversed) Chicago/Sta.U, IL, 1908, F Int'l (part ruff trim R) Garden City Tailoring Co.cc (2c Sc.319) on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $20
AD-381. "GA/& Co", New York/Wall St., NY, 1911, G+ duplex (cr; bit trim T) G.Amsinck & Co.cc (2x 2c Wash.) on 2c PSE to Germany. E $15 MIN.8
AD-382. "GCG", New York/Gd.Cent.Sta., NY, 1950, VF duplex; Gen'l Cable Corp.cc (3c Prexie; pair 6c airs) on cvr to Germany. E $14
AD-383. "HP/CO" (ty.H159.5), Salt Lake City, UT, 1937, VG Univ. (bit lite tone) Hercules Powder type (3c Wash.) Hotel Utah illus.ad on cvr. E $14
AD-384. "HSB" (inverted), Philadelphia, PA, 1936, VF Int'l; Hartford Steam Boiler logo cc (2c Wash.) on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-385. "I" (ty.I.5, on 5c Wash.) & "I" in state map (ty.I5, inverted, on 6c +strip/3x 50c); Milan, IL, 1966, G DCDS (town partial; cr) SCARCE w/2 diff.type perfins, on cvr to Div'n of Highways, Springfield, IL. E $20
AD-386. "JMH", Lexington, KY, 1913, VG Univ.; J.M.Hanson Magazine Ag'y printed rec't at L (1c Wash.) on ad PPC. E $24 MIN.12
AD-387. "LW/& S" (ty.L162), Gd.Cent.Sta., NY, 1909, VG Int'l (bit cr) unattributed type, possibly Lindecke, Warner & Schurmeier (2c Seward commem.; SE at B) on PPC to St.Paul, MN. E $24
AD-388. "M" in circle, Lansing, MI, 1911, VF Time-Cmns (trim R) Attorney' Gen'l's Office cc (2c Wash.) on cvr. E $15
AD-389. "MC" (ty.M46), St.Louis, MO, 1909, F Int'l (lite tone) private use of SCARCE Mound City Paint & Color Co.type (1c Frank.) on PPC. E $30
AD-390. "McC" (ty.M53), Gd.Cent.Sta., NY, 1912, G Int'l (toned; tip cr) handwritten thank you note signed by McCall Co.circulation mgr.(1c Wash.) on Xmas PPC. E $20
AD-391. "MP" in shield, Chicago, IL, 1910, G Time-Cmns (edge bit cr) M.Philipsborn ad on pix side w/his illus.portrait (1c Frank.) on PPC. E $24
AD-392. "NL(Y)" (ty.N113), Hudson Term.Sta., NY, 1912, VF Int'l (trim R; upper R tip nib; part lite soiled) N.Y.Life cc (2c Wash.) on window cvr w/enc. E $12 MIN.6
AD-393. "NWC/MCo", Minneapolis, MN, 1909, F Int'l w/dateless dial; NW Consolidated Milling Co.illus.ad on pix side (1c Frank.) on PPC. E $75
AD-394. "PD" (ty.P55.11; reversed), Baltimore, MD, 1932, F Int'l (trim R) Parke, Davis & Co.logo cc (3c Wash.) on cvr w/letterhead enc. Sc.WX67 seal tied on back. E $20 MIN.10
AD-395. "PO/& G", Independence, KS, 1914, VF Int'l (2c Wash.) private use of unattributed type on cvr. E $30 MIN.15
AD-396. "PP" (ty.P168; inverted), Boston, MA, 1918, G+ Amer/A38 "Food Will Win"; "The Congregationalist & Advance" cc; Pilgrim Press type (3c Wash.) on cvr. E $20
AD-397. "PPC" (ty.P174), Janesville, WI, 1947, F+ Int'l; Parker Pen Co.cc (3c Pulitzer) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-398. "PRR/Co" (ty.P200), Chico, CA, 1916, G Amer/B14; Penna.RR type (1c Wash.) private use on PPC. E $14
AD-399. "QCS/CO", Cincinnati, OH, 1923, VF Int'l (T edge crs) Queen City Supply Co./Mill, Mine, Rwy Supplies ad cc (2c Harding) on window cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-400. "RP/Co" (reversed), St.Louis, MO, 1910, VG Int'l (tip cr) Ralston Purina type (1c Frank.) private use on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AD-401. "S-G/Co", Clayton, IL, 1909, partial duplex (lite tone; crs) Scudders-Gale Grocer Co. (St.Louis) salesman's notice (1c Frank.) on PPC. E $24
AD-402. "S/NJ", Jersey City, NJ, 1943, G+ CDS/target; New Jersey/Seal of Court of Chancery shiny silver cc (3c Win) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-403. "STL/SW" (ty.S284; inverted), St.Louis, MO, 1914, F Int'l; St.Louis Southwestern RR type; Gen'l Pass.Ag't ad at L (1c Wash.) on PPC. E $14
AD-404. "SW/Co" (ty.S314), Danville, IL, 1909, VF Amer/B14() (tip cr) Steele-Wedeles Co., Chicago, salesman's notice at L (1c Frank.) on ad PPC. E $20
AD-405. "SW/D" (ty.S317 sideways/reversed), Ft.Worth, TX, 1956, VF Univ. (bit trim T; slit 3 sides; lower R edge ruff slit) Southwestern Drug Corp.cc (6c air) on #10 cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-406. "W/EM", Ottumwa, IA, 1910, G+ Time-Cmns (2c Wash.) private use, but on Westinghouse Elec.ad PPC. E $14
AD-407. "WA/W, Columbus, OH, 1913, VF Int'l (ruff R) Walter A.Wood Mowing & Reaping Machine Co.cc (bit faulty 2c Wash.) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-408. "WC/Co" (ty.W44), Wheeling, WV, 1913, G duplex (tear T) Wheeling Corrugating Co.type (1c Wash.) private use on PPC w/message in SHORTHAND. E $12 MIN.6
AD-409. "WC/Co" (ty.W44; SPLIT: part at R, part at L), Wheeling, WV, 1912, VG Int'l (lite tone) Wheeling Corrugating Co.type (1c Wash.) private use on PPC w/message in SHORTHAND. E $15 MIN.8
AD-410. "WU/GE", St.Charles, IL, 1913, G+ Ame/B14(1); unattributed type (2c Wash.) private use on PPC. E $24 MIN.12

AM-1. AAMC CAM #26: Ogden, UT, 1928 (Aug 1), F Univ. (edge tears) 1st Flight cachet; Nat'l Park Airways illus.logo at L; matching AD LABEL tied to back on #10 air cvr w/enc.ad pamphlets for airline (w/timetables & rates) & city of Ogden. E $16
AM-2. AAMC Catapult Flight #87: Berlin, Germany, 1932, G+ (uneven toned; tear R) "20./21.Juni" pictorial h/s cachet; 50pf air +25pf on #10 cvr to U.S. E $30 MIN15
AM-3. AAMC Interrupted Flight #30.2: Long Beach, CA, 1930 (Jan 10), VF duplex (bit trim T; lite crs) "Delay due to wrecked mail plane/January 10, 1930." purple h/s; Los Angeles/Arcade Sta. CA, VF green "Return to Writer/Unclaimed" w/pointing hand Univ.; 5c beacon Sc.C11 on cvr w/Hotel LaFayette cc; ms note at T: "From wrecked ship of Maurice Graham-dear old Maury!" signed by EARLE OVINGTON; "Earle Ovington-Santa Barbara, Cal/Flying Since 1911/1st U.S.Air Mail Pilot" pictorial h/s & 2nd signature at lower R. E $60
AM-4. AAMC Trans-Oceanic Record Flight #1429: Oslo, Norway, 1951 (May 29), G+ DCDS; "First Polar Airmail/Oslo/Oslo-Fairbanks" VG+ purple CDS at L on PC. E $50
AM-5. AAMC Zeppelin Flight #Z-405a: Lakehurst, NJ, 1936, G Int'l; shiny silver Hindenburg cachet; 15c map +25c clipper on cvr to Germany. E $30
AM-6. AAMC Zeppelin Post #Z-222b: Chicago, IL, 1933 (Oct 26), VG Cent.of Progress slogan #55; 50c Zeppelin Sc.C18 on cacheted cvr to Germany. Also listed in "Stamps on Cover" category. E $100 MIN.50
AM-7. AAMC Zeppelin Post Z-183c: Sao Francisco, Brazil, 1932, partial DCDS (part ruff trim T; crs) Cafe Cometa, Catharina, ad header; 2500-on-200r Sc.C26 w/2 other stamps on cvr to Germany. E $30
AM-8. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1935, G+ CDS (bit trim T) 10c +5c on front; 10x 10c on back on "Via Condor" air cvr to Switzerland. E $15
AM-9. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1935, G DCDS (cr) "Servicio Aereo Transoceanico/Condor Zeppelin Lufthansa/Argentina-Europa" pictorial h/s (bit lite) on cvr to Austria. E $20
AM-10. Long Beach/Air Mail, CA, 1945, G+ duplex (edge tear T; edge crs) pair 6c transport +pair 2c Victory on 8.5x9.25" cvr w/enc.valentine card. E $14
AM-11. Los Angeles/Arcade Sta., CA, 1934, G+ duplex/Univ. (lite tone; crs) 5c globe +25c Niagara +20c Golden Gate on air cvr to 2nd Steward, "Malolo" Cruise, Brazil. E $30
AM-12. San Francisco, CA, 1934, VG Int'l (lite tone) 50c amphitheatres solo on air cvr to 2nd Steward, "Malolo" Cruise, Chili. E $40
