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For collectors of postal history, covers, postcards, stamps, etc. We conduct six postal history mail bid sales per year, offering thousands of lots in each sale. When a sale is in progress, our current catalog will be posted on this site.

We also offer a selection of postal history & postcard reference literature, and a broad line of supplies for collectors and dealers.

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THANK YOU. To everyone who offered suggestions about how I might try to find my long-lost friend, Steve Rodgers: I appreciate your efforts. The "Personal note" which appears below was posted on this page in 1996. On January 22, 2007, nearly 19 years after I last heard from him, I learned that Steve had passed away. Two of his relatives found this page - exactly 5 days after he died. Timing is everything.

Goodbye, Steve.

Personal note for anyone who has information about a friend that I've lost:

Steven Duane Rodgers was born in Tulsa, OK, in about 1954. I met him in 1969, and we became friends. In 1972, he was a student at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK. I don't remember whether he received a degree there or not.
Steve moved around through the years, usually between Tulsa and Dallas, but he always knew where to find me. About once a year, he would call to see how I was doing, and to let me know that he was all right, too. We had a tacit understanding that he would continue to make those calls for as long as we were both alive.
The last time he called was in April, 1988. 
- ON-LINE SEARCHES, but there are so many people named Steven Rodgers in Oklahoma & Texas alone that I don't want to bother two dozen people just because they happen to have the same name.
- ALUMNI DEPARTMENTS at the high schools in Tulsa & Oklahoma State University at Stillwater, but no one seems to be able to help.
If you know what happened to Steve, or can suggest any other way of finding him that doesn't involve on-line searches and alumni departments, please contact me.