AM-13. Washington, DC, 1918, VF Int'l (part lite water tone) "If You Send a Letter by Airplane,/Especially to One 'Over There'/It Will Be a Real Treat." h/s (part spotty: "If You" & few other letters not struck) Navy Dept./Office of the Solicitor cc on cvr. AS IS for strike, but RARE item. This item also listed in "Auxiliaries" section of this catalog. E $75
AM-14. Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe, 1947, partial CDS; "Premiere Liaison Aerienne/Guadeloupe-Martinique/21 Aout" h/s; Credit Guadeloupeen cc; 10f +4f50 on commer.reg'd air cvr to Martinique. E $20
AM-15. Honolulu, HI, 1942, G+ Int'l; "Clippergram from Hawaii" header w/illus.plane; "Aloha Hawaii" illus.hula girl at L; censor tape L; 20c transport air on cvr. E $15
AM-16. Air Mail Field/Chicago, IL, 1930, G+ magenta CDS (ruff R; cr) w/Chicago, Ill.Term Tour 3/John E. Lockman VG clerk's straight-line h/s, both as transit b/s on air/special del.cvr. E $15
AM-17. Sioux City, IA, 1932, VG duplex (toned) on 4.25x6.5" "Airgram" folded lettersheet (no contents). E $15
AM-18. Boston/E, MA, 1928, F Int'l; Boston Radio Aero Show green pictorial h/s cachet; 5c beacon air on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AM-19. Boston/E, MA, 1928, F Int'l; Boston Radio Aero Show red pictorial h/s cachet; 5c beacon air on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AM-20. Columbus, OH, 1929, G duplex (lite tone) 5c beacon air on 4.5x8.25" Airgram folded lettersheet w/winged hourglass at upper L, on back & header. E $20
AM-21. Monterey, Uruguay, 1936, G+ DCDS; "Via Panagra o Panair/Pan American Airways System" illus.globe & routes on air cvr to U.S. E $40
AM-22. "The Air-Way between Salt Lake City & Great Falls/National Parks Airways": 3.5x8" 4-panel illus.pamphlet w/time table, fares, airmail rates, photo, ca.1928, (short tears at folds). E $20
AM-23. Lot 140) airline & flight related meters, nearly all on cvrs; illus. & slogan meters, logo cc's; U.S. & foreign, (varied condition). MIN.$28
AM-24. Lot 335) Apollo 11 & 12 moon landing cvrs, 1969 (Jul 16-Nov 24), mostly cacheted; duplication (varied condition but mostly fine) NICE batch at LOW minimum. MIN.$190

AX-1. Logansport, IN, 1919, G+ Amer/A14 (bit lite tone) "A War Saver Is A Life Saver. 'Buy War-Savings Stamps'" magenta h/s on PPC to local add. E $50
AX-2. Bloomington, IL, [1887], G+ duplex; "Advertised" 11x48mm h/s & ms "Unclaimed"; pair 1c banknotes on cvr to Windsor, IL. E $20
AX-3. Fargo, ND, 1913, G+ Int'l; "Advertised/Moorehead, Minn./date/Unclaimed." h/s on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AX-4. Philadelphia, PA, 1951, F duplex; "Air Mail to This Address (15) Cents per 1/2 ounce/Return for Add'l Postage (3) Cents" h/s (bit spotty; o/s); 6c air +6x 1c Prexies +3c Prexie on air cvr to France. E $15
AX-5. Medford, (state not struck), [1917], G Time-Cmns (crs; lite tone) "Back the Boys" magenta h/s on PPC to Perth, KS. E $8
AX-6. Palmer, NE, 1917, G+ duplex; "Back the Boys" magenta h/s on PPC to Wolbach, NE. E $12 MIN.6
AX-7. Denver, CO, 1917, G+ Int'l w/"Rocky Mtn.Nat'l Park" slogan (crs; lite tone) "Back the Boys..." h/s on PPC to Elba, NE. E $12 MIN.6
AX-8. (Clinton), IA, [1917], (no origin canx) "Back the Boys..." h/s applied at West Bowdoin, ME, tying stamp; on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-9. Chicago, IL, 1917, VF Int'l w/"2nd Liberty Loan" slogan #14 (lower R tip nib; edge tear R) "Back the Boys..." h/s; Swedish-Amer.Telephone Mfg.Co.cc on window cvr. NICE Liberty Loan combo. E $20 MIN.10
AX-10. Paris, France, 1917, partial CDS; "Back the Boys..." purple h/s w/UNUSUAL smaller font, w/2nd magenta strike (top line on that not struck) on PPC to Bellows Falls, VT. E $24 MIN.12
AX-11. Stockton, CA, 1909, G+ Amer/B14 (lite tone; tip crs) "Boxed by 35" h/s applied at Santa Barbara, CA, on PPC. E $14
AX-12. Methuen, MA, 1909, VG Amer/A14; "Boxed by No.60" h/s applied at Lawrence, MA, on PPC. E $14
AX-13. Washington, DC, 1917, VF Int'l (edge tear T; lite tone) "Buy a U.S.Government Bond of the Second Liberty Loan" fancy boxed h/s; Bureau of Entomology cc on U.S.Dept.of Agriculture #10 penalty cvr. E $40
AX-14. Aberdeen, WA, 1918, F Amer/B14 (ruff L) "Buy W.S.S.and Thrift Stamps/From your Carrier." h/s ("PS" mostly not struck) City Treasurer cc on window cvr. E $40
AX-15. Greenville, OH, 1907, G Int'l (edge tear R; bit cr; no flap) "Called Out." h/s; "Placed in Gen'l Del." boxed h/s; "Returned to Writer/Unclaimed" pointing hand h/s on PSE to Binghamton, NY. E $15 MIN.8
AX-16. Galesburg, IL, 1916, VG Colum.(crs) "Cannot Locate" & "To avoid delay in delivery..." h/s on PPC to Kewanee, IL. E $15 MIN.8
AX-17. Clayton, MI, 1916, VG duplex (lite tone; tip crs) "Checked by carrier/City 1-2...6/Rural 1-2...6" h/s w/.few #'s lined thru on PPC to Hillsdale, MI. E $14
AX-18. Charlotte, NC, 2012, VG sprayer; "Close Lockbox/T.Jefferson" h/s; Nixie Clerk's yellow "Return to Sender" adhesive label on #10 window cvr. E $14
AX-19. Octacamund, India, 1953, partial DCDS (lite tone; upper L tip nib; lite crs) "Collect 10c Postage Due/For (Customs S)ervice" h/s (B line partial) on 4.5x7.5" reg'd PSE. E $15
AX-20. Denver, CO, 1937, VG Univ.(crs) "Collect Five Cents on Delivery/A letter without the sender's card address on the envelope is charged with this fee for return" h/s applied on P.O.Dep't Dead Letter Br.penalty cvr w/PRINTED "Collect Three Cents..." clause at lower L. 3c +bit faulty pair 1c dues canxed at Mendota, IL. E $30
AX-21. London, Great Britain, 1903, G DCDS; "Contrary to regulations/E.C." & "1d/E.C." h/s on PPC w/CLASSIFIED AD (selling bicycle) adhered to pix side. E $20
AX-22. Maiden Hill, Great Britain, 1906, G+ DCDS (part o/s; bit lite tone) "Contrary to regulations/N.W." h/s & 1d due marking on glitter PPC. E $20
AX-23. Louisville, KY, 1940, G+ CDS/target (crs) "Damaged by Cancelling Machine" h/s on cvr w/brown paper tape repair on back. E $14
AX-24. Harrisburg, PA, 1987, G+ 4-bar (lite tip crs; lite tone) "Damaged By Cancelling Machine/At Harrisburg Pa" h/s on PPC w/minimal "damage". E $15 MIN.8
AX-25. Randolph, NY, 1909, partial duplex (part lite tone) "Deficiency in Address Supplied by N.Y.P.O.-I.D." red circled h/s; on cvr to "Washginton, NY" corrected to "DC". E $15
AX-26. Lake Junaluska, NC, 1975, G machine; "Delay Due to Wrong Zip" h/s w/"Wrong" lined thru & "NO" written below; "Correct Address Supplied by Post Office at Milan, MI 78160"; & "To avoid delay in delivery..." h/s; 7c Sc.1393D on PPC. E $20
AX-27. (Unknown town), Ireland, [1978], partial slogan machine (dial not struck) "DELAYED DUE TO MAIL ROBBERY" BOLD h/s at B on PPC to U.S. E $100
AX-28. Boston, MA, 1910, VF Int'l (toned) "Delayed through stoppage of mail chute in private building. Not fulat of P.O.Dept." h/s on PPC. E $100
AX-29. Philadelphia/Sta.O, PA, 1904, G+ Amer/B38; "Delivery delayed by inability of Carrier to cover entire route within time limit." h/s ("D" partly off edge) on PPC to Springfield, MA. E $20 MIN.10
AX-30. Bismarck, ND, 1942, G+ Int'l (slit 3 sides; lower L tip nick; tear B) "Detained Alien Enemy Mail/Examined By.../US.I. & N.S." magenta boxed h/s; "Sakurada.Sansaku, P.O.Box 300, Area 4 T20" return add. on air cvr. E $80
AX-31. Emmett, KS, 1908, G+ Doane 3/1 (o/s) "Detained in Gen'l Delivery for want of Street Number." h/s on PPC to Salina, KS. E $12 MIN.6
AX-32. Galesburg, KS, 1954, G+ Int'l (bit lite tone; lite crs) "DIRECTOR (sic) Service Discontinued/Non-delivery due to failure of sender to supply complete of correct address. Do not re-use this envelope." MISSPELLED h/s at Indianapolis, IN, on #10 PSE w/enc.; "Return to Writer/Unclaimed" MAGENTA Univ.slogan machine at lower L. E $15 MIN.8
AX-33. Camp Atterbury, IN, 1944, G+ Int'l (crs) "Directory Service Given at Great Lakes, Illinois" h/s; ms "Free" frank on cvr w/enc.to Great Lakes, IL; fwd to Chicago; then "N.T.S.(EE & RM)/Gulfport, Mississippi" forwarding h/s applied. E $16 MIN.8
AX-34. Holm Lodge, WY, 1949, VG 4-bar; "Directory" h/s on PPC to North Hollywood, CA. E $14
AX-35. Mont Alto, PA, 1911, G+ duplex (lite tone) "DISENFECTED." h/s ty.2 (mostly obscured on stamp) SCARCE type on PPC. E $80 MIN.40
AX-36. Mont Alto, PA, 1913, G+ duplex (lite tone) "DISINFECTED." h/s ty.1 (LKU; bit heavy inked) on PPC. E $70 MIN.36
AX-37. Mont Alto, PA, 1910, G+ duplex (lite tone) "DISINFECTED." h/s ty.1 (part o/s) on PPC. E $100 MIN.50
AX-38. (Indistinct town), Peru, 1942, partial DCDS; "Dispatched From Canal Zone/Via Steamer" h/s, part o/s by "Expedida por Avion Solo hasta (Cristobal) por insuficiencia de franqueo" boxed h/s on insufficiently franked cvr to U.S. E $30
AX-39. Liberty, MO, 1917, G duplex (part lite tone) "Do your bit!..." applied at Kansas City, MO, on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AX-40. Washington, DC, 1917, VF Univ. "Do Your Bit" slogan; "Do your bit!..." h/s on PPC. NICE Liberty Loan combo. E $20 MIN.10
AX-41. Philadelphia, PA, 1917, VF Int'l (lite tone) "Do your bit!..." h/s (partial: T line & "ERTY L" mostly not struck on black-border MOURNING cvr to Carlisle, PA. E $24 MIN.12
AX-42. Hoyleton, IL, 1917, G+ duplex (lite tone) "Do your bit!..." h/s struck twice (1 partly off B); "Missent." h/s; on PPC to Moweaqua, IL. E $15
AX-43. Tanana, AK, 1917, G 4-bar (town mostly not struck; lite tone) "Do your bit!..." h/s; District of Alaska/4th Div'n, Chambers of the Judge, Fairbanks, cc on Dept.of Justice Penalty cvr to Rampart, AK. E $30
AX-44. Eureka, CA, [1895], G duplex; "Due 1 Cts."; "Unclaimed"; "Return to Writer" h/s on unsealed 1c Colum.PSE. E $14
AX-45. Chicago, IL, 1961, G DCDS (bit ruff trim R; edge tear T) "Due 4 Cent/N.S.M.D.No." h/s; 4c postage due meter stamp at L on 4c #10 PSE to local address. E $6
AX-46. Philadelphia, PA, 1863, partial CDS; "Due 6" h/s on 2.75x4.75" cvr to Newport, RI. E $20
AX-47. Berkeley, CA, 1942, VF Univ. (edge tear T; bit cr; lite tone) "Duties performed (4-4-42)/Time performed (1.12)/Reason non delivery (no resp)/Messenger" h/s w/ms notes & carrier signature; 16c air/spec.del on 5x6" cvr to Los Angeles. E $30
AX-48. Los Angeles/Air Mail, CA, 1933, G+ Univ. (trim R) "Fee Paid At/Back Bay Postal Annex/Boston Mass./Number.../Date.../Time...AM...PM" h/s on air/spec.del.cvr. E $15
AX-49. Topeka, KS, 1938, F Univ.; "Flight Delayed on Account of Storm" h/s on air cvr w/20th Anniv.of the Air Mail cachet. E $20
AX-50. Buffalo, NY, 1939, F duplex; "For Night, Sunday and Holiday Delivery/Use the Special Delivery Service" h/s; 16c Sc.CE1 on air/special del.cvr. E $24
AX-51. Meadville, PA, 1918, G+ Amer/A14 (crs) "For The Soldier Boys/From The/War Mothers,/Lafayette, Indiana" h/s on PPC. E $50
AX-52. Eagle Bend, MN, 1932, G duplex (upper R on stamp) "For trial to Minneapolis" h/s; Johnson Auto Sales cc on cvr to St.Paulcvr. E $14
AX-53. Albany, NY, 1870s, partial CDS/cork (lite tone; edge tear T) "Forwarded" blue circled h/s & Green Cove Springs, FL, G+ blue CDS as fwd markings; State of N.Y./Senate Chamber illus.seal on cvr. E $40
AX-54. Niagara Falls/Sta.A, NY, 1906, G+ duplex; "Forwarded" h/s applied at Manhattan, NV, on PPC w/Gen'l Delivery/Butte, MT, G+ CDS & Butte G+ "Train Late" Amer AMS-54 as recd. E $20
AX-55. Minneapolis, MN, 1956, G+ CDS/Rec'd as origin b/s; "Found in Supposedly/Empty Sack Pouch At/Minneapolis, Minn./Date..." h/s w/"Sack" lined thru; 15c Sc.FA1 +3c Liberty on certified window cvr. E $24
AX-56. North San Diego, CA, 1910, G 4-bar (toned) "From Ramona's Marriage Place/San Diego" VF magenta private double-circle h/s on PPC. E $14
AX-57. Plainview, CO, 1920, G+ 4-bar ("PL" not struck) "From the Top/Of the World/Corona, Colo/Elev.11660 ft." purple private circled h/s on PPC. E $15
AX-58. Plainview, CO, 1923, G+ 4-bar (tip crs) "From the Top/Of the World/Corona, Colo/Elev.11660 ft." blue private circled h/s on PPC. E $15
AX-59. Wheeler Springs, cA, 1939, G+ 4-bar; "From U.S.A's Smallest Postoffice... Believe It or Not-Ripley 9/6/39" h/s applied at P.O., w/PM's signature below (13-58) on cvr w/PM's signature. E $15
AX-60. Los Angeles, CA, 1909, F Int'l; "General Delivery B/date" h/s applied at Syracuse, NY, on PPC. E $14
AX-61. Winfield, KS, 1923, G+ DCDS as origin b/s (pinholes) "Gone-No Address" red ms at B on reg'd cvr returned to writer. E $14
AX-62. Kahului, HI, 1970, G+ machine; "Haleakala Nat'l Park/Maul, Hawaii/10,028' El./House of the Sun" private oval h/s in message area on PPC. E $20
AX-63. Chicago, IL, 1913, VF Int'l; "Hold Until___N 4019" h/s applied at Chicago on GPC. E $20
AX-64. Fitchburg/Devens Br., MA, 1917, G+ Univ. (part ruff slit T; tears T; upper L tip ruff) "Home Folks! Lend a Hand/Give to Red Triangle/$35,000,000 War Work Fund Nov.11-19" double boxed h/s; illus.flag at L on cvr to Waterbury, CT. E $40
AX-65. Washington, DC, 1918, VF Int'l (part lite water tone) "If You Send a Letter by Airplane,/Especially to One 'Over There'/It Will Be a Real Treat." h/s (part spotty: "If You" & few other letters not struck) Navy Dept./Office of the Solicitor cc on cvr. AS IS for strike, but RARE item. This item also listed in "Airmail" section of this catalog. E $75
AX-66. Fairbanks, AK, 1951, G Int'l (bit cr; trim R) "Important Official Mail/No Postage Required/(See Par.3, Sec.511, P.L. & R.)" h/s; P.O.Dep't/Post Office, Fairbanks, on #10 penalty cvr. E $15
AX-67. Detroit/Detroit River Sta., MI, 1959, G+ DCDS; "Insufficient address/Boat's name omitted."; "Rec'd in bad condition at Detroit River Sta..."; "Not in Commission/No Forwarding Address"; & other h/s on unadd.cvr; apparently prepared for collector, but UNUSUAL markings. E $20
AX-68. Denver, CO, 1956, VG Univ.; "Insufficient Address/Directory Service Discontinued/Place Under New Cover If Remailed" h/s (T line spotty) David C.Snyder Photography cc on air cvr w/letterhead enc.to Dallas, TX. E $15 MIN.8
AX-69. Omaha, NE, 1948, VF 5c PB meter w/"Mailomat/First Day Cover" slogan; "Insufficient Postage for Air Mail" h/s on cvr to England. E $16
AX-70. London, Great Britain, 1957, G+ slogan machine; "Insufficiently Prepaid For Transmission By Air" red boxed h/s; mute bars h/s "negating" "Via Air Mail" label on PPC to U.S. E $15
AX-71. Fort Yukon, AK, 1955, partial duplex; "Land of the Midnight Sun/Mailed from Fort Yukon, Alaska, USA, Within the Arctic Circle" private double-circle h/s at L on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-72. Fort Yukon, AK, 1941, G+ duplex (dial bit hi) "Land of the Midnight Sun/Mailed From Fort Yukon, Alaska, USA/Within the Arctic Circle" 43mm private magenta pictorial double-circle pictorial h/s (part o/s) on PPC (midnight sun). E $14
AX-73. Providence, RI, 1893, G duplex; "Letter Returned to P.O.Providence, R.I., By Carrier/(If the) address on this letter is correct... please send the envelope... to C.H.George, P.M..." 8-line h/s (part spotty); "Reasons For Non-Delivery..." boxed h/s on back of still-sealed 2c Colum.PSE w/enc.to local add., fwd & returned. E $24
AX-74. Pipervika, Norway, 1984, G+ CDS; "Mail Delayed Due to Wrong Zip Code" h/s on cvr to Los Altos, CA. E $14
AX-75. Bakersfield, CA, 1981 (Jul 30), VG machine (upper R tip slit) "Mail Service/Temporarily Suspended/Return to Sender" h/s; Pine Manor Recovery Center, Visalia, illus.ad on #10 cvr to Canada; marking lined thru & remailed (Sep 11) w/same "B" non-denom.stamp (illegally); then forwarded. NICE combo. E $20
AX-76. Colorado Springs, CO, 1967, G+ machine; "Mailed at Seven Falls/Couth Cheyenne Canon/Colorado" private circled h/s (dial bit hi) as "origin" by stamp on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-77. New York/Church St.Sta., NY, 1970, G+ machine; "Mailed at Statue of Libery/New York" private pictorial h/s on Liberty PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-78. Colorado Springs, CO, 1935, G+ Univ. (lite tone) "Mailed at Summit of Cheyenne Mountain" private straight-line h/s as "origin" at L on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AX-79. Northampton, MA, 1939, partial duplex; "Mailed at the Summit of Mt.Holyoke" private purple oval h/s as "origin" below h/s on 3-panel folded PPC (opens to 3.5x16.5") orig.mailed w/1 stamp, then "Held For Postage" & 2c more applied. E $20
AX-80. Tennessee Pass, CO, 1928, G 4-bar (R arc not struck; edge wear) "Mailed From the Top of the World/Elev.10242 Ft./TENNESEE Pass, Colo/D. & R.G.W.R.R.Co." MISSPELLED red private h/s as "origin" at L (part lite; part o/s) on 4.25x6.25" pictorial folder ("In the Clouds/1000 Mile Thru the Rockies"). E $20
AX-81. Silver Springs, FL, 1963, G+ machine; "Mailed Underwater/Florida's Silver Springs" pictorial h/s as "origin" below message on commer.PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AX-82. New Dorp, NY, 1909, VG duplex (lite tone) "Midland Beach/N.Y./Staten Island." circled h/s (bit stutter) & "Greetings From Midland Beach, Staten Island, N.Y." blue straight-line h/s on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AX-83. Portland, OR, 1912, G+ PPIE slogan (o/s) "Mis-sent to Montavilla Sta." h/s, inverted below stamp on PPC. E $14
AX-84. Pittsfield, MA, 1905, F Amer/B14; "Missent to Adams, Mass." h/s on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AX-85. Washington, IL, 1908, F duplex (o/s) "Missent to Athens, Ill." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-86. Knowles, NM, 1912, G+ 4-bar (ty.2; lite tone) "Missent to Carlsbad, N.Mex." h/s (03-44) on PPC w/LOCAL address ("City"). E $15
AX-87. Macedonia, IA, 1907, G duplex (o/s) "Missent to Dunlap, Ia." h/s (part o/s) on PPC. E $8
AX-88. Granville Ferry, NS, Canada, 1943, G+ CDS (bit trim T) "Missent to G.P.O./New York N.Y." h/s on air cvr. E $8
AX-89. New York, NY, 1948, F Int'l; "Missent to Garden City, Mich." h/s on 4.5x4" air cvr w/enc. E $8
AX-90. Washington/Sta.A, DC, 1906, VF Amer/B38(1) (lite tone) "Missent to Greeneville, Tenn." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-91. Los Angeles, CA, 1956, G Univ. (town partial) "Missent to Honolulu, Hawaii" h/s on 6x5" air cvr w/enc.to DENVER, CO. Wildly missent, w/Honolulu G+ CDS/Recd as b/s. E $15
AX-92. Rocky Mount, NC, 1930, G+ Univ.; "Missent to Long Beach, Calif." h/s on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-93. Indianapolis, IN, 1987, F machine; "Missent to Manila" h/s on air cvr to Australia. E $15
AX-94. Paterson, NJ, 1992, G+ machine (return add.label peeled; no flap) "Missent to Manila" h/s on air cvr to Australia. E $15
AX-95. Northampton, MA, 1905, VG Amer/B14(1) (lite tone; bit ruff slit T) "Missent to Northampton, Mass." & "Received unsealed at Northampton, Mass." h/s on back on PSE. E $16
AX-96. Chicago/Sta.U, IL, 1902, G+ Int'l; "Missent to Ontonagon, Mich." h/s on GPC w/Ontonagon G+ CDS as transit; Atlantic Mine G+ CDS as recd. E $15
AX-97. Vesuvius, VA, 1911, G+ 4-bar (lite tone) "Missent to Portsmouth, Va." h/s (part heavy inked) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-98. Princeton, IL, 1913, G Amer/B14; "Missent to Prophetstown, Ill."; "Unclaimed"; & "Returned to Writer." pointing hand h/s on cvr to Amboy, IL, & returned. E $15 MIN.8
AX-99. Boston, MA, [1956], G+ 2c PB meter w/dateless dial (lite cr) "Missent to Spokane Wash Terminal" h/s on #10 cvr to Delavan, WI. E $14
AX-100. Waukegan, IL, [1946], VG mute oval at L; duplex as b/s (crs) "Missent to Waukegan" h/s struck 3 times to obscure "Missent to Globe Dept.Store Waukegan" ms note; Jas.Thompson & Co, New York, NY, cc on window PSE. SCARCE application. E $15
AX-101. Cygnet, OH, 1910, G+ 4-bar (lite tone) "Missent to Weston, Ohio." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-102. Astoria, OR, 1913, VG Amer/B14; "Missent to..." h/s w/ms "McGill"; McGill, NV, duplex as fwd on PPC. E $14
AX-103. Plainview, AR, 1941, G 4-bar (town mostly not struck) "Missent to..." & "Danville, Ark" separate h/s on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-104. Lot 3), "Missent" h/s: Lakeland, FL; Louisville, KY; Pasadena, CA; 1907-12 on PPCs. E $20 MIN.10
AX-105. Paris, France, 1910, partial DCDS; "Missent" & "Kenesaw, Nebr." h/s on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-106. Barnegat, NJ, 1945, G duplex (trim L) "No Air Mail service to this address. Dispatched as ordinary mail." h/s; block/4x Prexies on cvr w/ms "Airmail" instruction, to Philadelphia. E $30
AX-107. Schwangau, Germany, 1921, G+ CDS; "No Number" h/s applied at Brooklyn, NY, on PPC. E $14
AX-108. Haverhill, MA, 1972, G+ meter; "No Record/Army Directory Svc./Ft.Gordon, Georgia..." dated boxed h/s & "No Record/Stu CPF Co" boxed h/s on Vietnam Era cvr. E $14
AX-109. Adrian, MI, 1910, G+ Amer/B14; "No Such 'New' No.C3728" & "F3731" h/s applied at Chicago on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-110. Rendsburg, Germany, 1910, G+ DCDS (lite tone) "No Such No (old) D231" h/s w/ms note; "No Such No... H850" & "Unclaimed" h/s on PPC to Chicago w/Hudson Term.Sta. Due 2 Cents opera glass marking. E $15
AX-111. Philadelphia/Broad St.Sta., PA, 1908, G+ Amer/B38(1) (lite tone) "No such no South/4" & "Not Known/19" pencil ms applied at Atlantic City, NJ, on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-112. Deer Lodge, MT, 1913, VG duplex (toned) "No Such No..." h/s applied at Great Falls, MT, on PPC. E $14
AX-113. Candia Canavese, Italy, 1912, G+ CDS; "No such No.126 G." h/s applied at San Francisco on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-114. Oakland, CA, 1913, G+ Int'l; "No such No.C.126" h/s applied at Oakland on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-115. Petaluma, CA, 1909, G Amer/A14 (lite tone) "No Such No.G.F.R.Dist." h/s applied at Oakland, CA, on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-116. Jersey City, NJ, 1938, G+ Int'l; "No Such No.North-S4517" h/s applied at Chicago on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-117. Oakland, CA, 1915, VG Int'l; "No Such No.on Dist.L.M.III" applied at Oakland on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-118. Newport, RI, 1911, F Int'l; "No such no/unknown 18" pencil ms applied at Pawtucket, RI, on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-119. Oakland, CA, 1913, VG PPIE slogan (stamp gone) "No such num.on (Y) St C33" h/s applied at Sacramento, CA, on PPC. E $14
AX-120. Norfolk, VA, 1952, G Univ.; "No Such Number North-L3018" h/s applied at Chicago on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-121. Cherokee, IA, 1907, VG duplex; "No Such Number on (6) St./G.B.E.(28) Dist." h/s applied at Sacramento, CA, on PPC. E $14
AX-122. Oakland, CA, 1946, F Univ.; "No such number on street in Oakland, California." h/s on window cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AX-123. Omaha/Burlington Sta., NE, 1941, F Univ. (cr) "No Such Number South 19-H.H." h/s applied at Beverly Hills, CA, on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-124. Staten Island, NY, 1952, G+ Univ.; "No Such Number-1680 TS" blue h/s; "No Such No." (lined thru) & "Try Avenue" purple h/s, applied at San Francisco on PPC. E $14
AX-125. Wilmington, OH, 1908, VG Int'l; "No such number. 15" h/s applied at Indianapolis, IN, on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-126. Buffalo, NY, 1912, G+ Int'l (bit lite tone) "No Such Number/Directory Searcher No.2" h/s, & ms "No such No 151at Buffalo on PPC w/2 # corrections. E $14
AX-127. Oberlin, OH, 1952, G+ Univ.; "No Such Number/New York, New York" h/s w/pointing hand; "No Number/Not Found" h/s; on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AX-128. Detroit, MI, 1909, VG Int'l (tip cr) "No such office in State named" & "Returned for Better Address." h/s on PPC w/713-3rd Ave.return add.; orig.addressed to "Henburn, ND", then to 711-3rd Ave.(next door to sender). E $20
AX-129. Columbia, SC, 1999, G+ machine; "No Such Street in City Delivery" h/s applied at Charlotte, NC; boxed "Returned to Sender" mute machine at L on 5.75x8.25" cvr. E $14
AX-130. Oakland, CA, 1961, VF Univ.; "No Such Street Number in Berkeley, Calif." h/s w/BOLD "Oakland, Calif." h/s address correction on cvr. E $14
AX-131. Altadena, CA, 1953, G Int'l; "No such street" h/s applied at San Francisco on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-132. Honolulu, HI, 1953, G+ Int'l; "No Such Street" purple h/s (w/"Street" high; "Number" apparently excised or blocked out) applied at San Francisco on PPC. E $14
AX-133. Cleveland, OH, 1936, partial duplex; "Not Air Mail" h/s struck by add.; "Air Mail/Tomorrow's Mail Today/American Airlines Inc." 78x25mm pictorial label at T; 2x 1c on PPC. SCARCE combo. E $24
AX-134. Palma, Spain, 1958, partial DCDS; "Not at Address Given" h/s applied at N.Y.City on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-135. Columbus, OH, 1906, G+ duplex (tear T; lite tone) "Not at address given, 117." h/s applied at Cincinnati, OH, on PPC. E $14
AX-136. Trail, BC, Canada, 1954, G+ meter (ruff slit upper R) "Not at Address Given/New York, New York" h/s w/pointed hand; Consolidated Mining & Smelting cc on cvr. E $14
AX-137. Berkeley, CA, 1953, G+ Int'l; "Not at Address Given/New York, New York/Do not use this envelope or wrapper again." h/s w/pointed hand on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AX-138. New York, NY, 1905, G+ Int'l (crs) "Not at address named." h/s, bit overlap by "Carrier 6" h/s applied at Butte, MT, on PPC. E $14
AX-139. Alameda, CA, 1910, VG Int'l (lite tone) "Not at F.S.R.Dist.12" h/s applied at Alameda, CA, on PPC. E $14
AX-140. Wykoff, MN, 1911, F 4-bar (lite tone) "Not at home A.M.Delivery" h/s on PPC to Freeport, IL. E $20
AX-141. Oakland, CA, 1924, VG Univ. (lite tone) "Not at M.V.V.50" h/s applied at Oakland, CA, on PPC. E $14
AX-142. Charleston/Navy Yard Br., SC, 1944, G+ Int'l (bit cr) "Not at Quarters 'E'" h/s struck twice; "Not At/1809 G Street N.W." h/s; soldier's ms "Free" frank on PPC to woman at Wave Quarters, Arlington, VA; fwd to Wash., DC; fwd to Middleton, IL. E $15
AX-143. Los Angeles, CA, 1950, F Univ.; "Not at S.E.../No Such No.S.E.../Moved No Address.../R.D.G.368 E.P.Sta." h/s applied at Portland, OR, on PPC. E $14
AX-144. Grand Junction, CO, 1951, G+ Univ.; "Not at S.E.../No such S.E.../Moved no order/E-120-R.P." h/s applied at Portland, OR, on PPC. E $14
AX-145. Sarasota, FL, 1953, G+ Univ.; "Not at Veterans Hospital/Dearborn, Michigan" h/s on add.; on PPC. E $20
AX-146. Davenport, IA, 1916, VG Univ. (stamp gone) "Not At-No Such No.-Add.Unk.-9"; "Delivery delayed..."; & "To avoid delay..." h/s applied at Moline, IL, on PPC. E $14
AX-147. Dolgeville, NY, 1909, G+ duplex (dial hi; o/s; edge tear L) "Not At/For/Dist./No.1" h/s on PPC to Longbeach & fwd to Dolgeville, CA. E $14
AX-148. Los Angeles, CA, 1906, VG Int'l; "Not delivered by Carrier For want of time." h/s on PPC to Oakland, CA. E $20
AX-149. Cappahosic, VA, 1909, G+ 4-bar (lite tone) "Not for Camden, N.J." h/s on PPC w/ms "Candor" clarification in address, supplied by clerk at Baltimore. E $14
AX-150. Brussels, Belgium, 1905, VG CDS; "Not for Hazelwood Station,/Pittsburg, Pa." h/s on PPC. E $15
AX-151. Nashua, NH, 1958, G+ machine; "Not for Rural Route No. (2)" h/s on PPC to Norwich, CT. E $12 MIN.6
AX-152. Pawtucket, RI, 1907, G Amer/B14(1) (upper L crnr clip) "Not Found By Carriers/1 2... 7/Central Falls, R.I." h/s ("C" off edge) w/ms route "8" added at end; all #'s lined thru; on PPC. E $15
AX-153. Bala Cynwyd, PA, 1968, F DCDS/roller; "Not Haverford, Pa." h/s struck twice on 4.75x6.75" cvr to Philadelphia, fwd to Ardmore, fwd to Haverford & returned. E $14
AX-154. Detroit, MI, 1953, F duplex (part ruff slit T; bit angle slit L) "Not in Air Mail" h/s on business reply cvr to Baltimore, MD. E $14
AX-155. Opatija, Yugoslavia, 1949, partial CDS (toned) "Not in Air Mail" h/s on PPC to San Francisco. E $14
AX-156. Malaga, Spain, 1966, G+ meter w/illus.hotel; "Not in Air Mail/Received Via Steamer/G.P.O.(Foreign Sec.)/New York 1, N.Y." h/s on cvr w/air mail border to U.S. E $30
AX-157. Teheran, Iran, 1956, G+ DCDS; "Not in during Delivery Hours" h/s on reg'd air cvr to Chicago. E $24 MIN.12
AX-158. Steubenville, OH, 1921, VG Int'l (crs) "Not Mt.Union Station" h/s applied at Alliance, OH, on PPC. E $14
AX-159. Hornsby, IL, 1911, G+ Doane 3/3 (part stutter) "Not on City Route./1" h/s on PPC to Pana, IL. E $12 MIN.6
AX-160. Bombay, India, 1940, G+ DCDS (edge tears T) "Not Opened By Censor" boxed h/s on cvr to U.S. E $15
AX-161. Pullman, WA, 1910, VG duplex; "Not R.F.D.No.5" h/s applied at Walla Walla, WA, on PPC. E $14
AX-162. Portland, OR, 1909, VG Int'l; "Not Sta.B." h/s applied at Pasadena, CA, then lined thru & address corrected; on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-163. Spokane, WA, 1909, VG Int'l (lite tone) "Not Station A" h/s applied at Pasadena, CA, on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-164. Berkeley, CA, 1962, G+ Univ. (crs) "Not Whitneyville Br." BOLD h/s, partly tying stamps, applied at New Haven, CT, on PPC to Hamden. E $14
AX-165. Los Angeles, CA, 1911, F Int'l (lite tone) "Not=65" fancy script h/s applied at Portland, OR, on PPC. E $14
AX-166. Saint Petersburg, FL, 1940, F Univ. (bit lite tone) "Notice" on cuff of blue dateless pointing hand h/s, struck twice, pointing to Suwannee Hotel illus.ad at L on cvr to Los Angeles & returned. E $20
AX-167. Philadelphia/Logan Sta., PA, 1958, partial duplex; "Offered at Address/(date) at (11 00) M/Cause of Non-Delivery" h/s w/ms "Closed" below on back; on #10 special del.cvr. E $14
AX-168. Montreal, PQ, Canada, 1949, VF machine; "Opened By Mistake/R.H.Donnelly Corp." private h/s unnecessarily applied on PPC ("opening" not needed). E $16
AX-169. Moorhead, MN, 1952, F Int'l (tip cr) "Out of Limits/G422 Mult." h/s on PPC to Portland, OR. E $15 MIN.8
AX-170. Basel, Switzerland, 1906, G+ DCDS; "Outside/W.J.H.Dist.29" h/s (bit o/s by ms initials) on PPC to "Fruitvale, Oakland, CA". E $20
AX-171. Indian Hill, CO, 1947, G+ 4-bar (stamp faulty) "Park of Red Rocks/Red Rocks Pueblo in Colorado" private double-circle h/s as "origin" at L on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AX-172. APO 176, 1944, G+ DCDS as origin b/s (trim L) "Passed Free of U.S.Customs Duty/Washington, D.C." double-oval h/s on censored reg'd cvr. E $20
AX-173. Bern, Switzerland, 1964, G DCDS (crs) "Passed Free/U.S.Customs at Baltimore, Maryland" date boxed h/s; Baltimore/Arlington Sta., MD, G+ DCDS as recd b/s on 5x7" cvr w/encs. E $16
AX-174. Indianapolis, IN, 1915, VF Univ. (lite tone) "Post Office, New York, N.Y./Return to Sender/Delivery could not be effected by the Foreign Postal Administration for the reaston stated: Undeliverable-On account of conditions due to the war./N.Y.P.O.Print-10-29-15" printed on 50x88mm label (lite crs) adhered to address area, but liftable to reveal "Retour/Livraison Impossible a cause de la guerre." purple h/s; cyrillic (Russian?) censor marking & DCDS transit marking; 2c perf 10 PPIE on PPC to POLAND & return. E $250
AX-175. St.Kanzian am Klopeiner See, Austria, 1985, G+ pictorial slogan; "Postage Due (47)c/NYB & FMC 07097 Tour 11" h/s w/ms rate on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-176. Sydney, Australia, 1963, VG slogan machine; "Postage Due 16 Cents/Chicago, Ill.For.Sec.2" at T; "Postage Due (16) Cents" h/s w/ms rate at B; "Posage Insufficient/For Air Mail/Send By Surface/Sydney No.2" boxed h/s (part spotty) on business reply cvr to Baltimore, MD. E $20
AX-177. Paris, France, 1964, partial slogan machine; "Postage Due 2 Cents/Foreign Section GPO N.Y." h/s on PPC. E $14
AX-178. Red Bank, NJ, 1911, VG Univ. (stamp gone; crs; lite tone) "Postage Stamp/Detached Before Receipt At/New York, For.Sta." VF circled h/s in stamp area on PPC to Norway. E $30
AX-179. Boston, MA, 1949, VF Int'l; "Postage Subsequently paid by sender." h/s on cvr to Lynn, MA. E $20
AX-180. Dayton, OH, 1957, G+ DCDS/roller (water tone; return add.faded) "Postage Verified at Dayton, Ohio" h/s on cvr w/enc. E $14
AX-181. Bethayres-Huntingdon, VA, 1965, G+ machine (stamp gone) "Postage Verified at Philadelphia, Pa." h/s on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-182. Coxs Mills, WV, 1937, G+ 4-bar (1 stamp part peeled, affects part of date) "Received at Cox's Mills, W.Va., under cover from the post office at Milwaukee, Wis." TYPED vertically at L on cvr to P.G.Cox, West Allis, WI. By-the-book treatment of collector's request for canx. E $15
AX-183. (Pittsburg, CA), 1940s, (no origin canx) "Received at Seattle, Wash./Stamps Not Canceled." h/s at upper R; soldier's ms "Free" frank on cvr. Odd application of inappropriately worded marking. E $30
AX-184. Minneapolis, MN, 1930, G+ duplex (ruff L; crs) "Received in Bad Condition at Arcade Station, Los Angeles, Ca." h/s on back of #10 air/special del.cvr. E $15
AX-185. London, Great Britain, 1912, G+ machine (tears T; bit ruff T; tip crs) "Received in bad condition at Sta.B, Oakland, Cal." on PPC. E $20
AX-186. Charlotte, NC, 2009, G+ sprayer (ruff B) "Received in Damaged Condition" h/s; understated aux.marking on 1.5x6" PIECE ONLY: upper portion of PPC, w/stamp & printed return add., but mostly GONE. E $15
AX-187. Boston, MA, 1930, VG duplex (lite tone) "Received Too Late For Air Mail/Dispatch From Boston, Mass." h/s; 5c beacon Sc.C11 on cvr. E $24
AX-188. Altadena, CA, 1928, F duplex; "Received under cover from (Oakland Cal)/To be mailed at Pasadena Calif." on GPC submitted by collector & NOT mailed from town named in auxiliary text. E $15
AX-189. Newry, SC, 1899, F CDS/cork; "Received Unsealed/Richmond, Va.Station A." h/s struck at L & on back; publisher's 16-line text ad at T on cvr. E $14
AX-190. Gd.Cent.Sta., NY, 1910, F Int'l; "Received With Package Box Collections/N.Y.P.O.G.C.Sta.Dis (9?)" h/s (part heavy inked) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-191. Los Angeles/Village Sta., CA, 1947, VG DCDS as origin b/s (lite cr) ms "Refused" in large circle; 20c +7c Prexies on reg'd #10 cvr w/enc. E $20
AX-192. Highland Park, MI, 1924, G+ DCDS as origin b/s; Detroit/H.P. G+ mute oval tying stamps (trim R; lite tone; crs) "Registered/No.../Return Rec't Request" h/s w/separate "Highland Park Ticket Agency" h/s; Highland Pk.State Bank cc; 10c Monroe +3c Lincoln on #10 cvr to Germany. E $16
AX-193. USPS, MI, 1974, G+ 4-bar & Univ.; "Return For (41c) Add'l Postage/Total Postage Required (52c)/Rate Per 1/2 Ounce (26c)" h/s on #10 air cvr to Australia. E $14
AX-194. Corydon, IA, 1988, F meter; "Return for Additional Postage (5c)/Canada Rate 30c Per Oz." h/s on #10 cvr. E $14
AX-195. Charlotte Amalie, VI, 1985, G+ machine (lite tone; message bit smear; crs) "Return For Additional Postage/(40) For Air Mail Service Or/(30) For First Class (Surface)" h/s w/ms rates at upper R; "Returned For Postage" h/s at B on 5.25x6.75" PPC to Philippines, mailed w/o stamp. E $16
AX-196. St.Louis, MO, 1928, F Int'l (lite tone) "Return for Address" h/s w/big gap after "for" where word "Better" likely excised or blocked out on 1c GPC Sc.UX27 mailed w/NO address; Michael Kinney for State Senator campaign ad w/illus.portrait on back. E $15
AX-197. (Dallas, TX), ca.1980, (no origin canx; 15c stamp nearly all peeled; trim T) "Return for Postage. Not Good Covered or Overlapped..." h/s on cvr. E $14
AX-198. Charlotte, NC, 2000, VG machine (bit uneven trim T) "Return For Postage/Stamp voided if covered w/tape, defaced or reused" h/s; obviously reused 33c on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AX-199. Raleigh, NC, 1988, G+ machine (bit trim T, just in stamp) "Return to Sender E Series/Stamp Not Accepted in/International Mails" h/s; 25c "E" on cvr to Canada. E $24
AX-200. York, PA, ca.1989?, G+ meter (no flap; upper L nick) "Return to Sender/Correct Postage to Canada is 30c" h/s on #10 window cvr. E $14
AX-201. New York/Sta.K, NY, 1940, G+ duplex; "Return to Sender/Service Suspended" h/s (part lite) & "Retour a L'Envoyeur/Relations Postales/Interrompues" h/s; 30c globe on air cvr to France, returned 1 yr., 1 mo., 4 days after mailed (per rec'd b/s), then ms "Not here" (x2) & sender's return add.corrected; apparently moved while cvr in transit. NICE combo. E $30
AX-202. Albany, NY, 1990 (Aug 16), F meter "Return to Sender/Service Temporarily Suspended" h/s; State of New York/Dept.of Economic Development cc on still-sealed commer.air #10 window cvr w/enc.to MOSUL, IRAQ, & returned due to Gulf War. E $24
AX-203. Indianapolis, IN, 1979, G+ DCDS/roller (edge tear T) "Return/(Ger)many Must Be/(E)ast or West" w/small pointing hand h/s (few letters not struck) w/"West" circled & remailed 1 mo.after original canx; on air PSE to Bremerhaven. E $20
AX-204. Indianapolis, IN, 1965, partial DCDS (slit 3 sides) "Returned for (10) Cents/ADDITION Postage" MISWORDED h/s on #10 air cvr to Australia; 2x 5c applied & remailed. E $24 MIN.12
AX-205. Meriden, CT, 1873, G meter; "Returned for (21c)/Add'l postage/Weight (1) oz./Rate (21c) per 1/2 oz./Clerk (H.Namm)" h/s on #10 air cvr to Australia. SCARCE w/clerk name. E $20
AX-206. Richmond, VA, 1953, VF DCDS (edge tear T; cr) "Returned for (9) cents add'l postage. The Air Mail rate to the country of address is (15) cents per half ounce. all of the postage must be fully prepaid." h/s w/WEAK ms #'s; 9c Prexie applied to pay shortage; pair 3c Prexie coils (1 faulty) on folded lettersheet to England (border removed). E $30
AX-207. Chicago, IL, 1953, F Univ.; "Returned for 19c Add'l Postage/Chicago, Ill.P.O.Forgn.Sec." h/s (SCARCE w/integrated odd amount) on FRONT ONLY to Australia, mailed w/6c air; 10c +9c Prexies applied & remailed. E $20
AX-208. Washington, DC, 1989, VG machine (bit trim T; crs) "Returned for 5c Add'l postage. When remailing, cross out this notice or paste stamp over it." h/s on #10 cvr to Canada; remailed, but instruction ignored. E $14
AX-209. Metuchen, NJ, 1969, VG machine; "Returned for Add'l Postage/Postage Due (5) Cents/Rate (25) Cents Per 1/2 Oz" h/s w/top line penciled thru; 20c Marhall on #10 air cvr to Australia. E $12 MIN.6
AX-210. Boston/Airport Mail Facility, MA, 1971, VG machine; "Returned for Add'l Postage/Postage Short (5)/Initial Postage Required (25)/Rate (25)c 1/2 Oz." h/s; 5c Mayo applied but not canxed; on #10 cvr to Australia. E $15
AX-211. East Orange, NJ, 1970, G+ machine; "Returned For Additional Postage/Postage Due (04c)/Total Postage Required (22c)/Rate (22c) Per 1/2 Ounce" h/s; 4c Hammarskjold applied (not canxed) on 18c aerogramme to Ireland. E $15 MIN.8
AX-212. Corpus Christi, TX, 1970, G+ DCDS/roller as origin b/s (bit trim 3 sides) "Returned for Additional Postage; Postage Due (7)/Total Postage Required (13) Rate (13) per 1/2 oz." w/"1/2" scribbled thru & "X" thru whole marking, then "Postage Due (14)c" applied below; Pontiac Motor Div'n, Houston, cc on #10 cvr to Australia. Unusual combo. E $20
AX-213. Salina, KS, 1910, G Colum. (lite tone; crnr cr) "Returned for better address" h/s on PPC mailed w/NO address. E $14
AX-214. Denver, CO, 1931, G+ Univ. (trim L; staple holes) "Returned for better address./No such (Bldg) in Denver, Colo" h/s w/ms "Bldg" on cvr. E $14
AX-215. Center Valley, PA, 1990, VG 25c meter (bit trim T) "Returned For Postage Due/Surface Postage Due___/Airmail Postage Due (27)/AMF Phi." h/s; Allentown College cc on #10 cvr to Canada. E $14
AX-216. (Columbia, SC), 1980s, (no origin canx; toned where stamp taped on) "Returned for Postage. Stamp Void When Coated, Covered, Defaced, or Reused." h/s; 20c flag on cvr. E $14
AX-217. (Miami, FL), 1980s, (no origin canx; stamp faded, apparently from soaking) "Returned for Postage/Stamp Void If Coated, Covered or Defaced" h/s; 20c flag on cvr. E $14
AX-218. Louisville, KY, 1928, F Univ. (trim L) "Returned from Detroit, Mich/Not Found" large pointing hand h/s w/date on cuff on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AX-219. Bloomington, IL, 1960, G machine, mosty covered by strip/3x 3c postage dues (2 staple holes) "Returned from Post Office at Bloomington, Illinois/Undeliverable as addressed/Postage Due ' Cents" h/s w/# apparently excised; "Moved-Left No Address" h/s; 3c Liberty coil on still-sealed cvr from loan company (maybe "top-of-stack" of postage due cvrs). E $20
AX-220. St.Paul, MN, 1895, G+ Int'l (no flap; pinholes) "Returned from St.Paul, Minn./No such Office in State named" h/s struck twice on PSE. E $14
AX-221. New York, NY, 1945, G+ Int'l (uneven heavy toned) "Returned to Sender/By Direction of the War Department/Undeliverable as Addressed" h/s (part spotty); censor tape L; 6c Prexie on cvr w/enc.to U.S.P.O.W. in Stalag Luft 4, Germany; returned 6+ mo.after mailed. E $20
AX-222. Louisville, KY, 1928, F Univ. (no flap) "Returned to Writer from Hyde Park Sta." large pointing hand h/s w/date on cuff; "Directory Service Given/Hyde Park Station" & "Not There C-1503" h/s; "Not at the Flamingo" hotel's private h/s on cvr to Chicago. E $20
AX-223. Louisville, KY, 1923, VF Univ. (trim L) "Returned to Writer Unclaimed from Louisville, Ky.P.O." large pointing hand h/s w/date on cuff on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AX-224. Louisville, KY, 1928, F Univ. (trim L) "Returned to Writer Unclaimed from Louisville, Ky.P.O./No.2" large pointing hand h/s w/date on cuff on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AX-225. Louisville, KY, 1923, G+ Univ. (trim L; lite tone) "Returned to Writer Unclaimed from Louisville, Ky.P.O./No.3" large pointing hand h/s w/date (WRONG month) on cuff on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AX-226. Louisville, KY, 1929, G+ Univ. (trim L) "Returned to Writer Unclaimed from Louisville, Ky.P.O./No.4" large pointing hand h/s w/date on cuff on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AX-227. Louisville, KY, 1928, F Univ. (trim L) "Returned to Writer Unclaimed from Louisville, Ky.P.O./No.5" large pointing hand h/s w/date on cuff on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AX-228. Louisville, KY, 1928, VG Univ. (trim L; lite tone) "Returned to Writer Unclaimed from Louisville, Ky.P.O./No.6" large pointing hand h/s w/date on cuff on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AX-229. Andover, MA, 1929, G+ Univ. (edge tear T) "Returned to Writer./Do Not Stamp or Deface/Reply Card/Under Sec. P.L. & R./(New York,N.Y.-City Hall Sta.)" & heavy inked "Name repeated in directory..." h/s on message GPC (no reply). E $14
AX-230. San Diego, CA, 1914, VG+ SD16-25 PCIE slogan (no flap) "Returned to Writer/Cannot be Found at Kansas City, Mo." large pointing hand h/s w/date on cuff; "No such street in Kansas City, Mo." & Do Not Remail in This Envelope or Wrapper" h/s on PSE. E $15 MIN.8
AX-231. Oakland, CA, 1931, VG Univ. (trim R) "Returned to Writer/Unclaimed from Gen.Del.P.O./Chicago, Ill." large pointing hand h/s on cvr w/Chicago/Rec'd Gen'l Del. VG Univ.as rec'd b/s. E $14
AX-232. Portland, OR, 1913, VF PPIE slogan (part ruff R; cr) "Returned to Writer/Unclaimed From Portland, Oreg." pointing hand h/s w/date on cuff on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AX-233. Denver, CO, 1931, VG Univ.; "Returned to Writer/Unclaimed From/Billings, Mont." large pointing hand h/s (on both sides) & "This name not in P.O.Directory/Searcher No.1" h/s (part spotty) on cvr. E $14
AX-234. Portland (Sta.No.7), OR, 1937, G+ DCDS as origin b/s; "Returned to Writer/Unclaimed From/Los Angeles, Calif." large pointing hand h/s; ms "unknown at add" on reg'd cvr. E $20
AX-235. Eureka, CA, ca.1895, G duplex; "Returned to Writer/Unclaimed/Eureka, Cal.P.O." pointing hand h/s on unsealed 1c Colum.PSE. E $15 MIN.8
AX-236. San Diego, CA, 1914, G+ SD16-25 PCIE slogan (crs; trim L) "Returned to Writer/Unclaimed/From Seattle, Wash./P.O." large pointing hand h/s w/date on cuff on cvr w/Seattle PPIE slogan inverted at B as transit. E $15 MIN.8
AX-237. Hanover, PA, 1914, G+ Amer/B14 (lite tone) "Returned to Writer/Unclaimed/From/Garfield Park Sta., Chicago, Ill." pointing hand h/s w/date on cuff; "Name repeated in Directory/Supply correct address/Garfield Park Station." h/s on cvr. E $15
AX-238. Santa Cruz, CA, 1931, F Univ.; "Santa Cruz/Big Trees/California" private circled h/s at B on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-239. St.Paul, MN, 1918, VF Int'l (slight trim R) "Save/W.S.S./War Savings Stamps/Issued by the/United States/Government/Serve" 37mm diam.circled purple h/s; Railroad & Warehouse Comm'n cc on cvr. E $40
AX-240. Indianapolis, IN, 1909, F Int'l (lite tone; bit cr; message bit smear) "Sent to Dead Letter Office/date/From Indianapolis, Ind." & "Unclaimed" h/s on PPC. E $20
AX-241. Milan, Italy, ca.1950, partial CDS (crs; edge tears) "Small Packet/Collect 15 Cents" h/s struck twice; 10c +5c dues tied by mute ovals at Chicago; on complete 4x6" package wrapper, for candy dish per label on back. E $15
AX-242. Monterey, CA, 1931, G+ Int'l (slit 3 sides; bit trim L & R) "Special Delivery Duties Performed" h/s on special del.cvr to Alameda. E $40
AX-243. (Portland, OR), 1980s, (no canx; toned by tape) "Stamps Covered Against Cancellation Not Valid/61" h/s; 15c Holmes taped on cvr. E $14
AX-244. Northridge, CA, 1983, G+ 54c meter (covered by tape; crs) "Stamps Defaced, Mutilated, or Covered Are Invalid For Payment of Postage" h/s (part smear) on 4x5.5" PIECE ONLY. E $12 MIN.6
AX-245. St.Louis, MO, 1902, G World's Fair slogan (2 strikes overlap; news clipping adhered to back, likely by addressee) "State Asked. D.S.No.3." h/s; partial "Dead Section/No.3" DCDS; on GPC to Binghamton, NY; apparently mailed w/o state; Directory Searcher asked sender for info. SCARCE marking. E $40
AX-246. Manitou, CO, 1909, partial Doremus; "Summit of Pike's Peak" VF RED private cogwheel DCDS as "origin" at L & on pix side on Manitou Pike's Peak Ry.PPC. E $15
AX-247. Manitou, CO, 1931, G+ Int'l; "Summit of Pike's Peak" VG purple CDS as "origin" at L on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-248. San Francisco, CA, 1952, F Int'l; "Take Out/date/Sacramento, Calif." boxed h/s on 4.5x5.5" cvr to Prosser, fwd to Berkeley, fwd to Sac'to. E $15
AX-249. Central City, PA, 1929, G+ duplex (dial bit hi; bit lite tone) "The Most Wonderful View in the State/See Grand View Point, Pa./17 Miles W.of Bedford" G+ private double-cicle h/s on REAL PHOTO PPC: Grand View Point Service Station ("Freedom" gas pumps). E $20
AX-250. Central City, PA, 1934, G+ Amer/A14; "The Most Wonderful View in the U.S./S.S.Grand View Point/Elev.2464/On Lincoln Hghy./17 M.W.of Bedford, Pa." blue private hotel h/s (o/s) as "origin" on PPC. E $14
AX-251. Washington/Sta.G, DC, 1906, F Int'l (o/s; tip crs) "This letter was mailed/without postage but is/now forwarded on re-/ceipt of stamp." boxed h/s on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-252. Huron, SD, 1960, F Univ.; "This Mail Started From Huron, South Dakota by Pony Express" private h/s at L; 4c Pony Express commem (partly off R edge) on PPC to Faulkton, SD. E $15
AX-253. Pontiac, IL, 1903, G+ Doremus ty..C. (part lite tone) "This Mail Was Returned to Post Office By Carrier Because of Insufficient Time to Deliver It." h/s on FRONT ONLY to San Antonio, TX. E $15
AX-254. Washington, DC, 1918, G+ Univ. (edge tears T; tear R; lite tone; cr) "Thrive by Thrift/Buy War Savings Stamps." boxed h/s; Dept.of Labor cc on #10 penalty cvr w/"United We Stand for Liberty/Buy U.S.Gov't Bonds" 45x57mm poster stamp w/illus.U.S.map & Liberty (tip nick) at lower R; not tied but likely belongs. E $24 MIN.12
AX-255. Monument, CO, 1908, partial duplex; "To prevent mistakes please have your mail addressed to street number, box, number or General Delivery" h/s (part spotty) on PPC to Galesburg, IL. E $14
AX-256. Austin, TX, 1908 (Apr 19), VG Amer/B14 (lite tone) "To-Morrow/Legal Holiday./Please call for your Mail." fancy boxed h/s (B line of box off edge) on PPC to Hillsboro, TX. E $75
AX-257. Arrow, CO, 1911, G+ 4-bar (part on stamp) "Top of the World/Corona.-Colo./Elevation 11660 Ft." private red h/s at L on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-258. Tennessee Pass, CO, 1919, G 4-bar (state not struck; edge wear) "Top of the World/The Inter-State Co./Tennessee Pass Colorado/10242 Feet Above Sea Level/Mailed From Highest Point on D. & R.G.R.R." private double-circle h/s on 4.25x6" pictorial folder ("In the Clouds"). E $15 MIN.8
AX-259. Canon City, CO, 1933, VF Univ.; "Top Royal Gorge/Camp Ground & Pavilion" VF private CDS "origin" at lower L on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AX-260. Kalamazoo, MI, 1892, G+ duplex (upper L tip ruff; tone spot) "Transient./Will Call" h/s struck twice; Williams Mfg.Co.cc on PSE to Washington, DC. E $40
AX-261. Indianapolis/Sta.A, IN, 1915, VG duplex (toned; cr) "Unclaimed" h/s; Niles, MI/Advertised G+ DCDS; 1c due stamp w/partial mute oval canx properly applied to pay advertising fee on PPC; "Rural 1-2...8" & "City 1-2...5" h/s w/ALL #'s line thru. E $24
AX-262. Paris, France, 1963, G+ slogan meter (pinholes) "Unknown 'F' Section" h/s on air cvr to Denver, CO. E $14
AX-263. Piedmont Triad Area, NC, 1999, G sprayers & machines, overlapped; "Unknown at This P.O.Box/Name Is Not on Box Application" pointing hand h/s on PPC to Greensboro. E $14
AX-264. Marshalltown, IA, 1910, G+ Amer/B14 (lite tone) "Unknown J.B.L.No.8(?)" h/s (part o/s) applied at Palo Alto, CA, on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-265. Boston/Allston Sta., MA, 1914, G+ Amer/B38 (horiz.cr; lite tone) "UNMAILABLE" h/s & 2x "Returned to Writer/Unclaimed" pointing hand h/s; 2c Wash. on GLITTER PPC add.to GREECE; remailed 2 days later & returned w/purple pencil lines thru address. UNUSUAL combo & usage. E $30
AX-266. Abilene, KS, 1910, G+ duplex (dial bit hi) struck at L, part o/s by "Unmailable" & straight-line date h/s on GLITTER PPC. E $20
AX-267. (Eugene?), OR, 1910, partial duplex (lite tone; bit cr) "Unmailable" & straight-line date h/s, w/"This is the Mail/Letter/Package for which you sent postage." h/s on GLITTER PPC, apparently originally held for postage; payment rec'd from addressee; 1c Frank.affixed & canxed on Apr 10, THEN deemed unmailable on Apr 11. RARE COMBINATION of markings. E $50 MIN.26
AX-268. (Chicago, IL), [1908], (no origin canx; toned; cr; nibbles B) "Unmailable, M.D.4" h/s on glitter PPC. E $15
AX-269. Kalamazoo, MI, 1908, G+ duplex; "Unmailable." h/s struck twice on glitter PPC to local add. E $20
AX-270. Spring Valley, IL, 1911, VF duplex (lite tone) "Unmailable." magenta h/s on GLITTER PPC to local address. E $20
AX-271. (Knoxville, TN), ca.1990s?, "US. International/Air Mail/Postage Paid" blue h/s frank; routing bar code at B, but no other markings on #10 air cvr to Australia. E $15
AX-272. Daytona Beach, FL, 1946, G+ Univ.; "Via Air Mail to Exchange Office" h/s; censor tapes L & R; 5c air on cvr to Germany/Amer.Zone. E $20
AX-273. Portland/St.Johns Sta., OR, 1945, G DCDS as origin b/s (trim R; lite cr) "WD Essential Official Air Mail" h/s; 20c Prexie +8c transport air on reg'd #10 penalty cvr. E $20
AX-274. Washington, DC, 1917, VF Int'l w/"Do Your Bit" slogan die a (EKU; toned) "Your Patriotic Duty-/Buy a Liberty Loan Bond." h/s; Dept.of the Interior cc on penalty PC. NICE Liberty Loan combo. E $30

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